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Book Reviews
God Interrogated: Reinterpreting the Divine
By: Lynne Renoir / Christian Alternative Books / $19.95

Overview: Lynne Renoir began life as a devout Christian, but after many years, she realized that her faith was not working. She sought an explanation for her situation by completing postgraduate degrees in psychology and philosophy and carrying out research in quantum theory.

Drawing on the insights that the universe is multidimensional and that everything is ultimately one, Renoir proposes that we, too, are multidimensional beings.

Verdict: Author Renoir also points out that what we believe about anything is generally deemed to be either true or false. This approach in her view is applicable to our everyday three-dimensional reality, but that transformation occurs when what we consciously accept as fact resonates with the oneness that lies at the deepest level of our being.

Getting to the heart of the matter, the Multiverse theory suggests that our universe, with all its hundreds of billions of galaxies and almost countless stars, spanning tens of billions of light-years, may not be the only one.

Instead, there may be an entirely different universe, distantly separated from ours — and another, and another. Indeed, there may be an infinity of universes, all with their own laws of physics, their own collections of stars and galaxies (if stars and galaxies can exist in those universes), and maybe even their own intelligent civilizations.

Furthermore, it could be that our universe is just one member of a much grander, much larger multitude of universes: a multiverse, which is where God Interrogated: Reinterpreting the Divine comes into play.

I mean, if there is a multiverse, then we would have random cosmological constants in different universes, and it is simply a coincidence that the one we have in our universe takes the value that we observed, correct?

Well, taking that strain of theory and bonding it seamlessly with a thoroughly devout examination of the idea and experience of God, what Renoir aims to do here is bring forth a new resource for those who are looking to make sense of God in a historically informed and non-dogmatic way.

Embracing monotheistic religion, Western philosophy and science, it answers the age-old question of How did everything come to be? and dives into just how this process and/or event may indeed be related to the purposes of our existence.

For, the decision to believe in God may result from a sense that there must be a higher power who is responsible for everything that exists. Alternatively, it may simply arise from an instinctive feeling that there is something more to life than can be explained by what is immediately apparent.

Indeed, a belief in God may also be based on the awareness of deficiency’s in a person’s experience. Among the needs that could be met in this context would be a sense of having sins forgiven, or receiving divine love, guidance, and protection, and of finding meaning and purpose in life.

In closing, this book will appeal to both those that believe and those that do not equally, for even though it is rooted in the Christian tradition’s, the undeniable sense we all feel, at times, of simply trying to make sense of how God fits with philosophy, theology, quantum physics and just plain old rational philosophy, is a question (amongst others) taken into consideration here; and, for the most part, wholly answered.

About the Author - Lynne Renoir spent 50 years deeply committed to the Christian faith. Realizing that what she believed was not working, she completed a Master’s degree in Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy. Research in quantum theory led her to the view that the whole of reality is one and is multidimensional.

Her book proposes that transformation occurs when what we accept as fact at a three-dimensional level resonates with the oneness that lies at the deepest level of our being. She lives in Woy Woy, Australia.

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