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Concert Reviews
'TNA Wrestling - Slammiversary Seven'
(Palace of Auburn Hills, MI - June 21st, 2009)

After a day of hot dogs and burgers with dad on Fathers Day, it was time to get down to action!

Total Nonstop Action, to be exact.

As you entered the Palace of Auburn Hills there was a sense of excitement and anticipation. Anticipation for TNA Wrestling's Slammiversary Seven: Cross The Line. Scheduled to go "Live at 8:00pm," we were treated to two pre-live matches, one of which had Dearborn, MI's very own "The War Machine" Rhino and his partners Jesse Neal and Eric Young - who unfortunately came out on the short end of the stick after Young walked away leaving Rhino and Jason to fend for themselves against the British Invasion and Brutus Magnus!

Towards the end of the match Dixie Carter could be seen in the crowd signing autographs and posing for pictures with the Championship Belt. Soon after that the countdown to the show going live started. "5-4-3-2-1" ... then explosions from the pyrotechnics came forth, as well as the capacity crowd ... and then chants of "TNA" were all that could be heard.

Our first live match would be for the X-Division Championship, a King of the Mountain match - which pitted hometown favorites Motor City Machineguns vs. Lethal Consequences vs. Suicide, the reigning champion. Detroit Tiger Outfielder Curtis Granderson was introduced as the guest commentator for the match.

In this high flying ladder match, in order to be eligible to win you must pin one of your opponents, but at the same time if you are pinned you must spend two minutes in the penalty box. Once you are eligible, you must take the belt and hang it on a hook suspended in the air - made only reachable by a ladder.

The match started with everyone ganging up on Suicide pinning him thus sending him to the penalty box. The Machineguns and Lethal Consequences then waited and hyped up the crowd with the Machineguns signature taunt, pointing at their palms to show that they are from Michigan. After some high flying thrills and somersaults to the ladder from Suicide, Suicide finally hung the belt and retained his championship.

The next match was Christopher Daniels against "The Franchise" Shane Douglas in a "Second Chance Match" - which if Douglas won means he would take Daniels spot on the TNA roster. But when Daniels hit his signature move, The Best Moonsault Ever, he took that opportunity away from "The Franchise" and won the match. Angelina Love defended her "Knockouts" championship against Tara, with the help of Love's "Beautiful People" partners Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. Love was able to hit her finisher The Makeover to beat Tara and keep her title as "TNA Knockout" Champion.

The first ever "Monsters Ball" match teamed Raven with Daffney as they faced Abyss and his partner Taylor Wilde. This was a extreme hardcore match which saw Wilde and Daffney go at it with tables and stacks. It looked like Raven was going to finish Abyss off with his famed DDT, but Abyss reversed it and turned it into his own finisher, the Black Hole Sun, and pinned Raven for the win. Raven, who is Jewish, happens to be a member of Mensa as well as a member of Theta Chi Fraternity - through the University of Delaware Alpha XI.

Matt Morgan, who has been attacking members of the Main Event Mafia for sometime in order to get his voice heard (that he should be the leader of this elite group within the TNA) finally got his chance at Slammiversary - as he faced "The Icon" Sting. Though Morgan was very confident and cocky of his talents he just could not match the experience level of the seasoned Stinger who took the match by pin fall. Beer Money, the number one contenders for Team 3D's TNA Tag Team belts, had lost the respect of Brother Ray and Brother Devon when Beer Money didn't come to rescue Team 3D when the British Invasion assaulted them in the past.

With the crowd shouting "need more tables," Team 3Ds signature chant the match was underway. Halfway through the match Rob Terry from the British Invasion came down to the ring and was causing some problems with Team 3D, while Brother Ray was busy dealing with Terry. Brother Devon was being pinned by Beer Money, ultimately losing their belts.

The last match of the night was another King of the Mountain, this time it was for the TNA World Championship. A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Jeff Jerret, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley were fighting for the belt that Mick Foley held. All but Kurt Angle were in the ring when Angle's music began to play. Out came Angle wearing a Sydney Crosby Pittsburg Penguins hockey jersey.

The crowd busted into boos, for Pittsburg had just beaten the Detroit Red Wings in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Championship a few weeks before. As he reached the ring with the announcer stating the rules, Samoa Joe comes rushing in with a Chris Osgood Detroit Red Wings jersey and attacked Angle causing the crowd to go crazy and the refs to start Samoa Joe in the penalty box - hence making Angle eligible.

As the contest continues, Samoa Joe has the belt and starts to climb half way up. Angle sees this and starts to climb the other side of the ladder and reaches the top before Samoa Joe does. Expecting a battle between the two the crowd is at the edge of their seats. BUT the unexpected happens, Samoa Joe hands the belt to Angle who then hangs it for the win. The crowd was obviously displeased, with boos ringing out from the entire arena. So, the Main Event Mafia make their way down the ramp to the ring where they greet each other with open arms and hoist Angle on their shoulders.

And so yet another chapter is written in the always twisting book of the Main Event Mafia. Why did Samoa Joe hand over the belt? What did Angle promise Joe? I guess we'll just have to tune in on Thursday nights to Spike TV to find out!

Review and Photos by: Ramon Trevino, Jr.