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Concert Reviews
(Fillmore Theater, Detroit, MI - October 6th, 2011)

In 2010, lead singer Gavin Rossdale put Bush back together and on the back of that this year they released their fifth studio album, The Sea of Memories - through Rossdale's very own Zuma Rock Records.

With a line-up these days featuring founding members Gavin Rossdale (vocals, guitar) and Robin Goodridge (drums) they are joined by Chris Traynor (guitar) and Corey Britz (bass) (Long-time member Nigel Pulsford took his leave shortly before the band's hiatus).

Now touring on the back of that new album for the first time in over ten long years, after both Filter and Chevelle had warmed up the packed house, at 10pm the lights went down, the screams went up, and Bush sauntered onto stage.

Crashing straight into 'Little Things,' it's quickly apparent that Rossdale has lost none of his deep vocal growl as he is straight into its depths. Bathed by only dark color spots, Bush then bring us 'I Believe In You' before the first song to truly excite the crowd, 'The Chemicals Between Us.' Blanketed in a green lit haze, Bush pound the song out.

Continuing on, never a word spoken by any band member, next we get the hard 'Greedy Fly, before finally Rossdale addresses the crowd, "Thank you, good evening," he says, peering out into the darkness. "How are you all doing? What an unbelievable crowd. Unbelievable. Detroit rules. Thank you so much for coming out tonight. This next song is the first song from our new album. This is 'Sound of Winter'."

They follow that so-so track with a blistering extended version of 'Everything Zen,' which not only includes a mid-section break of 'Once In A Lifetime' (Talking Heads), but allows Rossdale to step into the photo pit to get closer to the front row! "Detroit, it feels like here is where it all began for us," Rossdale admits, "so this show feels like a homecoming for us." Bathed in a deep, rich red light, 'All My Life' is next, with the frantic 'The People That We Love' following. And with Rossdale sans guitar, the girls scream as he lets his hair down (literally!) and starts to sing whilst in the pit, head deep in the adoring front row's arms, once again.

Another new track in the form of 'The Heart Of The Matter' is next and is memorable more for the small lime green spots that illuminate Rossdale from behind. Very picturesque. 'All Night Doctors' is introduced as "something different," and it sure is as it is a slow album-track-filler that story tells sweetly. After thanking the crowd for singing along to even the new songs, we're back on track again shortly after with the highly impressive rock-out of 'Swallowed.'

New track 'The Afterlife' is next and it's highly extended mid-section means that Rossdale can spread his legs and run around the venue! Mic in hand, singing every step of the way, never dropping a lyric or note, he mingles with the crowd all around the venue - top to bottom, save the balcony! For a solid eight minutes he does this, nobody doing anything silly to him, he never gets angry - just sings, sweats, and smiles the whole time.

The show is brought to a close with a powerful, loudly-sung-along-to 'Machinehead,' and even after all that running around Rossdale is hardly out of breath. He and the band show great energy from start to finish and are a credit to the music industry. "Unbelievable,", he says as the song ends, "Just unbelievable. Thank you," and then they leave the stage.

Coming back some five minutes later the first of the trio of encore songs is a break-neck version of The Beatles' 'Come Together.' With the guitars wailing, the drummer keeping the backbone solid, Rossdale clings to his mic like it would shatter if he dropped it! "Thank you all so much for coming out tonight," he says, "Wicked."

Then Rossdale takes center stage alone for 'Glycerine,' which brings the energy levels of the crowd down, but the lighters go up, lighting the darkened venue. Lit by those small lime green spots from behind again, the imagery is stunning of Rossdale and his guitar. Ending powerfully as a band, they then launch into 'Comedown, before finally calling it quits on an unbelievable night of rock music at its alternative finest.

Review & Photos by: Russell A. Trunk