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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'The Age Of Reason (Deluxe Edtition)'
Artist - Bronski Beat

For those not in the know, Bronski Beat were a popular British synthpop trio who achieved success in the mid-1980s, particularly with the 1984 chart hit "Smalltown Boy".

All members of the group were openly gay and their songs reflected this, often containing political commentary on gay-related issues.

The initial line-up, which recorded the majority of the band's hits, consisted of Jimmy Somerville (vocals), Steve Bronski (keyboards, percussion) and the late Larry Steinbachek (keyboards, percussion).

Somerville left Bronski Beat in 1985, and went on to have success as lead singer of The Communards and as a solo artist. He was replaced by new vocalist John Foster, with whom the band continued to have hits in the UK and Europe through 1986. Interestingly enough, Steve Bronski, the only original member, now leads a revived touring version of the band, and has now teamed up with singer Stephen Granville and programmer Ian Donaldson to create an updated line-up of this classic, much-loved sythn-pop band.

Their new album, The Age Of Reason - which comes seven months after original keyboardist Larry Steinbachek died - is their first in 22 years and features a 25-track 2CD edition that boasts over two hours of all new music from today’s version of the once-beloved Bronski Beat.

Disc: 1:
1. "Why"
2. "No More War/It Ain't Necessarily So"
3. "Screaming"
4. "Love & Money"
5. "Smalltown Boy"
6. "Heatwave"
7. "Junk"
8. "Hard Rain"
9. "Run from Love"
10. "A Flower for Dandara"

Disc: 2:
1. "Stars" (Radio Edit)
2. "Stars (Extended)
3. "Stars" (Sordid Soundz Remix)
4. "Stars" (Qubic Cosmic Energy Mix)
5. "Stars" (S.S. Darkstar Mix)
6. "I'll Be Gone"
7. "I'll Be Gone" (Dub and Dusted)
8. "I'll Be Gone" (Stompin' Stiletto Mix)
9. "I'll Be Gone" (S.S. Down & Out Mix)
10. "A Flower for Dandara" (Radio Edit)
11. "A Flower for Dandara" (Sordid Soundz Edit)>br> 12. "A Flower for Dandara" (Extended)
13. "A Flower for Dandara" (Sordid Soundz Extended)

The Age Of Reason is a GREAT album, let me just get that out there right away! Growing up in the UK, I loved the synth pop fun of Bronski Beat and what followed with The Communards, and so to hear that this trio have not only paid sincere homage to to the origins of the band, but at the same time creatively reinvented their landmark debut album ‘The Age Of Consent’ blows my mind.

The album kicks off in fine style (albeit without Somerville's original vocals, please do let that sink in here) with the infectious Hi-NRG of "Why" and backs that up seamlessly with both "No More More War/It Ain't Necessarily So" (which were separate tracks on the original album) and then the always-brilliant to hear "Screaming".

The slow roll soul of "Love & Money" is up next and is followed by their massive smash worldwide hit "Smalltown Boy," before the sultry, smoldering "Heatwave," the dancefloor vibe of "Junk," and then "Need a Man Blues" are lovingly upon us.

Newly additional tracks from the original release are up next in the form of the mid-tempo NRG of "Close to the Edge" and that's backed by the seemingly-muffled sounds of "Hard Rain," and then a track that sounds like it's being played on the wrong (slow) speed, "Run from Love."

The first side then rounds out with another new track, "A Flower for Dandara," a heartbreaking tribute in song to the recently murdered Brazilian transexual Dandara dos Santos. Sung by Rose McDowall, singer with cult ’80s favorites Strawberry Switchblade, the track is heartbreaking when the lyrics are fully explored.

Released in 1984, in reflection, being that 'The Age of Consent' was criminally the only album released by the band to feature the vocal strains of Somerville, I could have sworn that this album had spent the whole '80s in my head.

As for the second CD of goodies, well, there may well be 13 tracks, but there are only three actual tracks to behold amongst them. Showcasing the template for the future direction of this latest Bronski Beat incarnation, they are all new songs and come complete with a generous offering of celebratory dance mixes, of course.

The first of these new tracks is a cover of Sylvester's so-termed queercore disco classic, "Stars" (written by the scene legend Patrick Cowley). Now complete with a refreshing electro-soul makeover, next up is another brand new song, "I’ll Be Gone" that celebrates, with Bronski Beat’s trademark searing vocals, the euphoric self-realization gained in ditching a less than perfect love affair.

Finally, and showcasing quite palpable evidence that Bronski Beat have lost none of their social campaigning and gay activist zeal, the aforementioned "A Flower for Dandara" gets a multitude of mixes to listen intently to.

'The Age Of Reason: Deluxe Edition' 2CD Purchase Link

Title - ‘Best: 1983-2017’ (3CD)
Artist - Howard Jones

For those not in the know, Howard Jones is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He had ten top 40 hit singles in the UK between 1983 and 1986, including six which reached the top ten, and his 1984 album Human's Lib went to number one.

Around the world, he had 15 top 40 hit singles between 1983 and 1992 and he has been described by AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine as "one of the defining figures of mid-'80s synth pop.".

Having also performed at Live Aid in 1985, Jones is out on the road once again as part of the brand new Retro Futura Tour 2017 - along with Paul Young, Katrina of The Waves, Men Without Hats, The English Beat, and Modern English - and has released to coincide with the tour a quite BRILLIANT new 3CD album, simply entitled Best: 1983-2017.

Disc: 1:
1. “Things Can Only Get Better”
2. “No One Is to Blame”
3. “What Is Love?”
4. “New Song”
5. “Like to Get to Know You Well”
6. “Pearl in the Shell”
7. “Hide & Seek”
8. “Everlasting Love”
9. “Look Mama”
10. “Life in One Day”
11. “Specialty”
12. “All I Want”
13. “You Know I Love You … Don’t You?”
14. “Little Bit of Snow”
15. “The Prisoner”
16. “Will You Still Be There?”

Disc: 2:
1. “Lift Me Up”
2. “City Song”
3. “One Last Try”
4. “Cookin’ in the Kitchen”
5. “Nothing to Fear”
6. “You’re the Buddha”
7. “If You Love”
8. “Let the People Have Their Say”
9. “Just Look at You Now”
10. “Revolution of the Heart”
11. “The Presence of Other”
12. “Someone You Need”
13. “Soon You’ll Go”
14. “Ordinary Heroes”
15. “Joy”
16. “The Human Touch”
17. “Eagle Will Fly Again”

Disc: 3:
1. "Back in Your Life” (Acoustic Live)
2. “Building Our Own Future” (Acoustic Live)
3. “City Song” (Acoustic Live)
4. “No One Is to Blame” (Acoustic Live)
5. “Everlasting Love” (Acoustic Live)
6. “Just Look at You Now” (Electric Live)
7. “Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore” (Electric Live)
8. “Like to Get to Know You Well” / “Cookin’ in the Kitchen” (Mash Up Live)
9. “You’re the Buddha” (The Robbie Bronnimann Mix)

Compiled and annotated by Howard Jones himself, Best: 1983-2017 is the very first retrospective to properly span Howard’s entire recording career, with all his major hits and key tracks across the decades.

Inevitably, the first disc of 16 tracks contains his well-known hits. This retrospective being as indepth as it gets for Jones, there could be no other way to present the first of the three discs, in truth.

The second disc contains 17 tracks that may not have all been hits, as much as the UK charts can attest to, but for those devoted fans (much like myself) who have followed him since day one, all the tracks will be more then well known to you all, trust me. Inclusive of some tracks from albums you could only ever order at his live shows or direct from his website, they are true little gems, one and all.

Housed in a deluxe Digipak, the package also boasts an exclusive bonus third disc, which was only previously available as a DVD with the interactive book edition of Engage - and now even adds an exclusive remix!

Containing eight tracks, inclusive of five (5) of his hits performed as Acoustic Live cuts here, two (2) as Electric Live, a "Like To Get To Know You Well/Cookin' In The Kitchen" (Mash Up Live), and then the aforementioned exclusive remix "You're The Buddha" (The Robbie Bronnimann Mix), this entire 42-track 3CD retrospective collection is pure Heaven on a stick, my friends. Heaven on a stick!

'Best: 1977-2017' 3CD Purchase Link

Howard Jones @ Twitter

Title - 'Play It Again, Sam - The Fox Box' [2CD+2DVD]
Artist - Samantha Fox

For those not in the know, Samantha Fox is an English dance-pop singer, actress, and former glamour model. In 1983, at the age of 16, she began her topless modelling career on Page Three of The Sun, and went on to become a popular pin-up girl.

And then, riding the wave of some serious media attention, in 1986, she launched her pop music career with her debut single 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)', which instantly became a #1 hit in 17 countries.

She has since sold over 30 million albums worldwide, released seven original albums, has also appeared in a number of films, worked as a TV presenter, and has even appeared on reality TV shows!

Having digitally remastered and expanded into two CD deluxe editions her debut four albums, now we get a massive retrospective of her musical and visual gems in the (and as a BIG fan since day one I can say this) stunningly delicious shape of Play It Again, Sam: The Fox Box.

Play It Again, Sam: The Fox Box is the long-awaited, first-ever definitive retrospective of Samantha Fox’s musical career to date. This lavish 2CD + 2DVD box set is replete with a fold-out double-sided poster, a set of button badges and a picture-packed 32-page booklet.

As you could well now expect, this is an essential package for Sam’s army of Foxy fans and all self-respecting aficionados of '80s pop culture.

Disc: 1:
1. 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)'
2. 'Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)'
3. 'Hold on Tight' (Radio Mix)
4. 'I'm All You Need' (Single Re-Mix)
5. 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now'
6. 'I Surrender (To The Spirit of The Night)' (7" Mix)
7. 'I Promise You (Get Ready)'
8. 'True Devotion' (New Mix)
9. 'Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)' (Single Edit)
10. 'Love House' (7" Edit)
11. 'I Only Wanna Be with You'
12. 'I Wanna Have Some Fun' (7" Edit)
13. ('Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On' (Radio Edit - Sam Talks)
14. 'Another Woman' (Harding/Curnow 7" Version)
15. 'Go for the Heart' (with Sox)
16. 'Let Me Be Free'
17. 'The Reason Is You' (Radio Edit)
18. 'Santa Maria' (with DJ Milano)
19. 'Angel with An Attitude'
20. 'Call Me' (with Sabrina)
21. 'You've Got Me Believing in Make Believe' (Bonus Track)

Disc: 2:
1. 'I Should Have Known Better'
2. 'Confession'
3. 'Lovin' Don't Grow on Trees' (Alternative Mix)
4. 'All I Wanna Do ...' (with Full Force)
5. 'Love to Love You Baby' (Hip Hop Mix)
6. 'Even in the Darkest Hours' (7" Edit)
7. 'Love House' (7" Remix)
8. 'I Only Wanna Be with You' (Special Single Edit)
9. 'Too Late to Say Goodbye' (Original 12" Mix)
10. 'The Winner Takes It All'
11. 'La Isla Bonita'
12. 'A Question of Honour'
13. 'Midnight Lover'
14. 'I Give Myself to You' (Pete Hammond Remix)
15. 'Touch Me 2016' (Radio Edit)
16. 'It's You' (Nick Harvey Club Mix)
17. 'Gimme Shelter' (with Hawkwind)
18. 'The Best Is Yet to Come' (7"Mix)

Disc: 3: The Videos (DVD)
1. 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)'
2. 'Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)'
3. 'Hold on Tight'
4. 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now'
5. 'I Surrender (To The Spirit of the Night)'
6. 'I Promise You (Get Ready)'
7. 'True Devotion'
8. 'Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)'
9. 'Love House'
10. 'I Only Wanna Be with You'
11. 'I Wanna Have Some Fun'
12. '(Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On'
13. 'Another Woman'
14. 'Just One Night'
15. 'Go for the Heart' (with Sox)
16. 'Let Me Be Free'
17. 'The Reason Is You'
18. 'Santa Maria' (with DJ Milano)
19. 'Angel with An Attitude'
20. 'Call Me' (with Sabrina)

Disc: 4: Bonus Footage (DVD)
1. 'Rockin' with My Radio'
2. 'I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night)' (Unedited Version)
3. 'Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)' (Club Version)
4. 'Love House' (Dance Mix)
5. 'I Only Wanna Be With You' (Alternative Version)
6. 'All I Wanna Do ...' (with Full Force)
7. 'Touch Me' (with Günther)
8. 'Rockin' with My Radio' (Behind the Scenes)
9. 1987 Interview
10. 1989 Interview
11. 1991 Interview
12. 'Call Me' (with Sabrina - Behind the Scenes)

This definitive retrospective of one of the UK's most revered, beloved women, Samantha Fox, not only contains every single released during her phenomenally successful Jive Records tenure for the very first time ever, but comes very up to date with the release of both 'Call Me' with '80s icon Sabrina and Fox's very own 'Touch Me' (2016) remix.

That's right, the first two discs take us from the phenomenal smash hit era of the 1986 mega hit 'Touch Me,' on through to the Stock Aitken Waterman favorite 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now,' the Full Force classic 'Naughty Girls', and up to her newest release (the aforementioned 'Touch Me' 2016 remix 12" vinyl).

Proving to be able to put out a succession of global hits which made Fox the only British female to score a hat-trick of Top 10s on both sides of the Atlantic during the '80s, this selection also includes her European dancefloor smashes such as 'Santa Maria' and that aforementioned irresistible cover of Blondie's 'Call Me' with fellow '80s icon Sabrina.

An exclusive, previously unheard bonus track, 'You've Got Me Believing In Make Believe', direct from Sam's personal archive, rounds out the collection on the first disc rather nicely too.

The second disc features many sought-after and previously unavailable rarities from throughout Fox's career. With B-sides, remixes, that aforementioned updated take on 'Touch Me' (2016) and another exclusive track, 'It's You', there is plenty to discover for all her fans and newcomers alike.

The first DVD gathers together Fox's iconic original videos and boy, are there some memorable '80s flashback's right there, my friends! Wow! I mean ... WOW! Just work your way through videos for the hits such as 'Touch Me,' 'Hold on Tight,' 'I'm All You Need' (that not came as a 7" vinyl gate-fold sleeve that housed the second part of a calendar poster, July-December 1987 - I know that, because I have it and can still see it in my mind - but was also a Christmas release -- as the 12" vinyl, Numbered Picture Disc came with a spring of holly under the now printed in green and red name and song title!), and the euphoric 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now,' and you'll come out the other side a changed man (or woman, of course!)

The second DVD features additional rare footage, including the seldom-seen early video 'Rockin' With My Radio', extended and alternative takes, three early interviews from her career, and behind-the-scenes footage of her and Sabrina recording Blondie's 'Call Me.'

In closing, and as I said about the recently released 3CD retrospective from Howard Jones, this entire Play It Again, Sam - The Fox Box 2CD+2DVD retrospective collection is pure Heaven on a stick, my friends. Heaven on a damn stick!

'Play It Again, Sam - The Fox Box' 2CD+2DVD Purchase Link

Samantha Fox @ Twitter

Title - 'Two Faces Of Fame: The Complete 1967 Recordings'
Artist - Georgie Fame

For those not in the know, Georgie Fame (actually born Clive Powell) is an English rhythm and blues and jazz singer and keyboard player.

Fame, who had a string of 1960s hits, is still a popular performer, often working with contemporaries such as Van Morrison and Bill Wyman.

Indeed, Fame is the only British pop star to have achieved three number one hits with his only Top 10 chart entries: "Yeh, Yeh" in 1964, "Get Away" in 1966 and "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" in 1967.

Now, via Cherry Red Records (UK) Georgie Fame's debut album for CBS back in 1967 has been remastered and expanded into a delightful double-disc edition. Now entitled The Two Faces Of Fame: The Complete 1967 Recordings, this brand new edition all the original songs along with bonus tracks, all via mono and stereo mixes.

Disc: 1: (Stereo)
1. "Green Back Dollar Bill"
2. "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
3. "River's Invitation"
4. "Bluesology"
5. "Don't Try"
6. "Keep Your Big Mouth Shut"
7. "You're Driving Me Crazy"
8. "C'est la Vie"
9. "El Pussy Cat"
10. "It Could Happen To You"
11. 'Do It The Hard Way"

Bonus Tracks:
12. "Because I Love You"
13. "Bidin' My Time ('Cos I Love You)"
14. "Knock On Wood"
15. "All I'm Asking"
16. "Didn't Want To Have To Do It"
17. "Close The Door"
18. "(I'm A) Road Runner"
19. "Try My World"
20. "No Thanks"
21. "Celebration" (International Pop Song Festival Entry)
22. "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde"
23. "Beware of The Dog"
24. "Nel Tuo Mondo" ('Try My World' - Italian Version)

Disc: 2: (Mono)
1. "Green Back Dollar Bill"
2. "Things Ain't What They Used To Be"
3. "River's Invitation"
4. "Bluesology"
5. "Don't Try"
6. "Keep Your Big Mouth Shut"
7. "You're Driving Me Crazy"
8. "C'est la Vie"
9. "El Pussy Cat"
10. "It Could Happen To You"
11. 'Do It The Hard Way"

Bonus Tracks:
12. "A Waiting Time"
13. "Jumping The Gun" *
14. "Bluesology"
15. "Nicoise" (working title of 'Try My World', Take 2)
16. "Respoken" (Take 10)
17. "Conquistador" (Take 8)
18. "Tell It Like It is" (Take 5)
19. "Waltz" (Take 3)
20. "Fool's Paradise" (Take 10)
21. "Tirare La Chinghia ('No Thanks' - Italian Version)
22. "A Ballata Di Bonnie E Clyde" ('The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" - Italian Version)

* previously unissued

The first disc of this great debut album - that's split between live recordings from a show at London’s Royal Festival Hall and studio sessions - begins in stereo with the horn-sharp, finger-snappin' "Green Back Dollar Back", then moves seamlessly into the slow poke Hammond organ-backed "Things Ain't What They Used to Be", the upbeat funk of "River's Invitation", and then both the trippin' piano and do-wop vocals of "Bluesology" and the ballad "Don't Try."

The zoot-suit riot of "Don't Your Big Mouth Shut" is then backed by the drumtastic "You're Driving Me Crazy", the sultry "C'est la Vie," the '60s swing of "El Pussycat," and then the original album rounds out with the blues ballad "It Could Happen To You" and "Do It the Hard Way."

With the second disc containing all those very same aforementioned tracks, just now in mono, also included - and spread nicely over both discs - are all of Georgie’s A’s and B’s from that year. Plus there are tracks from his stand-alone eponymous EP, various Italian language variants, a Brazilian-only International Pop Song Festival entrant (‘Celebration’) and a host of previously unissued tracks representing all of his recorded output from 1967 available at this time.

The Digipak package also boasts exhaustive sleeve-notes and a host of photos and rare images, offering a long-overdue reappraisal of Georgie Fame’s first year at CBS Records, capturing a star at the pinnacle of his success.

'Two Faces Of Fame: The Complete 1967 Recordings' 2CD Purchase Link

Title - 'Space Dubs'
Artist - Spacewave

For those not in the know, Spacewave is the primary music vehicle of long-time engineer, producer, and artist John Palmer.

As a multi-media artist, John Palmer has produced a broad range of work over the past fifty years, working primarily in photography, painting, and music.

Palmer received his fine arts education and training at the Corcoran School of Art and under Jack Perlmutter at the predecessor of what is now University of the District of Columbia, in Washington, D.C.

He has had exhibitions at the Dickey Gallery (Washington, D.C.) and Andro-Media Galleries (Ann Arbor, Michigan). Palmer's nature photography has focused on the interplay between sunlight and water, and his digital cinema work has focused on music videos and music documentaries.

His paintings have ranged from the hard-edged op-art of the late 1960's to his floated color and air-brush atmospheres of the 1980's and 1990's.

Palmer is largely self-taught in music, playing electric bass and keyboards after early clarinet training. Recording music groups since high school, he founded Andro-Media in 1972 to expand his audio and video production work.

He has performed his musical compositions in the groups FMO, Metakone 53, Metakone 74, Soft Boulder, Oasis, Sparks, and Stormy in the Ann Arbor area, and most recently in a studio collaboration with Dub Reggae legend Lee "Scratch" Perry.

His post-modern electronic music style reflects jazz, r&b, rock, new age, and world music influences which all come together perfectly on this brand new album from Palmer aka Spacewave, Space Dubs.

1. 'Psycho Dread Dub'
2. 'Strip Off Dub'
3. 'House of Sin Dub'
4. 'Isabel Dub'
5. 'Jungle Tongue Dub'
6. 'No Evil Dub'
7. 'No Sorrow Dub'
8. 'Too Much Is Too Much Dub'
9. 'On Nigeria Dub'
10. 'Therapist Dub'

This quite stunning 10-track instrumental dub album from Spacewave combines all his favorite genres of music to work within - ska, reggae, dub, dubstep, acid jazz, and electronic - and brings together a collection of tracks that will, once heard, stay with you for a very long time.

Indeed, as Palmer himself has revealed about the making of these dub tracks, "While I play a bit of electric bass and synthesizer, I used a lot of sample and loop libraries to add different sounds and snippets, slicing and dicing, changing the feel and the key where needed."

"I left enough of some familiar riffs there to pull the ear in. They are generally dense mixes, so more than once I had to pare back to keep things from turning into mush."

Also, it should be known that with few modifications, these riddims were used by reggae dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry for his album Must Be Free.

Spacewave released his Space Dubs on August 4th, 2017 on MegaWave Music as a CD and digital download.

'Space Dubs' CD Purchase Link

Title - 'NOW That's What I Call Tailgate Anthems'
Artist - Various

As expected as both snow and sun (well, at least here in Michigan) on a yearly basis, the world's best-selling, multi-artist series NOW That's What I Call Music! is back with yet another subtitled musical effort of jams.

Although, if truth be told, the idea was stolen / borrowed from the UK, as they are on about their 100th version of the series that is numbered with each release, these specialty versions of the Now universes do bring together en masse of great tunes, that's for sure.

The latest and greatest is 'NOW That's What I Call Tailgate Anthems', a single disc of some of music's oldest and newest, pop, rock, country and rap artists who have all managed to write/record songs that have done, or will still in our heads for years to come.

1. 'We Will Rock You' - Queen
2. 'Livin' on a Prayer' - Bon Jovi
3. 'Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
4. 'Rock and Roll All Nite' - Kiss
5. 'Eye of the Tiger' - Survivor
6. 'The Final Countdown' - Europe
7. 'Jump Around' - House of Pain
8. 'Turn Down for What' - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
9. 'My House' - Flo Rida
10. 'Black and Yellow' - Wiz Khalifa
11. 'I Gotta Feeling' - The Black Eyed Peas
12. 'Don't Stop the Party' - Pitbull feat. TJR
13. 'Let's Go' - Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo
14. 'Yeah!' - Usher feat. Lil' Jon & Ludacris
15. 'Get the Party Started' - P!nk
16. 'House Party' - Sam Hunt
17. 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)' - Luke Bryan
18. 'My Kinda Party' - Jason Aldean

We kick-off with the BRILLIANT 'We Will Rock You' from Queen and that gets backed by a quintet of rockin' greatness in Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer,' Journey's epic 'Don't Stop Believin', KISS's live version of 'Rock & Roll All Nite,' and then two massive musical beasts in both Survivor's 'Eye Of The Tiger' and then Europe's addictive sing-along hit 'Final Countdown.'

The tone changes direction next with the humpty-hump of House of Pain's 'Jump Around,' which is followed seamlessly by DJ Snake & Lil Jon's 'Turn Down For What,' Flo Rida's 'My House', 'Black And Yellow' by Wiz Khalifa, and then two massive worldwide dancefloor smashes in 'I Gotta Feeling' (Black Eyed Peas), and then 'Don't Stop The Party' from Pitbull feat. TJR.

With both Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo on 'Let's Go' and Usher feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris on the pulsatingly perfect 'Yeah!', P!nk rounds out that certain R&B vibe with 'Get The Party Started, before the boys from country round the whole party CD out. First up is Sam Hunt with 'House Party,' which is backed by Luke Bryan's 'Country girl (Shake It For Me), with the album coming to a close with Jason Aldean's 'My Kinda Party.'

Title - 'NOW That's What I Call Music! 63'
Artist - Various

As expected as both snow and sun (well, at least here in Michigan) on a yearly basis, the world's best-selling, multi-artist series NOW That's What I Call Music! is back with its 63rd edition. Although, if truth be told, the idea was stolen / borrowed from the UK, as they are on about their 100th version of the series, it just means they are now older than the US, that's all! [Which, in general, we all already knew!]

All that malarkey aside, 'NOW That's What I Call Music! 63' is yet another jam-packed 16 track party animal, including chart dance floor and ballad hits from THE biggest stars to hit our radios most recently.

That and the fact that, as seems to be their own growing custom, Sony Music Entertainment have included as an added bonus six (6) new tracks from what they claim to be "What's Next" in the search for nubile musical successors!

1. 'I'm the One' - DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne
2. 'Stay' - Zedd & Alessia Cara
3. 'Something Just Like This' - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
4. 'Say You Won't Let Go' - James Arthur
5. 'Castle on the Hill' - Ed Sheeran
6. 'Believer' - Imagine Dragons
7. 'Slow Hands' - Niall Horan
8. 'Bad Liar' - Selena Gomez
9. 'Swish Swish' - Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj
10. 'Crying in the Club' - Camila Cabello
11. 'Slide' - Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & Migos
12. 'Swalla' - Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign
13. 'HUMBLE.' - Kendrick Lamar
14. 'Congratulations' - Post Malone feat. Quavo
15. 'Heavy' - Linkin Park feat. Kiiara
16. 'Malibu' - Miley Cyrus
17. 'Wander In Lust' - The Foxies
18. 'Keep My Head Afloat' - Jeremy Zucker
19. 'Straightjacket' - Quinn XCII
20. 'Hold On' - Chord Overstreet
21. 'Can You Touch' - Elley Duhé
22. 'Hit Parade' - Mutemath

We kick-off with the addictive beats of 'I'm the One' from DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne, and keep that groove alive with 'Stay' from Zedd & Alessia Cara. Hitting the soaring pop vein next with 'Something Just Like This' from The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, next up the tone is lowered for the more sedate approach to music from artists such as James Arthur ('Say You Won't Let Go'), and the annoying infectious 'Castle on the Hill from Ed Sheeran.

We pick the pop vibe back up again with 'Believer' from Imagine Dragons, before the solo effort from former 1D's Niall Horan is upon us, 'Slow Hands.' The dancefloor vibe of 'Bad Liar' from Selena Gomez is next and that's backed by the fun (and the best track on her new album, for my money) 'Swish Swish' from Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj, 'Crying in the Club' by Camila Cabello, and both 'Slide' (Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & Migos), and the brilliant 'Swalla' from Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign).

Kendrick Lamar's poignant ode 'HUMBLE.' is next, 'Congratulations' by Post Malone feat. Quavo follows it, and then comes the always-solid Linkin Park with the mesmerizing new track 'Heavy.' Featuring Kiiara, that song is so much more meaningful now, given the recent passing of lead singer Chester Bennington. The new and 3.0 updated version of Miley Cyrus is back with the sugary sweet (and way too sugary for my tastes) 'Malibu', which itself rounds out the known hit makers of this album.

Up next we get those aforementioned "What's Next" artists and their songs, which begins with 'Wander In Lust' (The Foxies), 'Keep My Head Afloat' (Jeremy Zucker), 'Straightjacket' from Quinn XCII, and then Chord Overstreet's really quite great 'Hold On.' The entire collection then rounds out with both 'Can You Touch' from Elley Duhé, and Mutemath's 'Hit Parade.'

Title - Music from the HBO Limited Series Big Little Lies
Artist - Various

This is the brilliant Soundtrack to the critically acclaimed and Emmy nominated HBO series 'Big Little Lies' by director Jean-Marc Vallée starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Alexander Skarsgård.

Based on the same-titled best-seller by Liane Moriarty, 'Big Little Lies' weaves a darkly comedic tale of murder and mischief in the tranquil beachfront town of Monterey, California.

Amidst doting moms, successful husbands, beautiful children, and stunning homes exists a community fueled by rumors and divided into haves and have-not's, exposing fractured relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and friends and neighbors.

Indeed, just prior to the finale of the David-E.-Kelley-penned, seven-episode-long original series, HBO made their distinctive soundtrack available for purchase and download on March 31st, 2017.

Now out as a special, and beautiful 2LP vinyl record, it consists primarily of neo-soul and R&B-informed singer/songwriters, both old-school veterans (Irma Thomas) and relative newcomers (Villagers).

Also containing a track by cast member and musician-in-her-own-right Zoë Kravitz ("Don't"), this double vinyl LP version also includes two tracks not included on the CD or digital versions - "Treat Me Nice" by director Jean-Marc Vallee and It's Now Or Never" (Instrumental) by Jean-Phi, aka Jean-Philippe Goncalves; who also produced and arranged both tracks.

Side A:
1. Michael Kiwanuka: “Cold Little Heart”
2. Charles Bradley: “Victim of Love”
3. Martha Wainwright: “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole”

Side B:
4. Leon Bridges: “River”
5. Kinny: “Queen of Boredness” [ft. Diesler]
6. Agnes Obel: “September Song”
7. Alabama Shakes: “This Feeling”

Side C:
8. Charles Bradley: “Changes”
9. Irma Thomas: “Straight From the Heart”
10. Villagers: “Nothing Arrived” (Live From Spotify London)
11. Zoë Kravitz: “Don’t”
12. Villagers: “The Wonder of You”

Side D:
13. Daniel Agee: “How’s the World Treating You”
14. Jimmy Valley: "Treat Me Nice"
15. Jean-Phi Goncalves: "It's Now Or Never"
16. Ituana: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

We begin with English soul musician Micheal Kiwanuka's dulcet, haunting piano work on 'Cold Little Heart', before moving seamlessly into the acoustic guitar work, and throaty soul of Charles Bradley's “Victim of Love”, American-Canadian singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright's forthright “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole”, and then the always-great Leon Bridges with "River.”

The pop bounce flow of Kinny's “Queen of Boredness” [ft. Diesler] is one of my own personal favorites here. Reminiscent of early Macy Gray, that's followed by the stunning piano work of Agnes Obel on the boyant, hopeful "September Song.” American blues rock band Alabama Shakes are next up with their lo-fi "This Feeling” which is backed by American funk/soul/R&B singer Charles Bradley's Motown heartbreak flashback on “Changes.”

The old school vibe is continued on “Straight From the Heart”, a divine sixties harken back tune from Irma Thomas, a woman known affectionately as the "Soul Queen of New Orleans." The Villagers “Nothing Arrived” (Live From Spotify London) is a pure delight to behold also, and that's followed by Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe on her stoic cut "Don’t.”

Elvis Presley gets a look in here also via Conor O’Brien, the lead singer of the aforementioned Villagers. Although listed as being a straight out Villagers track here, his solo vocals bring us a quite stirring version of "The Wonder of You” and is yet another stand out highlight here. That's backed wonderfully by Daniel Agee doing his best Roy Orbison/Chris Isaak impression on "How’s the World Treating You” ("I've had nothing but sorrow. Since you said we were through. There's no hope for tomorrow. How's the world treating you?").

Those two aforementioned vinyl LP bonus tracks are up next, with "Treat Me Nice" by Jimmy Valley (aka Jean-Marc Vallee) the first, Jean-Phi Goncalves' "It's Now Or Never" (Instrumental) following it. Then, as it was with the CD and digital releases, this double vinyl album finishes with a real treat in the form of enigmatic band Ituana's version of The Stones' "You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Wow, what a delicious, breathy cut and what a sensational way to round out an album.

In closing, this delightful, beautiful two-vinyl 'Music from the HBO Limited Series Big Little Lies' LP set is, for my money, as good as it gets when it comes to matching musicians with an emotional roller coaster of a TV show such as this one.

Title - 'In Transit: Original Broadway Cast Recording'
Artist - Various

Titled as "Broadway’s first a cappella musical", 'In Transit' is a very funny and poignant new Broadway musical that follows the intertwined lives of 11 New Yorkers faced with the challenges of city life.

With a groundbreaking Score by a team including the creators of 'Pitch Perfect', 'In Transit' takes you on a journey with people hoping to catch the express train to their dreams including the stops they make along the way.

The musical, which previously played Primary Stages in 2010, follows a group of 11 New Yorkers as they navigate the streets (and tunnels) of the city. The small ensemble takes on several roles, including an aspiring actress, a Wall Street honcho, a street performer, a cab driver and more.

Modern yet timeless, 'In Transit' is a story about all of us, set to music that will stay with you long after the ride is over.

With a book, music and lyrics by Academy Award® winner Kristen Anderson-Lopez ('Frozen'), James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan and Sara Wordsworth and vocal arrangements by Deke Sharon ('Pitch Perfect', 'The Sing-Off'), 'In Transit' is directed and choreographed by three-time Tony Award winner Kathleen Marshall ('Anything Goes', 'Nice Work If You Can Get It').

1. 'Deep Beneath the City/Not There Yet' - (Chesney Snow and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
2. 'Do What I Do' - (Margo Seibert and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
3. 'Four Days Home' - (Justin Guarini and Telly Leung and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
4. 'Broke' - (James Snyder and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
5. 'Saturday Night Obsession' - (Erin Mackey and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
6. 'Wingman' - (Nicholas Ward and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
7. 'But, Ya Know' - (James Snyder and Margo Seibert and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
8. 'Not There Yet (Reprise)' - (Erin Mackey and Justin Guarini and Margo Seibert and James Snyder and Moya Angela and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
9. 'Keep It Goin' - (Nicholas Ward and Moya Angela and Mariand Torres and David Abeles and Gerianne Pérez and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
10. 'A Little Friendly Advice' - (Moya Angela and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
11. 'Choosing Not to Know' - (Justin Guarini and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
12. 'The Moving Song' - (Erin Mackey and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
13. 'We Are Home' - (Telly Leung and Justin Guarini and Erin Mackey and James Snyder and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
14. 'Getting There' - (Margo Seibert and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
15. 'Finale' - (Chesney Snow and The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit)
Bonus Tracks:
16. 'Preshow Message' - (Kristen Anderson - Lopez and James
17. 'A Math Question' - (Steven "HeaveN" Cantor) [Bonus Track]
18. 'We Are Home Exit Music' - (The Original Broadway Cast of In Transit) [Bonus Track]

Listening to all 18 tracks, back-to-back twice, I have to say that I was delighted with the "chorus" that can be heard throughout. Not a real "chorus", per say, and with no specific voice to be heard above the others, the overall stylistic diversity here is spot on perfect.

Most of this 'In Transit' music from the Original Cast Recording is upbeat, joyous, and at times it even becomes rather cute with regard both lyrics and vocalizations.

The songs themselves give little indication that there was a story though, which is a tad bit weird, but that said, 'In Transit' tells it's own Broadway story without having to reply on the music underneath it.

In closing, and when the run of tracks at the end of the musical come to the fore, as in the musical itself, everything turns out for the best. For they truly are the best on here, in my humble opinion.

The 'In Transit Original Broadway Cast Recording' CD was released Friday, July 21st, 2017 and is now also available for download.

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Title - 'Reggae Gold 2017'
Artist - Various

Reggae Gold is the annual collection of reggae’s biggest hits from the hottest artists. Now in it’s 24th year, Reggae Gold continues to set the standard for reggae music compilations.

Released on July 21st, 2017 via VP Records, Reggae Gold 2017 is their latest release.

Including a bonus DJ mix disc by Jamaica’s Chromatic Sound, the album continues to showcase the current trends and future classics in reggae music.

1. 'Luv (Explicit)' - Tory Lanez
2. 'Telephone Love' - Jah Cure
3. 'Loodi' (feat. Vybz Kartel) - Shenseea
4. 'Gyal You A Party Animal' - Charly Black
5. 'Me Love My Fatty' - Style X
6. 'Now' - Romain Virgo
7. 'Sheet' - Spice
8. 'Magic' - Christopher Martin
9. 'Love Like Ours' (feat. Tarrus Riley) - Estelle
10. 'Trueversation' (feat. Damian Marley) - Queen Ifrica
11. 'Leave You Alone' (feat. Jesse Royal) - Ikaya
12. 'Don't Come Back' - Tarrus Riley
13. 'Hide' - Deep Jahi
14. 'Banga' - Aidonia
15. 'Raggamuffin' - Raging Fyah
16. 'Hardcore (Remix)' [Feat. Chronixx] - Jah9
17. 'Spanish Town Rockin' - Chronixx

Kicking off in fine style, both 'Luv (Explicit)' from Tory Lanez and the crazy-addictive vocal tones of Jah Cure on 'Telephone Love' are superb, and they are followed by Shenseea's bouncy rap reggae on 'Loodi' (featuring Vybz Kartel). [FYI: Did you know "A Shenseea!” is what you hear at the beginning of every track, introducing the newest artiste to the Dancehall/Reggae community? No, nor did I, but we do now].

Next up is 'Gyal You A Party Animal' from dancehall singer, selector and singjay Charly Black, the fun lyrics and overtones of Style X's 'Me Love My Fatty,' and then come both the Latin-tipped dance pop of 'Now' from Romain Virgo and then the dominate vocal tones of Spice on 'Sheet.'

The lush, ballad R&B of 'Magic' from Christopher Martin is one oft he highlights here for me, and that's followed by British singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actress Estelle on 'Love Like Ours' (featuring Tarrus Riley). Next up is 'Trueversation' from Queen Ifrica. Featuring reggae legend Damian Marley, this track from the daughter of ska music legend Derrick Morgan is my go to on here now - as I assume it might well be yours too upon listening to it.

The beautiful 'Leave You Alone' from Ikaya (featuring Jesse Royal) is along next, and that's backed by 'Don't Come Back' Tarrus Riley. The Jamaican-American reggae singer and member of the Rastafari movement really put together a winner of a song here, which is why it's deservedly included on this Best of 2017 compilation. 'Hide' by Deep Jahi is next, and that's followed by the life on the streets cut 'Banga' from Aidonia.

This incredible, fresh-sounding new compilation then rounds out with the five piece reggae band from Kingston known as Raging Fyah's 'Raggamuffin,' the dancehall/R&B flow of 'Hardcore (Remix)' from Jah9 featuring Chronixx, and the the album ends with the young man formerly known as "Little Chronicle", now grown up into the aforementioned Chronixx with 'Spanish Town Rockin.'

The 'Reggae Gold 2017', which also comes with a second Bonus Mix Music CD entitled "The Ultimate" Mix by Chromatic, was released July 21st, 2017 and is now also available for download.

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Title - 'Let's Go To Outer Space'
Artist - Gary Wilson

For those not in the know, Gary Wilson is an experimental musician/performance artist best known for his 1977 album You Think You Really Know Me, after which he promptly retired from recording and performing concerts. He slowly gained a strong cult following during the 1980s and 1990s, and in the early 2000s became active again.

And active is what he truly is once again for following hot on the footsteps of his recently-released albums, Alone With Gary Wilson (2015) and It's Friday Night with Gary Wilson (2016), once again via Cleopatra Records he now brings us Let's Go To Outer Space.

Yet another alt-funk classic filled album chock full with experimental sounds, avant garde grooves, and demented space love songs that will make any exploration into the unknown a wild and crazy adventure, the "King Of Weird" has done it again!

Track List:
1. "Back To Where I Belong"
2. "Gary Kissed A Mannequin"
3. "Lost In A Mystery"
4. "Gary Feels Cool"
5. "Weird World Part 1"
6. "You’re The Girl From A Magazine"
7. "She’s The Girl From Mars"
8. "Let’s Go On A Walk Tonight"
9. "I’m Not Ashamed"
10. "I Want To Cry"
11. "Weird World Part 2"
12. "Let’s Go To Mars"
13. "My Beautiful Wife Walked Away"
14. "My Pretty Little Space Girl"

One thing you will quickly become aware of is that Gary Wilson is/was completely ahead of his time, and its sad that people couldn't catch on soon enough.

We kick things off with "Back To Where I Belong" "A girl from outer space doesn't care if it rains you see, it doesn't rain on her planet", which leads seamlessly into the psychedelic pop of "Gary Kissed A Mannequin," the mind bending "Lost In A Mystery," the both the upbeat "Gary Feels Cool," and then the short experimental adventure, "Weird World Part 1."

My personal favorite track from this new album is the poptastic "You’re The Girl From A Magazine" which is followed by the first single/video (see below) to be released, "She’s The Girl From Mars." "Let’s Go On A Walk Tonight" is backed by the trippy "I’m Not Ashamed," the low-fi, mid-tempo jaunt of "I Want To Cry," and then both the second half of the musical experiment, "Weird World Part 2."

The fun pop of "Let’s Go To Mars" ("Let's hitch a ride to the Milky Way and I'll hold your hand all day"), and then comes "My Beautiful Wife Walked Away," before the album rounds out with the (too) short, but sweet "My Pretty Little Space Girl."

I guess, simply put for those not yet familiar with the twisted genius that is Gary Wilson, it sounds something like this: Mix equal parts Zappa, ? & the Mysterians, Barry White, Steely Dan, Norman Bates, and 70s porn/TV soundtracks; filter through an alienated, small town adolescence and creepy borderline-stalker fantasies; add one large bag of white flour, a gallon of lukewarm milk, liberal amounts of Saran Wrap, and dirty underpants; stir in a reel of 1/4" analog recording tape, dump on basement floor, and let sit overnight. Enjoy!

Watch the EXCLUSIVE-to-Exclusive Magazine new video for “She’s The Girl From Mars" EXCLUSIVELY right here!

Official Video - "She's The Girls From Mars"

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Gary Wilson on Facebook

Title - 'Extremes' [CD/DVD]
Artist - Supertramp & Various Artists

For those not in the know, 'Extremes' is a much-loved, much-adored documentary about the British counterculture movement in the 1970s.

Recorded and filmed in 1971 on the road from London to the Isle of Wight Festival, and directed by Tony Klinger with Mike Lytton co-directing, 'Extremes' sets out to discover why so many people have taken a step back from society and decided to rebel against it.

Covering the whole gamut of present day human behavior, from carefree pop fans bathing nude at the Isle of Wight to withdrawn to out of their present minds junkies losing themselves - having taken en masse of drug paraphernalia - 'Extremes' captures their thoughts, one and all.

Taking a look at this documentary, available for the first time ever as a CD/DVD package via Gonzo Multimedia, it's obvious that those portrayed here (especially those in the latter category) didn't ever have a significant say in how things turned out, life wise.

Ergo, in some of what has to be the most natural, raw, open film footage to come from that era, from those captured moments, Tony Klinger and Michael Lytton have undoubtedly captured a unique cross-section of people going their chosen ways - whilst life passed them by as we watch.

Everyone captured here in this fascinating documentary is allowed to talk freely, frankly, openly and honestly, and so in doing so you just know that nothing was set up and no one was told to say what it was coming out of their collective mouths.

I mean, from what I viewed here today in my living room, nothing looks staged, nothing looks rehearsed and everything was filmed as it happened. All manner of people, male and female, clothed and (somewhat) otherwise, all talk about what's going on with them, and their friends.

Hippies, junkies, Hell's Angels, alcoholics, drop-outs and so many more groups within gathered there, they all fall into the category of nonconformist minorities. But here in 'Extremes', there is a diverseness within them that rises to the top as the documentary progresses.

Now available as an aforementioned CD/DVD set, the music portion is as stunningly open, vibrant, meaningful as the filmed audio is, trust me:

1) 'An ear Ago' - Arc
2) 'Great Lager Street' - Arc
3) 'Box Man' - Crucible
4) 'Black Rose' - Mark McCann
5) 'Refrigerated Warmth' - Mark McCann
6) 'Let Your Love Run Through' - Arc
7) 'Hit It' - Crucible
8) 'Surely' - Supertramp
9) 'Am I Not Like Other Birds Of Prey' - Supertramp
10) 'I'm A Perfectly Happy Man' - Arc
11) 'Words Unspoken' - Supertramp
12) 'Elvish Queen' - Crucible
13) 'We Gotta Watch Out' - Crucible

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Title - 'Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin'
Artist - Aretha Franklin

For those not in the know, although I would hope that would be a very, very small group, Aretha Franklin is an American singer, songwriter and musician.

Franklin began her career as a child singing gospel at the church of her father, minister C. L. Franklin's church. In 1960, at the age of 18, Franklin embarked on a secular career, recording for Columbia Records but only achieving modest success.

Following her signing to Atlantic Records in 1967, Franklin achieved commercial acclaim and success with songs such as "Respect", "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" and "Think". These hits and more helped her to gain the title The Queen of Soul by the end of the 1960s decade.

Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin is an all-star tribute to the one, the only, Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin.

Recorded live at Radio City Music Hall, this refreshingly new 12 track audio CD, 13 track for the DVD re: "Respect", which features Aretha Franklin perform the song with her special guest Stevie Wonder, pays tribute to one of this country's national treasures.

1) "I Can't Turn You Loose" - Aretha Franklin
2) "Chain of Fools" - Aretha Franklin with Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough and Al McLean from the Backstreet Boys
3) "Ain't No Way" - Aretha Franklin
4) "Natural Woman" - Jill Scott
5) "Long Walk" - Jill Scott
6) "Think" - Aretha Franklin
7) "Day Dreaming" - Mary J. Blige
8) "Do Right Woman" - Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige
9) "Nessun Dorma" - Aretha Franklin
10) "Rock Steady" - Aretha Franklin with Kid Rock and Teddy Franklin
11) "Precious Memories" - Aretha Franklin and Bishop Paul S. Morton with the New Jersey Mass Choir
12) "Respect" - Aretha Franklin
13) "Freeway of Love" - Aretha Franklin with Stevie Wonder (DVD Only)

Previously unreleased on CD or DVD, the undisputed Queen of Soul is joined by some very special guest stars, including Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, the Backstreet Boys, Kid Rock, and more.

Originally broadcast on VH1 in 2001, Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin features many of her greatest hits in what was termed at the time, and has subsequently come to be, a truly rare one-of-a-kind performance that will never be repeated.

Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin will be released on August 18th, 2017 on CD/DVD and vinyl LP, with the digital download already having been made available this past July 21st, 2017 via MVD Audio.

'Divas Live: The One and Only Aretha Franklin' CD/DVD Purchase Link

Title - 'War for the Planet of the Apes'
Artist - Michael Giacchino

In 'War for the Planet of the Apes,' Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel (Woody Harrelson).

After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.

As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both of their species and the future of the planet.

For those not in the know about composer Michael Giacchino he is not only an American composer of music for films, but both television and video games also.

He composed the scores to the television series Lost, Alias and Fringe, the video game series Medal of Honor and Call of Duty and many films such as 'The Incredibles', 'Mission: Impossible III', 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes', 'Jurassic World', 'Star Trek Beyond', 'Doctor Strange', 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', and 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', to name but a handful.

Track Listing:
1. "Apes' Past is Prologue"
2. "Assault of the Earth"
3. "Exodus Wounds"
4. "The Posse Polonaise"
5. "The Bad Ape Bagatelle"
6. "Don't Luca Now"
7. "Koba Dependent"
8. "The Ecstasy of the Bold"
9. "Apes Together Strong"
10. "A Tide in the Affairs of Apes"
11. "Planet of the Escapes"
12. "The Hating Game"
13. "A Man Named Suicide"
14. "More Red Than Alive"
15. "Migration"
16. "Paradise Found"
17. "End Credits"

In my humble opinion, War for the Planet of the Apes is yet again another incredible, excellent even work of soundtrack art from Michael Giacchino. Solid at each and every one of the turns encountered within the 17 track score, Giacchino's ability to ebb and flow perfectly throughout the cinematic ups and downs is as precisely entertaining as ever.

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Title - 'Tulip Fever' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist - Danny Elfman

Set against the backdrop of the 17th-century Tulip Wars, a married noblewoman (Alicia Vikander) has an affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan) and switches identities with her maid to escape the wealthy merchant she married. She and her lover try to raise money together by investing what little they have in the high-stakes tulip market.

For those not in the know about Danny Elfman is an American composer, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Elfman is best known for his work scoring films and television shows, in particular his frequent collaborations with director Tim Burton, and for being the lead singer and songwriter for the band Oingo Boingo from 1974 to 1995.

Sony Classical have just released Danny Elfman's scoring of the film Tulip Fever as a soundtrack album this past August 4th, 2017. Available now as both a CD and digital download, it has to be one of the most enjoyable, playful, and atmospheric soundtrack scores that I have heard in the past decade.

Track Listing:
1. "Sophia's Theme"
2. "Lost"
3. "Willem"
4. "Unveiling"
5. "Streets"
6. "A Storm Is Coming"
7. "Ultramarine"
8. "Nailed"
9. "Reveal"
10. "Streets - Part 2"
11. "Devastation"
12. "Maria's Theme"
13. "Wait"
14. "It's Done"
15. "Storm"
16. "Grand Finale"
17. "Happy Family"
18. "Sophia's Theme (Reprise)"

From the moment the dulcet, and yet for the most part gently soaring "Sophia's Theme" is upon us, you just know the other 17 tracks that follow it will have you just as enraptured. One of my own personal favorites is the piano work on "Lost," which then bleeds seamlessly into such tracks as the vibrant cello work of "The Unveiling," the stirring 'A Storm Is Coming' and both the heart string tug of "The Reveal," and the romantic "Maria's Theme."

In my humble opinion, and as aforementioned above, Tulip Fever is yet again another incredible work of soundtrack scoring from the great, and always-impressive Danny Elfman. Each track as chock full of passion, so raw sometimes that you don't even have to know the scene and what the actors are portraying to know that there is either trouble, love or heartbreak ensuing. Now that is the true sign of a composing great, it is not.

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Danny Elfman @ Facebook!

Title - 'Turtle Soup: Expanded Edition'
Artist - The Mock Turtles

For those not in the know, The Mock Turtles (Martin Coogan — vocals, guitars; Steve Cowen — drums; Joanne Gent — keyboards; Andrew Stewardson — bass; and Martin Glyn Murray — guitars) are an English indie rock band, formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 1985, who enjoyed some success in the early 1990s.

Their song "Can You Dig It?" which was released in 1991, charted in the UK top 20 in 1991 and again in 2003. Their follow up single "And Then She Smiles" failed to replicate the success of the previous single, only reaching no. 44 in the charts.

In 1990 they released their much anticipated album Turtle Soup via Imaginary Records, then the following year cam the sophomore effort '87–90' (also on Imaginary Records). 'Two Sides' was released later that very same year via Siren Records, but The Mock Turtles were unable to follow up the early success and were dropped by their new label, again, that very same year of 1991.

Can You Dig It – The Best Of The Mock Turtles was released via Virgin Records in 2003 (and a mighty fine album it is, if I may say so myself), and nothing had been heard musically of the band - either new material or re-releases since then.

Well, all that has now changed because Cherry Red Records (UK) have just released a fantastic 2CD set of their debut album entitled Turtle Soup: Expanded Edition.

For this Expanded Edition of their debut Turtle Soup, which represents their complete Imaginary catalogue, all of the Mock Turtles’ non-album singles and B-sides, together with the many cover versions they recorded for Imaginary’s popular tribute albums (such as The Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, The Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart and The Kinks), Cherry Red have brought together an incredible 41 tracks for our musical enjoyment.

Disc: 1 - Turtle Soup + Bonus Tracks
1. "Kathy Come Home"
2. "Head Run Wild"
3. "Lay Me Down"
4. "Another Jesus Walks on Water"
5. "Oh Helen How?"
6. "How Does It Feel?"
7. "And Then She Smiles"
8. "The Willow Song"
9. "Mary's Garden"
10. "Can You Dig It?"
11. "Wicker Man"
12. "Watching the Waning Moon"
13. "John O'War"
14. "Take Your Time"
15. "Fionnuala"
16. "Bathing in Blue"
17. "Calm Before the Storm"
18. "Magic Boomerang"
19. "Wicker Man (Live Version)"
20. "Watching the Waning Moon (Live Version)"
21. "Johnny Seven"

Disc: 2 - Second Sitting
1. "Angel"
2. "Golden Children"
3. "No Good Trying"
4. "One Eyed Jack"
5. "Turn on"
6. "Big Sky"
7. "Up Here in Heaven"
8. "Casting Pearls"
9. "Time Between / Why"
10. "Harvey Don't Die"
11. "King for a Day"
12. "Big Eyed Beans from Venus"
13. "See Saw"
14. "Falling All Over"
15. "Pale Blue Eyes"
16. "Wally's Dead"
17. "Somewhere in England"
18. "Shangri-La"
19. "The Only One"
20. "Are You Experienced?"

The first disc containing Turtle Soup (which also, and purposely, as it has since come to light) shares its name with the 1969 record Turtle Soup, released by the American psychedelic rock band The Turtles) and some delightful bonus tracks, features the entire 11-track album track-for-track. Kicking off with the great, and still wonderful to hear power pop sound of "Kathy Come Home" and backs that up with the frenetic guitar work of "Head Run Wild," the drumtastic beats of "Lay Me Down," and both the jangly guitars and piano of "Another Jesus Walks On Water" and the soft pop rock of "Oh Helen How?"

"How Does It Feel?" is up next, and is followed by "And Then She Smiles" (a version of which is the theme tune to the popular TV series Stella) and a continually appreciated gem from the quintet. The delicate "The Willow Song" and the The Cultesque "Mary's Garden" are then followed by the original version of "Can You Dig It?" (which has remained popular via various TV ads), with the original album rounding out with their ever-popular, and still stirring cut, "Wicker Man."

The bonus tracks begin on a high with the upright bass bliss of "Watching The Waning Moon," and that's backed by both the soaring violins on "John O'War" and the steady pop lite roll of "Take Your Time," the massively popular between the fans "Fionnuala" coming along next. Continuing their popular dishes of interesting and lively euro-pop tracks - that deserved more attention than they received - we next get "Bathing in Blue" which is backed by "Calm Before the Storm."

"Magic Boomerang" is yet another doozy of a euro-pop sound, and that's followed by a duo of stunning live versions in the form of both "Wicker Man" and "Watching the Waning Moon (Live Version)," before the first disc comes to a close with "Johnny Seven."

The second disc, entitled Second Sitting is a sweet collection of 20 tracks that most all of us have never heard before; or if we had, had long forgotten about. Still a blend of vocal harmonies against a backdrop of wall of sound guitars that don't overpower the vocals, now some 26 years later and each and every track sounds as fresh today as I'm sure they did back when they were written.

Indeed, you can thank Martin Coogan for most all the wonderful bonus tracks as he has unearthed no less than fourteen previously unissued Mock Turtles demos from his personal archive! Sleeve-notes are by Mark Hodkinson (The Guardian, etc.), who was the first-ever journalist to review the band back in the mid-1980s.

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Title - 'This Minstrel Life'
Artist - Tokyo Rosenthal

The brilliant singer/songwriter Tokyo Rosenthal has just released his seventh album, entitled This Minstrel Life on the Rock & Sock Record label.

The new album is Rosenthal’s first release in over two years (since 2015's excellent Afterlife) and contains 6 original compositions and 4 live tracks.

Rosenthal, a 30 year veteran of the Americana Roots music scene, has always written well-created, storytelling songs, but here on This Minstrel Life, for my money, he has not only stepped his songwriting game up, but matured vocally also.

1. 'Hundred Mile Man'
2. 'This Minstrel Life'
3. 'The Last Seder'
4. 'Now I Believe There's A Devil'
5. 'Wiregrass'
6. 'The Immigrant Revisited'
7. 'Mama Tried' (Live)
8. 'Little Poetry Girl' (Live)
9. 'There is No Perfect Love' (Live)
10. 'Love Won Out' (Live)

We kick off with the gently Celtic-roused 'Hundred Mile Man,' a lovely, free flowing track that not only encapsulates Tokyo and what he brings to the musical table, but also happens to be one of my own personal favorites here. The accompanists that, well, accompany Tokyo on this new album come to the fore immediately on the title track 'This Minstrel Life,' with the delicate guitar playing and sounds of 'The Last Seder' along next.

The upbeat, mid tempo, accordion-led politically-driven 'Now I Believe There's A Devil' is up next and that's followed by the fast-paced, Mexican stand-off flavored 'Wiregrass'. That Mexican theme is continued on the beautifully updated 'The Immigrant Revisited', with the first of the live tracks (and also the shortest track on the entire album at just over two minutes) 'Mama Tried' (May 2015). Counted in, it's a real doozy of a storytelling tale, you can take my word for it.

Tokyo then introduces the next song about his oldest daughter who was an award-winning poet, who one day stopped writing and left him with no words for his songs, as he was stealing all hers! Hence, 'Little Poetry Girl' (2014)is about her. Next up is the pacey 'There Is No Perfect Love' (2012) and ending the new album is another moment of musical storytelling.

Introduced by Tokyo as a pro-gay marriage song, one that when he's on the road in the Blue States and the Red States he has to keep the car running for, just in case, 'Love Won Out' (2015) is the perfect way to round things out. An album theme written specifically by Tokyo about the lives of touring musicians, today and yesterday, This Minstrel Life (out now via Rock and Sock Records) is one of the finest heartfelt albums I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

Reviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

Tokyo Rosenthal @ Facebook!

Tokyo Rosenthal @ Twitter!

Title - 'Waterhouse Dub'
Artist - King Jammy

For those not in the know, Lloyd James, who is better known as Prince Jammy or King Jammy, is a dub mixer and record producer. He began his musical career as a dub master at King Tubby's recording studio.

Returning to the studio with his brand new album, Waterhouse Dub, listening to it we quickly discover that it is a brand new slab of megaton dub.

King Jammy, the undisputed heavyweight champion of drum and bass, has now brought out this August 11th, 2017 via VP Records a crucial selection of his toughest rub-a-dub specials. Inclusive of 15 mind-destroying dub knock-outs, this album is what we've all been waiting for.

With his dubs being well known for their clear sound and use of effects, here on his new album Waterhouse Dub the master of Dub has done it, once again.

1. 'Lethal Dub'
2. 'Revenge Attack'
3. 'Captivity Dub'
4. 'Kingdom Of Jah Dub'
5. 'Dubbing On The Riverside'
6. 'Holy Mount Zion Dub'
7. 'Top Secret Dub'
8. 'Super Power Dub'
9. 'Red Square Dub'
10. 'Village Dub'
11. 'Fire House Dub'
12. 'Experience Dub'
13. 'Queen's Highway'
14. 'Jammys A Shine'
15. 'Dub For Dave Hendley'

Kicking off with the atmospheric 'Lethal Dub,' 'Revenge Attack' takes it up a notch, albeit just, before one of my new favorites on this album, the reverb-aided 'Captivity Dub' is brought to the fore. The mid-tempo reggae cut 'Kingdom Of Jah Dub' is a blessing here also, as are both the dance hall 'Dubbing On The Riverside' and the arcade game vibe of 'Holy Mount Zion Dub'.

The reggae lite hipsway of 'Top Secret Dub' is next and that's backed by the arcade game gun fire-intro'd, melodic rasta of 'Super Power Dub'. The reggae bounce of 'Red Square Dub' is then backed by both the drum-inspired 'Village' Dub' and then the piano-inspired 'Fire House Dub.' A subtle air horn-blown intro to 'Experience Dub' leads us into another of my personal favorites here, and that's followed by one of the only tracks not vocally intro'd, 'Queen's Highway.'

This quite stunning album then rounds out with the uptempo, frenetic loops combined with low bass rolls of 'Jammys A Shine', before ending on distinctive high note with the jazz-like piano melodies of 'Dub For Dave Hendley.' Personally, I'd only ever heard word of King Jammy before this CD showed up and now I am, after only just one listen, addicted to hearing more of his work. I know you will be too.

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Title - 'Freedom In Dub'
Artist - Alborosie

For those not in the know, Alberto D'Ascola, better known by his stage name Alborosie, and sometimes styled as AlBorosie, is an Italian reggae artist.

In 2013, Alborosie released System and followed it up in 2016 with the hotly anticipated Freedom & Fyah, a ruff and rugged musical escapade through the grime and gutta of Kingston, Jamaica.

A year later and Alborosie has re-recorded dub versions of all the songs from the aforementioned hit album Freedom & Fyah and called his new album Freedom In Dub.

This brand new album, out June 3rd, 2017 via VP Records, extends and explores new sonic directions within the structure of the original recordings of ten tracks.

Using vintage analog equipment, Alborosie bridges the sounds and rhythms of classic reggae to 2017, highlighting his lineage to producers like Linval Thompson and King Jammy among others.

With the tracks all originally written about the place Alborosie calls home, this searing set of ten rasta ragga anthems - where they originally featured collaborations with the likes of Protoje, Kymani Marley, Sugus, and Roots Radics - have now all been re-imagined in dub.

1. 'Zion Dub Youth'
2. 'Strolling Into Dub'
3. 'Rocky Dub Road'
4. 'Rich N Dubby'
5. 'Dubbing Everything'
6. 'Dub Posers'
7. 'Dub Cry'
8. 'Dub Can't Cool'
9. 'Dub 420'
10. 'Carry On Dub'

We begin with the triumphant, yet distinctively laid back sounds of 'Zion Dub Youth' which is backed up by both the reverb of one of my own personal favorite tracks on this reworked album, 'Strolling Into Dub' and then the brilliant 'Rocky Dub Road.'

The twisty, creeping 'Rich N Dubby' is next and that's followed by 'Dubbing Everything' and then the experimental-sounding 'Dub Posers'. 'Dub Cry' is yet another reworked gem here, and that's backed by the harder, more defined 'Dub Can't Cool.' The dub step wonderment of 'Dub 420' is next and then the album rounds out with the washy-vibe of 'Carry On Dub.'

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Title - 'Africa Must Be Free By 1983'
Artist - Hugh Mundell

For those not in the know, Hugh Mundell was a Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter tragically murdered in 1983.

Sadly, he was shot and killed while sitting in a car with Junior Reid and that day reggae lost one of its most promising young performers.

Mundell's 1975 debut album, Africa Must Be Free By 1983 produced by Augustus Pablo, remains a classic roots reggae recording still today.

Originally awarded a five star review by Rolling Stone magazine upon it's 1978 release, Africa Must Be Free By 1983 was met with great acclaim and has gone on to be one the most sought after of all classic roots reggae albums.

Now re-mastered for release on August 17th 2017 (via VP Records) in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Greensleeves label, the album is a fitting testament to two titans of reggae (artist and producer Augustus Pablo) that were taken from us far too soon.

1. 'Let's All Unite'
2. 'Unity Dub'
3. 'My Mind'
4. 'My Mind Dub'
5. 'Africa Must Be Free By 1983'
6. 'Africa Dub'
7. 'Why Do Black Men Fuss And Fight'
8. 'Book Of Life'
9. 'Levi Dub'
10. 'Run Revolution A Come'
11. 'Revolution Dub'
12. 'Day Of Judgement'
13. 'Judgement Dub'
14. 'Jah Will Provide'
15. 'Ital Slip'
16. 'Western Kingston Style'
17. 'Sufferer Dub'

We start things off with the mid-tempo dub step of 'Let's All Unite' (a track that immediately showcases the young, tender vocals of Mundell) and as there is also artist and producer Augustus Pablo's subsequently-released dub version of this album included, each Mundell track is followed by (for the most part) Pablo's dub version (in this case, 'Unity Dub').

Next is the deep roots of 'My Mind,' then 'My Mind Dub', then come the gentle reggae pop flow of the title track 'Africa Must Be Free By 1983' and Pablo's 'Africa Dub.' 'Why Do Black Men Fuss And Fight' is followed the lighter fare of 'Book Of Life' and then Pablo's 'Levi Dub.'

Next up is the hushed vocal styling of 'Run Revolution A Come,' which is also quite easily one of my personal favorites on this album, and that's backed by Pablo's 'Revolution Dub.' Then comes Mundell's melodic gem 'Day Of Judgement' and it's dub companion 'Judgement Dub,' before the soothing 'Jah Will Provide' and Pablo's 'Ital Slip.'

That's followed by two Pablo dub mixes that subsequently now round out this remastered, re-released album. 'Western Kingston Style' and then 'Sufferer Dub' are musical companions to, so it sounds like, each other, but once the album finishes all you want to do is hit Play again. This album is just that musically infectious, trust me.

Knowing that Hugh Mundell was a protégé of Augustus Pablo, recording for his Rockers International imprint, together the two made these classic sides which still stand as genre defining forty years on. Buy it for yourself today and you'll soon be reaching back into both their history's to find out more about these two incredible reggae artists.

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Title - 'The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon' (OST)
Artist - Various

'The Rift — Dark Side of the Moon' tells the story of the search for NASA Space Shuttle astronaut who crash lands in Serbia, bringing back with him some kind of alien life form.

Starring Katarina Čas, Ken Foree, Dragan Mićanović, Monte Markham and both Denis Murić and Maya Lavelle, the movie is scheduled to premiere in December of this year.

With a stunning soundtrack companion, releasing this September 1st via Cleopatra Records, that features not only a bunch of classic space age songs, but also two interesting covers of songs from the classic Pink Floyd album that inspired the film’s name, 'The Rift: Dark Side Of The Moon' is one of the soundtracks of the year so far, trust me.

1. “Don’t Keep on Me Waiting” — Omega
2. “Us and Them” — John Wetton
3. “Brain Damage” — Colin Moulding & Robby Krieger
4. “Mask” — The Anix
5. “1799” — Echolust
6. “Paranormal” — Nik Turner
7. “Serenade for the Dead” — Leæther Strip
8. “Astronaut’s Nightmare” — Nektar
9. “C. abyssal” — Le Seul Élément
10. “Nebula” — Brainticket
11. “Dynamics of Delerium” — Rick Wakeman
12. “Into the Eyes of the Zombie King” — Chrome
13. “Notre Dame (Mothership)” (Edit) — Guru Freakout
14. “UFOlove” — Guru Guru Groove Band
15. “I Ran (So Far Away)” — A Flock of Seagulls

We start things off with the '70s space art of Omega's 'Don't Keep Me Waiting', and then comes one of the true gems of this album from the late John Wetton. His superb rendition of “Us and Them” showcases the Asia front man's stellar guitar work and vocals to perfection and that's backed by a version of the-must-be-heard-to-be-truly-appreciated “Brain Damage” featuring The Doors‘ Robby Krieger and XTC‘s Colin Moulding.

The trippy free flow of 'Mask' from The Anix is up next, and that's followed by both the crashing guitars of Echolust's brilliant '1799' and then Nik Turner's space adventure 'Paranormal.' “Serenade for the Dead” from Leæther Strip is a four minute delve into industrial space sounds, and that's backed by Nektar's stunning “Astronaut’s Nightmare.” At over seven minute long, this early '70s track is still as great to hear today as it was back then, of that you have my word.

“C. abyssal” — Le Seul Élément is as haunting as you would expect, whereas "Nebula” from Brainticket is a more subtly progressive, ever-organic track. Then comes another space adventure, this time from the Prog Rock God known as Rick Wakeman in 'Dynamics Of Delerium,' before we're reintroduced to Chrome's industrial beats of 'Into The Eyes Of The Zombie King.'

Guru Freakout's 30 minute plus opus 'Notre Dame (Mothership)' is now here in edit form, and that's backed by the Krautrock of 'UFOlove' from Guru Guru Groove Band. The soundtrack album then rounds out with the classic space rock of A Flock Of Seagulls' 'I Ran (So Far Away)' from 1982.

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Title - '8 Assassins - Beautiful the Bad & The Ugly' (OST)
Artist - Various

'8 Assassins - Beautiful the Bad & The Ugly' tells the story of a young thief who is pursued by bloodthirsty thugs from the alleys of Marrakech to the harsh Moroccan wilderness.

Seeking shelter in a remote city, he finds no refuge; only a beautiful woman, a tyrannical warlord, and eight assassins. Starring Mohamed Elachi, Sarah Kazemy, and Affif Ben Badra, the movie was directed by Said C. Naciriis.

With a stunning 2CD soundtrack companion, releasing this August 18th via Cleopatra Records, it features an incredibly diverse roster of artists that range from folk icon Judy Collins, to space rock legends Hawkwind, and include original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno, German krautrock pioneers Faust, Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner, deathrockers Christian Death and many more!

Disc: 1
1. Hedersleben - 'Gulf of Lost Souls'
2. Jürgen Engler - '8 Assassins (Score)'
3. Nik Turner - 'Coming of the Maya' (Feat Simon House)
4. Klute - 'No Man's Land'
5. Alan Davey - 'Angel Down' (Feat. Simon House)
6. Hawkwind - 'Hassan I Sabbah'
7. Black Plastic - 'Sertraline'
8. Onyx - 'Do U Bac Down'
9. The Wake - 'Nazarene'
10. Faust - 'Parasiten'

Disc: 2
1. Judy Collins & Ari Hest - 'Run'
2. Philippe Besombes - 'Chocolate Cream'
3. Brainticket - 'Radagacuca'
4. The Coffin Daggers - 'Instigator'
5. Yellowman - 'The Happiness of One'
6. Space Temple - 'Acid Journey' (Feat. Wayne Kramer)
7. Jürgen Engler - 'Assassin Fuzz (Score)'
8. Damon Edge - 'I'm a Gentleman'
9. Spahn Ranch - 'Heretic's Fork'
10. Paul Dianno - 'War Machine'
11. Larry Donn - 'Honey Bun'
12. Blackburner Vs. DMX - 'We Gonna Tear Shit Up'
13. Christian Death - 'Psalm (Maggot's Lair)'
14. Loon - 'Belly Dance' (Feat. Gritty)

We kick things off with the frenetic, haunting 'Gulf of Lost Souls' from Hedersleben and back that up with the quite piano work of the title track score, '8 Assassins' by Jürgen Engler. Next up is Nik Turner's 'Coming of the Maya' featuring Simon House which is in turn followed by Klute's industrial pounding on 'No Man's Land,' the lush 'Angel Down' from Alan Davey (once again featuring Simon House), and then Hawkwind's Middle Eastern-flavored 'Hassan I Sabbah.'

The pounding bass work of Black Plastic's 'Sertraline' is up next and that's backed by the funky rap of Onyx's 'Do U Bac Down,' The Wake's goth vibe on 'Nazarene,' and the the first disc rounds out with Faust's jangly plucked guitar work of 'Parasiten.'

The second disc opens with Judy Collins and Ari Hest's atmospheric 'Run' before we get both Philippe Besombes' psychedelic pop cut 'Chocolate Cream' and then Brainticket's brilliant 'Radagacuca.' Raging drums and guitars then bring is 'Instigator' from The Coffin Daggers (who have long been one of my favorite surf rock bands), and the along comes Yellowman's reggae-tipped 'The Happiness of One.'

Space Temple's mind-freeing jaunt 'Acid Journey' featuring rocker MC5's Wayne Kramer is up next and then we get the '70s guitar flashback on Jürgen Engler's 'Assassin Fuzz' score track. That fun track is then followed by Damon Edge's stirring 'I'm a Gentleman,' which in turn is backed by the goth electro of Spahn Ranch's 'Heretic's Fork.'

Former Iron Maiden lead singer Paul Dianno is up next on the throaty 'War Machine' (and boy, does he still sing/record like he's in Iron Maiden, and that's followed by the Elvis Presleyesque rockabilly of 'Honey Bun' from Larry Donn. Blackburner Vs. DMX then combine to bring us the trip-hop fuzz 'We Gonna Tear Shit Up', before the album rounds out with both the Prayer-like 'Psalm (Maggot's Lair)' from Christian Death, and then finally Loon bring us the club vibe of 'Belly Dance' (featuring Gritty).

The '8 Assassins - Beautiful the Bad & The Ugly' film will be released on DVD and VOD in September 2017 and will be accompanied by a major publicity campaign.

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