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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing
By: Githa Ben-David - O-Books, $37.95

Description: The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing is a vocal surrendering to The Note from Heaven leads direct to a healing state of Oneness.

Verdict: The concept of The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing is The Note from Heaven - a condition of bliss, where time disappears and the voice seems to sing you, rather than you sing the voice.

The experience of surrendering to The Note from Heaven is overwhelming and leads the singer into a state of Oneness, where present, past and future merge together and energetic patterns and traumas can be transformed and profound healing happen.

Book I: The Note from Heaven - How to sing yourself into contact with Oneness.
Book II: Regressive Cell-Singing - How to sing yourself free of traumas and change emotional programming.
Book III: Sound Healing - How to sound-scan a fellow being with your voice, plus a Q&A with members from the White Brotherhood.

Not something that I was fully aware of, in and unto itself, Sound Therapy is a relatively new healing technique that employs the vibrations of the human voice to go beyond relaxation and foster healing.

Indeed, some sound therapists use external instruments, such as tuning forks or singing bowls, however, and as author Githa Ben-David reveals here in the extensive The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing, there is no tool more powerful for healing than the human voice.

In what is an overly, perhaps, yet still highly intriguing, and dutifully comprehensive new book - one hefty in tome as much as it is on subject matter, running at a mighty 306 pages - Ben-David brings forth her own path that we ourselves are also welcome to take to find the Note from Heaven.

That said, and inclusive of general medical advise throughout also, Ben-David is very quick to point out that the Note from Heaven is not itself the actual goal here.

No, it’s function is to free the voice, and through that to expand consciousness. It balances the body’s energy system, in preparation for conscious work with meditation and healing and for expressing yourself directly from the heart through song.

It develops your intuition, your ability to sense and trust, that what feels good deep inside is truly valid.

As we quickly learn, the benefits of this form of Sound Therapy allows you to work through any internal emotional issues by way of the observation of your inner self. This is all accomplished without having to consciously explain them, be someone else and without any pressure from the outside world.

There are thought processes occurring in your subconscious about which you may be unaware, and sound therapy helps you to learn about them. Connecting to these subconscious thoughts with sounds can be very freeing, as it’s often very hard to talk about certain life events or to even acknowledge them consciously.

After allowing yourself to live through your emotional issues, fears and limitations via your own sound, you are better able to accept them as part of who you are. As a result, you will feel relieved and reconnected to your true self.

Using your voice in such a powerful way helps you to make greater contributions to the world because you are no longer afraid of allowing your voice – yourself – to be heard.

An eye-opening, ear-opening, heart-opening, and soul-opening book, The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing is one every one should have on their coffee tables, so that once read, they can pass it along to others in need of finding their very own Note from Heaven.

About the Author - Githa Ben-David, born 23rd Nov, 1961, was educated in classical saxophone at the Royal Academy of Music (Copenhagen) and has studied classical north Indian singing, Regressional Therapy and Healing. She is founder of International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy, a professional singer, musician, composer and performer. The Author is known as a pioneer in vocal Sound scanning. She lives in Odder, Denmark.

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