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Book Reviews
WhatsApps from Heaven
By: Louise Hamlin - O-Books, $12.95

Description: This is a book about bereavement and also about the many extraordinary happenings and signs from the afterlife that then followed.

Author Louise Hamlin talks about her personal experience of grief, in all its facets, and in a way that will resonate with readers who are bereaved.

Verdict: Louise Hamlin also details, in careful and precise language, the succession of signs that she received, apparently from her husband after his death.

She describes how to start with she was very skeptical and looked for all sorts of other explanations, but eventually, she came to accept that the signs, including WhatsApps and dematerializations, must have come from her husband’s spirit in the afterlife.

She further explains how these signs have completely changed her understanding of life and death and that it has now become a moving love story to her; a continuance of what they physically had that has become something completely different.

Running at just 86 pages long, WhatsApps from Heaven: Bereavement in the Twenty-first Century is a truly fascinating book that can quite easily be read in the one sitting, and fully deserves to be so.

As Louise herself relates, “Slowly, very slowly, the grief became shot through with threads of joy because, against all expectation, I started to receive signs and messages from my deceased husband; signs which built to become totally irrefutable in my eyes.”

“I say against all expectation, because I have no religious faith, and had no fixed belief in an afterlife. Patrick and I spoke about dying, because either there was nothing at all, and that was nothing to fear, or, if there were something, he felt that he had led a good enough life for it to be all right with him.” “This was typical of the man - he was stoic in the extreme.”

“Everything I write here - however extraordinary it may seem - is true; the only things I have done is to change names, to protect people’s privacy.”

“I hope that my story gives you hope and reassurance.”

In closing, and as is the hope of Louise herself, this book should indeed bring comfort to the bereaved, and will encourage those left behind to recognize signs that are sent to them by their loved ones.

About the Author - Louise was a solicitor and then a law fellow and lecturer at Cambridge University. In 2006, she moved down to Dorset to start a new life, but suddenly and unexpectedly her husband died.

In her immense grief, she started to recognize signs that her husband was sending her that could only have come from him. She now lives in Beaminster, Dorset with her spaniel.

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