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Book Reviews
The Hero of Our Story
By: Edward Faust - Mantra Books, $14.95

Description: When we know who we truly are, rather than who we take ourselves to be, we will realize that we are indeed the hero of our story and that we need not look to others or the world to find our heartís desire.

The Hero of Our Story is intended to be a simple and accessible entry point for those interested in Ramana and the teachings of Vedanta -- one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy.

A commentary on Ramanaís Sat Darshanam, each of the 42 verses from the text is presented and followed by commentary and discussion by the author.

Verdict: In all truth, I knew not one jot about Ramanaís Sat Darshanam and thus, I was immediately intrigued about something unknown to me soon becoming known, and so sat down in my back yard with it, opened it up, and before nightfall I had read the entire book!

For those also not in the immediate know, and to give you a much more rounded picture, Ramanaís Sat Darshanam is a most sacred work and is full of the most profound revelations of Self-Knowledge.

An essential text for all interested in Nonduality and the Maharshiís teachings (The Truth is silent. He is silent. He is the Silence. A name was given to him: Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi), Saddarsanam consists of verses selected from among over eighty verses. This larger body of verses consists of both verses composed by the Maharshi and verses derived from other texts that were translated into Tamil from their Sanskrit originals.

The verses selected for the text of Ulladu Narpadu (Saddarsanam) were composed by the Maharshi. Those verses not selected for Ulladu Narpadu (The Forty on What Is) were compiled into the Anubandham, or Supplement. Now, as much as I could go on, go deeper, go wider, and yes, of course, go higher, I will revert my gaze (and thoughts therein) back to Edwin Faustís book and I have to say that from start to finish it was simply captivating.

The author really knows his stuff, his 42 chapters (well, 41 actually, as 41 and 42 are combined) all bite size, never over bearing, always plied with enough truth, love, light and optimism that you simply cannot put this book down and not feel like your feelings on oh-so many earthly subjects have all remained the same.

About the Author - Edwin Faust is a retired journalist, spiritual writer and lifelong seeker who shares the fruit of his study and earnest inquiry into the nature of the Self with all who have a similar yearning to know and live the truth. He lives in Jasper, Georgia.

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