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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer'
Artist - Larry Fischer

Larry Wayne Fischer, who was better known as Wild Man Fischer, was an American songwriter in the outsider genre who passed away in 2011. He was notable for being responsible for Rhino Records' first release, Go to Rhino Records (1975) and was described as a 'cult figure' by both his friends and people in the business.

To understand his music is to understand the man. Therefore, allow me to introduce you to the creative genius. Fischer was institutionalized at age 16 for attacking his mother with a knife. He was later diagnosed with two mental disorders, severe paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Following his escape from the hospital (he said no one ever bothered to take him back there!), Fischer wandered Los Angeles singing his songs a capella for .10c each to passers-by.

Discovered on the street by Frank Zappa, Fischer became an underground concert favorite. Zappa was responsible for Fischer's initial foray into the business of recorded music, an album called An Evening with Wild Man Fischer (1968), which contained 36 tracks, some of which contained minimal musical accompaniment by Frank and members of The Mothers of Invention, while most are simply accurate representations of Larry's street performances (sung and spoken).

Sadly, Zappa and Fischer soon fell out however, over royalties (Zappa retained the rights to the songs) and because of Larry's bi-polar condition. Zappa's widow, Gail, declined to release An Evening with Wild Man Fischer before now on CD because overall it does not reflect well on her husband.

But all that has changed for now we have the entire An Evening with Wild Man Fischer here on lovely crystal clear CD via the Gonzo Records label.

(The Original) Side One: The Basic Fischer:

1. "Merry-Go-Round" (1:53)
2. "New Kind of Songs For Sale" (7:13)
3. "I'm Not Shy Anymore!" (1:01)
4. "Are You From Clovis?" (1:53)
5. "The Madness & Ecstasy" (7:47)

On this latter track, both Kim Fowley and Rodney Bingenheimer provide an introduction to, and make prophecies about the future of Wild Man Fischer. And entertaining first act, so to speak, it's when Fischer starts talking about his time spent in the studio that things get interesting.

(The Original) Side Two: Larry's Songs, Unaccompanied:

1. "Which Way Did the Freaks Go?" (1:47)
2. "I'm Working For the Federal Bureau of Narcotics" (1:21)
3. "The Leaves Are Falling" (0:54)
4. "85 Times" (0:56)
5. "Cops & Robbers" (1:40)
6. "Monkeys Versus Donkeys" (2:00)
7. "Start Life Over Again" (1:58)
8. "The Mope" (1:48)
9. "Life Brand New" (1:36)
10. "Who Did It Johnny?" (1:46)
11. "Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off" (0:57)
12. "Taggy Lee" (0:40)
13. "Rhonda" (0:54)
14. "I Looked Around You" (1:31)
15. "Jennifer Jones" (4:51)

(The Original) Side Three: Some Historical Notes:

1. "The Taster" (3:07)
2. "The Story of The Taster" (2:05)
3. "The Rocket Rock" (0:31)
4. "The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog" (1:33)
5. "Dream Girl" (2:25)
6. "Dream Girl Explanation" (0:52)
7. "Serrano Beach" (1:35)
8. "Success Will Not Make Me Happy" (1:45)
9. "Wild Man On The Strip Again" (7:13)

(The Original) Side Four: In Conclusion:

1. "Why I Am Normal" (2:25)
2. "The Wild Man Fischer Story" (5:34)
3. "Balling Isn't Everything" (1:17)
4. "Ugly Beautiful Girl" (1:14)
5. "Larry & His Guitar" (2:46)
6. "Circle" (2:54)
7. "Larry Under Pressure" (1:44)

This last section contains the very first psychedelic hit that Fischer ever had, 'Circle.' Frank Zappa can be heard on guitar on 'The Taster' (which has also become known as the "Fancy Version" of it along with performing ALL the instruments on the aforementioned 'Circle' production.

Simply put, An Evening with Wild Man Fischer is high art, an extremely funny and yet ultimately unsettling exposure of schizophrenia as perceived by one who has it. Enjoy, or not, as the case may be!

'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer' CD Purchase Link