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Book Reviews
Align: Living and Loving from the True Self
By: Harmony Kwiker - Mantra Books, $24.95

Description: The brand new book Align, is a book that will guide you back to yourself and into connection with others.

Verdict: There is a fundamental core within each of us where our true nature resides. Our learned patterns of relating to ourselves and the world cause us to get pulled off our center, coming out of alignment with our True Self.

While these conditioned patterns were at one time useful, continuing to live from them prevents us from experiencing the ease and beauty of our own true nature.

In this remarkable exploration of the human condition, author Harmony Kwiker provides a clear and comprehensive map to rediscovering how to live and love from the True Self, including how to come back to wholeness by accessing your subtle energy body, how to embody your alignment in all of your relationships and how to explore sexual intimacy in a sacred way.

Growing up in a dysfunctional household, I was told a long time ago that the five steps to self-love were: Prioritize self-care and nourish yourself; Forgive yourself for all of us make mistakes: in relationships, finances, personal decisions, et al; Set long-term goals; Stop comparing yourself to others and lastly, Surround yourself with positive people.

Now living in a world that is as disconnected as it has ever been, mentally and physically, due to Covid-19 and various, years long lockdownís and shut-inís and such, all of those traits are as pertinent today as they ever were to bring on board to help ease the human soul.

But just saying them, but not fully realizing them doesnít even begin to get you on the road to being at one with your True Self. I mean, itís one thing to invite transformation for the sake of growth, improvement, and new possibilities. Itís another thing to feel so dissatisfied with yourself that no amount of change could possibly convince you that youíre worthy and lovable.

But here is where Harmony Kwikerís new book Align: Living and Loving from the True Self comes into play and, once read, will most assuredly begin to reconnect you with all those around you (let alone yourself, of course).

She reminds us of all the universal themes that constantly surround us and unite us as individuals, all via her most personal of vignettes, coming across one minute as gentle listener, a compassionate guide even, as our own thoughts occasionally start to veer a little, and a spiritual, veritably spirited teacher, whose only want is for us to obtain more self-help along the way.

Filled with pages upon pages of guidance, thought-provoking analogies, conceptual beliefs along with transformative, yet still practical exercises, if you are looking to make any changes in your life, and already know that within is where to begin, Align: Living and Loving from the True Self is the only book for you.

About the Author - Harmony Kwiker, MA, is a psychotherapist, author, and speaker with a unique ability to connect with the essence of humanity. She is the founder of The Institute for Spiritual Alignment, where she trains therapists and coaches in Spiritual Alignment Technique. She lives in Longmont, Colorado.

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