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Book Reviews
Pagan Portals - Magic for Hedge Witches
By: Harmonia Saille - Moon Books, $10.95

Description: If you are a witch interested in folk magic with a connection to the natural world, you will find suggestions on how to source ingredients and connect with them, sourcing old spells, witch bottles, magical sachets, familiars, how to put a spell together, and for hedge witches, how to use magic in hedge riding.

With useful correspondences, and sprinkled throughout and practical exercises and spells, Magic for Hedge Witches offers something for every witch to help you on your journey.

Verdict: So, I hear you asking, What exactly is a Hedge Witch? Well, there are a lot of different belief systems in modern Paganism, and one that is seeing a resurgence in popularity is the path of the hedge witch.

Although there are a lot of different definitions of what a hedge witch is and does, you will find that for the most part, there is a lot of work with herbal magic, as well as an emphasis on nature.

Indeed, a hedge witch might work with gods or goddesses, perform healing and shamanic actions, or perhaps work with the changing seasons. In other words, the path of the hedge witch is as eclectic as those who practice it.

Here in Harmonia Saille’s immaculately written Pagan Portals - Magic for Hedge Witches: Sourcing Ingredients, Connection, Spell Building, she not only teaches the magical side of the Hedge Witch’s Craft, but moreover brings with it a history lesson that, when all put together, becomes a quite wonderful, and wholly encapsulating resource for any witch (new or old) to embody (although, in truth, it’s prose tends to be more for the experienced practitioner).

Broken into many sections, such as The Rudiments of Hedge Magic, On Sourcing Old Spells, Other Magical Ingredients Found in Nature, Runes, Candle and Color Magic, and amongst others both Magic Bottles and Charm Sachets and Magic Bunches, and inclusive of inner chapters such as Putting a Spell Together, Connecting with Trees, How to Use Runes in a Spell, various Spell examples, A Quick Guide to Animal Symbolism, and amongst others both Ritual Preparation and Hedge Riding Incense, the blending of traditional practices and those from folklore with more modern day beliefs and rituals, makes for a most wonderful sowing of magical seeds throughout the book for the reader to find.

About the Author - Harmonia Saille is a Hedge Witch of more than two decades. She holds workshops on spirituality, divination and other subjects both locally and at international spiritual events. She is the author of The Spiritual Runes, and Pagan Portals - Hedge Witchcraft and Hedge Riding. She lives near the River Severn at the edge of the Cotswolds, UK.

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