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Concert Reviews
(Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak, MI - September 8th, 2006)

It was a hot day in Royal Oak, but the heat outside was nothing compared to the heat brought about by the moshing masses of young souls inside the Royal Oak Music Theatre. There were three tiers of fans present and attentive, waiting for Unearth to take the stage.

Unearth has come a long way from Massachusetts. Appearing at Ozzfest earlier this year and now on the road with "The Sanctity of Brothers" tour. The group has just put out the long awaited follow up to their 2004 release. III: In The Eyes of Fire, has been accepted well by the fans who have gathered at the concert hall tonight.

The band steps out as a group and immediately the energy in the room ignites. The band encourages the crowd to keep the energy up, Trevor Phipps (vocals) opening his arms to the crowd for a moment as if asking for more. As everyone takes their positions on the stage the crowd seems to make room for an expanded circle of moshers.

They start the set with "So it Goes", and at the first sound of the duel harmonics coming from the bandís guitarists Buz McGrath and Ken Susi, the crowd is wild. There are fists swinging and legs kicking and it would be difficult to count just how many bodies make up the erratic mass. There is a moment, when the song begins to breakdown and the bodies all seem to reach an agreement, moving in unison to the commanding beat.

Next up is a song from their 2004 release Oncoming Storm. Itís "Black Hearts Now Reign" and the crowd acts as if there were no break at all, continuing to move, simply adjusting to the new melody. A few screams of appreciation can be heard during the first few chords and the band continues to rock with brutal efficiency.

It isnít long before the band gets around to playing "Giles", the first single off of their new album. The adrenaline in the room is almost tangible, working itís was to every fan as the crowd favorite fills the room with the aid of blasting amps. One thing can be said for sure, and thatís that the band and the crowd alike are a no-sell out bunch. Sticking to their guns and creating a perfect hardcore show. By the time the breakdowns come around itís almost a relief to see the crowd slow down their pace.

It is a well rounded show with songs from not only their new release, but it seems they have made an effort to include at least one song from every release to date. They go as far back as 2001's Stings of Conscience with "Stronghold". Appealing to the fans who have followed them through the years.

They end the night appropriately with "Sanctity of Brothers". The crowd hasnít stopped once, and with the knowledge of this being the last song of the night the fans seem to pull on all of their reserves of energy and pool it out to end the night with the most electricity yet.

Leaving the Royal Oak Music Theatre, the buzz of a concert freshly ended in my ears, I find myself un-ready to head home for a night of solid sleep. If anything the experience of an Unearth concert provides me with the desire to do nothing more then to go back in, and do it all again.

Review by Natalie Borsh