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Book Reviews
The Anti-consumerist Druid
By: Katrina Townend - Moon Books - 16.95

Description: Many of us are coming to terms with the devastating global effects of over consumption, and for me the desire to quit shopping has led me to explore Paganism, and then to Druidry!

This is not a book about Druidry. This is a book about how I stopped over consumption consuming me, and on that journey discovered a connection with nature that led to me becoming a student of Druidry, and about how those beliefs and practices helped me to rebuild a more authentic, creative, enchanted life.

Verdict: Autobiographically written by author Katrina Townsend, The Anti-consumerist Druid: How I Beat My Shopping Addiction Through Connection With Nature brings to us her own personal tale of not only what consumer culture does to us, but how she combated it and won over.

Much like other addictions, spending addictions can rear their heads at the most inopportune times. They also know no socioeconomic boundaries. This is a problem that can affect wealthy people, low-income people and pretty much anyone living between those two extremes.

Thus if you, or someone you care about, might have a problem with compulsive shopping and spending, then what Townsend provides here is more than just an account of a self-confessed overshopper, but a way to kick the habit; and one that you might not have tried yet yourselves.

Although she herself is quick to disassociate the word addiction from being a shopaholic, reading her book, the traits suffered by the beholder do, more or less, mirror those of an addict in most all forms (notably caffeine and such).

And whilst her own journey to becoming an Anti-consumerist suburban Druid began in 2019, when she began to keep a daily journal on a year long, and self-imposed shopping ban, for the reader, and as much as yes, the book will aim you toward your own path toward Druidism, you don�t have to feel obligated to do so.

For what Townsend�s book so graciously does, is detail the problems you might be suffering from within your own shopaholicness, provide clear and reasoned insights into how to slow the roll, to get off that well-beaten path, and to teach yourself how to stay away from the addiction of shopping en mass - and all without forcing you to accept that the only path that then needs to be taken is one specifically headed toward Druidism.

Townsend�s own journey is thoroughly engaging, her truths raw, and extremely engaging, and all seem to, at one level or another, mirror our own spending habits.

Sure, her own path from materialism to a more defined connection with nature is, for want of a better term, spiritually guided, but overall, the book reminds us to always embrace creativity, always lift our heads up and see what is across the way, and never, ever feel compelled to wade through the mire of consumerist commercialism again; well, not without a map on how to get out and be able break free, of course.

About the Author - Katrina Townsend is becoming the anarchist hedge Druid she was born to be, exchanging shopping addiction for green and simple living, creativity and connection with nature. Living in Andover, England, she is the mother of one small Spud and married to a Welsh Viking.

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