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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Back Seat'
Artist - Lisa Bell

For those not in the know, singer-songwriter Lisa Bell is set to release her fifth album, the musically compelling gem Back Seat, on September 6th, 2019 (via her own label, Lisa Bell Music).

Already known as a musically diverse Americana artist with jazz influences, Bell shifts gears with the release, compiling a potent album that nods to the influences that have helped sharpen her sound - including laidback R&B, melodic soul, and American roots music - while also pushing into contemporary, Triple A-friendly territory.

Combining seamlessly together Bell's expressive voice and ever-evolving writing chops, these finely-tuned elements combine to tell the story of an empty nester who, having spent years raising her children, is ready to climb back into the driver's seat and chase down new dreams.

1. 'Back Seat'
2. 'I Can't Stand the Rain'
3. 'The Road is Always Longer'
4. 'Take Me to the Other Side'
5. 'I Don't Know What You Want from Me'
6. 'Always Chasing Darkness'
7. 'What Went Wrong'
8. 'My Love'
9. 'India'
10. 'Get in the Flow'
11. 'Inspiration'
12. 'Meet Me In the Space Inbetween'

Produced by Evan Reeves and with all 12 songs having been born out of a secluded trip to a backwoods cabin right from the off on the title track Bell sings with a powerful, natural voice.

Sharing the spotlight with electric piano, organ, electric guitar, saxophone, and even ukulele, this beautiful title track - which doubles as the album's only co-written tune, penned alongside fellow Coloradan Andy Ard - showcases Bell's sultry vocals just perfectly.

'I Can't Stand the Rain' (no, not that one) is a gently, heartfelt ballad (written during a huge rainstorm that necessitated being inside instead of out enjoying nature), whereas 'The Road is Always Longer' brings forth some foot-tappin' lo-fi rhythm and blues in the spirit of Bonnie Raitt.

The hipsway of a shining sun on an Autumn late afternoon found within 'Take Me to the Other Side' (a track written about the anxiety around doing anything new, or something that seems daunting and how it can be simply paralyzing) is just beautiful to behold, and that's backed seamlessly by both the low-slung Blues guitar vibe of 'I Don't Know What You Want from Me,' and then the pace changes for the thought-provoking subject matter of depression, 'Always Chasing Darkness.'

The one-two keyboard-infused groove of 'What Went Wrong' makes this track one of my own favorites and that's followed by the acoustic guitar ballad 'My Love.' The ethereal lushness of 'India' (a song that tells the story of this wonderful, yet dichotic country) is simply a joy to behold as is the poetic inner musings of 'Get in the Flow.'

The album then rounds out with the strong musical backbone of 'Inspiration' with the mid-tempo, late night, smoky underground club, saxophone enriched 'Meet Me in the Space Between' (which refers to the level of understanding between two people that transcends the physical) making the most perfect book end to Bell's lyrically-woven storytelling.

An Americana tapestry woven of roots, blues, jazz, and pop, Back Seat tells a story that reaches beyond Bell's own experiences. There are deep, mature love songs on this vibrantly rich new recording, with songs that examine human relationships not from the perspective of starry-eyed newly-weds, but of lovers who've ridden the rollercoaster of a long, emotional partnership together a wee bit too long.

And while it’s been six years since her last full-length, Bell's craft has only burned stronger and brighter and braver. "I am thrilled with this new album and feel it is the most genuine and expressive yet," Bell says.

"I took my time in writing and producing this body of work, to hone songs that really speak directly from my heart and tap into my full creative potential."

Lisa Bell Music @ Facebook!