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Book Reviews
God Inspired Life
By: Godfrey Kesari - Circle Books, $19.95

Description: This brand new book, God Inspired Life: Living Differently through the Six Challenges of Life, will help you live the life God intended you to live with clarity and confidence.

Verdict: Many live a self-inspired life. Many others live an others-inspired life. If we live a self-inspired or others-inspired life, we could underdo things.

It is equally possible that we overdo things and get burnt out. A God-inspired life is not only the best way to live, but it is also the only way to live as God intends us to live.

Life is a struggle. We can get confused about our purpose, passion and perception. There is so much distraction in this world. We can get muddled up. Life can become messy. Well, nothing can revitalize our life than a renewed vision - a vision to live for God in Christ.

Taking it from the acorn, so to speak, I think, by now, that God takes up residency in our hearts the moment we believe, but we do not at that moment instantaneously become a fully mature Christian, of course.

It takes time for the fruit that the Spirit brings to ripen and become visible in our lives. And we have to do our part along the way, of that be sure, and yes, some turn away for whatever reason they choose, but more stay on track; to build their belief, both internally and externally.

Here in God Inspired Life: Living Differently through the Six Challenges of Life by author, and Vicar of Holy Innocents Parish Church, Southwater, West Sussex, Godfrey Kesari, it is made clear that God wants us to be people of love and joy and peace. He wants to build endurance into our lives and instill in us compassion for those who need our help.

Furthermore, he wants to breathe into us the qualities of generosity, integrity, humility, and self-discipline. The disciples of Christ are “inspired” people. The word “inspire” literally means to have someone or something breathe into you … breathe hope into you when you have none or very little … breathe creativity into you … breathe thoughts and ideas into you.

Inspiration, then, if it is breathed into you, must come from something outside of yourself. We don’t breathe into ourselves. We don’t “inspire” ourselves. Inspiration comes from without … it has a source. We receive “inspiration” from other people, from books, from the ideas of others, from nature.

Ergo, our ultimate “inspiration” comes from God, who breathed into us the very breath of life itself. “… then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7).

What God breathed into us was not just air. He didn’t do CPR on a lump of clay and bring it to life. What He breathed into us was the breath of life … the divine spark of life … the indwelling Spirit of God. What He inspired us with … what He breathed into us … was the Holy Spirit itself.

And thus, with the help of this book and subsequently working through those aforementioned, and titular six challenges of life, you yourself should sooner, much rather than later, realign yourself with a quite wondrous God-inspired life. Amen

In short, if you feel you are not living the life you are meant to live, this book is for you, of that you have my solemn promise.

About the Author - Godfrey Kesari is the Vicar of Holy Innocents Parish Church, Southwater, West Sussex and the Interfaith Adviser for the diocese of Chichester. He lives in Horsham, UK.

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