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Book Reviews
Dynamic Interactive Astrology: Level One
By: Lyn Birkbeck - O-Books, $22.95

Description: Dynamic Interactive Astrology uses a comprehensive and sophisticated set of keywords, and subsequent key phrases created by the user, that provide immediate access to the meanings in one’s birth chart of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects - the stuff of astrology.

Verdict: Specific questions that are addressed to the key phrases that the reader/seeker has created initiate a process of dynamic interaction and are based on the idea that the reader/seeker already has the answers to these questions inside them.

This idea is akin to the basic psycho therapeutic premise that the practitioner never tells their client what they are like or what to do, but asks questions that elicit the client’s innate self-awareness. This is known as clean psychology as it avoids the practitioner’s own personal agenda getting in the way.

Having utilized these two methods the user can then apply them, safely, to other individuals and their birth charts.

In this quite wondrous new book, Dynamic Interactive Astrology: Level One - The Planets in Signs and Houses, simply put, author Lyn Birkbeck makes the study of astrology not only easy to understand, to take in, but highly accessible to those wishing to know more, to dive in a little deeper, shall we say.

If you will give me a moment to explain the bigger picture for a second, if you’ve ever looked up your birth chart, you’ve likely been met with the image of a zodiac wheel divided into twelve sections. Because all the glyphs and aspect lines are confusing, you probably just scrolled down to a list version of your placements.

But the zodiac wheel is the actual birth chart. It’s where you find all the juiciest information. Those 12 sections of the chart are the 12 astrological houses, each representing different topics in your life.

Houses are determined based on the exact time and location of your birth. In modern times, house systems were developed to divide the zodiac from east to west on the horizon line, symbolically depicting the sun’s journey through the sky each day.

Your rising sign is always found on the left-hand side of the zodiac wheel. It represents the eastern horizon, or quite literally where the sun rises each morning.

No matter what house system you’re using, the rising sign always falls in the first house (or, the house of the self). The houses are then identified moving counterclockwise on the wheel from the second house all the way to the twelfth house.

It might be helpful to think of a birth chart like a tarot spread. The houses—like the position of the cards—provide the form. The time of your birth—and therefore which planets and signs fall within each house—provides the content. The houses ground the planets and signs into a lived experience, allowing for interpretation.

And so throughout Dynamic Interactive Astrology: Level One - The Planets in Signs and Houses, Lyn equips the reader with the simplistic knowledge that even a novice can examine a chart, garner the correct knowledge, and then even allow themselves to unlock a whole new universe of insights and understandings about them, their families, their friends, that they could have never dreamt possible.

About the Author - Lyn Birkbeck began his working life as a musician and record producer and has now been a widely-consulted astrologer for over 20 years. He is the best-selling author of Do It Yourself Astrology, The Astrological Oracle, The Instant Astrologer, and Astro-Wisdom, and lives in the Lake District, England.

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