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Cherry Pop

Title - Dreams
Artist - Tommy Kaelin

For those unaware, Tommy Kaelin is a drummer singer/song writer best known for playing with The Hatters (Atlantic Records), The Michael Parrish Band (Geographic Records) and Vince Welnick of the Tubes and The Grateful Dead.

He has also has played with dreamspeak, Gravity, Gent Treadly, now plays with The Rusty String Band and Ride, and his new album, Dreams is out now.

�The music on Dreams is a nod back to the time I played in the band dreamspeak. While not all of these songs were played by dreamspeak, they were mostly of that time and scene. It features many of the musicians I�ve played with over the years including members of The Hatters, The Michael Parrish Band, Gravity, Dreamspeak, Buddy Cage and more. I�m just a drummer, without them this wouldn�t have happened. Thank you to my friends. Enjoy!� - Tommy Kaelin.

1. Coloured Rain (featuring Sean O�Brien) (3:51)
2. Wishing Well (featuring Tree Adams) (4:50)
3. The Van Song (featuring Buddy Cage) (5:51)
4. Put Me on a Train (featuring Buddy Cage and Sean O�Brien) (3:58)
5. Sweet Return (featuring Tree Adams) (3:38)
6. Muldar the Elephant (4:02)
7. Salvador (3:33)
8. Green River (featuring Tree Adams) (5:43)
9. Al�s Anti-Gravity Machine/Liftoff/Time (7:03)
10. Lay Yourself Down (featuring Matt Zekala) (2:37)
11. Peepers (featuring Tree Adams) (4:10)
12. The Marby Dube Song (1:57)

This oh-so beautifully sculptured, fruitfully-blossoming recording opens on the free flowing melodies within Coloured Rain (featuring Sean O�Brien) and a languishingly dulcet Wishing Well (featuring Tree Adams), before they are followed seamlessly by the smooth moving The Van Song (featuring Buddy Cage), the beautiful, Mandolin-imbued love song within Put Me on a Train (featuring Buddy Cage and Sean O�Brien), the mid-tempo rocker Sweet Return (featuring Tree Adams), and then the upbeat, perky and flamboyant instrumental Muldar the Elephant.

The rhythmic heat gets turned up for the bouncing Salvador and then Green River (featuring Tree Adams) opens atmospherically, before charging full on into a deep blues groove, and they are followed by the harmonica-happy, piano-lulled, and banjo-driven Al�s Anti-Gravity Machine/Liftoff/Time, the recording rounding out on the low slung Lay Yourself Down (featuring Matt Zekala), the Hammond-led, blues rock of Peepers (featuring Tree Adams), coming to a close on the short, but sweet acoustic jam, The Marby Dube Song.

Put Me on a Train (featuring Buddy Cage and Sean O�Brien) [Official Music Video]

Official Purchase Link

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