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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - Sunshine Hotel
Artist - Neybas

For those of you not in the know, the Neybas (pronounced “nay-bahz”), are a Trad Rock Jam band from Connecticut and their music is organic, energetic, and danceable, with good-vibes and echos of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

A cult favorite in the northeast for decades, the Neybas have won multiple readers’ polls including “Best Original Music,” and “Best Live Performance,” among others.

The band’s fourth album, Flow was released in the fall of 2019, and features their strongest work in years, receiving rave reviews from new and old fans alike.

That said, Sunshine Hotel, their fifth and newest album, has just been released this month and is already attracting a lot of warranted attention within the music industry.

1. At The Sunshine Hotel
2. Something About Her
3. Hey Cinderella
4. Aliens Have Taken My Brain
5. The Doorman
6. Sunshine Girl
7. A Little 2 Hi
8. Crank This Up
9. Big Love (The Doorman’s Theme)
10. Pearl (Girl in Room 303)
11. The Girl I Knew Yesterday
12. Talking About You
13. Song About Sunshine
14. Freeway Paradise

Opening on the melodically funky grooves of the title track At The Sunshine Hotel, that is seamlessly followed by the dutiful, mid-tempo hipsway of Something About Her, then comes the trippy melodic hipsway of Where It Came From, the drum-led beauty Hey Cinderella, the dreamy balladry of Aliens Have Taken My Brain, the jaunty The Doorman, and then comes the rockin’ Caribbean beach feel of Sunshine Girl and then the toking prose admittance within A Little 2 Hi.

Up next on this organically-crafted and totally rockin’ new album is the reggae-tinged Crank This Up and the free flowing pop rock of Big Love (The Doorman’s Theme) and they are in turn followed by the low slung, at first, solid foot-tapping entity thereafter Pearl (Girl in Room 303), the uptempo pop balladry of The Girl I Knew Yesterday, the forthrightly earnest love song within Talking About You, then the album rounds out on the rhythmic Song About Sunshine, closing on the free wheelin’ advice within Freeway Paradise.

The Neybas formed in the late 1980s when a group of friends at the University of Connecticut began jamming together at parties and college events where they garnered a rambunctious, fun-loving following of loyal fans.

By the early 1990s, the Neybas were regulars on the Connecticut club scene, playing a robust mix of “deep track” 60’s and 70’s rock and a strong stable of hooky original music. This was a magic combination that, along with regular appearances at legendary area clubs from Boston to Hartford to Manhattan, and annual “best of” wins in local readers’ polls helped bolster the group’s fanbase.

They also had several regional “hits” from their first three albums, including “Get Up (Do Your Laundry),” and “Waiting for Mary Jane.”

Over the years, the Neybas have played live with the Georgia Satellites, Joan Osborne, Great White, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Ratt, Everything, Poison, Universal Honey, and Rick Derringer, to name a few.

After a hiatus of a few years (aka, a self-imposed exile), the Neybas are back and rocking again and creating music that connects with listeners. Featuring original members Kevin “English” Bornstein (bass/vocals), Nicholas “Toad” Eckert (guitar/vocals), Russ “Skull” Waesche (guitar/vocals), and long-time drummer Emmet Hale, they added keyboardist and hometown “neybahood” friend Greg Marshall in 2019 to complete the outfit.

“Neybas? Does that stand for New England Yankee Bad Ass Society?” - question from a fan. In case you’re wondering, the name “Neyba” plays off the northeast accent some use when saying “neighbor” (as in “howdy, neyba”).

Official Website

Official Purchase Link

Neybas @ Facebook

Neybas @ YouTube