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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
Earth Spirit: Saving Mother Ocean
By: Steve Andrews – Moon Books, $10.95

Description: We’ve all seen the news of dead and dying whales, and the alarming amounts of plastic pollution washing up on beaches or floating on the tides. The oceans are in very great danger for many reasons, and it is not just plastic waste, which is bad enough.

Overfishing, acidification, coral bleaching, nuclear waste, seabed mining, military testing, and climate change, are taking a very heavy toll on marine creatures of all types, from tiny plankton to the massive whales. The eponymous Dead Zones are aptly named.

Many marine creatures are in danger of extinction. Life on this planet depends on healthy oceans. We depend on healthy oceans. This book takes a look at the threats to marine life, and what is being done to save the seas.

Verdict: Simply put, everything noted above and within the book itself is all a massive call to action to save Mother Ocean.

We humans have been squeezing life out of the sea for many years now, let alone the fact that increased CO₂ levels in the atmosphere have made the ocean more acidic, threatening food chains.

Warming waters are not only killing sea life they are also changing currents and affecting global weather patterns. Meanwhile we dump 8 million tons of waste into the ocean a year, in addition to agricultural and industrial runoff that poisons coastal areas.

Indeed, at the rate we are harvesting fish, by 2050 there will likely be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

Here in Earth Spirit: Saving Mother Ocean, the author Steve Andrews explains how he became personally motivated to do what he could.

As a singer and songwriter he wrote songs and came up with the idea for Ocean Aid concerts. Now he has written the book you are holding. He hopes to inspire you to think about what you can do and trust me when I say that we all need to help save the seas.

Andrews dives in (all pun intended, sorry) to the problem we have brought upon ourselves as humans by exploring all angles, detailing the threats cast with ease forward, whilst admitting that our own fate as the human race depends on the seas and so forth.

For a revitalized ocean would not only feed a growing population but could also strengthen our fight against climate change. Coastal habitats such as mangroves and salt marshes are extraordinary carbon sinks, sequestering as much CO₂ per acre as 16 acres of pristine Amazonian rain forest.

New developments in offshore wind-farm technology can provide an inexhaustible supply of green energy, while mineral deposits on the seafloor, if mined sustainably, offer the raw ingredients for the batteries to store it.

In conclusion, Andrews continues on his painstakingly revealing journey here trying to always focus our attention on the (for the most part) man-made problems we have growing every day with this regard, and how we can help reduce the amount of plastic pollution to slowly make a difference for generations to come.

About the Author - Steve Andrews is a man of many talents. He is a writer, a journalist, a singer-songwriter, a poet and a naturalist who has contributed to many publications including Kindred Spirit magazine. He is also known as the Bard of Ely and Green Bard. Born in Cardiff, Wales, Steve now lives in Sesimbra, Portugal.

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