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Book Reviews
Pagan Portals: 21st Century Fairy
By: Morgan Daimler - Moon Books, $12.95

Description: When people think of fairies they often picture beings who dwell in the wilderness, solidly anchored in the past. Yet the truth is that fairies are as present and active in the world today as ever, found as easily in cities as they are in wild places.

21st Century Fairy explores fairy beliefs and encounters in the modern world, framed by folklore, modern fiction and personal experience, to show readers the possibilities that are out there.

Verdict: In Pagan Portals - 21st Century Fairy: The Good Folk in the new millennium, author Morgan Daimler teaches us that fairies actually evolve and thus what a modern city in the fairy world might be like.

So, we have to be open to the possibility of tech fairies existing alongside fairies in nature and subsequently learn how they interact with human technology.

Indeed, and much like the human world, the fairy world is stunningly diverse and constantly changing, which means 21st Century Fairy is a qjuite fabulous guide to seekers who want a modern context for these ancient beings.

A veritable treasure trove of knowledge, research, and scholarship from one the most prolific authors of Celtic and Irish traditions and history (Fairy Witchcraft, A New Dictionary of Fairies, Fairy Queens, Living Fairy, et al), the book was brought together by Daimler as a result of many conversations she had with friends over the years.

Daimler also once taught a workshop on the subject, was asked if she had a book out about it, said no, thought about it, and then set to doing just that. Thus, Pagan Portals: 21st Century Fairy is laced with material sewn together from her workshops, blogs she has written, and the aforementioned years of conversations on the subject to hand, and which now she hopes will be a useful resource for people seeking to understand the culture of fairy and fairies in a modern day context.

The book, which is broken into seven chapters, complete with a Conclusion, is one of those reads where if you already know about fairies you will still get a fresh take on them here, but even if you go in not knowing what to expect, you will finish it in one go, close it, nod, be thankful for the time spent being educated, and, most likely, start to Google other Fairy-imbued things online to either watch or read.

About the Author - Morgan Daimler is a blogger, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects, witch, and priestess of the Daoine Maithe. Morgan is a prolific pagan writer, having published more than a dozen books under Moon Books alone, and she is one of the world’s foremost experts on all things Fairy. She lives in Connecticut, US.

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