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Ghost Canyon

Title - Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition)
Artist - Adam & The Ants

OK, this has to be said, right here, right now: This, for such a HUGE Adam & The Ants fans as myself, let alone an audiophile, in general, was an INCREDIBLE delight to open the door to (quite literally)!

Yep, the delivery guy greeted me here at the office door carrying this wondrous, prized, and soon-to-be cherished, brand new and Super Deluxe Edition of the famous Kings of the Wild Frontier album. And my day couldn't have been made any better even had I won the lottery - truly! Last year, Legacy Recordings released a very special 7" Single of 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of the blockbuster hit single. Indeed, it came, obviously, from the UK #1 chart topping album of the same name that introduced the Burundi beat drum sound to the world at large.

For those not in the know, and shame on you, Kings of the Wild Frontier was the second album by English new wave Adam & The Ants, and the single was not only the first single released from it in 1980 (reaching only #48 on the UK Singles Chart). However, re-released in 1981 and it actually this time around reached #2 on that very same UK Singles Chart!

Subsequent other singles released from the album were both 'Dog Eat Dog', which reached No. 4; and 'Antmusic', released in December and reaching No. 2, as well as No. 1 in Australia for five weeks. The album was the UK number 1 selling album in 1981 (and the 48th best seller in 1980) and won Best British Album at the 1982 Brit Awards.

This simply stunning Super Deluxe ‘Golden’ box-set - a Gold 2CD Deluxe Edition, Gold Vinyl LP and digital formats - contains a wealth of unreleased and exclusive content that all Adam & The Ants fans will lap up like it was brand new material!

Curated and remastered by Adam Ant, this new Legacy Edition includes the original 12 track UK album, B-sides, previously unreleased studio demos and rough cuts, a previously unissued live recording and rarities all fully remastered from original tapes by Adam Ant himself.

This special Super Deluxe "Golden" box-set also adds to that haul a DVD of promo videos, live performances, the first DVD release of Adam & The Ants, entitled Live In Tokyo 1981 in its entirety, and a short promotional video ‘Ant Invasion’ - a mini documentary of the first Adam & The Ants US tour in 1981.

In addition, a 36 page 12x12” full color book includes detailed liner notes and track annotations by Adam Ant, and you also get, if all this wasn't already enough, a replica original release Ant Catalogue, fan memorabilia, recreated artwork, poster, photos, and much more!

Disc: 1
1. Dog Eat Dog 2. Antmusic 3. Feed Me to the Lions 4. Los Rancheros 5. Ants Invasion 6. Killer in the Home 7. Kings of the Wild Frontier 8. The Magnificent Five 9. Don't Be Square (Be There) 10. Jolly Roger 11. Making History 12. The Human Beings 13. Press Darlings [B Side] 14. Physical (You're So) [B Side] 15. Fall In [B Side] 16. Don't Be Square (Be There) [KPM Studio Demo] 17. The Human Beings [KPM Studio Demo] 18. Los Rancheros [KPM Studio Demo] 19. Making History [KPM Studio Demo]

The demise of the original Ants line-up following the release of Dirk Wears White Sox in 1979 is well documented. What came next for Adam & The Ants "Mark 2" was an altogether new approach that would result in one of the most important British records of all time.

When Kings first came out it took the music world by surprise and even defied classification. Was it punk? Not quite. Rock'n' roll? Not quite. Old English folk? Native American Indian chants? This album was inspired and fittingly came out of what I feel to be the most creative and exciting time to be a fan of music. Growing up during the New Wave Movement was like dying and going to aural heaven given the vast diversity of music ideas and experimentation that was oozing out of the pores of the gifted musicians at the time: U2, Peter Gabriel, Human League, Soft Cell, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, et al.

Listening to the album, both back in the day and here once again remastered now, over and over, I have begun to appreciate tracks like 'Antmusic' and especially 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' even more. The other quirky tracks like 'Feed Me to the Lions' and 'Jolly Roger' actually made me laugh and the fact that no one was playing and making tracks like this band made me respect their uniqueness - and hence made me more predisposed to listen to other "strange" music emanating from the New Wave Movement. Now years later I can hear traces of Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Cars, et al.

Kings Of The Wild Frontier was the result of a fierce, determined and ultimately realized ambition to turn the music scene on its head. Indeed, and in Adam’s own words, he set out “to be the best, in tune with and in line with no one”. Mission accomplished. Mission accomplished.

Disc: 2
1. The Human Beings 2. Dog Eat Dog 3. The Magnificent Five 4. Don't Be Square (Be There) 5. Los Rancheros 6. Ants Invasion 7. Killer in the Home 8. Cleopatra 9. Press Darlings 10. Kick! 11. Antmusic 12. Beat My Guest 13. Jolly Roger 14. Zerøx 15. Car Trouble 16. Kings of the Wild Frontier 17. Physical (You're So) 18. A.N.T.S. 19. Antmusic (Rough Cut) 20. Don't Be Square Be There (Rough Cut)

This previously unissued live recording is a real, true gem of a find, trust me. Entitled as Adam & The Ants Live in Chicago 1981, we get to hear the raw, the unbridled, the untamed Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant lead his band of merry men though 20 tracks that blow away, for intensity and passion of job satisfaction, anyone I have seen live in many a year since.

Inclusive of two extra tracks, for some reason, both 'Antmusic (Rough Cut)' and 'Don't Be Square Be There (Rough Cut)' are two more prime examples of the dedication to their musical cause. Especially the former, one of the singles that I played over and over again as a 7" vinyl, and so became part of my youth culture, Adam & The Ants - even in rough cut style - were an incredible sound to behold.

Disc: 3 - DVD
The Videos:
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Dog Eat Dog

Adam & The Ants Live:
Physical (You’re So) Live In Manchester
Dog Eat Dog

Adam & The Ants at the BBC:
Dog Eat Dog Top Of The Pops October 16th, 1980
Ants Invasion & Killer In The Home Old Grey Whistle Test, January 1981
Antmusic Top Of The Pops, December 1980
Dog Eat Dog Top Of The Pops October 30th, 1980

Adam & The Ants Live In Tokyo 1981:
The Magnificent Five
Don’t Be Square (Be There)
Ants Invasion
Killer In The Home
Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
Press Darlings
Christian D’or
Los Rancheros
Dog Eat Dog
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Physical (You’re So)

+ ANT INVASION: a documentary of the first Adam & The Ants US tour 1981

Vinyl LP:
Side A
1. Dog Eat Dog
2. Antmusic
3. Feed Me To The Lions
4. Los Rancheros
5. Ants Invasion
6. Killer In The Home

Side B
7. Kings Of The Wild Frontier
8. The Magnificent Five>
9. Don't Be Square Be There
10. Jolly Roger
11. Making History
12. The Human Beings

Three decades on and the heroic Kings Of The Wild Frontier remains as bold and magnificent as ever. If you don't believe me, buy one of these various editions of this newly-remastered musical wonder and listen for yourself!

Kings of the Wild Frontier (Super Deluxe Edition) Purchase Link