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Book Reviews
Harvest: The True Story of Alien Abduction
By: G.L. Davies - 6th Books, $16.95

Description: In 2009 one woman from Pembrokeshire believed she was abducted by aliens.

What followed was a terrifying ordeal of alien visitation, nightmarish visions, encounters with terrifying creatures, a connection to the past and a prophecy of destruction on the scale never before seen in Pembrokeshire’s peaceful history.

Should these events be true, then no one is safe. The harvest has begun!

Verdict: G.L Davies invites you to join him on his most terrifying investigation yet, is what we are informed going into this book and by golly if that statement isn’t one of the truest ever given!

Not exactly a true believer, as they say, but neither one who shuns the possibilities, thus fence-sitter entered unto this all-too-short book and never let it go until it was read in the one complete sitting!

Harvest is the tale of a young woman from West Wales, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom, who believes she was the victim of visitation and abduction by aliens with, as she herself labels them, inhuman designs; those turning out to be the harvesting of her human body parts and organs.

Although we never get to know the true identity of the woman in question, we are given her name as just Susan (real or unreal, we will never know), and her story is told mainly through her own words, recalling each and every detail of the abduction moment by moment.

Having now read the book straight through, my guess is that Susan is a medical student of some kind, because her recounting of these highly in-depth alien encounters tends to veer occasionally into rather medical-eze territory.

From start to finish, Harvest captured my imagination and held my attention, the way the writer writes a pure, unadulterated joy to behold on the page.

Chock full of crackling imagery and investigative ideas and theories, al balanced out by the facts of the event and what came thereafter, Harvest is all filling, no fluff, that’s for damn sure!

At times Susan recalls her alien encounters having taken place in her own home, sometimes via some horribly vivid dreams, as she puts it, visions of Armageddon-like destruction all around her, whilst at other times she becomes somewhat of an informercial, linking alien abductions to the disappearance of thousands of people, especially females, who go missing every year.

Presenting the layered investigative groundwork upon a blanket of commonalities in alien-inhabited dreams, visions, and general experiences much akin, is an interesting angle to come at this case, albeit one that has be ridden before, just perhaps not so as assuredly than here.

About the Author: G. L. Davies is the author of the worldwide bestselling A Most Haunted House, and the creator of

With over 25 years in Sales and marketing, he prides himself on the work he does with his authors as marketing manager for John Hunt Publishing.

He has an abundance of positive energy and motivation to bring writers’ dreams to reality. He lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and studies hauntings in 19th century literature.

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