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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'The Colors Of Life'
Artist - Moon Over Mountain

Featuring the music and keyboards of Kenneth Lee Roberts and the music, vocals and lyrics of Megan Buness, this just-released debut CD from Moon Over Mountain, The Colors Of Life is a quite stunning New Age musical experience.

With both Roberts and Buness already having deep familial roots in music, Moon Over Mountain was founded in the Spring of 2012 when they began to work out a fresh, new sound unlike any other they had heard.

Weaving together an elegantly mesmerizing musical tapestry from a wealth of experience within their chosen New Age genre, the group's debut here is not only profoundly moving, even painfully beautiful at times, but transcends the usual musical borders by merging elements of the aforementioned New Age with pop, neoclassical and even electronica.

A renowned vocalist in the Denver, Colorado area, Megan Buness also performs with one of Colorado’s top five chamber ensembles, so she also brings her classical music training to the Moon Over Mountain vocal tracks.

1. 'Yes, I Am Here'
2. 'A Walk In Fall Leaves'
3. 'You Can't Go Home Again'
4. 'Dry Your Eyes'
5. 'The Face in the Moon'
6. 'A Nation Divided'
7. 'Flying'
8. 'After The Work Is Done'
9. 'Heart Of The Song'
10. 'One Life'
11. 'Daybreak'

The album opens with the harmonious, and also mellotron-inspired 'Yes, I Am Here' and backs that up with the lushly stunning (if not a wee bit overlong at nearly 9 minutes in length) 'A Walk in Fall Leaves.'

The mindful ambiance of 'You Can't Go Home Again' is followed by the quietly-paced 'Dry Your Eyes,' and then both the beautiful storytelling found within 'The Face in the Moon,' and the acoustic guitar and classically trained vocals of Buness exquisitely present on 'A Nation Divided.'

A gentle, yet adoring Latin influence cannot be denied within 'Flying' before the sterner 'After the Work Is Done,' and the mid-tempo hipsway of 'Heart of the Song' are brought forth.

The album then rounds out with the richly natural New Age notes found within 'One Life' and then comes to an end on the inspiringly atmospheric 'Daybreak.'

Moon Over Mountain @ Facebook!