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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - Start Where You Stand
Artist - Zan Zone

For those unaware, the entire world has been shaken and stirred since Zan Zone put out its last album in 2018. Huge world events have altered the structure of daily life.

Confusion and angst have ruled, and only by taking stock and moving forward can we leave behind the ennui and weltzschmerz.

Start Where You Stand, the long-awaited new Zan Zone album, encourages and inspires one and all to march towards a new paradigm; all whilst introducing their new co-lead female singer, Angela Watson Modeste to the musical fold.

1. Bad Dreams (4:51)
2. Start Where You Stand (4:53)
3. Watchin’ The World Go By (5:58)
4. I Won’t Live A Lie (4:37)
5. Extinction: Rebellion (4:42)
6. Baby Cried (3:41)
7. THAT (5:32)
8. One Step Ahead Of The Red (5:05)
9. Extinction: Romp (4:04)
10. Survival (5:29)
11. Hot & Cold (5:14)
12. Holdin’ You Tight (3:13)

The album opens on the brilliant late ’90s alt-rock of Bad Dreams (which actually recalls the disturbing uncertainty of lockdowns, quarantines and ecological destruction) and the R.E.M.-esque title track Start Where You Stand and follows those up with the melodic rock of Watchin’ The World Go By, the soaringly euphoric I Won’t Live A Lie, and then come both the rhythmically structured instrumental Extinction: Rebellion and the ’70s-imbibed rocker Baby Cried.

Next up is the punchy THAT and the languishing AOR of One Step Ahead Of The Red and they are themselves backed by the jaunty Extinction: Romp, the free flowing alt-pop rhythms within Survival, the album rounding out with the heartfelt outreach of Hot & Cold, coming to a close on the rhythmic pop-rock bounce of Holdin’ You Tight.

Album number five for Zan Zone brings back Philip Dessinger and Arianna Burnham on vocals, Saadi Zain on bass, and Zan Burnham on guitars, and adds world-class drummer Marco Djordjevic, and grammy-nominated vocalist, Angela Watson-Modeste.

Along with seasoned engineer Chris Benham, this ensemble spent over three years perfecting the project. Many hours were spent getting the instruments to really augment each other, inspired by many great classic rock trios.

Coupled with awesome singing and instantly engaging songs, SWYS is ready to inspire the whole world into action. ”Without a doubt it’s the most amazing project I’ve ever been involved in - and the most difficult. The times have been hard,” said Zan Burnham, Producer and main songwriter.

The project began at a rehearsal in March of 2019 when Philip brought in a new song he’d written with long-time songwriter and musician, Joe Raposo. (Joe’s father, wrote many of the classic songs for Sesame Street). That song, Start Where You Stand, blew Zan away and when Marco enthusiastically suggested they record it, an album was born.

The band had been primed over the previous two years with regular rehearsals and gigs. At Brooklyn’s Big Orange Sheep studio, where seasoned engineer and owner Chris Benham has built one of the best studios currently in all of NYC, two songs became twelve, and out of the mud of humanity came this powerful work, an album for a new way and a new time.


Zan Burnham - Vocals, guitars, picked bass, percussion, Theremin
Saadi Zain - Fingered electric and acoustic bass
Marko Djordjevic - Drums and percussion
Angela Watson Modeste - Vocals
Arianna Burnham - Vocals
Philip Dessinger - Vocals

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