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Title - Zoji
Artist - Wingfield / Chapman / Adewale

Parallel Times. Dizzying constellations of notes netted within the soundboard of the harpsichord, quill-plucked and sent spinning in darting arcs and ascending steps.

Harmonic fog adrift from which notes slip out in silvery streaks, gleaming with passion, while some, disconsolate, fall into dark silence snuffing out their glow.

Cymbals sizzle and resonate, ceding space to the crackle of shells shaken. Wood, skin, clay all brushed, touched and tamped, honed into accents and beats, breathing between the firefly flurries criss-crossing through their time.

When Mark Wingfield, Jane Chapman and Adriano Adewale came to breathe life into these ornate and dazzling compositions, they collectively embarked on a process that would have them prospecting in the eddying silt of imagination and intuition.

As each player exchanged ideas, modified aspects of the pieces, and brought their energy, momentum, and focus to the work, new and exciting music swirled into being.

Making music and making a record is, to a lesser or greater degree, all about personal transformation. Something that previously only existed in concept is given tangible form, a creation unique to the moment that is tethered to specific locations; in this case Chapmans house and Wingfields studio.

And lo, their brand new collective album was born, Zoji (out now via MoonJune Records).

1. City Story [5:11]
2. Seven Faces Of Silence [6:36]
3. Persian Snow Leopard [8:18]
4. Parallel Time [8:42]
5. Land On Sky [6:39]
6. Sun Court [3:18]
7. Wind Falls Cliffs Rise [7:22]
8. Pasquali Dream [2:20]
9. Zoji Pass [6:08]
10. Prelude Sinueux [4:22]
11. Viaduct Road [5:49]

Opening on the 70s-imbued, TV spy thriller-esque soundscapes of City Story and Seven Faces Of Silence, they then bring us the quietly magnificent, stand alone masterpiece Persian Snow Leopard, which they follow up seamlessly with the articulate musicianship of Parallel Time and the deeply-rooted, atmospheric ambiance of Land On Sky.

Next up is the free flowing hipsway of Sun Court and the statically charged melodies of Wind Falls Cliffs Rise, which are backed by the delicate musings of Pasquali Dream, the dancing and twirling gossamer of Zoji Pass, the album rounding out on the earthy, organically-enthused Prelude Sinueux, closing on the rich musical synergism of Viaduct Road.

Official Purchase Link

Mark Wingfield @ Bandcamp