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Book Reviews
Wisdom from the Spirit World
By: Carole J. Obley - 6th Books, $18.95

Description: In Wisdom from the Spirit World: Life Teachings on Love, Forgiveness, Purpose and Finding Peace, professional psychic medium Carole J. Obley shares teachings about these topics and others from her case files of thousands of sessions.

Verdict: In this quite breathtakingly organic new book we also get to read the stories of a mother who is confronted with forgiving her sonís death from opioid addiction, a father whose gay estranged daughter in spirit implores him to open his heart, and a deceased husbandís loving reassurance of continued commitment to his grieving wife.

You will also get to explore, enhance and expand your consciousness through the exercises in the bookís final section, which features tips to raise the vibration of your thoughts, mindful meditations to instill peace and resources to fortify and expand your spiritual awareness.

Written with compassion, simplicity and honesty, this book is a compelling testament to the fortitude and brilliance of our own soul, of that have no doubt.

In short, if you are a fan of the spirit world, then Wisdom from the Spirit World is for you, but if you are not, but are in the phase of looking for proof, Wisdom is going to help you on your journey, please believe that.

For the readings that Carole has done over the course of her life are wonderful and inspiring examples of proof of loved ones on the other side.

And for your own spiritual understanding, Carole shares how important it is to nurture your own spirit, as that is all you can take with you to the other side.

She also exudes strong compassion for all life and is especially passionate towards animals. She clearly explains the afterlife and provides documentation that it exists. We have the choice to believe or not. Her book is an enlightening and encouraging read for those who grieve deeply over the loss of loved ones, be it human or pets.

I think anyone with even the slightest curiosity for what Carole is advocating will enjoy this book as it explores the lasting bonds of love, the power of forgiveness, and a way of living that will allow you to leave a spiritual legacy.

In closing, Wisdom from the Spirit World gives fantastic explanations of the afterlife, and how to look for signs as well as what to do and not to do to as far as you moving through your grief. It goes on to explain that any act of holding on to anger, bitterness and regret keeps departed loved ones from moving on as well; something I personally was not aware of.

As I read I was sincerely calmed and could almost hear her voice and loving tone bringing peace to those in sorrow. She brings so much comfort to those grieving by contacting their loved ones and letting them know that life and love and their personality does not end with the illusion of death, but their consciousness continues through spirit.

About the Author - Carole J. Obley is the author of Embracing the Ties That Bind, Iím Still with You and Soul to Soul Connections. She has communicated with souls who have crossed into the spirit world through thousands of private and group sessions.

She has earned a reputation in her geographical area as the real deal among psychic mediums. She travels nationally to speak and teach workshops as well as maintaining a practice in mediumship based near Pittsburgh, PA.

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