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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
To Sing with Bards and Angels
By: Iona Jenkins - O-Books, $17.95

Description: To Sing with Bards and Angels is an invitation to travel through landscapes evoked by beautiful language, into the heart of nature and imagination.

Verdict: Step into the magic of a creative spiritual journey through the descriptive voice of a contemporary Bard, as she shares her quest to live and work in harmony with the Creative Spirit, writing her way into being, turning her life into poetry and story.

With help from an angel and a full moon shining on the ocean, Iona Jenkins blends this potion of inspiration from a treasury of memories, her love of wisdom, sacred places, native landscapes, legends, the arts and nature, all served in a cup of creative possibility for those aspiring to live with wisdom and soul as spiritual artists.

A few sprinklings of practical suggestions, optional meditations and tasks are added to help readers discover inspiration flowing through the unique song of their own lives.

In what is a thoroughly engrossing and wholly heartfelt new book, To Sing with Bards and Angels: A Journey into the Creative Heart from author Iona Jenkins is a quite wondrous collection of free-flowing prose that is both evocatively crafted and spiritually creative.

Offered as a source of inspiration only and not intended as a substitute for any for of counseling or psychotherapy (her words, not mine), the book is intended as a signpost towards a door of possibility for anyone aspiring to explore a creative spiritual path.

Weaving paths between both our spiritual and creative lives, within the natural world and the world of the Spirit, Jenkins proffers - through personal stories, poems, suggestions and more - that the relationships between these worlds are not only intimate, but once revealed, inseparable.

Simply put, Jenkins� gentle wisdom illuminates the landscape of the heart and the song of the soul in each of us, and shows through simple exercises how to align our lives with the seasons, to commune with the trees and, amongst other things, how to more embrace the world of the animal kingdom around us.

About the Author - Iona Jenkins was a teacher, counselor/psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist, who became a writer and poet. Exploring growth and change through creativity, Iona�s own Celtic path of art and soul finds inspiration in angels, in wisdom, nature, land, legend, and living by the sea on the south coast of magical Wales.

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