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Book Reviews
God, the Devil and Me
By: Valerie Georgeson - O-Books, $34.95

Description: A chronicle of lived experience, this astonishing book is a biographical exposé, its ultimate theme the great battle of the last days, the final war between God and the Devil.

Drawing on her journals, Valerie tells how, at the height of a successful career as writer and actress, she suddenly disappeared. An innocent seeker of God, unaware of the pitfalls, or the unrelenting opposition of the devil, Valerie had strayed into an Indian sect where its female guru, learning of her vocation to ‘write a book for God’, feared her as a potential whistleblower.

Vowing to stop Valerie writing, she attacks her with magic and occult powers. Now, the writing of the book itself becomes the battlefield. Converted to Catholicism and escaped to France, Valerie is helped by an exorcist.

And God, giving her the added vocation to pray for souls lost in sects, comes to her in the Eucharist, fighting alongside, granting moments lifted into bliss and finally breaking the bondage.

Thirty years on, the past erased, experience with Valerie the inside story.

Verdict: In what is surely one of the most fully encompassing chronicles ever put to paper, God, the Devil and Me: The Chronicles of a Seeker of God from Valerie Georgeson is, and without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most compelling, and astutely created books within its gerne/field that I have ever had the pleasure to dive wholly into.

As we know, in Revelation 12–16, John described in some detail the war that Satan wages against God and His faithful Saints, which began in the premortal world and continues in mortality. In spite of the fearful events described in these chapters, there are great reasons to hope and rejoice.

John the Revelator assured his readers that although Satan makes war with the Saints of God, they can be victorious. We can overcome Satan by relying on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, living so that our names are written in the Lamb’s book of life, and keeping the covenants we make with God. As we are faithful in these ways, we will also receive protection from the plagues to be poured out upon the earth.

We also learn in these chapters that God restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth in order to help His children withstand and overcome these tribulations in the last days.

Comprised of four chapters - Part One: The Fall, Part Two: Rescue, Part Three: Redemption and Vocation and Part Four: The Combat - the source material for God, the Devil and Me consists of diaries kept over a period of more than twenty years.

The intimate journal of a soul searching for answers, we are informed from the off that nothing contained in this 547 page-turner has been invented by the author, for these are not the fabulations of an overactive imagination, but the honest-to-God, hand-written truths of a lost soul through time.

And thus with Georgeson herself vouching for the overall authenticity of all the experiences described, she brings forth an exposé into the baring of one’s soul; in an effort, not wholly, but encouragingly, to release the seekers who have also been trapped in such closed worlds as those that are described within.

Having now read and finished this book myself, in rather a binge-reading manner over four days back-to-back, it is obvious to me that the author has a great affiliation to the centralized character, and that in bringing forth all that is within the book can help stabilize en masse of teetering members of the human race.

Indeed, the great lesson, you might say, from the book is that empathy is essential for spiritual evolution and that no spiritual leader has any right to impose behavior on a disciple in the sole name of progress. For such authority is always unfounded, manipulative and illegitimate.

About the Author - Valerie Georgeson was born in South Shields in the north east of England in 1945. After taking a degree in Drama & Theatre Arts, and English Lit at Birmingham University, she became an actress and later a novelist.

She has in the course of her career been a member of British Actor’s Equity, the Samaritans, the International Dance Teachers Association, The Writers’ Guild, BAFTA, the Society of Authors and the British Association of Iconographers. She now lives in France with her husband, a European Geordie expat.

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