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Book Reviews
The Gallic Cooking-Pot
By: Marie-José Astre-Démoulin – JHP Business Books, $14.95)

Description: Have you ever imagined that fabulous qualities could be hidden behind the moody exterior of the French? No? Then you have not discovered their full beauty.

It will be revealed to you in this highly entertaining yet informative book. The author, a French national, gives you the vital tools and tips on how to interact with her compatriots, should some situations turn a little ... tense - as they well might!

Verdict: They say that the only risk of putting this book into play is that, after reading it, you will not only appreciate culture, food, wines, and landscapes of France, but you will never again mutter shame about the French. Instead, you will be proclaiming: Vive la Différence!

In this short, just 119 page book, Marie-José explains – briefly sometimes, but yet more indulgently at others - why the world cannot get along with the French! Their reasoning simply equivalates to, as she puts it herself, Just as too much of any ingredient will spoil the taste of a dish, any personality trait used to excess might well spoil a relationship.

In what is obviously a heartfelt, and personal book for the author, they break down the French traits into four parts: 1) The spirit of the French revolution. 2) The age of enlightenment. 3) The logic of Descartes, and 4) Contradiction as an artform.

Then, and whilst giving examples of each of these along with what they term as quick fixes to work around them, this French author of some renowned esteem starts to truly revel in the books reasoning for being: which makes it fast become highly entertaining and at all times informative and educational.

About the Author: Marie-José Astre-Démoulin is a French published author and a conflict management specialist, with 20 years of experience within the United Nations. She also acts as an Expert for cross-cultural communication issues in the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

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