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Book Reviews
Muslim Mechanics
By: Charles H. Brewton / O-Books / $25.95

Overview: Muslim Mechanics is a factual and informative resource guide for Islam written for non-Muslim Western audiences. The word mechanics, as in quantum mechanics or classical mechanics, represents a branch of physical science that studies the working parts of complex systems, machines, or even organizations and institutions.

Taking the same tact, Muslim Mechanics is the study of how Islamic policies, activities, and functions affect populations and organizations.

Verdict: Going further, Muslim Mechanics looks at the functional and technical aspects of actions and determines their impact on an organizational and institutional level.

As the word mechanics would indicate, there are hundreds of policies, rules, and beliefs that make Islam tick like a Swiss watch. Dr. Brewton presents an objective and secular view of a religion that is anything but secular.

In a jovially-stanced Preface, we are forewarned that this book is not about Muslim mechanics who work on automobiles, although some good ones undoubtedly do, moreover the book is the study of Islam as a religion, as an organization, as a social institution, and the rules that make it unique.

So, what do Christians, Jews and Muslims all have in common? They all believe in one God, angels, the Day of Judgement, and the afterlife that follows. In summary, when believers in these faiths die, they think they will be judged by God and hopefully experience eternity from God’s purview.

But the average American does not understand much about Islam and its customs and its beliefs. While not as prevalent as current-day Christians or Jewish believers, disrespect of Islamic beliefs, can inspire some of their adherents to kill for religious purposes.

Of course, we all know how the plot unfolds from there (ISIS, et al.), so why read this book? Well, as the old saying goes, the devil is in the details, and many details (most all, I would imagine to Westerners) have gone into this story, trust me on that.

Indeed, most people do not know what Sharia Law is, for as research indicates, many jihads fighting for the Islamic State caliphate only had a shallow awareness of just how comprehensive it was.

Sharia is the ideal form of divine guidance that Muslims follow to live a righteous life. Human interpretations of sharia, or fiqh, are the basis of Islamic law today.

About half the world’s Muslim-majority countries have sharia-based laws, and most Muslims worldwide follow aspects of sharia in their private religious practices.

In truth, debate continues to flare over sharia’s place in the modern world, particularly with regard to its teachings relating to criminal justice, democracy, and social equality, but with the Islamic religion being the backbone of the legal system, some form of Sharia governs some 1.8 billion Muslims globally.

Thus, and as I hope you can already tell, here in Muslim Mechanics: The View from Behind the Curtain by author Charles H. Brewton, everybody, no matter who they are, what religion they worship, what color their skin is, or where they live, can be brought up to date on Islam, and how it impacts on the cultures that surround it, whilst at the same time giving us all a glimpse into not only how to peacefully exist with God, but what the future might also hold.

About The Author - Charles Brewton is an American professor of business strategy. In addition to a career in higher education, he is one of the few classroom professors with operations experience in private industry and state government.

Currently, he teaches MBA courses in business strategy, marketing, public budgeting, public policy, and international business. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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