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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
By: Alessandra Sagredo - O-Books, $18.95

Description: Women everywhere are exploring their spirituality and having exciting, unfettered, euphoric experiences.

Soulphoria is a mystical state of bliss that requires you to open the channels of your mind, body, and soul. Each forms a bridge for the energy of your spirit to fly forth like a phoenix and burn brightly in the present moment.

It’s a heat that sears through you yet doesn’t burn, and instead fuels your love of life.

Verdict: OK, so let us take this from the top: What is Soulphoria? Well, imagine an orgasm, the blood pumping, the sensations heightened, the explosion, where you feel as if you are holding Heaven itself within your grasp. Now this feeling threefold - a fire roaring throughout your entire system, until it burns forth and leaves a beautiful spiraling mark on the world around you.

This is Soulphoria! A sensation that brings forth exhilaration, vivaciousness, and fulfillment. Simply out, the feeling of perfection in the now.

As for this quite wondrous, easy to read, never clunky, and always tightly observant and yet freely fluid with its pertaining-to-you (on some level) bouts of provocative and practical outreaches to spirituality, Soulphoria sets out to allow those reading to be able to embrace their incredible innate gifts; no matter what level of spirituality they possess.

Within Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality, author Alessandra Sagredo details how Religion, Karma and Sin are formulated within us from an early age, where many of us have had to adapt our actions to moreover fit the families we were born into.

The book also explains how to deal with all life’s changes as we progress, provides a calming stress and grounding guide into gratitude, how to weed your inner garden, find the power within yourself to combat any given situation that arise, and most importantly it remind you, forcibly encourages you to always, no matter what, love yourself.

About the Author [by the Author!] - I have been in love with all things mystic since I was a little girl. Although as a child you would often find me tea-partying with entities, the actual tidal waves of past life recollections began in my 30s and have continued to surprise me to the present day.

The cosmos have brushed up against me, teasing me into listening. Flaunting its knowledge like a seductress filled with wisdom. Knowing. Guidance.

My life has been blessed with numerous beautiful events. And of course many challenges as well, in every key area of life (from bankruptcy, divorce, to overcoming brain cancer).

Each of these teaching me the valuable lessons that just because you are tapped in and spiritual doesn’t mean you are protected from bad things (or else you wouldn’t be living the life you were meant to.)

Bad things can – and do – happen to good people, and one of my goals for your Soulgasms experience is to help to make you stronger when facing life’s challenges.

My formal experience and training include Shamanic studies from teachers such as Sandra Ingerman and Christina Pratt, Qi Gong, with Master Mingtong Gu and Dr. Janke, Counselling Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Touch.

2010 – 2020, saw myself and my husband living in 7 different countries, and being able to explore life from various perspectives, savoring the unique cultures, food, and spiritual beliefs of each area.

I’ve been a entrepreneur (owning a wellness center in downtown Vancouver) a business executive (filling multiple global CMO roles) and spiritual guide (helping people discover a Soulgasmic life!).

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