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Book Reviews
By: Jacob Sims - Circle Books, $__.95

Description: This exuberant coming-of-age story charts one millennial’s decades-long globetrotting adventure in pursuit of personal meaning, significance, and belonging.

Along the way, he reckons with the ingrained modern tendency to idolize self-seeking pursuits and discard the more humble, courageous journey of learning to love.

WanderLOST melds memoir, theology, and social theory to guide readers toward a renewed vision of where the Church in America must find its place at this moment in history.

Sims asks readers to be aware of and concerned about global injustice and invites them to think more deeply about how to be a part of God’s vision for reconciliation.

Verdict: In my humble opinion, from the off I will tell you that WanderLOST: Stories from the Winding Road Toward Significance is not only a most beautifully arced, wholly organic, and excruciatingly heartfelt story, but from start to finish, and coupled within the figuratively proffered outstretched author’s hand, we journey with him to places that, if our eyes are closed, through his prose, we can still see and feel.

As aforementioned, Jacob Sims asks readers to be aware of, and concerned about, global injustice and through this compelling new work, invites them to think more deeply about how to be a part of God’s vision for reconciliation.

For as we walk alongside Sims, seeing what he sees, feeling the very same emotions that he himself was feeling at those times, this unique journey, nay, adventure opens up before us, chapter after chapter, where we may not always agree with every thought that is given, but the ultimate guidance within toward a better, brighter, more hopeful world, is one that can never be questioned.

Strategic, structured, to a point, but always authentic and innovative, Sims’ own personal road to becoming a believer, a follower of God is prevalent throughout, this his heartfelt reasoning for getting to the veritable core of what it means to be a God-worshiping human, is a story that needs to be unceasingly broadcast wherever needs be.

And, let me be clear about this, this book is not just for all those that believe in God, and have Him willingly in their daily lives, no, for this book is all-encompassing in a way where Sims dutifully wishes to welcome all humans along for the journey.

Simply put, and taking us to places scattered around the globe, such as West and East Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the United States, WanderLOST: Stories from the Winding Road Toward Significance asks us to consider some heartfelt human questions, such as What gives purpose to Life, What is Freedom, and What is Justice, amongst others.

Questions that we should all know our own answers to by now, sure, but perhaps those that haven’t gotten there yet will find that this book gently helps guide them, in ways, and ostensibly via emotional, comedic, dramatic passages, that they never knew even existed.

About the Author - Jacob Sims currently serves as Country Director of International Justice Mission (IJM) Cambodia where he leads a team of investigators, lawyers, social workers, programmatic and operational staff in the fight against violent labor exploitation. Concurrently with his role at IJM, he serves as a Non-Resident Fellow at Duke University’s Center for Reconciliation, a leading institute bridging the worlds of research and practice in the global peace-building and justice space.

Sims is frequently drawn upon for expert commentary on various human rights and global development challenges. His analysis has featured recently in The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, The LA Times, Al Jazeera, VICE World News, Sydney Morning Herald, ProPublica, The American Interest, Plough, The Hill, and World News Group amongst many others.

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