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Book Reviews
Flowering Into Awareness
By: Pathik Strand - O-Books, $18.95

Description: Flowering into Awareness is a collection of passionate and inspiring essays on the nature of reality, as seen from the perspective of the unity of all life.

It explains the non-dual vision of life in a clear and straightforward way, and also puts that understanding into the context of lifeís numerous challenges and the problematic state of the world.

Verdict: In an urgent and heartfelt manner, this book outlines the root causes of humanityís challenges, and also explains what it will take to evolve from our present state of ignorance and conflict into realizing the full flowering of our highest potential.

Here in Flowering Into Awareness: A Spiritual Manifesto for the 21st Century by the highly alert, always aware, always growing, always expanding Pathik Strand, he explores - whilst taking us by the metaphorical hand and guiding us along with him - how our real human nature, found within our consciousness, is (at its most explicit of reaches) beyond time and space.

Furthermore, Pathik demonstrates throughout the book how the current materialistic paradigm - that we are all separate entities living in a world that exists independently of consciousness - is the root of our personal (and collective) suffering and that life, as we know it, isnít happening by chance.

Exploring how nature will always run its course as a perfect expression of life itself, and that opposing the flow of life is undeniably pointless, Pathik also delves into the turmoil of the world and how our own self-created insanities - that live and breathe within our real nature - can be our destructive downfall; whilst also showing us that only by coming to self-knowledge of our real nature, a transformation is actually possible and thus a new world can emerge.

Peace on Earth will never come about through political maneuvering, but by the deep and authentic knowing that your true nature is universal consciousness, in which everything arises, exists and disappears.

Flowering into Awareness is the perfect companion for everybody who is passionate about freedom, and for anyone who is dedicated to the magnificent exploration of ever-expanding spiritual transformation.

Simply put, if you are ready and willing to question all answers, this book is for you.

About the Author - Pathik Strand was born in Norway in 1957, and has lived in the UK since 1998. He has dedicated his life to exploring the most fundamental questions of existence, particularly the inquiry into the true nature of our essential identity.

He enjoys meditation, yoga, art and music, and loves walking and spending time in nature. His previous book All This Is That, expressed the non-dual understanding in the form of literary non-fiction.

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