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Book Reviews
The Way of Reiki: Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui
By: Frans Stiene - O Books, $19.95

Description: The Way of Reiki guides us on the path to becoming a better human being, softening our anger and worry so that we can live in a world of compassion and kindness.

It is a must read for any Reiki practitioner or teacher who wants to bring more love into their practice, teachings and the world.

Verdict: Taking it back to its origin, Buddhist monk Mikao Usui introduced the energy-healing therapy of Reiki in 1920 in Japan before it came to the United States in the 1940s, and then Europe in the 1980s.

The aim of the practice? To provide for improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being via meditation, mindfulness, hands-on healing, attunements, and the use of symbols and mantras.

Thus The Way of Reiki: The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui by Frans Stiene is a near 200 page text that explains clearly how the new discoverer of Reiki will be taught this universal healing art.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a comprehensive Reiki text, but moreover a way that, and when we truly need it, the universe will always bring us opportunities to grow, to evolve, and to become our individual highest potential.

And therein lies the beauty of Reikiís highest potential, as a whole, for the energy healing with it - which many of us experience on a daily basis, such as from a parentís kiss, a friendís embrace, or even sitting alone in nature feeling at one with the trees, et al. - enables us to heal using it as a tool (a method to be practiced, moreover) and which can effectively cleanse energy blocks which cause dis-ease and imbalance within our physical, mental, emotional and energy/spiritual bodies.

There are actually only two parts to this book, all be they uniformed into 16 chapters, those two being Preparation and Practicing, with the 16 chapters within encompassing such learned studies as Reiki, in and unto itself, how it can improve the mind and body, some helpful practice tips, Shoden Reiki I (which includes hands on/off healing of both yourself and others), and both Okuden Reiki II, Shinpiden Reiki III, and, to culminate, a history of Reiki.

Having now read it twice through, I can honestly say that all be they many books out there on the very same subject, newly published and/or aged throughout time, what Steine captures here is the pure spirit, the wisp-like essence of Reiki, in an much as he has masterly synthesized - with clarity and simplicity - the system of Reiki as a path of self-cultivation toward self-realization.

On a personal note, and as a polite outreach, I would hope we all know by now, and as a form of journalistic side bar, while Reiki is not meant to replace scientifically backed strategies prescribed by medical professionals, it can most definitely be called upon to complement other healing practices.

Thus, in closing, and as with any tool for transformation, the growth happens in consistently showing up for the practice and so we highly recommend you visit this book (regularly) to learn more about Reiki and its possible benefits for your very own (let alone all the help it can provide, through you, to others around you) mind, body and soul.

About the Author - Bestselling author Frans Stiene has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. His practical understanding of the Japanese influences on the system has allowed students around the world to connect deeply with this practice. He lives in Haarlem, Netherlands.

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