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Book Reviews
A Monster Handbook: A Toolkit of Strategies, et al
By: Marneta Viegas - Our Street Books, $21.95

Description: Relax Kids: A Monster Handbook - A Toolkit of Strategies and Exercise to Help Children Manage BIG Feelings helps children manage their monsters of anxiety and worry, deal with the dragons of anger and stress, and make friends with their gremlins of grief and sadness.

Verdict: First off, what an incredibly expansive, thought-provoking, colorfully inventive and wholly creative genius of a book this truly is!

My daughter has three (3) rugrats and each one has their own special (medical) disposition and thus can be a real rodeo of characters at any given juncture of the day, trust me!

So, and as we all know, being a parent can be tough, but it is also just as tough (if not more so) on the children, who have (and showcase) these medical disposition characteristics (all bundled up within blankets of uncertainty and stressful worry) and yet do not know what to rightly do with such constant, and growing emotions and such.

Hence, author Marneta Viegas has culled together a book that not only seemingly covers all aspects of the emotional dragons in our human lives, but has put together a sturdy-sized, and oh-so colorful book (a manual, if you wish) that helps parents of all ages not only better explain why certain outbursts have come to be but also how both parties can subsequently learn from it and quench it for the future.

Trust me when I say that no matter how big, how cavernous your child’s feelings are, here in Relax Kids: A Monster Handbook: A Toolkit of Strategies and Exercise to Help Children Manage BIG Feelings, Marneta’s prose (along with considerably articulate illustrations from Nicola Wyldbore-Smith and Sarah Adams, with overall design by Amber Sutton) is a MUST-HAVE for all parents that have children showing signs of, or are currently going through worrying growths of messy and confusing emotions ie: being human.

Admittedly originally written as part of her University Degree (Writing for Theatre and TV) project, Marneta has since written a Monster Theatre in Education show - The Monster Experiment (which she hopes to get performed in schools to help pupils name and tame their very own personal, and yet widely shared monsters).

About the Author - Marneta Viegas is founder of Relax Kids Ltd - the UK’s leading expert on children’s relaxation. She is author of 10 books and has produced a range of relaxation CDs and has appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den.

Marneta has over 40 years’ experience in meditation and relaxation and runs a training program where she has trained over 5,000 franchisees in her unique award-winning method of relaxation. She lives in Oxford, UK, with her dog Ronnie Barker.

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