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Ghost Canyon

Title - The Castle
Artist - Apocalypse

Travel back in time with the Salvatori family!

Way back to 1976, when he was in high school, Tom Salvatori teamed up with older brother Michael Salvatori, Michael’s wife Gail Salvatori and Tom’s classmate Scott Magnesen.

As Apocalypse they recorded an album of pure prog rock magic called The Castle. Although the 5-song, 38-minute demo was an amazing showcase for their collective prog rock leanings, The Castle remained an unreleased artifact until 2021 when the reel-to-reel master tape of the presumably long-lost relic was rediscovered by Michael in a dusty old basement storage bin.

Music fans can be thankful that Michael’s rediscovery of the Apocalypse master tape has now led to a vinyl-only reissue of The Castle, a March 2022 release on Guerssen’s Out-Side Records.

So trust me when I say that following years of musical immensity from Tom, Michael and Gail Salvatori, it’s a really good time to look back at the prog rock roots of a family of remarkable musicians.

1. The Spirit (6:55)
2. Only The Children Know (7:28)
3. Turning Around (5:03)
4. The Castle (7:37)
5. All The People (10:32)

Opening on the vivaciously sprightly The Spirit and the thematically-embracing Only The Children Know, the band back those up seamlessly with the rhythmically harmonious Turning Around, and that is in turn followed by the yearning ode of storytelling found within the title track The Castle, the album coming to a close with Gail’s wide ranging keyboard prowess and her fluid and sensitive violin skills coming to the fore throughout, on the ten minute opus All The People.

The Castle gives an early impression that Michael and Tom, joined by Gail Salvatori (keyboards, violin) and Scott (drums) were bound for further musical greatness.

Apocalypse as a band was only able to record one album worth of material, yet as you listen to this album, 46 years later you can capture the cool things and underrated sounds that came out of the unique music magic these musicians created.

Guerssen Records @ Bandcamp