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Book Reviews
Angel at the Paradise Hotel
By: Teresa O’Driscoll / Roundfire Books / $19.95

Overview: When tourism transforms a fishing village on the green and beautiful Greek island of Corfu, old hatreds, envy and greed threaten to tear the community apart.

Behind the scenes, personal demons fuel division while guardian angels battle to neutralize their influence.

Here in the new novel Angel at the Paradise Hotel, we glimpse the angelic backstory of life as an idyllic Corfu resort is visited by evil!

Verdict: Hotelier Jason - planning to get rich - ruthlessly chases his goal, unaware of the trouble and danger he is stirring up. Three visitors from Ireland, America and Wales bring their own problems.

Clare, running from a broken relationship, is drawn into a love triangle with Jason. Aeron, battling a mid-life crisis, is closer to despair than he realizes - while Bethany, jolted by a Big Birthday into doing a Shirley Valentine, is hoping it will sort her life out.

As the sizzling summer unfolds, each faces make-or break-challenges. Extra help is at hand though, with the arrival of Gabriella, angel of Greece. When meddling demons prevail, and smouldering greed and vengeance reach flashpoint, can she avert disaster?

Quilting together an incredible patchwork of not only characters, but scenery together so seamlessly, that if you closed your eyes after each paragraph, you could see everything that author Teresa O’Driscoll is willing you to, that is what makes Angel at the Paradise Hotel such a compulsive summer read this year (especially for those of us not leaving the country, of course).

A quiet moving, at times veritably touching, and yet always threaded with both intrigue and uncertainty, the book is one of those where when each chapter ends, it does so in a way where you say to yourself, OK, well, I’ll just start the next one to see where this is going ... and suddenly you are through that chapter and considering the same for the next!

From the character seeking to escape, to the ones looking to re-embed (for their own variety of reasons), to those holidaymakers just looking for the three S’s (sun, sea and sex), and I won’t give it away, but Angel at the Paradise Hotel is so much more than just a story about Good vs. Evil.

For it sets out, amid a backdrop of the beautiful island of Corfu, a place I once visited on my own honeymoon, back in the day, to now only wax lyrical about the, shall we say, forces for good and for bad, but brings forth someone who dares the reader to pick a side early on; and dares them further to stick with said same choice as the book rounds out.

About the Author - Teresa O’Driscoll, born in Wales to a Scottish mother and Welsh father with Irish roots, worked as a journalist in Greece. Now back home in Wales she feels her experience of living abroad enlivens her work, while a Celtic heritage adds a mystical touch. For more information, please see:

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