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Book Reviews
Be Visionary
By: Marty Strong - JHP Business Books, $23.95

Description: Be Visionary - Strategic Leadership in the Age of Optimization, demonstrates to existing and aspiring leaders the positive impact of applying visionary creativity, and decisiveness to achieve spectacular long range results while balancing the day to day of our lives.

Verdict: Be Visionary: Strategic Leadership in the Age of Optimization is a self-help, business leadership book that demonstrates to existing and aspiring leaders the positive impact of applying flexibility, creativity and decisiveness to achieve results - even in uncertain times.

More importantly, this book helps leaders to understand that while business operations optimization may have value in certain circumstances, it can also adversely affect a leader�s management style, his or her message and replace strategic thought with short-term focus and gratification.

For example, even the most efficient wagon-wheel manufacturer in the early 1900s was put out of business by the invention of the automobile - think and lead strategically!

Simply put, throughout this new book, author Marty Strong has great business advice to motivate leaders and target audiences combined, and inclusive of inspiring strategic thoughts and action, dedicatedly weaves within his prose credible stories and examples (both from his Navy SEAL and broad business leadership experiences) to further drive home his most assuredly valid points of wisdom.

Ergo, Be Visionary - Strategic Leadership in the Age of Optimization is a highly insightful book that conveys many different aspects of an effective leadership process. As noted, it fluidly, seamlessly, weaves in conversations about real-life experiences and examples of effective and ineffective leadership; how it�s connected with people�s behavior in the workspace and how it�s relevant to the perspective and mindset of businesses.

As you may know before going in, or as you will most definitely grasp as you read, Marty has been there, done that and even gone back on some occasions, thus his life in business is as fully grasped an entity to bring forth within thew written word as anybody�s on this very same subject matter, of that be sure.

Indeed, author Strong freely demonstrates in his book that we are all humans that should be treated with respect. In this regard businesses are starting to forget about the core fundamentals that make profit without considering people as just numbers.

The more exposure leaders get with their employees the better the leaders should treat his company. In return for this generous care and safety employees start to take the company more then just a place to work.

Employees will wear their company on their shoulders and would be proud to work at the company for as long as they would be allowed.

In conclusion, if you are idealizing leading a business in the future, or already running one, this book (chock full of timeless leadership principles combined with real-world examples are the hallmarks) is an absolute must-read for you.

About the Author - Marty Strong has an accomplished leadership career spanning four decades. He worked his way from enlisted SEAL Team member to the SEAL Officer corps, retiring with twenty years� service in that highly-decorated and esteemed military unit.

After retiring from service, Marty was a successful account vice president and investment advisor to high net worth individuals and institutions with the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

Today he is a CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, board director, and business investor. Marty is also a sought-after speaker and leadership consultant.

For many years Marty gleaned wisdom from the best and brightest writers and thought leaders in strategy, human systems design, human capital management, and leadership. As he began to mentor and coach his own executives and others outside his organization, Marty had difficulty locating guides, books, or coherent musings that were not solely focused on large corporations.

This frustration motivated Marty to write his first leadership book, Be Nimble - How the Navy SEAL Mindset Wins on the Battleground and in Business, which was released January 1, 2022.

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