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Title - 'Tribes'
Artist - Crack The Sky

For those not in the know, in 1976 Rolling Stone called prog-rock pioneers Crack The Sky "one of year's most impressive debuts."

Their first three albums charted on the Billboard 200. In 2015, their debut album was ranked #47 in the Rolling Stone list of 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time.

In 1975, the band released their first album, the critically acclaimed eponymous Crack the Sky, which reached 161 on the Billboard chart. Animal Notes, the band's second album, was intended originally as a rock opera about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but in production the concept was reduced to only one song, 'Rangers at Midnight'.

Like the band's debut release, it too was critically acclaimed, reaching #142 on the Billboard chart, performing better than their first album.

Released in 1978, Safety in Numbers was their third album and reached #126 on the Billboard chart, their highest charting album.

Due to ongoing contractual difficulties with their label Lifesong, members of Crack the Sky agreed they had no other choice but to disband. Following the band's dissolution, Classic Crack, a greatest hits compilation, was released by Lifesong in 1980.

Since that time, the band have had over 20 albums released (inclusive of Greatest Hits and Live recordings) and the band continues to release albums and perform to a small, but devoted fan base to this day.

And so with that in mind, today, 40+ years on from their debut, the band releases a new studio album entitled Tribes (out now via Carry On Music).

1. 'Tribes'
2. 'Another Civil War'
3. 'Dear Leaders'
4. 'Blowing Up Detroit'
5. 'Quick'
6. 'Another Beautiful Day'
7. 'All My Innocence'
8. 'Drinking Myself Sober'
9. 'Stranger in a Strange Land'
10. 'We Don't Know'
11. 'Alligator Man'
12. 'Boom Boom'
13. 'The Lost Boys'

Indeed, the mid-tempo title track speaks volumes about modern society's perpetual cultural divide, wherein each side believes its inalienable right to champion the only opinion that matters.

That's backed by the gently frenetic, Celtic-imbibed 'Another Civil War,' the trip-dub rock effect of 'Dear Leaders,' the sonically mesmerizing, drum and slap bass-led 'Blowing Up Detroit,' and then both the orchestral magnificence of the 9-minute 'Quick' and the old school rock 'n' roll of the ironically-sung 'Another Beautiful Day' is brought forth.

Up next is the late '70s-esque 'All My Innocence' and then we get one of my own personal favorites, the drum-led rocker 'Drinking Myself Sober,' which is itself is backed by the layered synth bed found on 'Stranger in a Strange Land.'

The album then begins to round out on the mid-tempo ambiance of 'We Don't Know, then comes the one-two step AOR of 'Alligator Man,' closing on the heavy hitter 'Boom Boom' and the free flowing, horn-driven funk of when a Hammond and guitar come together to rock out on 'The Lost Boys.'

“What I’d like people to walk away with from the record is for them to go, ‘Gee, I’d love to hear that again!’” guitarist Rick Witkowski says with a laugh before adding, “I do like the fact that we don’t take sides."

"We’re presenting the current state of affairs. We are not saying we’re this, or we’re that. I would love people to come together to agree to disagree — but still love one another."

"It’s easy to love the ones who love you back. But it’s not easy when someone disagrees with you and doesn’t think like you. It’s hard to love them.”

Singer John Palumbo acknowledges that we all live in trying times indeed. “The world has changed,” he concludes. “People have some really intense emotions, but if music can knock some sense into some of them, that would be terrific."

"It’s an aftereffect I’d be very happy about. Is that a goal? Well, I guess, somewhere down in my brain, it must be, because I keep trying to do it.” Palumbo pauses before rephrasing the question. “What am I trying to achieve with Tribes?"

"I want people to think. That’s it. I just want ’em to think. I also want them to be entertained, which is why we do this — but the entertainment part really comes from live performance. But, overall, I want people to think.”

Crack The Sky — John Palumbo (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys), Rick Witkowski (Guitars & Vocals), Joey D’Amico (Drums & Vocals), Bobby Hird (Guitars & Vocals), Glenn Workman (Keyboards & Vocals) and Dave DeMarco (Bass & Vocals).

Crack The Sky 'Tribes' - Official Music Video

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Crack The Sky @ Facebook

Crack The Sky @ YouTube