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Book Reviews
Pantheon - The Norse
By: Morgan Daimler - Moon Books, $13.95

Description: Pantheon - The Norse explores the beliefs and practices found within Heathenry including a look at cosmology and various celebrations.

It also discusses the gods and spirits that are acknowledged within the belief system giving brief descriptions of each and how they were and are understood.

Designed as an introduction to the Norse pantheon, this book will guide beginners into a basic understanding of the beliefs and offer further suggested resources for those who want to dive deeper.

Verdict: For me, and going in cold to the whole subject matter, so to speak, I found this book to be excellent, highly insightful and wholeheartedly genuine with regard the way it made its points, revealed its beliefs and yet at no point tried to rope you into something that you yourself might find not to your eventual liking.

Fundamentally, the book will get you nicely on the path of learning about Norse gods, rituals and ceremonies. Add to that you will also become aware of the various cultures within and how each concept of God is how they actually live their lives according to those beliefs.

I mean, at its core it is a book about Heathenry, so the learning curve will obviously be steep for all newcomers, but once you begin to delve into the pages written by Morgan Daimler, you will quickly see that modern Heathen communities are all around us.

But all that said, Pantheon - The Norse is much more than a simple list of Gods and Goddesses and who worships them and why. No, for it is a well researched, vividly captivating and precisely worded books that embraces its subject matter from A-Z.

In Part One, the first chapter explains the History of Heathenry, the second the Mythology, the third the Cosmology, the fourth the various Rituals, the fifth the varying Celebrations & Prayers, the sixth Norse Magic and the seventh explains how you may have perceived the information provided thus far and that no matter what you choose to do, it was solely provided to serve as a basis for understanding Heathenry and potentially applying that understanding to one’s own spirituality.

Part Two of the book only has two chapters, the first being a rather comprehensive deep dive into Gods & Goddesses and the second being Other Spirits; and which explains that often there is a fine line between the Gods and some of these other spirits.

About the Author - Morgan Daimler is a blogger, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects, witch, and priestess of the Daoine Maithe. Morgan is a prolific pagan writer, having published more than a dozen books under Moon Books alone, and she is one of the world’s foremost experts on all things Fairy. She lives in CT.

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