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Book Reviews
Earth Spirit: Healthy Planet
By: Fred Hageneder Ė Moon Books, $24.95

Description: Healthy Planet offers a clear and concise overview of the global ecological crisis that humanity has brought upon itself, and what options we still have to save a benevolent climate, to restore biodiversity, reduce pollution, and heal the ecosphere of this planet, including ourselves.

Verdict: Since well before the Covid-19 crisis the United Nations have been emphasizing that only a healthy planet can support healthy people. The degradation and pollution of nature also poisons our own bodies.

Climate breakdown and the global loss of biodiversity also threaten the human species. But what is a healthy planet? How does it work, how much do we disrupt the planetís life support systems, and what changes are overdue?

Within Earth Spirit: Healthy Planet: Global meltdown or global healing by Fred Hageneder, we quickly learn that we have all the necessary means at our disposal, though just patching up the worst symptoms wonít do anymore, we have to address the underlying causes, including our habits, values, and paradigms.

Ergo, we are at a crucial crossroads, and time is running short. If we act fast enough, a dignified and truly sustainable healthy future awaits.

At its core, a slap-in-the-face wake up call about Climate Change, and yet one that ably showcases a diligent balance between the science and non-scientific facts that always reside within such conversations, Earth Spirit: Healthy Planet is not only a wonderful resource for scientists and (people of that ilk) but a rather tremendous one for average joeís; people that are curious, but donít have a scientific bone in their body.

Far from a Doomsday scarefest, Hageneder brings us the information in bite size formats, always allowing us to take in (and subsequently digest) as much as we ourselves wish to.

Ok, sure, some of it doesnít sound like it could ever possibly happen, thus leaning toward a more wary point of view (should we decide to let sleeping bogs lie), but for the most part there is an unerring accuracy to his proclamations; so much so that, perhaps, the most hardened of pessimists to the subject might start to second guess their own adamantly engrained thoughts.

A book for everyone on the planet to take on board and allow Hagenederís words to filter through, in my humble opinion this is a book chock full of realistic analysis and one we should all pay attention to: sooner rather than later, of course!

About the Author - Fred Hageneder is a leading author in the ethnobotany of trees, a founding member of the Ancient Yew Group (AYG) in the UK, and a member of the Ecocentric Alliance, a global advocacy network for ecocentrism and deep green ethics. He lives in Llandeilo, Wales.

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