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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
Silver Butterfly Wings
By: Wendy Willow - O Books, $29.95

Description: Silver Butterfly Wings is my story. It’s a story of transformation, of the many paths and decisions I faced while going through the process of grief. At first I was skeptical. How could my dearly departed be sending signs and messages from across the veil? Over time I learned to trust these signs, these gifts from Spirit.

There was a reason I was still here. I was meant to go on, to live my life with passion. I was to figure out who I was becoming in this totally different world and trust that life was taking me where I was meant to be.

In short, I was to transform - like a butterfly.

Verdict: Incorporating a certain amount of genuine, heartfelt, raw grief, as any book attempting to relate such a subject matter could only dare to mine, the topic of grief is definitely one who pages are open here for all to read and so, politely, I make you aware that going in, if not initially, but definitely as you traverse the saddened ground laid before you, some of what author Wendy Willow has outlined may become triggering for you.

But that, in an unto itself, shouldn’t be wholly unexpected, for this is a beautifully written, heartfelt and yes, at times, joyfully ascribed book that oh-so powerfully brings forth a most personal account of human loss, complete here with a transformation that veritably sweeps the pages onward for you, showcasing that from the cruel reality of death can come a pure, unadulterated strength of love, hope, devotion, all brought forth by what the heart and soul perceive as signs and messages of life from the after-life.

Whether these signs and messages are justly or unjustly received, for that is all down to the individual, of course, this book is not only dedicated to all those people who have lost someone, but to those lost in the sea of a mental fog with regard what they actually believe; nay, what they have not believed in before but agonizingly wish to start to unfurl now.

As aforementioned, this book stems from the author losing her own husband and how she initially dealt with daily grief until different signs and messages started to begin to give her hope that there is life after death; even though true love never dies, of course.

Running at a solid 400 pages, Silver Butterfly Wings is one of those books that you inquiringly pick up at the store, glance through, but still decide to start from the beginning and then, out of nowhere, you are four hours in, have unknowingly cried way more than you knew, but have now also mentally opened up a hopeful shaft of light within you that an after-life connection with your own departed loved one could also now be searched for. For this book is just that good.

About the Author - Wendy has always believed in magic. Oh to pull a rabbit out of a hat! To wave a magic wand and transform a gloomy day into bright sunshine, a twig into a luscious strawberry plant, a murky puddle of water into the ocean! What fun that would be!

Palm reading beckoned, drawing her in with its intuitive aspect, it’s bang-on accuracy as she learned to interpret lines while feeling each person’s unique energy in their hands. Numerology soon followed as the vibration of numbers in one’s date of birth pulls at the subconscious, offering a key to the eternal question of Why are we here?

Writing began naturally as well; first as an outlet for feelings and emotions, but soon blossomed into a passion. Her articles appeared in Everchanging Magazine, The Journal of Alternative Therapies and various on-line blogs, publications and newsletters.

Reading Between The Lines is her first published book. As grandmother of 11 children, I think I can call myself an Elder at this point and hopefully share some wisdom with all of you!

Wendy lives in Tulsa, OK, where her second book Silver Butterfly Wings is getting ready to fly!

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