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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Sick For Songs A Season Eats'
Artist - TextBeak

For those not in the know, TextBeak aka: Michael Szewczyk, known as DJ Textbeak, is an American DJ, artist and record producer.

DJ Textbeak is known internationally for his varied style of dark and experimental music including remixes for ∆AIMON, Cyanotic, 3Teeth, Architect, among others.

He is considered influential in the Witch house genre for his early introduction of the movement and exclusive contributions of remixes and was a contributor to the Zombie Nation song 'The Mind of Many.'

Sick For Songs A Season Eats is his debut album, where the visionary producer/DJ brings together a host of like minded avant-garde musical friends for a 14 track journey into industrial goth.

Including: Mark Stewart (of The Pop Group and The Maffia), Janine Rainforth (of Maximum Joy), Peter Hope (Hoodoo Talk), Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne), Searmanas, Android (from Missile Command), Tim Smith (from Lestat), Bestial Mouths, and more, Sick For Songs A Season Eats is out now via Cleopatra Records.

1. 'Legion_err'
2. 'All Is War'
3. 'Chimera'
4. 'Melting Mind'
5. 'Forever Now'
6. 'Information Medicine'
7. 'Dead Seasons'
8. 'Soft Paranoia'
9. 'Vacuum Decay'
10. 'Blood Storm'
11. 'Gravity Well'
12. 'We Are The Jaguars'
13. 'Pressure Tank'
14. 'The (W)hole'

We begin with a haunting, stoic, dystopian ambiance on 'Legion_err' that honestly sounds like Depeche Mode slowed way, way down. No bad thing at the best of times, featuring Yvette Winkler it's a most perfect way to get introduced to this inventive new album. Next up is the methodical 'All is War' featuring Andrew Lent, and that's backed by one of my own personal favorites, the pop goth synth of 'Chimera' (featuring Mark Stewart and Janine Rainforth).

The tone gets reduced back down to a crawl once again on both 'Melting Mind' (featuring Peter Hope) and then 'Forever Now' (featuring Mark Stewart), although the latter does ebb and build throughout, and then comes another beauty in the shape of the industrial 'Information Medicine' (featuring Mark Stewart and Vaselyne).

The static buzz goth of 'Dead Seasons' featuring Cyanotic is next and is followed by the sombre verve of 'Soft Paranoia' featuring Mark Stewart and Janine Rainforth. The slo-mo, one-two punch that also incorporates a fast-ticking clock effect, 'Vacuum Decay' (featuring the wonderful Searmanas; the solo moniker of electronic producer Niabi Aquena) gives us the stand out track of the album and that's backed by the soundscape of 'Blood Storm' (featuring Bestial Mouths).

The old '80s synth work of 'Gravity Well' (once again featuring Searmanas) is another rich cut here, and that's followed by the jagged guitars of 'We Are The Jaguars' featuring Anjela Piccard and John Fryer. The album is then rounded out by 'Pressure Tank' (featuring Gwen Thomas) and then the longest track on the album at nearly seven minutes, the goth lite intricacies of 'The (W)hole' (featuring Robert Disaro, Joeseph Simon and Jeff Central).

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