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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Save the Universe' [EP]
Artist - Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet

Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet's brand new Save the Universe 5-track EP is the very first release from the prog rock artist and was released on September 1st, 2019.

Chock full of wide open, and delicious spacious goodness, the five alternative rock-pop rock vocal tunes range from sweet and ethereal, to a heavy blend of rock, alternative rock, classical rock, progressive rock, power pop rock and modern, pop rock music.

1. 'Cosmic Happiness' (5:21)
2. 'The Isle of Riff on the World of Tone' (4:10)
3. 'A World of Miracles' (4:13)
4. 'Father Time' (5:42)
5. 'It Doesn't Really Matter' (4:38)

Kicking things off nicely with the atmospheric fun '70s-esque rocker 'Cosmic Happiness,' we're soon into the echo chambered dark rock hole of 'The Isle of Riff on the World of Tone,' with the ethereal, and highly philosophical 'A World of Miracles' along next.

Containing a wondrous collection of stories within the thoughtful lyrics, all the abovementioned musical influences come to the fore throughout this quite magnificent new EP.

We next get the immersive trance-pop power of a song dedicated to the importance of time, 'Father Time,' with the EP rounding out with the thumping, driving, preachin', talk-singin' chorus-baked cut, 'It Doesn't Really Matter.'

Uncle Roy says, “For 'Save The Universe' I wanted to create a set of tunes that were not one style of rock or just heavy or just light. I wanted to have some of the musical ingredients, from several rock stylings, within the scope of the music."

"I wanted the recipe for this project to be more universal, with a mix of rock genres. Therefore, each tune has its own musical and lyrical difference and character from the others. There is soft guitar and screaming guitar."

"There are dreamy, orchestral keyboards to, thick, and rockin' keyboards. The drums may lightly and tightly groove for a section of a tune and then, be pounding. The bass will be subtle at times and then, sometimes big and fat."

"Vocally, you will find the voices of the songs going from the mellow and grand to heavy rock to a little, talk-singin' and preachin'. For every letter of the alphabet, there is a musical influence that has manipulated my musical, genetic makeup, over a few light years."

"The world's music is broad, cultural, always evolving and it is what influences me musically, as well, all the time.”

Included with the physical CD is a beautiful 8-page booklet filled with fun, sci-fi stories and thoughts, pictures, song descriptions and lyrics written by Uncle Roy.

There is also a cool, inventive and “top secret” alien photo file attached to the CD of Alien Uncle Roy!

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Uncle Roy's Alien Music @ Facebook