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Book Reviews
Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age
By: Jason Gregory - O-Books, $18.95

Description: Jason Gregory reveals the psychological and spiritual damage digital technology and social media are having on the human mind, and gifts you a digital free lifestyle to reclaim your health and sanity for a better world.

Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age demonstrates that even though we are more connected than ever before, we are subtly going insane and also diminishing our health.

Even though we are more connected; the constant conflict in the digital world proves that we are more divided than ever. Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age is an antidote to the digital problem.

Verdict: In the genuinely thought-provoking Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age: How to Remain Healthy and Sane in a World Gone Mad, author Jason Gregory (a man who has lived in Asia studying the spiritual traditional and meditative practices of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism; so he must know a thing or two about calming the mind, body and soul), offers up the viewpoint that, albeit one I think we of a certain age are almost certainly starkly aware of, that electronics are the foremost contribution to our diminishing mental and physical health.

But, and as is pondered here by Gregory, if you ask a global demographic about whether or not digital technology is good or bad (overall) for the psychological and spiritual growth within us, it is most likely you would receive a substantial agreement that the positives of digital life will continue to outweigh the negatives.

However, as in all great technological revolutions, digital life has and will continue to have a dark side, as is also very much subscribed to here, of course.

But, and in what is a veritable page turner, Gregory also purports that roughly a third of those who use digital media in any small to large way on a daily basis, predicts that harms to well-being will most definitely outweigh the positives in the next decade.

In addition, even among those who say they are hopeful that digital life will be more helpful than harmful and among those who say there will not be much change, there are also those who also express deep concerns about people’s well-being in the future.

And therein lies the rub, my friends, for as Gregory admirably, diligently plays Devil’s Advocate for both sides of the argument, the massive and undeniable benefits of digital life – access to knowledge and culture – have already been mostly realized.

The side effect to that, however, is the harms have begun to come into view also, and perhaps more so in just over the past few years, and the trend line is moving consistently in a negative direction.

About the Author - Jason Gregory is an author and philosopher specializing in Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, cognitive science, metaphysics, and ancient cultures.

For many years he has studied the spiritual traditions and meditative practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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