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Title - 'The 3rd Planetary Chronicles'
Artist - Yuka & Chronoship

For those not in the know, Yuka & Chronoship were founded in 2009 as a Japanese Neo-Prog quartet by a female keyboardist / vocalist / composer Yuka FUNAKOSHI, already active as a solo artist for over a decade. Supported with three session musicians - Shun TAGUCHI (bass), Takashi MIYAZAWA (guitar), and Ikko TANAKA (drums, percussion) - her gracious ship got launched in the vein of late-70s progressive rock and released their debut voyage Water Reincarnation via Musea Records in 2011.

Indeed, the aforementioned Water Reincarnation was centered around the theme of perpetual and cyclic transmigration of water. Their second album in 2013, Dino Rocket Oxygen, was comprised of three various suites, and the album cover was designed by Roger Dean.

Now some four (4) years after their debut, the sound of Yuka & Chronoship is back once again on their stunning third album, The 3rd Planetary Chronicles, released via Cherry Red Records (UK). Complete with their prerequisite ebbs and flows of philosophical depth, lyrical brilliance, and technical virtuosity, the chance to once again explore the musical microcosm of Yuka & Chronoship is one you all need to take.

The setting of the bandís third album is the Earth, or the third planet from the Sun. Listening to this album, it's easy to get caught up in the storytelling, per say, of The 3rd Planetary Chronicles. For it is, at its core, a rather grandiose concept album themed with scientific/technological revolutions in human history: stone-age, Copernican theory, industrial revolution, and theory of relativity.

1. "Birth of the Earth - Collision"
2. "Stone Age"
3. "Galileo I - and Yet It Moves (E Pur Si Muove)"
4. "Galileo II - Copernican Theory"
5. "Birth of the Earth - Merger"
6. "Age of Steam"
7. "Pastoral Garden"
8. "Machine City"
9. "Wright Flyer 1903"
10. "On the Radio"
11. "Birth of the Earth - Magma Ocean"
12. "E = C#M"
13. "I Am Thee (Awakening of Cloneroid)"
14. "Birth of the Earth - Embryonic Planet"

Ergo, the end result of The 3rd Planetary Chronicles, in my humble opinion, is that it harbors a distinctly modern-sounding take on prog rock; which is always a good thing. Sure, overall, it skips about a fair bit, perhaps a wee bit too much from sub-genre to sub-genre, but at its heart it is still a fairly eclectic album that locks into the story that it truly wishes to tell. Complete with highly accessible sounds throughout, and inclusive of obvious tips of the cap toward some of the great names in the annals of the genre, Yuka & Chronoship have, once again, brought forth a distinctive, very worthwhile, and (for the most part) highly unique work of prog rock musical art.

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