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NEW! Glam Skanks [2017] NEW! Glam Skanks [2017]

'Blow Me: The Glam Skanks Story'

For those not in the know, the Glam Skanks are a three female and one male glitter-rock band from LA who played as Cherie Currie’s (The Runaways) back-up band, have a song in Kevin Smith’s 'Yoga Hosers' movie, jammed with Joe Perry of Aerosmith, released their new album Glitter City, and who have opened for Alice Cooper, The Skids, and currently Adam Ant.

I recently caught up with the Glam Skanks whilst on tour here in Detroit supporting Adam Ant, and I first wondered who named the band the Glam Skanks and were there any other names batted around at the time? "A good friend of ours was cooking lamb shanks for dinner, and V said if he put edible glitter on them they would be Glam Shanks. Then a back and forth rhyming game kinda started. No Thanks, Rob Banks, Toy Tanks, etc."

"Eventually it came around Glam Skanks, and knew we had the perfect name. It described our love of glam rock and the glitter gear we wear. Skanks is the rough, raw edge we like in our music. It’s funny, because sometimes people think we are a ska band. Different kind of skank. We had never really hit on a name we were crazy about, and once Glam Skanks came around, the deal was done."

You are back on tour with Adam Ant again this Fall, so having just gotten off his last tour, what did you do to relax in between tours? "There is never really a lot of time to relax. After our tour in the UK, we went back to playing local shows including a month-long residency. Most of our other time was spent working on new songs."

Coming from different era's, listening to Adam in his heyday wasn't on the cards, so growing up, at what point did you catch on to his music? "We all discovered Adam Ant in different ways. Veronica’s dad was the bassist on his “Wonderful” album and the tours that followed, and she has gone to his shows since she was a kid. Although she had heard his name, (her parents were fans) Ali Cat didn’t hear his music until Glam Skanks were invited to join him the “Kings of the Wild Frontier” tour."

"When she was sixteen, Cassie was browsing the CD section at her local library when she came across “Kings Of The Wild Frontier.” She thought Adam Ant looked so totally punk rock that she had to give it a listen. She took it home and loved it! Millie also didn't start listening to Adam Ant until the tour, and she immediately became a fan. It’s impossible not to love his songs and his cool swagger."

What's the one best piece of advice Adam has given you whilst on tour with him? "He told us that he never expected to blow up the way he did, but because of his perseverance he got opportunities that helped catapult his career to new levels. He told us to keep working hard for what we want and eventually we could make it happen."

Why is it you guys never do a number with him at the end of his show? "That would be awesome! It hasn't come up yet, but you never know."

So, having gone from playing locally in L.A. to now undergoing an international tour with Adam, how has your life changed personally? Are you missing anything badly that you wish you weren't, so to speak? "When we are on the road, it’s always an adventure, so even though we miss our friends and family, we don’t think about it too much. When we are home in between tours, we catch up with life back home, but can’t wait to get back on the road."

"We haven’t really changed, but together we have seen so many things. Castles in England, poverty in Baltimore, underground clubs in New York, the effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and so much more. Every place we visit, every venue we play, and even the drives in between are an adventure."

If you could sum up the Glam Skanks' music in just five flowing words, what would they be? "IN YOUR FACE GLAMTASTIC ROCK!"

Will there be a new album from you guys soon, perhaps? "We are writing all the time. Having lots of songs to pick from gives us more options when we decide the final tracks that will be on an album. As soon as we get a break, we will be starting the process and hope to put our next record out as soon as possible."

Talking of exclusives, as we're not called Exclusive Magazine for nothing, please now reveal something about the band that you have never, ever revealed in any interview thus far "When we're on the road our periods usually sync up!"

In closing, and throwing you a curve ball, do you like penguins? "We LOVE penguins! They’re super cute and being that we are into fashion, it is nice to see animals in the wild dress up in formal attire! Most penguins that we have encountered on the road have been really nice, although there was one time in Philly that we saw a couple of penguins get in a fight. It started with some not so nice words, followed by some pushing and shoving. When one of them pulled a knife that we thought it best to leave, but overall, penguins are cool."

Thank you for doing this for us today, take care and we wish you well in whatever you put your minds and hands to in the future. "Thank YOU. We really appreciate that people are interested in what we do. It’s hard work, but there is nothing we would rather do. Our music drives us, and we’re headed to Glitter City. See ya there!"

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

Glam Skanks @ Facebook

Glam Skanks @ Twitter

'Bad Bitch' Official Video