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Cherry Pop

Title - 'Adeva! Ultimate' [4CD Expanded Edition]
Artist - Adeva

For those not in the know, this expansive 4CD set of Adeva’s eponymous debut album brings together the most comprehensive collection of this seminal house/R&B release.

Originally released in August 1989, the album went on to sell in excess of 300,000 copies in the UK.

Adeva actually hails from New Jersey in the USA, but found her career taking shape in the UK when, after an indie single release on Easy Street Records, she was then signed by Cooltempo/Chrysalis.

This resulted in two albums, Adeva! and Love Or Lust and numerous singles being released.

In 1997 she released an album New Direction for Distinctive Records, but not before collaborating with Frankie Knuckles on two singles and the album.

The first CD features the 10 tracks of the original album plus seven bonus tracks with the single versions of five tracks, ‘Respect’, ‘Warning!’, ‘I Thank You’, ‘Beautiful Love’ and ‘Treat Me Right’.

Plus there’s the Club mix of ‘I Thank You’ and the dub mix of ‘Warning!’.

CD 1:
1. 'Respect'
2. 'Treat Me Right'
3. 'I Thank You'
4. 'So Right'
5. 'In & Out of My Life'
6. 'Warning!'
7. 'I Don't Need You'
8. 'Beautiful Love'
9. 'Promises'
10. 'Musical Freedom'
11. 'I Thank You' (Club Mix)
12. 'Warning!' (Dub Mix)
13. 'Respect' (Single Version)
14. 'Warning!' (Single Version)
15. 'I Thank You' (Single Version)
16. 'Beautiful Love' (Single Version)
17. 'Treat Me Right' (Single Version)

The album opens with the sonic reach of the single 'Respect' (UK #17), and backs that up with the mellower 'Treat Me Right (UK #62), the low key R&B, dancefloor shuffle of 'I Thank You' (UK #17), and then both the Loleatta Holloway-esque 'So Right,' and the dancefloor passion of 'In & Out of My Life.'

The powerful 'Warning!" (yet another UK #17!) is up next and is followed by the dubstep dance of 'I Don't Need You,' the smooth and soulful 'Beautiful Love,' and then both Russ Kip Moore's sax-led magnificence on 'Promises,' with, for my money, the albums standout track, 'Musical Freedom' (UK #22) featuring Paul Simpson and Carmen Marie bringing the original album to a close.

This expanded edition now adds a pumped up 'I Thank You (Club Mix),' a funky 'Warning! (Dub Mix) instrumental,' and then simply Single Versions of 'Respect,' 'Warning!', 'I Thank You,' 'Beautiful Love' and 'Treat Me Right.'

The second CD features 13 tracks of remixes, dub versions plus bonus beats of the singles including Dancin’ Danny D’s remix of ‘Respect’ along with five other mixes of the track.

There’s two remixes of ‘Warning!’ – High On Hope Mix and Zanzibar Mix and these are accompanied by the ‘I Thank You’ Remixes – Original Club Mix, The New Jersey Mix, Somehouse Somewhere Mix, and Paul Simpson’s The Philadelphia Mix.

CD 2:
1. 'Respect' (Dancin' Danny D Remix)
2. 'Respect' (Bonus Beats)
3. 'Respect' (Accapella)
4. 'Respect' (Extended Version)
5. 'Respect' (Rough Mix)
6. 'Respect' (Longer Dub Version)
7. 'Warning!' (High on Hope Mix)
8. 'Musical Freedom' (Adeva with Paul Simpson)
9. 'Warning!' (Zanzibar Mix)
10. 'I Thank You' (Original Club Mix)
11. 'I Thank You' (The New Jersey Mix)
12. 'I Thank You' (Somehouse Somewhere Mix)
13. 'I Thank You' (The Philadelphia Mix)

Featuring six (6) versions of 'Respect,' four (4) versions of 'I Thank You,' two (2) versions of 'Warning!' and one of 'Musical Freedom,' if you aren't Adeva'd out come the end of this second CD, you're obviously doing it wrong!

The third CD includes five ‘I Thank You’ mixes, two of which are by the Dancing Divas with their Club mix and Rhythm Mix, Love To Infinity provide two mixes, plus there’s remixes of the single ‘Beautiful Love’ including the Classic Club and Dream mixes by Frankie Knuckles.

Oh, and its 7" single B-side, ‘Promises’ also has three mixes included!

CD 3:
1. 'I Thank You' (Philly Dub Mix)
2. 'I Thank You' (Love to Infinity Mix)
3. 'I Thank You' (Dancing Divas Club Mix)
4. 'I Thank You' (Dancing Divas Rhythmn Mix)
5. 'I Thank You' (Love to Infinity Edit)
6. 'Beautiful Love' (Extended Mix)
7. 'Promises' (Extended)
8. 'Beautiful Love' (Instrumental)
9. 'Beautiful Love' (Remix)
10. 'Promises' (Truth Mix)
11. 'Beautiful Love' (Classic Club Mix)
12. 'Promises' (Broken Mix)

Again, we have an overload of certain tracks here, especially 'I Thank You' which comes at us five (5) more times (which now makes 9 times over the two discs, for those playing along at home!).

Snuggled lovingly amongst the four (4) versions of 'Beautiful Love' is one of my all-time Adeva favorites, the lesser known B-side 'Promises,' a funky dancefloor work of musical art, for sure.

The fourth, and final CD boasts four mixes of the sixth single from the album, ‘Treat Me Right’, various rare Smack Productions remixes of ‘Warning!’ that featured on a US only 12” single.

Other mixes include ‘Warning!’ 7” Edit and Capitol mix, the B-sides ‘Love To See You Dancing’ and ‘Love Is Special’.

CD 4:
1. 'Treat Me Right' (Smack Mix)
2. 'Love Is Special'
3. 'Treat Me Right' (Big Jam Mix)
4. 'Treat Me Right' (The Trumped Mix)
5. 'Treat Me Right' (The Taj Mahal)
6. 'Treat Me Right' (The JZJ Mix)
7. 'Warning!' (Capitol Mix)
8. 'Warning!' (You've Been Warned Mix)
9. 'Warning!' (Serious Lies Mix)
10. 'Warning!' (The Emergency Mix)
11. 'Warning!' (Final Warning Mix)
12. 'Warning!' (Dubstrumental)
13. 'Love to See You Dancing' (LP Version)

Well, what we have here are more versions of songs we've already had flooded down the pipeline at us, such as six (6) versions of 'Warning!' (which now makes eight in total), but we also get five (5) versions of 'Treat Me Right,' along with (for me, the true gold dust finds here, the 7" single B-side tracks, the light and fizzy 'Love Is Special' and mid-tempo, dancefloor slide of 'Love To See You Dancing’.

This 4 CD collection comes in a capacity wallet, with each CD in a paper wallet featuring related Adeva sleeve images from the period.

There is also a 24 page booklet including sleeve notes and a UK Discography which is housed within an outer sleeve featuring the original cover artwork.

Remixers featured across this 4CD set includes Frankie Knuckles, Smack Productions, Dancin’ Danny D, Paul Simpson, Dancing Divas, Love To Infinity, JZJ and Tony Humphries.

Official 4CD Purchase Link

Title - 'To Sing And Be Born Again' (Vinyl)
Artist - The Explorers Club

For those not in the know, The Explorers Club, who have been lauded for “brightening our winters with their patented brand of sun-kissed beach-pop” (Shindig! Magazine), will release two albums simultaneously through Goldstar Recordings (digitally June 12th, 2020 and on Vinyl and CD July 12th, 2020).

The Explorers Club showcases a dozen originals from the self-styled sunshine pop band featuring multi-part vocal harmonies and lush melodies reminiscent of ‘60s and ‘70s groups such as The Beach Boys, The Turtles and The Association.

To Sing And Be Born Again (which we have on lovely vinyl here now and will be reviewing directly from) is a ten-part love letter to their influences, consisting entirely of covers that were originally recorded by The Lovin’ Spoonful, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Herb Alpert, The Zombies and more.

The Explorers Club is the brainchild of Jason Brewer, who founded the band in his native Charleston, SC before relocating to Nashville.

With several songs featured on such shows as The O.C. and How I Met Your Mother and with three albums already under their belts – Freedom Wind (2008), Grand Hotel (2012) and 2016’s Together – this June’s twin releases are Brewer’s most ambitious undertaking to date.
The impetus for this stems from the overwhelmingly positive reaction the band received after releasing several cover songs as free downloads leading up to their sophomore release.

Side A:
1. 'I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite'
2. 'She'd Rather Be With Me'
3. 'Roses And Rainbows'
4. 'Kicks'
5. 'The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)'

Side B:
6. 'Maybe After He's Gone'
7. 'Can't Find The Time'
8. 'Say You Will'
9. 'This Guy's In Love With You'
10. 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore'

This foot-tappin, arms raised, exuberantly wonderful potpourri of songs from 1965-68 opens with 'I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite' (Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hartis), which is then backed by the shoulder-dippin', horn-backed 'She'd Rather Be With Me' (The Turtles), the summer melodies of 'Roses And Rainbows' (a pre-Three Dog Night Danny Hutton), the guitar pop of 'Kicks' (Paul Revere & The Raiders), and then Side A rounds out with a light and breezy, yet lovingly faithful 'The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)' (by Bob Dylan via Manfred Mann).

Side B opens with the psych pop of 'Maybe After He's Gone' (The Zombies), which is followed by the gentle musical waves lapping at the shore notes of 'Can't Find The Time' (by the “Bosstown Sound” band Orpheus, as well as a latter chart entry by Rose Colored Glass, here featuring former-BNL's Steven Page), and then my own personal favorite, the amiable hipsway of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s 'Didn't Want To Have To Do It' (here featuring Jay Gonzalez of Drive-By Truckers).

Coming to a close on Brewer's simply divine rendition of Herb Alpert's 'This Guy's In Love With You,' and then finishing on a triumphal 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' (Frankie Valli/The Walker Brothers), if this album had come out in the '60s, it would have been a monster hit, and deservedly so.

“I still get asked about those songs," Brewer explains, discussing the aforementioned positive reaction the band received after releasing several cover songs as free downloads, "so there is obviously a demand for a covers album.”

“I had a brand new album just about finished, which I think is one of the strongest things I’ve ever done. I figured I’ve got access to all this studio time and I’ve got some players to pull in to do it, so I’ll do an album of ‘60s covers, too."

"I just got to work and I finished both albums at the same time. It was an opportunity to give back to our hardcore followers who have loved the band for over ten years now.”

"I had a solid lineup of musicians working with me on the previous albums and I catered to their tastes, but this time around I made the record that I wanted to make,” Brewer adds.

Official Purchase Links

Title - 'Love'
Artist - Staring Into Nothing

For those not in the know, Southern California based Staring Into Nothing wields a foundation of melodic rock to explore the human experience and venture into new musical/thematic terrain.

Members Steve Rogers (keys/vocals) and Kurt Barabas (bass/vocals/guitars) craft their sound with a love for strong melody and musical virtuosity.

Taking a Steely Dan-esque approach in the recording studio, the band has a revolving cast of world class collaborators.

In November of 2017, Staring Into Nothing’s debut album Power delves deeply into the many ways power is used to manipulate, control, and subjugate people.

Staring Into Nothing’s latest album Love (out now via Antares Records) probes the multiplicity and evolution of romantic love.

The album was produced and mixed by Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Steve Morse, Ulver) and features an exceptional line up of musicians including: Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Santana, Ringo Starr) on drums, Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos) on percussion, Mike Keneally (Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani) on guitars, Trey Gunn (King Crimson, John Paul Jones) on Warr Guitar, and Danny T. Levin (Iggy Pop, Twenty One Pilots, Vampire Weekend) on horns.

Lending her voice to the album, Savannah Rogers is featured as lead vocals on two tracks, including the 18-minute journey that is ‘Towers: The Ecstasy & The Agony’.

1. 'Winter'
2. 'Spring'
3. 'Summer'
4. 'Autumn'
5. 'The Thin Line'
6. 'Beautiful Delusion'
7. 'Only Love'
8. 'The Ties That Bind'
9. 'Find Our Way Back'
10. 'To All'
11. 'Ashes'
12. 'Amazing Grace'

This quite magnificent album opens with the ambient rock of 'Winter,' which is followed up by the more upbeat 'Spring,' the euphoric 'Summer,' and then the early '70s psych rock feel of 'Autumn.'

The trippy dips and swirls of 'The Thin Line' makes this one of my own personal favorites and that's backed by the melodic notes of 'Beautiful Delusion,' and then both the harmonious, mid-tempo flow of 'Only Love' and the psych pop of 'The Ties That Bind.'

The sterner guitar rock of 'Find Our Way Back' is then followed by the more lush roll out of 'To All,' with the album coming to a close on the the foot-tappin' hipsway of 'Ashes,' with 'Amazing Grace' (no, not that one!) bringing this glorious musical experience to a close.

Amazon Digital Purchase Link

Title - 'Life Motion'
Artist - Intelligent Music Project V

For those not in the know, the global rock inspiration Simon Phillips (drums and percussion, musical co-producer) joins once again the all-star line up assembled by Milen Vrabevski, MD to bring us the new album, Life Motion.

The team features the voice of Ritchie Blackmore`s Rainbow – Ronnie Romero (lead vocals) and the progressive vocal of the London based rock band River Hounds – Richard Grisman (vocals) and the great voice of John Payne (ex-Asia).

Intelligent Music Project V by Milen Vrabevski, MD showcases the chemistry and the creative style of all his previous IMP projects (I-IV): rich, guitar-centric, inspiring lyrics and empowering melodies.

The magic and high-end sound completed with the top-notch experts such as Ivo Stefanov (keyboards) and Simon Phillips himself, who are musical co-producers of Life Motion.

The band is completed with some of the leading Bulgarian musicians such as Bisser Ivanov (guitars) and Ivaylo Zvezdomirov (bass).

1. 'A Kind of Real Life'
2. 'Don't Let Them Win'
3. 'Where I Belong'
4. 'Letting Me In'
5. 'We Keep On Running'
6. 'By the Side of the Minute'
7. 'Run Away'
8. 'The Final Act'
9. 'Reflecting'
10. 'Every Time'
11. 'Rising'
12. 'The Things in Your Mind'

On an album that encompasses all things that move us forward in life, the ensemble open with the free flowing AOR of 'A Kind of Real Life' and that's backed by the guitar rock of 'Don't Let Them Win,' the quietly euphoric 'Where I Belong,' the anthemic, fist-pumping 'Letting Me In,' and then the down low, gruff rock 'n' roll of 'We Keep On Running.'

Up next is the beautiful mid-tempo piano ballad 'By the Side of the Minute,' the musical rock climb of one of my own personal favorites, 'Run Away,' and then we get the another ballad, this time incorporating the formidable storytelling found within 'The Final Act.'

Legendary drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, Protocol, Mike Oldfield, The Who) adds two solos for the songs 'Reflecting' and 'Rising,' with the ballad 'Every Time' sandwiched in between, before the album comes to a close on the orchestral magnificence of 'The Things in Your Mind.'

Milen Vrabevski, MD says: “I would like my children to grow up with the ideas I share in my albums, and instead of teaching them lectures about those ideas, I use the language of music, which is very universal and easy to understand.”

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Title - 'Crash Test Kid'
Artist - Sammy Brue

For those not in the know, a native of Portland, Oregon, now living in Ogden, Utah,Sammy Brue released his debut album I Am Nice in mid-2017 via New West Records to widespread critical acclaim.

Brue has been writing songs since he was 10 years old after receiving an acoustic guitar from his father for Christmas. Long influenced by the Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Leadbelly, and Woody Guthrie songs played in the family car for years, Sammy quickly embraced the instrument and wrote his first song within two months.

Before signing to New West Records, Sammy self-released two EPs, the latest being I Don’t Want You To Leave in 2015.

Now on the back of his aforementioned New West full-length debut and a 2018 EP, Down with Desperation, Brue has brought forth arguably his finest work to date, his sophomore outing Crash Test Kid (out now, once again, via New West).

1. 'Gravity'
2. 'Die Before You Live'
3. 'Teenage Mayhem'
4. 'True Believer'
5. 'Pendulum Thieves'
6. 'Crash Test Kid'
7. 'Megawatt'
8. 'Fishfoot'
9. 'Skatepark Doomsday Blues'
10. 'What You Give'
11. 'Paint It Blue'

This quite magnificent, fresh and abundantly jubilant new album opens with the raw vocal and acoustic guitar work of 'Gravity,' which is seamlessly backed up with the upbeat 'Die Before You Live,' the early '80s punk angst of 'Teenage Mayhem,' and then the quieter, balladeering melodies of 'True Believer.'

Brue has always been an artist seemingly wise beyond his years, but on Crash Test Kid he often gets at the heart of a matter or melody with just a simple, but insightful turn of phrase or cleverly-picked guitar.

Perhaps none more so than both the glorious storytelling of 'Pendulum Thieves' and the open-hearted observance of the title track, 'Crash Test Kid.'

The encouraging buoyancy of both 'Megawatt' and 'Fishfoot' make for a lively third chapter to the albums rhythmic anecdotes, and then the new recording rounds out with the yearning vocal reach and exquisite pitch of 'Skatepark Doomsday Blues,' the foot-tappin' 'What You Give,' before closing out on the teenage longing for acceptance found within 'Paint It Blue.'

"Music has just been a part of my life since I was very young," Brue explains. "It's been like my football or my soccer"

"I stopped going to school to do it, because I thought if I could put seven hours a day into music, imagine where it's going to take me!"

Official Purchase Links

Sammy Brue @ Facebook

Sammy Brue @ Instagram

Sammy Brue @ Twitter

Title - 'Live at the Baked Potato'
Artist - Soft Machine

In 2018, Soft Machine (Roy Babbington, bass - John Etheridge, guitar - John Marshall, drums and Theo Travis on saxes, flute, and Fender Rhodes) released the well-received album called Hidden Details and following that release, they toured the world in 2018 and 2019.

Anyone who went to see them were treated to an excellent set of jazz fusion and rock of old and new tunes, played with tremendous fire and drive.Live at the Baked Potato (out now via MoonJune Records) is a quite magnificent 12 track follow-up; and one worthy of a broader listenership.

1. 'Out-Bloody-Intro'
2. 'Out-Bloody-Rageous, Part 1'
3. 'Sideburn'
4. 'Hazard Profile, Part 1'
5. 'Kings And Queens'
6. 'The Tale Of Taliesin'
7. 'Heart Off Guard'
8. 'Broken Hill'
9. 'Fourteen Hour Dream'
10. 'The Man Who Waved At Trains'
11. 'Life On Bridges'
12. 'Hidden Details'

Containing several Soft Machine classics from the '70s in addition to new tracks from their Hidden Details album of 2018, this live recording from their 50th Anniversary World Tour 2019/2020 (produced by Theo Travis, co-produced by Soft Machine themselves, and with Leonardo Pavkovic acting as executive producer), opens with the translucent majesty of 'Out-Bloody-Intro' and then slides seamlessly into the funky jam of 'Out-Bloody-Rageous, Part 1,' the drum-led 'Sideburn,' and then bring us both the Hendrix-esque (which is no surprise, as they were contemporaries of, and shared stages with, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and the Jimi Hendrix Experience back in the day) and sax-enfused 'Hazard Profile, Part 1,' and the laid back 'Kings And Queens.'

The quietly progressive, yet always thoughtful 'The Tale Of Taliesin' is then followed by the short, but pronounced guitar work of 'Heart Off Guard' and the dulcet prog flight of 'Broken Hill,' backing those up with the foot-tappin', flute enhanced wonderment of 'Fourteen Hour Dream.'

Creating their own train-like ambiance, next up is one of my own personal favorites, the free-wheeling ambiance of 'The Man Who Waved At Trains,' with the album coming to a close on the soaring sax delights of 'Life On Bridges,' and then the seven minute long, free for all jam, 'Hidden Details.'

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Title - 'An Idealist's Handbook'
Artist - Noshir Mody

For those not in the know, Noshir Mody is a stimulating and creative fusion guitarist displaying a beautiful tone, versatility, and inventive ideas on his picturesque originals.

Indeed throughout his career, he has recorded and performed consistently rewarding and thought-provoking sets of original music.

Born and raised in Bombay, India, Mody is self-taught on guitar. He has stated that his early inspirations included Indian classical music, Al DiMeola's Elegant Gypsy, music from Bollywood, and rock along with the modern jazz guitar masters.

Mody's latest set, An Idealist’s Handbook: Identity, Love and Hope in America 2020 (due out July 3rd, 2020), debuts a selection of thought-provoking originals that are filled with strong melodies, superior and versatile guitar playing, along with warm vocals by Kate Victor.

The album features Mike Mullan on alto and tenor saxophone, Benjamin Hankle on trumpet and flugelhorn, Campbell Charshee on piano, Yuka Tadano on bass, Jarrett Walser on drums and, on two of the five main pieces, the aforementioned Kate Victor on vocals.

1. 'Radha'
2. 'Sketching "Illusions Grow"'
3. 'Illusions Grow'
4. 'Sketching "Ol' Splitfoot"'
5. 'Ol' Splitfoot'
6. 'Illustrating "Rise"''
7. 'Sketching "Under A Starlit Sky (2020)"'
8. 'Under A Starlit Sky (2020)'
9. 'Rise'
10. 'Illusions Grow (Reprise)'

On an album where the philosophical and hopeful lyrics combine seamlessly with inventive jazz solos to form a vibrant, and memorable work, first up we have the free flowing seven minute 'Radha,' which Mody backs with the minute and a half lead in 'Sketching "Illusions Grow"' to the actual near nine minute long track, the oh-so luscious overtones of 'Illusions Grow.'

Next up is another quick lead in, this time a one minute 'Sketching "Ol' Splitfoot"' which, of course, then brings us the magnificently dreamy ambiance of the seven minute 'Ol' Splitfoot,' and then we get the soaringly vocalized 'Illustrating "Rise".'

This stunningly authentic, and wholly spiritualized album then rounds out with the short 'Sketching "Under A Starlit Sky (2020)"' which bleeds beautifully into the low slung guitar work of 'Under A Starlit Sky (2020),' with the grandeur of a longer 'Rise,' and then the vocalized 'Illusions Grow (Reprise)' bringing the album to a close.

Always displaying a highly individual sound on the guitar and a fresh imagination, Noshir Mody is heard in top form throughout his timely new album, the quite magnificent An Idealist’s Handbook: Identity, Love and Hope in America 2020.

Noshir Mody @ Facebook

Noshir Mody @ Twitter

Title - 'Human Rites Trio'
Artist - Jason Kao Hwang

For those not in the know, Jason Kao Hwang and his longtime bandmates Ken Filiano (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums) could only have made this recording now, after having persevered – individually and collectively – through life’s trials and errors to get to this point of effortless musical mastery, where they can converse freely and eloquently in a language created together over years of collaboration.

Certainly, the intimate experience of engaging with this music as a trio for at least a year, testing it in concert after concert, making revisions and discoveries all along the way, has engendered a truly remarkable depth of shared feeling and common understanding among them.

The music of Jason Kao Hwang (composer/violin/viola) explores the vibrations and language of his history. His compositions are often narrative landscapes through which sonic beings embark upon extemporaneous, transformational journeys.

Andrew Drury is a drummer, composer, and organizer who has performed in 30 countries and on 70 recordings, recently recognized by All About Jazz as “one of the most adventurous drummer/percussionists in creative music today, and a dedicated humanitarian.”

Ken Filiano, bass player, composer, improviser, has been performing throughout the world for thirty years, collaborating with leading artists in multiple genres, fusing the rich traditions of the double bass with his own seemingly limitless inventiveness.

On their brand new album, Human Rites Trio, and as explained by Hwang himself, "Each composition is a progression of gestures, songs, movements and locations that bring participants into a state of discovery and compassion."

"Within these Human Rites, individual voices are empowered to be fully expressive so that each moment is unpredictable and deeply intentional."

"This psychic intensity, both sacred and sacrificial, provokes a heightened awareness that unifies Listeners and Musicians within a spiritual entrainment."

"As we hear ourselves within music we become Music, which is no longer a performance but an affirmation of justice and celebration of life."

1. 'Words Asleep Spoken Awake: Part I' (6:45)
2. 'Words Asleep Spoken Awake: Part II (9:02)
3. 'Conscious Concave Concrete' (9:31)
4. '2 AM' (6:06)
5. 'Battle for the Indelible Truth' (11:49)
6. 'Defiance' (9:44)

Opening with the two-part ambiance of 'Words Asleep Spoken Awake,' the methodical way that Hwang’s compositions channel through his trio’s vibrant chemistry, perfectly encapsulates the increasingly syncopated chromatic string lines (especially those found in the frenetic Part II), providing a recurring frame of reference for mutually responsive interplay.

Weaving funk, swing, and free sections together with consistent thematic coherence, up next is the the melodic, at times Middle Eastern-esque, drum led wonderment of the near ten minute 'Conscious Concave Concrete.'

Inclusive of a rubato viola solo that serves as a pivot into the powerful blues groove that follow, that in turn is backed by the a transgression of conventional generic boundaries within the ornately highly strung elegance of '2 AM.'

The near-12 minute opulence of the pure, thrusting, raw string-shredding expressionism through hybrid Afro-Asian ecumenicism, of the dynamic 'Battle for the Indelible Truth' is a breathtaking work of musical art, in and unto itself, and then the album comes to a close on the fingering-finesse, and drum/percussion, dynamic call and response between composition and improvisation core found within 'Defiance.'

"I wish to thank Andrew Drury and Ken Filiano for their creativity, dedication and friendship,' Hwang continues.

"This CD was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The music honors all the heroic doctors, nurses, and frontline workers who are saving so many lives. The music is also dedicated to the memory of all the people whom we tragically lost to this terrible disease."

Title - 'Avocado'
Artist - Rolie Polie Guacamole

For those not in the know, Jersey natives Frank Gallo & Andrew Tuzhilin created Rolie Polie Guacamole in 2006 while living in Brooklyn, NY.

Over the next 15 years, they’ve played thousands of shows, recorded seven records, receiving top picks from, Time Out NY Kids, and Time Out Chicago.

Winner of the prestigious Parents’ Choice® and NAPPA Awards, Rolie Polie Guacamole has developed a smart, parent-friendly musical style that dresses up original tunes and classic covers with vibrant harmonies and deft instrumental layers, plugging in a sizzling electric current of rhythm that lights up lyrics humming with relevance and humor.

Avocado, the bands 7th album (out June 19th, 2020) continues in this tradition broadening the genre of the band whilst continuing to bring forth a technically savvy, and imaginative sound that speaks to children, whilst reminding their parents of the golden age of 1990s music.

1. 'Avocado'
2. 'Ay Batta Batta'
3. 'Basketball Jane'
4. 'Fire Truck'
5. 'Dancing on the Sun'
6. 'A Very Quiet Song'
7. 'Aguacate'
8. 'Pizza Pie'
9. 'iScream'
10. 'Persevering Penguins & Pals'
11. 'Sammi the Cat'
12. 'Jingle Bells'
13. 'Avocado (outro)'

The new album opens with the mid-tempo, sing-along title track, 'Avocado,' and backs that up with the frenetic 'Ay Batta Batta,' a gentle, Rush-like rock ode to Baseball, and then comes an early 90’s Rap story within 'Basketball Jane' (featuring Katie Mullins as Jane).

Next up is a new rendition of a fan favorite, Ivan Ulz’s 'Fire Truck' where the band, whilst working with recording legend Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey), now embellish it with a new lo-fi punk angst vibe.

The near seven-minute 'Dancing on the Sun' sends the young listeners into space and around the solar system, inclusive of a hot-foot chorus one minute, a lush and gentle moon walk the next, and once they are back to terraferma we get the languid solace of the perfectly-entitled 'A Very Quiet Song.'

The Spanish-sung 'Aguacate' is up next, as the anthem returns as an appetizer for the fun, and weirdly instructional singalong 'Pizza Pie,' and then the kids rock of 'iScream' is up next.

Some rather fine storytelling comes to the fore next on 'Persevering Penguins & Pals,' where Frank and Andrew make a theme song for their OG fans Moorea & Jasper Friedmann (who published their first book “Meet the Persevering Penguins & Pals”).

This highly inventive, fun and bouncy album the rounds out with the longest track on the album, the Brooklyn feline storytelling of the near-ten minute 'Sammi the Cat,' a festively pre-Christmas 'Jingle Bells,' and then comes to a close on a thirty second outro of 'Avocado.'

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Title - 'Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine'
Artist - John McCutcheon

For those not in the know, John McCutcheon is an American folk music singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has produced 40 albums to date since the 1970s.

Indeed, he is regarded as a master of the hammered dulcimer, and is also proficient on many other instruments including guitar, banjo, autoharp, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, and jawharp.

This prolific folk instrumentalist and singer has now brought out a brand new, and completely unexpected album, Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine (out now, and only available as a download directly from John's website (see below).

Sequestered in his cabin in the North Georgia mountains, McCutcheon had returned from an Australian tour in mid-March, and due to COVID-19 had gone straight into a self-imposed quarantine.

It was there that McCutcheon proceeded to write a song a day for three weeks, fueled by long conversations with friends and long walks where he reflected on the past, present, and future.

With his characteristic humor and his winning way as a storyteller, McCutcheon pays tribute to health care workers, offers an homage to John Prine, and ponders the ambiguities of human nature in this collection of moving songs.

1. 'Front Line'
2. 'The Night That John Prine Died'
3. 'Sheltered in Place'
4. 'In Bristol Bay'
5. 'Control'
6. 'One Hundred Years'
7. 'Six Feet Away'
8. 'That's All'
9. 'Hallelujah Morning'
10. 'Vespers'
11. 'My Dog Talking Blues'
12. 'When All of This Is Over'
13. 'The Donkey'
14. 'The Bean'
15. 'Monet Refuses The Operation'
16. 'Earth'
17. 'Traveler's Rest'
18. 'The Night That John Prine Died' (Original Lyrics)

The well-traveled troubadour (here in a much stripped-down setting, not only providing the vocals, but acoustic/resophonic guitars and piano parts and more, I wouldn't wonder), kicks things off with 'Front Line,' an adamantly strummed tribute to the hourly stress that all health care and essential workers have found themselves for months now.

He then backs that up with the passionately heartfelt, somber storytelling of an ode to the beloved late singer/songwriter on 'The Night That John Prine Died' (with its opening chords riding on a phrase from 'These Days,' poignantly honoring Prine, whilst artfully revivifying him in the chorus also), and then the ornate 'Sheltered in Place.'

The mid-tempo guitar flow of a melodic look at blue-collar life in Alaska’s fisheries industry within 'In Bristol Bay' is up next and is followed by stern nod-and-a-wink reminiscing of 'Control,' the dulcet, gospel piano work of the hymn-like 'One Hundred Years,' and then both the Celtic-tinged ballad 'Six Feet Away' and the Simon & Garfunkel-esque 'That's All.'

The fervently upbeat 'Hallelujah Morning' is then backed by the lonesome underlay of 'Vespers,' with the perky fun of 'My Dog Talking Blues,' the free flowing folk of both 'When All of This Is Over' and 'The Donkey,' with the spoken word, Merle Travis-inspired ode to the simple, but oh-so plentiful bean.

The gilded folk embroidery of 'Monet Refuses The Operation' allows McCutcheon to shine to absolute perfection, and then comes a rather humorous narrative (told from the perspective of our long-suffering planet) within 'Earth,' and then the album closes on the opulent Americana of 'Traveler's Rest,' and an "original lyric" version (which runs at just 19 seconds and, buyer beware, features a naughty word!) of 'The Night That John Prine Died.'

With his keen eye for the great within the small, his captivating storytelling, and his ability to go for the funny bone and the heart at once, Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine is truly vintage McCutcheon.

Official 'Cabin Fever: Songs from the Quarantine' Digital Download Purchase Link

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Title - 'Dockside Saints'
Artist - Cary Morin

For those not in the know, Colorado-based singer and songwriter, Cary Morin has been described as acoustic Native Americana Fingerstyle Blues; with strong qualities of jam, reggae, jazz, blues, bluegrass and dance.

Indeed, Tim Duffy, president of Music maker Relief Foundation, describes Morin as a “... brilliant guitarist, heartfelt songwriter and soulful singer whose music gives us pause to reflect on life’s great rewards,” and I personally couldn't agree more.

On his brand new album, Dockside Saints (due out August 7th, 2020), Morin brought on board multi-Grammy winning producer/engineer, Tony Daigle, whilst leaving the mastering to Jim Demain at Yes Master in Nashville, TN.

These 12 powerful tracks - which were recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice, LA. April 2019 - actually came about in 2018, at the urging of a friend of his from Lafayette, LA.

He thought that Morin's Piedmont blues style of songwriting and guitar playing was a good fit for the rhythms and sounds of Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco music.

And after a tour of the infamous Dockside Studios, introduced him to the aforementioned Daigle, and with the subsequent help of local drummer, Dave Nezat, they began to assemble an all-star cast of Lafayette area musical heroes.

The lure of working with such an illustrious and talented group in this multi-award winning Louisiana studio was obviously too good to resist for Morin went home from that tour and began to write a collection of songs, specifically for this project.

He returned in April of 2019 to spend one solid week with Tony and the guys, laying down all of the foundational tracks and over the past months have subsequently added various instrumentation and harmony vocals.

1. 'Nobody Gotta Know'
2. 'Exception to the Rule'
3. 'Prisoner'
4. 'Because He Told Me So'
5. 'Tonight'
6. 'Jamie Rae'
7. 'Bare Trees'
8. 'Valley of the Chiefs'
9. 'Chosen Road'
10. 'Cary's Groove'
11. 'Blue Delta Home'
12. 'Come the Rain'

This vibrantly authentic album - which also features Lee Allen Zeno (bass), Brian Brignac (drums), Corey Ledet (guitar), John Fohl (guitar), Beau Thomas (guitar), Eric Adcock (piano), Keith Blair (guitar), and Celeste Di Iorio (vocals) - kicks things off in fine style with the funky jam of 'Nobody Gotta Know,' and backs that up with the low slung Americana folk of 'Exception to the Rule,' with Morin's deft fingerpicking guitar blues style coming immediately to the fore on 'Prisoner.'

The abundantly ornate ballad 'Because He Told Me So' is up next and is followed by the preciseness of the artful 'Tonight,' the rambunctious nature of the guitar-led 'Jamie Rae,' and then both the laid back, lush wonderment of 'Bare Trees' and the mid-tempo, train on the tracks vibe of 'Valley of the Chiefs.'

This genuinely heartfelt, deeply woven Americana, blues and folk album then rounds out with the achingly expansive 'Chosen Road,' the upbeat, foot-tappin' tones of 'Cary's Groove,' coming to a close on the dulcet, gilded beauty of 'Blue Delta Home,' before ending on the encouragingly buoyant 'Come the Rain.'

"The ancient Native culture of the South has been an inspiration as it relates to our travels and what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Mississippi Valley," Morin explains.

"This collection of songs represents our annual migration, just as my ancestors migrated from this region to the Western Plains so many centuries ago; sharing culture through music and more along the way. It is the product of our imagination of what was, and what has become our love of the sounds of the south."

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Title - 'Pop 85/95'
Artist - Neal Smith

For those not in the know, legendary Alice Cooper Group, HOF drummer Neal Smith has just-released a brand new album, Pop 85/95 via Kachina Records.

Smith's new "retro pop" album signifies the music style and time period in which he wrote these songs between 1985 and 1995 with the songs, along with the actual album concept, all being both overtly sexy and politically incorrect!

Furthermore, Smith's 11 new songs represent all aspects of relationships, falling in and out of love in a simpler bygone era before Coronavirus, politically correctness and the new world disorder.

With the onslaught of glam hair bands and heavily homogenized rock of the 1980’s, Smith was looking for a new direction for his songwriting.

Inspired by another drummer, songwriter, singer Phil Collins, he turned from writing hard rock to a slicker, more pop rock songwriting style.

In the late 1980’s he took four of his new songs into the studio and recorded them. One of the songs, 'Secret Eyes' helped land a recording deal with newly formed record company called Grudge Records.

Along with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper fame), Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult fame), Charlie Hune (Ted Nugent fame) and lead guitarist Jay Jesse Johnson (also known as “Triple J”), a new band called Deadringer was formed and signed by Grudge Records.

Deadringer recorded an album in 1989 called Electrocution Of The Heart featuring the aforementioned single 'Secret Eyes, but the album and band were all short lived after Grudge Records' quick demise! However, after Deadringer, and well into the 1990’s, Neal continued writing songs with Johnson in this pop rock style and decades later, well into the New Millennium, Smith was searching through his archives of music and found those songs that he composed and recorded between the years of 1985 and 1995.

Inspired by Johnson's amazing lead guitar work, Neal polished the songs and brought them back to life with the help of two of his best friends, Peter Catucci (bass guitar of Killsmith) and Rick Tedesco (guitarist/engineer).

Now, much to the excitement of his fans worldwide, Neal Smith’s Pop 85/95 is available digitally and on CD.

1) 'If I Only Had You'
2) 'Dying To Love You'
3) 'Secret Eyes'
4) 'Love Sets The Night On Fire'
5) 'Distant Drum'
6) 'I Wanna Be Good, But I Don't Know How'
7) 'Love Can Run, Love Can Hide'
8) 'In A Heartbeat'
9) 'Fly Home Sweet Angel'
10) 'I Love You To Death'
11) 'All My Eyes Can See'

Opening with the mid-tempo AOR of 'If I Only Had You,' that's followed by the lush ballad 'Dying To Love You,' which in turn is followed by the Smith-sung single, the foot-tappin' 'Secret Eyes,' and then the synth-led ballad 'Love Sets The Night On Fire.'

Next up is the mid-tempo, percussion-enhanced 'Distant Drum' which is backed by the free flowing melodic guitar work of 'I Wanna Be Good, But I Don't Know How,' with the rock guitars fully engaged for the mid'80s AOR of 'Love Can Run, Love Can Hide.'

The album then rounds out with the drum-led 'In A Heartbeat,' the soaring guitar work found on the yearning for a departed loved one within 'Fly Home Sweet Angel,' with dynamic drums and guitars working in harmony for the euphoric 'I Love You To Death,' before coming to a close on the passionate outreach of 'All My Eyes Can See.'

"In the 80’s and 90’s Rap, Hip Hop, Pop and even Rock music was being recorded with synthesized programmed drums," Neal Smith explains. "I understood that this was a new wave of recording percussion."

"But what I did not like was many of the synthesized drum tracks were being programmed by engineers and musicians who were not even drummers."

"Disappointed and inspired by that fact, I began a new phase of songwriting by programming synthesized drums on my recordings. The last eight songs on my new CD POP 85/95 is a collection of songs I wrote from that era featuring synth drums I programmed myself."

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Title - 'Porter Plays Frishberg - Unsung'
Artist - Randy Porter

For those not in the know, Jazz pianist Randy Porter has a refined understanding of improvisation and the spontaneous communication between musicians.

As a Steinway Artist, Porter draws from a rich palette of sonorities found within his imagination and the depths of the piano.

Indeed, Porter has performed with many jazz greats, including Freddy Hubbard, Art Farmer, Benny Golson and Charles McPherson. With the Charles McPherson Quartet, he has traveled throughout the US and in Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and China.

Furthermore, the Randy Porter Trio was also nominated for the 60th Grammy Awards for the album, Porter Plays Porter with Nancy King.

His brand new album, Porter Plays Frishberg - Unsung, is a tribute album to songs by Dave Frishberg, and is to be released this very month via HeavyWood Records.

Featuring Randy Porter on piano, John Wiitala on bass, and Todd Strait on drums, Porter also arranged, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered this project at HeavyWood Studios.

1. 'Snowbound'
2. 'Listen Here'
3. 'I’m Hip'
4. 'Heart’s Desire'
5. 'I Want to Be a Sideman'
6. 'You are There'
7. 'Dear Departed Past'
8. 'Wheelers and Dealers'
9. 'Little Did I Dream'
10. 'Peel Me a Grape'
11. 'Do You Miss New York?'
12. 'Zanzibar'

With all the 12 songs songs written by Dave Frishberg, except for: 'I’m Hip' (by Bob Derough and Frishberg), 'Heart’s Desire' (by Alan Broadbent and Frishberg), 'You Are There' and 'Little Did I Dream' (by Johnny Mandel and Frishberg), combined with some heartfelt, and at times intricately orchestrated arrangements by Porter, Porter Plays Frishberg - Unsung already features prominently in my own personal Top 10 albums of the year.

Opening on the light and breezy 'Snowbound' that then blends seamlessly into the fine dining accompaniment 'Listen Here,' the mid-tempo, layered funk of 'I’m Hip,' and then both the lush 'Heart’s Desire' and the perky 'I Want to Be a Sideman.'

The quietly poetic 'You are There' is then backed by the more precise sounds of 'Dear Departed Past' with the down low vibe of 'Wheelers and Dealers' nicely following along.

The highly-spirited 'Little Did I Dream' is then backed by the near-eight minute jam of 'Peel Me a Grape,' with the album coming to a close on the ornate 'Do You Miss New York?' and then the luxuriant 'Zanzibar.'

“A growing number of listeners and musicians have come to appreciate Dave Frishberg as a composer, lyricist and pianist, yet his name is still relatively little known to the larger public," Porter explains.

"Most recordings of Frishberg’s music or lyrics understandably feature vocalists. My hope is that Dave’s music also has the prominence to reach you Unsung."

"Perhaps by now, even with a purely instrumental interpretation, we can sense his message through the melody, the humor through the harmony, and the rhyming through the rhythm; not unlike his predecessors achieved through the other timeless jazz standards of the Great American Songbook. Hope you enjoy.”

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Title - 'Dance / Cello Concerto'
Artist - Inbal Segev / London Philharmonic Orchestra

This formidable release features Inbal Segev performing Elgars emotive Cello Concerto coupled with Dance, an inspiring new work by Grammy-nominated English composer Anna Clyne that was commissioned by Inbal.

Dance / Cello Concerto, released this past June 5th, 2020 via AVIE Records, also features Marin Alsop conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

It was actually Marin who introduced Inbal to Anna, sparking a special synergy between the three women and whilst Anna was composing Dance, a five-movement concerto inspired by the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi, further connections organically ensued.

Anna Clyne (b. 1980)
1. I. when you’re broken up (4:43)
2. II. if you’ve torn the bandage off (4:07)
3. III. in the middle of the fighting (4:18)
4. IV. in your blood (5:30)
5. V. when you’re perfectly free (6:13)

Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934)
Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85
6. I. Adagio – Moderato (7:50)
7. II. Lento – Allegro molto (4:32)
8. III. Adagio (4:45)
9. IV. Allegro – Moderato – Allegro, ma non-troppo – Poco più lento – Adagio (11:56)

Opening with Clyne's 5-part Dance, 'when you’re broken up' is a poignantly heart-rendering piece, which is backed by the sterner, more proficiently determined 'if you’ve torn the bandage off,' and then an effortless calm at the center of any storm fully resides in the organic 'in the middle of the fighting.'

That feeling permutates into 'in your blood,' which itself then bleeds into the vibrantly energetic, sharp tones and deliberate movements of 'when you’re perfectly free.'

The second piece is Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85, and opens with the ornate magnificence of 'Adagio – Moderato,' before adding moments of upbeat dips and swirls within 'Lento – Allegro molto.'

A truly beautiful, quiet, and utterly pleasing 'Adagio' follows those moments perfectly, before the work rounds out with the near-12 minute long, breathtakingly lavish 'Allegro – Moderato – Allegro, ma non-troppo – Poco più lento – Adagio.'

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Title - 'The Austrian Connection'
Artist - Sarah Beth Briggs

Much lauded for her interpretations of Hans Gáls concerto and chamber music works, Sarah Beth Briggs now presents the composers beguiling Three Preludes alongside well-loved works by three of his greatest Austrian forebears: Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert.

Following meticulous examination of the original scores, Briggs sensitively translates the authentic character of each work to the resources of a modern piano with revelatory results.

A leading recitalist, concerto soloist, and chamber musician, and a long-standing pupil of the late Denis Matthews, Briggs gained a Hindemith Scholarship to study chamber music in Switzerland with celebrated violist Bruno Giuranna, and continued her studies there with renowned Arrau pupil, Chilean pianist Edith Fischer.

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809)
1. Variations on Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser (7.28)

Piano Sonata in C, Hob. XVI/50 (15.25)
2. Allegro (6.33)
3. Adagio (6.19)
4. Allegro molto (2.33)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K. 310 (20.11)
5. Allegro maestoso (5.56)
6. Andante cantabile con espressione (11.08)
7. Presto (3.07)

Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)
Piano Sonata in A, D. 664 (21.00)
8. Allegro moderato (8.09)
9. Andante (5.14)
10. Allegro (7.37)

Hans Gál (1890 – 1987)
Three Preludes, Op. 65 (1944) (9.28)
11. Vivacissimo (2.40)
12. Lento e tranquillo (4.35)
13. Presto grazioso e con anima (2.13)

The Austrian Connection, released this past June 5th, 2020 via AVIE Records, opens with Haydn's magnificently tempered, ornately embroidered 'Variations on Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,' before moving seamlessly in his three-part 'Piano Sonata in C, Hob. XVI/50.'

The vibrantly perky 'Allegro' opens, before giving us the more thought-provoking 'Adagio,' with the upbeat, cheery jaunt of 'Allegro molto' bringing Haydn piece to an end.

Up next is Mozart's 'Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K. 310,' whose 'Allegro maestoso' is simply a free flowing, and passionate work of musical art all by itself.

That's followed by the more precise key work of 'Andante cantabile con espressione,' before the expansively bubbly 'Presto' rounds out that work.

Schubert's 'Piano Sonata in A, D. 664' is my own personal favorite here, opening, as it does, with the dulcet majesty of 'Allegro moderato,' before bringing forth the softly orchestrated 'Andante' and then the always-a-joy-to-behold, enthusiastic ambiance of 'Allegro.'

The last work is Gál's short 'Three Preludes, Op. 65' which opens on the frenetically determined, yet at all times cultured, key work of 'Vivacissimo,' which is then backed by the delicately graceful 'Lento e tranquillo,' with Gál's piece, along with Briggs' work coming to a close on the excited fervor of 'Presto grazioso e con anima.'

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Title - 'Move On!'
Artist - Purdie Fabian Oswanski

On this, their first album together, Move On!, the trio of Purdie Fabian Oswanski bring forth (and for the first-ever) an album of organ and bass, playing original jazz funk and also incorporating amazing surprises, such as a swinging, grooving 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic.'

On this quite vibrantly magnificent new album, the living legend of the drums himself Bernard “Pretty” Purdie comes together with journeyman musicians Ron Oswanski (Hammond B-3 organ) and Christian Fabian (electric bass) for a recording that is, simply put, quite like nothing you ever expected to hear!

1. 'The Red Plaza'
2. 'BPP Blues'
3. 'Can’t You See (You’re Doin’ Me Wrong)'
4. '84-85'
5. 'Got Groove? (Pt. 2)'
6. 'Love You Madly'
7. 'Move On!'
8. 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'
9. 'So What'

Opening with the funky jam of 'The Red Plaza' that's backed by Oswanski's prowling organ work alongside Purdie's wonderful groove solo on 'BPP Blues,' which is followed by the finger-snappin' mid-tempo, breezy flow of 'Can’t You See (You’re Doin’ Me Wrong)' and then the Fabian's bass lines come into play on the the magnificent '84-85.'

That bass is also front and center on 'Got Groove? (Pt. 2),' a track that actually showcases the collective indominable spirit that this trio has for their chosen genre, and that's followed by the low key, late night piano bar, lush tones of 'Love You Madly.'

The funky, drum-led title track 'Move On!' is one of my own personal favorites here, and that's backed by their wonderful cover of 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' (also known as 'Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory' outside the US), with their cover of Miles Davis' 1959 'So What' bringing the album to a comforting flashback close.

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Title - 'Local Nomad EP'
Artist - Local Nomad

For those not in the know, capturing Paul Simons '70s aesthetic and the pop sensibility of Gnarls Barkley, Local Nomad’s sound is marked by soulful vocals, ethereal synths, and lustrous drum beats.

The pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Michael Desmond, he is a dad rock powerhouse who shakes hands with pop — with two fingers crossed behind the back—breaking a promise to adhere to the mainstream of the genre, fusing it with delivery of indie-rock electricity.

Indeed, and as he himself has always said, "Local Nomad represents the constant searching for oneself. Abandoning a sedentary life," and here on the quite brilliant new 5-Track, self-titled EP, Local Nomad ensures that our lives are further enriched by showcasing warm, soulful vocals that amiably drift between dream-like synths and glossy drum beats.

1. 'Love Is Gone'
2. 'Gates'
3. 'Getting Old Is A Bitch'
4. 'Young Vampires'
5. 'Summertime'

Opening with the spacious, perky, free flowing, early '90s Brit pop sounds of 'Love Is Gone,' that's backed by the free flowing, windows down on the road, summer breeze through your fingers vibe of 'Gates.'

The methodical hipsway of the mid-tempo 'Getting Old Is A Bitch' is then backed seamlessly by my own personal favorite track here, the one minute quietly RHCP-esque balladeering, the next the lo-fi emo pop flow of 'Young Vampires' (a song about unhealthy relationships), with the final track actually being Local Nomad's own favorite, 'Summertime.'

A track that captures his dry sense of humor perfectly, whilst still evoking a classic nostalgic emotional quality, the song is essentially a time capsule that represents what summer was like for him (and maybe you also) as a kid.

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Title - 'Know Say Or See'
Artist - Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet

For those not in the know, Benny Rubin Jr. is a Flint, Michigan born, Detroit raised tenor and alto-saxophonist now based in New York.

Rubin Jr. gained early experience playing saxophone in church. Indeed, he discovered jazz, graduated from the Detroit School of Arts, and worked locally with many top local musicians including Wendell Harrison, performing at the 2016 Detroit Jazz Festival with the Detroit Jazz Festival Youth All-Stars.

Since moving to New York, Rubin has played with renowned artists such as Roy Hargrove, Reggie Workman, Barry Harris and Winard Harper and in 2017 formed his very own Quartet (Rubin Jr. on Alto and Tenor Sax; Lex Korten on Piano; Adam Olszewski on Bass; and JK Kim on Drums).

That Quartet's quite wondrous debut album, Know Say Or See was released this past June 8th, 2020 and features eight tracks that distinctly reflect on the times we are all currently in.

1. 'Know' (6:42)
2. 'Say' (4:59)
3. 'Darn That Dream' (5:24)
4. 'NYC Urge' (5:46)
5. 'Kiss Me Right' (8:05)
6. 'Flint Water Crisis' (7:55)
7. 'Down They Go' (11:07)
8. 'Or See' (7:49)

Having made a strong impression with his debut, What's Next, his sophomore album as a leader covers a lot of current topics, along with allowing for Rubin Jr. to express some of his own personal, heart on the sleeve thoughts too.

The Quartet performs six of Rubin's originals along with some rather fresh renditions of two standards here on Know Say Or See, opening with the lo-fi, low slung appeal of the sax and bass duet 'Know.'

They then back that up with the perky, yet explorative piano work of 'Say,' the bass-led beauty 'Darn That Dream,' and then comes the rip-roarious 'NYC Urge' (an original based on Joe Henderson's 'Inner Urge'), and the mid-tempo hipsway swing of Horace Silver's 'Kiss Me Right.'

The piece closest to his heart is obviously the musically disjointed, always evolving 'Flint Water Crisis' (named after a public health crisis that started in 2014, after the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan was changed), and then the album comes to a close on the 11 minute, John Coltrane-esque 'Down They Go,' and then the comforting, spiritually absorbed jam of 'Or See.'

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Title - 'You Must Believe In Spring'
Artist - Sue Anne Gershenzon

For those not in the know, Sue Anne Gershenzon has been a professional singer her whole life singing On Broadway, Off Broadway in Opera Houses, Regional Theaters, Concert Halls and Clubs.

Releasing on August 1st, 2020, Sue Anne's quite delightful debut album (complete with magnificent jazz back-up) is You Must Believe In Spring, and where one may well try to categorize her singing, simply put, Sue Anne lives in, and inhabits her songs quite like no other vocalist.

Taking her listeners on the journey of a life lived, lessons learned, and hope for the future, with her regular pianist and arranger Glafkos Kontemeniotis serving as her co-producer, Sue Anne's beautiful voice is showcased to perfection of 11 classic songs.

1. 'I Thought About You'
2. 'With so Little to Be Sure Of'
3. 'So Many Stars'
4. 'The Fool on the Hill'
5. 'When Sunny Gets Blue'
6. 'A Child Is Born'
7. 'Deed I Do'
8. 'Good Morning Heartache'
9. 'Straighten up and Fly Right'
10. 'East of the Sun'
11. 'You Must Believe in Spring'

Joined by tenor-saxophonist Joel Frahm, trombonist Ryan Keberle, bassist Sean Smith, drummer Dave Meade, Brandon Vazquez on trumpet, Bashiri Johnson on percussion and a string trio comprised of Megan Gould on violin, Karen Waltuch on viola and Noah Heffeld on cello, this magnificent, dreamy at times, heart rendering at others, debut album opens with the lush swing of 'I Thought About You,' and follows that up with the quietly dulcet flow of the Stephen Sondheim ballad 'With so Little to Be Sure Of,' and then comes the oh-so gentle, graceful hipsway of 'So Many Stars,' and a daring jazz rendition of the Beatles' 'The Fool on the Hill.'

The soft shuffle and expressive vocal of 'When Sunny Gets Blue' is a stand out here for me and that's followed by the magnificent jazz standard 'A Child Is Born' and the perky 'Deed I Do.'

Sue Anne's deep dive into the Billie Holiday-sung 'Good Morning Heartache' is yet another moment to be fully savored here, and that's backed by the vibrant Nat King Cole 'Straighten up and Fly Right,' with the album rounding out with the Brooks Bowman-written 'East of the Sun,' closing on the heart rendering Bill Evans classic, here a special duet with Kontemeniotis, 'You Must Believe in Spring.'

"This project has been a four-year labor of love in collaboration with my brilliant arranger and co-producer Glafkos Kontemeniotis," Sue Anne explains. "We are supported by some of the greatest musicians in the country and I think the result is one you will enjoy."

"The album is a linear story. It represents a time in my life of great challenges and struggle. I have learned that with love and caring for ourselves and each other one can emerge from anything."

"As we all struggle through these challenging times, it is my hope that this CD will offer you inspiration to persevere and to thrive."

"We All Must Believe in Spring."

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Title - 'Born Innocent'
Artist - Alcatrazz

For those not in the know, the hard-hitting, melodic heavy metal band Alcatrazz will once again throw down a studio gauntlet on July 31st, 2020 with the absolutely pulsating Born Innocent (via Silver Lining Music).

Their first studio venture since 1986’s Dangerous Game, alongside the unique vocal prowess and range of star front man and founding member Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), Born Innocent also features fellow founding members Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea.

Complete with classic album art that features the mighty rock itself, Born Innocent is a journey into the sort of heavy, melodic and supremely articulated hard rock that is a cornerstone of the likes of Rainbow and the Michael Schenker Group; territory Alcatrazz successfully strode in the ‘80s before going on hiatus.

Born Innocent also features guest appearances from Chris Impellitteri, who wrote the music and played all guitars on the arpeggio-powered title track, with Bonnet’s vocals soaring to old-school heights, as did the late Bob Kulick for the majestic 'I Am The King.'

Virtuoso Japanese guitar maestro Nozomu Wakai similarly wrote and played guitars on the double-kick steel-plated Irish warrior ode 'Finn McCool,' while the six-string legend that is Steve Vai wrote 'Dirty Like The City.'

Besides the supreme musicianship, Born Innocent features genuine storyteller lyrics courtesy of Bonnet who revels in showing he loves the scent of an entertaining tale, proudly illustrated on the storming lead single 'Polar Bear' which bristles with robust old-world adventure.

Though Alcatrazz might well have been "born innocent," their new album shows they’ve obviously learnt some robust and rawkus things along the way!

1. 'Born Innocent'
2. 'Polar Bear'
3. 'Finn McCool'
4. 'We Still Remember'
5. 'London 1666'
6. 'Dirty Like The City'
7. 'I Am The King'
8. 'Something That I Am Missing'
9. 'Paper Flags'
10. 'The Wound Is Open'
11. 'Body Beautiful'
12. 'Warth Lane'
13. 'For Tony'

Opening with the squealing guitars and frenetic drum back beat of the title track 'Born Innocent,' that's backed seamlessly by the head down, hair toss guitar rock of 'Polar Bear,' the thunderously melodic 'Finn McCool,' and then both the mid-tempo keyboard and guitar amalgamation ballad 'We Still Remember' and the powerhaus rocker 'London 1666.'

Their brand of roaring rock continues onward with the full on 'Dirty Like The City,' a track that truly encapsulates how good Bonnet's vocals still are, which is followed by the balls out frenzy of 'I Am The King' and then the cacophonous, black metal-esque 'Something That I Am Missing.'

The more upbeat, chest puffed out, head held high rocker 'Paper Flags' is next, and is backed by one of my own personal favorites, the unadulterated metal rock of 'The Wound Is Open.'

At times veering into Tygers of Pan Tang-esque work, the drum-led 'Body Beautiful' is up next and is followed by the stunning, ethereal at times, guitar work of 'Warth Lane,' with the album coming to a close on the black sheep of the album, the brass percussion and raw Bonnet vocalization of 'For Tony.'

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Title - 'The Living Room Concert [Expanded]'
Artist - Anthony Phillips

For those not in the know, Esoteric Recordings will be releasing the incredible, and remastered and expanded edition of The "Living Room" Concert by original Genesis guitarist and celebrated solo artist and composer Anthony Phillips this July 17th, 2020.

Originally released in May 1995, the album featured highlights of a live solo performance by Phillips which was recorded on March 21st, 1993 as part of the Living Room Concert Series for the US Radio program Echoes; a daily program of contemporary instrumental music.

The show was broadcast on 120 public radio stations in America on 25th June, 1993.

For the performance, Phillips selected a number of acoustic guitar and piano pieces, drawing mainly on tracks originally released on the albums The Geese and The Ghost, Private Parts and Pieces and A Catch at The Tables.

He also included two pieces from New England, the eighth volume in the Private Parts & Pieces series and a solo 12-string version of the first movement of a Guitar Quintet that he had composed in 1976; which had subsequently been scored with parts for strings and wind instruments, Conversation Piece.

1. 'Reaper'
2. 'Which Way the Wind Blows'
3. 'Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times'
4. 'Conversation Piece'
5. 'Flamingo'
6. 'Field of Eternity'
7. 'Sistine'
8. 'Lights on the Hill'
9. 'Last Goodbyes'
10. 'Collections'
11. 'Sleepfall'
12. 'Jaunty Roads'
13. 'Let Us Now Make Love'
14. 'Lucy: An Illusion'

Released back in 1995 as part of Phillips' "Living Room" concert series, which in itself was a quaint tradition that started in folk music circles and had since moved into some of the smaller genres of prog by then, the actual idea was that the musician in question would subsequently perform at the house of a generous (heavily donating) fan.

But because Phillips has always been so, well, for the sake of a more medical term, stage shy, his first foray into these "Living Room" concerts was actually done by not even leaving his very own front room!

Hence, the radio broadcast came directly from Phillips' own living room, which might explain why the recorded results are both low key and very intimate.

Opening with the delicate 'Reaper,' the lush orchestrations of the magnificent 'Which Way the Wind Blows' then bleed seamlessly into the near 12-minute work of music art, the Mike Rutherford co-written 'Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times.'

More of that ye olde vibe come through on 'Conversation Piece' which is itself backed by the jaunty guitar work of 'Flamingo,' the free flowing, ethereal at times 'Field of Eternity,' and then the heart rendering recollections of 'Sistine.'

The original album then rounds out with the thoughtfully stirring 'Lights on the Hill,' the ornate piano work of 'Last Goodbyes,' coming to a close with one of the best tracks (in my humble opinion), the fabulously fable like storytelling of 'Sleepfall.'

Unavailable on CD for many years, The "Living Room" Concert has been remastered and expanded to include three previously unreleased tracks recorded for the original broadcast: 'Jaunty Roads', 'Let Us Now Make Love' and 'Lucy: An Illusion'.

The first of those is the sweet and joyful, albeit short 'Jaunty Roads' which is backed by the seven minute, delicately piano-led 'Let Us Now Make Love,' with the mid-tempo pop prog ballad 'Lucy: An Illusion' rounding out the newly added trio.

Phillips' solo performances on guitar and piano with occasional vocals are simple yet assured here throughout, and his between-song banter is endearingly awkward.

It's unavoidable, however, that Phillips' material - possibly because he's never wanted to be a live performer - is simply not particularly suited to the stage.

In its original studio version, 'Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times' is a marvelous tapestry of interlocking classical guitar filigrees. However, live, it by necessity sounds a bit weedy and much less harmonically inventive, so to speak.

The two solo piano pieces at the end of the album, 'Last Goodbyes' and 'Collections' are more melodically interesting and richer sounding, especially the latter, and so as much as The "Living Room" Concert is clearly for Anthony Phillips fans only, it still remains a quite wonderful musical document, nonetheless.

This Esoteric Recordings edition restores the original artwork and includes new liner notes by Anthony Phillips archivist Jon Dann.

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Title - 'Self Made Man'
Artist - Larkin Poe

For those not in the know, Rebecca & Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe are singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist sisters creating their own brand of Roots Rock 'n' Roll: gritty, soulful, and flavored by their southern heritage.

Originally from Atlanta and currently living in Nashville, they are actually real-life descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Allan Poe.

After a remarkable two-year run that saw them earn a Grammy Award nomination for their last chart-topping studio album while touring the world from Nashville to New Zealand and back again, Larkin Poe have returned with what is undeniably their most wide-reaching, artistically adventurous, and self-determined work to date.

Once again taking the producer reins and releasing on their own Tricki-Woo Records label, Self Made Man (released June 12th, 2020) sees the multi-instrumentalist sister duo pushing their music and message towards hitherto unexplored terrain.

1. 'She's a Self Made Man'
2. 'Holy Ghost Fire'
3. 'Keep Diggin'
4. 'Back Down South'
5. 'Tears of Blue to Gold'
6. 'God Moves on the Water'
7. 'Every Bird That Flies'
8. 'Scorpion'
9. 'Danger Angel'
10. 'Ex-Con'
11. 'Easy Street'

Inspired by their epic world travels, yet still powerfully rooted in the creative heritage of their beloved American South, they open with the powerful rock opera vibe of 'She's a Self Made Man,' back that up with the rock hipsway of 'Holy Ghost Fire,' and then bring us the more melodically leveled 'Keep Diggin', the lowdown blues of 'Back Down South,' and the upbeat, lighter guitar work of the nostalgic, finger-snappin' 'Tears of Blue to Gold.'

'God Moves on The Water' is a Gospel-vibed, hand-clappin' beauty and that's backed by the mid-tempo slide guitar, Eastern-infused rock of 'Every Bird That Flies,' and then comes one of my own personal favorites, the hard-hitting, Chicago blues of 'Scorpion.'

This quite vibrant and yet fully grounded album then rounds out with some brilliant bluesy guitar work found on 'Danger Angel,' the rough and ready 'Ex-Con,' and then comes to a close on the upbeat and perky, clap-long melodies of the late night, front porch-esque feel of 'Easy Street.'

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Title - 'The Proper Years' [2CD]
Artist - Bill Kirchen

For those not in the know, and telling it like it is, upon tallying how many decades he’s worked as a professional guitar slinger, Telecaster master Bill Kirchen quips, “Well, they don't make 50 years like they used to.”

They don’t often make careers like his, either. From performing with his Who Knows Pickers jug band in Ann Arbor High School’s senior talent show (also on the program: the future Iggy Pop), to birthing the Americana genre with the original “hippie country band,” Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, this affable Austinite has been everywhere, man, flying alongside some of the planet’s coolest cats — including the Jesus of Cool, Nick Lowe, and Lowe’s old protégé, Elvis Costello.

In fact, playing guitar has been his only job ever since. Over a ten-year period commencing in 2006, he made albums exclusively at Proper Records' Specific Sound studio in London.

Thus, all thirty-eight tracks, including some bonus material, are available come July 24th, 2020 (via The Last Music Company) in a quite magnificent, retrospective 2CD package, aptly entitled The Proper Years.

Featuring guest spots from the aforementioned Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello, Kirchen also teams up with Paul Carrack, Commander Cody, Dan Hicks, Maria Muldaur, Butch Hancock, and many more in this tour-de-force of Americana and Alt. Country.

CD 1:
1. 'Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
2. 'Rocks Into Sand' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
3. 'Get A Little Goner' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
4. 'Skid Row In My Mind' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
5. 'Working Man' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
6. 'Soul Cruisin'' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
7. 'Truth Be Told' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
8. 'Devil With The Blue Dress'
9. 'One More Day' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
10. 'Heart Of Gold' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
11. 'If It's Really Got To Be This Way' (with Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins)
12. 'Bump Wood'
13. 'Shelly's Winter Love' (with Paul Carrack and Nick Lowe)
14. 'Man In The Bottom Of The Well' (with Elvis Costello)
15. 'I Don't Work That Cheap' (with Commander Cody)
16. 'Time Will Tell The Story'
17. 'Husbands And Wives' (with Chris O'Connell)
18. 'Open Range' (with Blackie Farrell)
19. 'Arkansas Diamond'

CD 2:
1. 'Word To The Wise' (with Dan Hicks)
2. 'Ain't Got Time For The Blues' (with Maria Muldaur)
3. 'Valley Of The Moon' (with Norton Buffalo)
4. 'Too Much Fun'
5. 'Tell Me The Reason'
6. 'Down To Seeds And Stems'
7. 'Semi-Truck'
8. 'Rockabilly Funeral'
9. 'Womb To The Tomb'
10. 'Flip Flop'
11. 'Swing Fever'
12. 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry'
13. 'Truck Stop At The End Of The World'
14. 'Mama Hated Diesels'
15. 'Hot Rod Lincoln'
16. 'Talkin' About Chicken'
17. 'Think It Over' (with Austin de Lone)
18. 'Oxblood' (with Butch Hancock)
19. 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' (with Austin de Lone)

A well-balanced mix of engaging originals and wonderfully rendered covers, The Proper Years admirably conveys the Telecaster titan's versatility as a player and singer — one of the first to mash up rockabilly, country, Western swing, honky-tonk, jump blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and even the “psychedelic folk rock” he played with the Seventh Seal, the band he formed while attending the University of Michigan.

Kicking off in some fine old school rockin' swing style with the brilliant 'Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods' (the first of ten tracks accompanied by Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins, the latter a Welsh singer, songwriter, rock and roll pianist and accordionist), Kirchen then flows seamlessly into the countrified lo-fi ramble of 'Rocks Into Sand,' the mid-tempo honky tonk of 'Get A Little Goner' (which also features frequent contributor Sarah Brown; coincidentally also raised in Ann Arbor), and then the ballad 'Skid Row In My Mind' and the reverb club rock of 'Working Man.'

A musician more interested in sounding like Doc Watson than Eric Clapton, and whose main guitar was crafted by Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars from 200-year-old pine floorboards recycled from film director Jim Jarmusch’s loft, next up is the gentle hipsway of 'Soul Cruisin' and balladeering craftmanship of 'Truth Be Told,' and then both the finger-snappin', slow roll flow of a later in life version of the song made into a hit by Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels in 1966, 'Devil With The Blue Dress' and the perky 'One More Day' (once again featuring both Nick Lowe and Geraint Watkins - as are the next two tracks).

Taking a trip into the hue of Cash country, we head into 'Heart Of Gold' and then the mid-tempo lullaby of 'If It's Really Got To Be This Way' is brought forth. The tempo is punched back up for 'Bump Wood,' the harmonious magnificence of Merle Haggard’s 1971 ballad 'Shelly's Winter Love' (with Paul Carrack and Nick Lowe), and then we get my own personal favorite here, the Elvis Costello-enhanced 'Man In The Bottom Of The Well.'

The vibrant Hammond-inspired storytelling of 'I Don't Work That Cheap' (with Commander Cody) is yet another stand out cut and that's followed by the gentle foot-tappin' beats of 'Time Will Tell The Story.'

The alluring majesty of 'Husbands And Wives' (with former Asleep at the Wheel’s Chris O’Connell) is up next, with the first CD rounding out with the Americana vibe of both 'Open Range' (with guitarist Blackie Farrell) and then closing out with 'Arkansas Diamond.'

The second disc opens with the chatty musical reminiscing of 'Word To The Wise' (with Dan Hicks, who sadly died in 2016) and then follows that up with the mid-tempo, dulcet swing of 'Ain't Got Time For The Blues' (with folk and blues singer Maria Muldaur), the honky tonk 'Valley Of The Moon' (with Norton Buffalo, who played harmonica with the Airmen and Moonlighters, and who also passed away shortly after recording), and then jacks that rock guitar vibe up with 'Too Much Fun,' the foot-tappin' melodies of 'Tell Me The Reason,' and then the low slung ballad 'Down To Seeds And Stems.'

A devoted Anglophile, thanks to two aunts who married Brits, Kirchen began recording for the British label (distributed in the U.S. under the Proper American name) after owner Malcolm Mills promised, “I'm going to give you the best deal you've had in 25 years.”

He did, too, as personified in the fact that Mills not only supports Kirchen’s recorded output, he also supports the guitarist onstage, right alongside engineer/bassist Paul Riley.

Up next we get the precise finger-pickin' style, let alone a tutorial in how to play the bass, on the gently frenetic 'Semi-Truck,' which he backs up with the lo-fi 'Rockabilly Funeral,' the reminiscing of 'Womb To The Tomb,' and then both the funky 'Flip Flop' and the delightfully jaunty 'Swing Fever.'

The brilliant, laid back rock ambiance of 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry' is yet another highlight here, and that's backed by the more controlled frenzy of the Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen hit 'Truck Stop At The End Of The World,' and then comes the fun tone of 'Mama Hated Diesels' and the fast-paced storytelling of 'Hot Rod Lincoln.'

The Americana-countrified track 'Talkin' About Chicken' is always a finger-snappin' delight to behold, and that's backed by the vocal reaching expertise of 'Think It Over' (with keyboardist Austin de Lone), with this wondrous 2CD package coming to a close on the fully charged 'Oxblood' (with Butch Hancock), and then ends with a Tom Petty-esque rendition of Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' (once again with de Lone).

A mere 50 years later, and it's obvious that Kirchen’s still having a blast playing and making music. In fact, he’s even planning another tour with Riley and Mills, but as for releasing this new package, he says, “[It] nicely puts a bow on a whole, very enjoyable period of my life.”

“Not that it's over,” he adds quickly. “I mean, I’ve got more stuff in the works.”

Then he cracks, “Don’t tell anybody, but it's not as hard as it looks!”

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Title - 'Living in the Gap + Hungarian Pictures' [2CD]
Artist - Mandoki Soulmates

L.A.-based indie label Cleopatra Records and Hungarian-born songwriter/producer/musician Leslie Mandoki, the mastermind behind the living, breathing art rock project Mandoki Soulmates, have just released the first full-length album since the two entities joined forces earlier this year.

Coming out on Cleopatra’s venerated progressive rock imprint, Purple Pyramid, home to such artists as Nektar, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind-alumni project Hawkestrel, and Rick Wakeman, the album entitled Living In The Gap + Hungarian Pictures is actually a double album adding the 45-minute Prog Rock suite Hungarian Pictures, based on a musical concept by Deep Purple’s Jon Lord and ELP’s Greg Lake, to the original Living In The Gap album.

As with his other projects under the Mandoki Soulmates banner, Leslie Mandoki has brought together a Murderer’s Row of rock icons and musicians from some of the biggest names in prog and classic rock including Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson plus current and former members of Toto, Cream, Supertramp, ELP, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, and the list goes on!

The coming together of such a diverse cast perfectly expresses the album’s lyrical theme of unity, which couldn’t be a more timely message for today’s world.

Living in the Gap:
1. 'Living in the Gap'
2. 'Young Rebels'
3. 'Turn the Wind'
4. 'Where We Belong'
5. 'Let the Music Show You the Way'
6. 'Too Much Pride'
7. 'Old Rebels'
8. 'Welcome to Real Life'
9. 'Hottest Queen of Cool'
10. 'Wake Up'
11. 'Mother Europe'
12. 'I'm Not Your Enemy'

Hungarian Pictures:
1. 'Sessions in the Village'
2. 'Utopia for Realists'
3. 'Transylvanian Dances'
4. 'You'll Find Me in Your Mirror'
5. 'Return to Budapest'
6. 'Barbaro'
7. 'The Torch'

Opening with the pulsating one-two AOR punch of the title track 'Living in the Gap,' this concept double album about tribalism continues on seamlessly with the lush mid-tempo flow of both 'Young Revels' and 'Turn the Wind,' with the beautiful ballad 'Where We Belong' and the heartfelt and meaningful, acoustic guitar ballad 'Let the Music Show You the Way' along next.

For 'Too Much Pride' the band wander effortlessly into their jazz mode, and that's followed by the mid-tempo, foot-tappin' 'Old Rebels,' the sax-led 'Welcome to Real Life,' and then both the finger-snappin' hipsway of 'Hottest Queen of Cool' and the quite brilliant pop funk flow of 'Wake Up.'

Featuring flute work and vocals from Jethro Tull's very own Ian Anderson, the world historically slipping through our hands yearning of 'Mother Europe' is up next with the first album coming to a close with the Hammond vs. guitar masterpiece 'I'm Not Your Enemy.'

The second disc, Hungarian Pictures, opens with the dulcet piano and percussion work of 'Sessions in the Village,' and follows that up with the shoulder-to-shoulder, gently euphoric sway 'Utopia for Realists,' the near 20 minute 'Transylvanian Dances' and the soulful rhapsody of 'You'll Find Me in Your Mirror.'

This beautiful album then rounds out with the delicate, Sting-esque renderings of 'Return to Budapest,' the drum and percussion-led, all out musical behemoth 'Barbaro,' before coming to a close on the thought-provoking 'The Torch.'

If you are lucky enough to get the Box-Set Limited Deluxe Edition of this release, which features an expansive, glossy and oh-so colorful (and heavy) book along with both the vinyl 2LP and 2CD editions, trust me when I say that you will be experiencing a little bit of Heaven, my friends.

As for the overall release, Mandoki himself explains in the album’s video trailer (click link below), “We know that music is the greatest unifier…[These are] songs against division, from the old rebels to the young rebels. This is our time to take a breath for a better world.”

Watch the Entire Album Trailer Here!

Having already topped the Amazon Classic Rock Charts in Germany, Living In The Gap + Hungarian Pictures is poised to bring a whole new audience in North America, South America, the UK and beyond into the Soulmates’ family of fanatics.

LESLIE MANDOKI – vocals, drums, percussion & udu
IAN ANDERSON – vocals & flute
JACK BRUCE – vocals & bass
NICK VAN EEDE – vocals
AL DI MEOLA – guitars
MIKE STERN – guitars
RANDY BRECKER – trumpet & flügelhorn
ADA BRECKER – tenor & soprano saxophone
BILL EVANS – tenor & soprano saxophone
JOHN HELLIWELL – tenor, soprano, alto saxophone & clarinet
TILL BRÖNNER – trumpet
CORY HENRY – Hammond, piano & Rhodes
TONY CAREY – vocals, Hammond & piano
RICHARD BONA – bass & vocals
STEVE BAILEY – 6-string fretless bass

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Title - 'Night Kisses: A Tribute to Ivan Lins'
Artist - Eddie Daniels

Off the heels of Grammy-nominated album, Heart of Brazil, comes jazz clarinet icon Eddie Daniels' new project, Night Kisses: A Tribute to Ivan Lins (out August 7th, 2020 via Resonance Records).

Paying tribute to the world-renowned Brazilian musician/composer Ivan Lins, it brings Daniels together with legendary jazz pianists Dave Grusin and Bob James, plus top-shelf trio-Josh Nelson, Kevin Axt, Mauricio Zottarelli - and the Grammy-winning Harlem Quartet.

Featuring songs from Lins' classic `70s/'80s albums and new arrangements by Kuno Schmid and Josh Nelson, Night Kisses allows fans old and new to once again immerse themselves in the Latin Grammy-winning Brazilian musicians work.

Eddie Daniels is that rarest of rare musicians who is not only equally at home in both jazz and classical music, but excels at both with breathtaking virtuosity.

Eddie first came to the attention of the jazz audience as a tenor saxophonist with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra. When Thad and Mel first organized their band in 1966 to play Monday nights at the Village Vanguard in New York (where it still plays), Eddie was one of the first musicians they called.

Eddie Daniels is clearly a renaissance musician, a virtuoso in both jazz and classical music, recipient of unreserved accolades from his peers, from critics, and from the public.

Having been an active performer and songwriter of Brazilian popular music and jazz for over thirty years, 75 year-old Ivan Lins has seen his own songs covered by such notables as Patti Austin, David Benoit, George Benson, Michael Bublé, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Horn, Quincy Jones, the Manhattan Transfer, Sérgio Mendes, Jane Monheit, Lee Ritenour, Sarah Vaughan, Diane Schuur, Sting, Barbra Streisand, and oh-so many more.

1. 'A Voz Do Povo' (The Voice of the People)
2. 'Pano de Fundo' (Backdrop)
3. 'Mãos de Afeto' (Hands of Affection)
4. 'D’Aquilo Que Eu Sei' (That Which I Know)
5. 'Velas Içadas' (Hoisted Sails)
6. 'Dinorah, Dinorah'
7. 'Cantor Da Noite' (The Night Singer)
8. 'Quadras De Roda: O Passarinho Cantou' (The Little Bird Sang)
9. 'Amor' (Love)
10. 'Lembra' (Remember)
11. 'Depois dos Temporais' (After the Storms)
12. 'A Noite' (The Night)
13. 'Ivante'

Produced by Resonance founder and co-president George Klabin with arrangements by pianists Josh Nelson, Kuno Schmid, Dave Grusin and Bob James, Daniels kicks things off in fine style with the building euphoria, and subsequent liveliness of 'A Voz Do Povo,' and backs that up with the country lane drive, windows down vibe of 'Pano de Fundo,' the dulcet, and measured hue of 'Mãos De Afeto' (featuring Dave Grusin), and the sonically free-wheelin' majesty of 'D'Aquilo Que Eu Sei.'

Next up is the cinematically-imbued 'Velas Içadas' which is followed by the perky ambitions of 'Dinorah Dinorah,' the mid-tempo decadence of 'Cantor Da Noite,' some rather playful notes found within 'Quadras De Roda,' and then the laid back, soulful late night jazz club ambiance of the ballad 'Amor.'

This quite delightfully orchestrated new album then rounds out with the quiet, piano-led ballad 'Lembra' (featuring Bob James), the sweepingly gorgeous 'Depois Dos Temporais' (featuring Dave Grusin), and then comes to a close on Umansky's cello work on 'A Noite,' and finally an original composition, the wistful 'Ivante' (again with Dave Grusin and also Bob James).

“It’s jazz, it’s beauty and it opens the heart,” is how six-time GRAMMY-nominated horn player Eddie Daniels describes his brand new album, Night Kisses: A Tribute to Ivan Lins.

“I was kind of befuddled because I loved the music, but I didn’t know if I could live up to the kind of heart that Ivan puts into the music that is so soulful," he continues.

"He became so special to me because of his singing, the heart – it’s raw, beautiful and emotional. I kept saying ‘How am I going to live up to this on a clarinet or a saxophone?’"

"The great thing about George [producer and conceptualizer, George Klabinis] that he wanted to do music that was not so popular, that was older music by Ivan Lins, so you could say that most of this music I knew nothing of,” Daniels adds, himself a New Yorker who has lived in Santa Fe for several decades.

Eddie Daniels – Clarinet, Flute, Tenor Sax
Bob James – Piano, Keyboards
Dave Grusin – Piano
Josh Nelson – Piano
Mauricio Zottarelli – Drums
Kevin Axt – Bass
Ilmar Gavilan – 1st Violin
Melissa White – 2nd Violin
Jaime Amador – Viola
Felix Umansky – Cello

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Title - 'Rise'
Artist - Roger Street Friedman

For those not in the know, Roger Street Friedman is a singer, songwriter and activist based in Sea Cliff, New York, who restarted his music career in 2010 following the loss of his parents and the birth of his daughter.

His critically acclaimed 2017 album, Shoot The Moon, reached #2 on the Roots Music Report Americana Country Album Chart and with Friedman having also garnered acclaim for his debut, The Waiting Sky (2014), the artist who has also shared stages with such venerated artists as Los Lobos and The Blind Boys of Alabama is now back with his third full-length album, the quite stunning Rise (out now via Rock Ridge Music).

1. 'Carry Me'
2. 'Last Train To Babylon'
3. 'Rise'
4. 'Lessons'
5. 'Outcasts Of Love'
6. 'Give It Another Go'
7. 'Over And Over'
8. 'The Strange Shape Of Love'
9. 'The War Is Already Over'
10. 'Tough Crowd'
11. 'Runaway Girl'
12. 'Waiting On The Moon'

Produced by Larry Campbell, the GRAMMY winning producer and longtime collaborator of Levon Helm, once again, Friedman conjures his words and expressive thoughts into yet another, at times, autobiographical, always daringly honest, lovingly enriched with cinematically wanderlust, folk-rock, dreamy pop-rock, and progressive Americana and oh-so soulful R&B collection of 12 tracks that will, without a shadow of a doubt, have you finding someone to musically lose yourself within, in these dark times of ours.

Recorded at his home studio in Sea Cliff, NY, Rise - which features the type of honest, vulnerable songwriting that you could only hope to expect from such a well-received, and highly grounded artist such as Friedman - opens with the upbeat, foot-tappin' melodies of 'Carry Me,' and backs that up with the countrified, Randy Newman-esque vocal twang of 'Last Train To Babylon,' the Celtic inspirations of the title track, and 'Lessons,' the gently paced storytelling of a Vietnam veteran still “takin’ fire from Uncle Sam” upon his return.

Next up is the one-two AOR rhythms of 'Outcasts Of Love,' which is backed seamlessly by the beautiful balladeering found within 'Give It Another Go,' the Americana, train-tracked ambiance of a housewife questioning her day-to-day existence within 'Over And Over,' and then both the melodious, wanderlust romance of 'The Strange Shape Of Love' and the reminiscing of one of the stand out tracks for me, the highly emotive, and at times gorgeously cinematic 'The War Is Already Over' (a track about a 1919 post-World War I mission to Siberia).

The album then rounds out with the Jimmy Buffett-imbued 'Tough Crowd,' the passionate, lo-fi proposition of 'Runaway Girl,' and closes on yet another highlight, the dulcetly romantic 'Waiting On The Moon.'

“One thing I know now, after working with Larry on this album, is how important the producer is,” Friedman explains, “how important the process is, the vibe - having the right players, how every element has a place and how one thing could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back if you’re not careful. And most of all, how important it is to serve the song.”

“I think I took a lot more risks with the songs on this album,” Friedman continues. “Not everything has a happy ending. My voice is also way more out front than it’s been on the other records, which feels pretty vulnerable to me. I’m just trying to go deeper, really trying to get to the heart of the matter.”

Recorded with a crew led by Campbell, Rise features Friedman’s rhythm section of Jim Toscano and Matt Schneider, keyboard phenom Jason Crosby (Phil Lesh, John Mclaughlin), Campbell’s wife Teresa Williams, and Lucy Kaplansky on backing vocals.

"I think the creative mission was really to take the songs as far as they could go," Friedman adds, "with some compelling arrangements that highlight the songwriting as much as possible.”

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Title - 'Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday'
Artist - Peter Galperin

For those not in the know, Peter Galperin writes songs about the people, places and things he loves, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty.

He admits to what he doesn't understand and questions what he already knows, in a unique musical style that fuses world rhythms with rock, country and folk melodies.

Here on this sixth album, Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday, Galperin's theatrical rock and pop sensibilities come to the fore, once again, to bring us seven brand new tracks of pure, unadulterated musical genius.

1. 'Nature of Your Kind'
2. 'Never Too Young'
3. 'Digital Friend'
4. 'Don't Need to Know'
5. 'Another Drink'
6. 'As Good as It Gets'
7. 'Won't Let Go'

Recorded at Virtue and Vice Studios, Brooklyn, NY, Galperin kicks things off with a quite wondrous brass intro to the whistling pop fun of 'Nature of Your Kid,' and backs that up with the mid-tempo rock of 'Never Too Young,' and then the finger-snappin', elegant pop stroll of the harmonious 'Digital Friend'.

The acoustic guitar-led 'Don't Need to Know' is a joy to behold and is followed by more whistling on the upbeat 'Another Drink,' with the album rounding out with his jangly flashback on life found within 'As Good as It Gets,' and then coming to a close on the harmonica-driven 'Won't Let Go.'

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Title - 'In A Vigil State'
Artist - The Grand Undoing

For those not in the know, The Grand Undoing is a rotating collective of like-minded players anchored by founder, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Seth Goodman.

Their critically acclaimed 2016 release, Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love, was a hard act to follow. Yet the band kept the groove going, and then some.

The brand new, and highly anticipated fourth album by the Boston-based The Grand Undoing, In A Vigil State (releasing August 14th, 2020 via Secret Candy Rock Records) boasts 10 songs that delve into the changing seasons of life, and the dichotomy of being both very small yet of the infinite.

Indeed, Goodman deconstructs and reconstructs his way into a sonic space that’s beyond the past, present and future. He grabs you right away with inventive arrangements and delights you by infusing each with sonic surprises, then weaves it all together with a dazzling studio sheen.

1. 'Into The Glitter' (5:18)
2. 'A Little Piece Of Ground' (2:36)
3. 'Highway (You Can Ride Away)' (4:32)
4. 'Wave' (4:38)
5. 'See All I See' (3:04)
6. 'Darkness' (4:03)
7. 'Sunsetter' (4:40)
8. 'Silver Songs' (3:18)
9. 'Step In' (3:14)
10. 'Giving All My Things Away' (4:35)

Formulated from an intentional decision not to repeat himself, Goodman's conscious effort to broaden his musical horizons and not fall back into comfortable, all-too familiar ground, is showcased to perfection here on In A Vigil State.

From the opening track, the breezy, yet darkly upbeat 'Into the Glitter,' you know you have an album of great meaning, of earnest depth, of true, unadulterated resonance coming out of your speakers, for it veritably oozes a magnificent, profound, retro pop swagger, that has been missing from all "music" made in the past 30+ years.

"Ride out the summer on a crystal chandelier
One more for the road and the reasons
that we're even standing here
Bang bang the essence of the frozen heart's brigade
they left the stage when the lights went down
I'm wishing they were still around But I’m afraid they've ascended somehow
into the glitter,
forever, in the sky
while we're sitting here broken, in the mire, looking high"

I mean, come on now, who even lyrically thinks like this any more?! I could go on in much the same gushingly poetic vein about each track, but suffice to say that In A Vigil State, chock full of complex background vocal arrangements, and at times featuring a heavy, but never overwhelming use of the Mellotron, and which noticeably contains a far more involved production aesthetic than prior endeavors, is, quite easily, my favorite album of 2020.

For me, although I'm sure you all will have your own personal favorites, other stand outs here are 'A Little Piece Of Ground,' a song about trying to find meaning and peace amidst an unending cycle of making progress and then being thwarted, the pure power pop ambiance of 'Wave,' and 'Darkness, a track about the inevitability of death, and the grief, helplessness, and ultimate beauty that typically accompanies it, all come together to help form what could well be the most musically and lyrically satisfying album of recent times.

A labyrinth of creatively mixed tracks, all themselves embracing the ethos of prog, psychedelia, alt-punk, and pop rock, the new album brings forth an abundance of catchy hooks and driving beats, and will, without a shadow of a doubt, have you replaying it over and over.

Current Line-Up: Any Plaisted (drums), Dave Westner (bass, keys and percussion), Tom Henneberry (guitars), Chris Coughlin (keys), Ted Powers (back up singer), and BJ Cole, Dana Colley and Chris Nole.

The Grand Undoing @ Facebook

Title - 'Press On'
Artist - Peter Himmelman

For those not in the know, Peter Himmelman is a critically lauded rock troubadour, a Grammy nominated creator of children's music, an Emmy nominated film and television composer, a visual artist, pioneering webcast host, and founder of Big Muse, an organization devoted to the development of innovation and leadership skills.

The prolific Minneapolis-weaned singer-songwriter and muse recently moved from his longtime home of Santa Monica, Calif. to the upper west side of New York, just to shake things up (and see fellow members of his species on the city streets, which is not always the case in L.A.).

He’s also become a first-time grandfather during the Quarantine, his new grandson depicted on the album cover art on his brand new album, Press On (due out July 31st, 2020 via his own label, Himmasongs).

The 13-track album, which was recorded live in Los Feliz, California in a total of just three days, and solely on his acoustic guitar, was originally musically way more however. "I’d written a slew of about 40 new songs and eventually left them behind for the ones that appear on Press On,” Himmelman explains. "I needed to make something that was different enough to justify people listening to another Peter Himmelman record.”

1. 'Suite for Tambourine and Hand Claps'
2. 'This is How it Ends'
3. 'The Wall of the Trumpets and the Clatter of the Hoofbeats'
4. 'Press On'
5. 'A Place in Your Heart'
6. 'Straw and Kerosene'
7. 'Flying Sideways 'cross the Blacktop'
8. 'Truth Proffered in a Hard Time'
9. 'Outside Looking In'
10. 'Wither You Go'
11. 'It Seems We Never Rest'
12. 'Big Red Moon'
13. 'This is My Offering'

Opening with the laid back, folk rock ambiance of 'Suite for Tambourine and Hand Claps' he backs that up with the album's first single, the dulcetly magnificent 'This is How it Ends' and then follows that up with both the simply divine, rock guitar-led 'The Wall of the Trumpets and the Clatter of the Hoofbeats' and then the gritty storytelling of the title track.

The Gospel-tinged, lush love song 'A Place in Your Heart' is one of the stand out moments here, and that's followed by the upbeat, rawly strummed melodies of 'Straw and Kerosene,' the foot-tappin' 'Flying Sideways 'cross the Blacktop,' and then the truly melodious 'Truth Proffered in a Hard Time.'

The tempo comes right back down for the ballad 'Outside Looking In,' raises once more for the rattlesnake boogie of 'Wither You Go,' then we get the mid-tempo, finger-snappin' vibe of 'It Seems We Never Rest,' before the album comes to a close on the beautiful, enriched piano ballad 'Big Red Moon,' and then the acoustic guitar balladeering of 'This is My Offering.'

The session for Press On involved bassist/co-producer Matt Thompson, drummer Jimi Englund, keyboardist Chris Joyner, and longtime Himmelman collaborator/guitarist Greg Herzenach.

Co-producer and engineer Sheldon Gomberg made sure the live takes were left as unadulterated as possible, with any overdubs obviously kept to the barest minimum.

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Peter Himmelman @ Twitter

Title - 'The Boy in the Sailor Suit: Expanded Edition'
Artist - Dave Cousins

For those not in the know, Esoteric Recordings have just released a new remastered and expanded edition of the 2007 solo album by Strawbs founder, Dave Cousins.

The Boy in the Sailor Suit was Cousins’ second solo album, appearing thirty-five years after his first solo outing Two Weeks Last Summer.

Indeed, the album was a fine collection of personal songs and was produced by Chris Tsangarides.

For the recording sessions Cousins assembled a fine cast of musicians; Miller Anderson (guitar), Chas Cronk (bass), Ian Cutler (fiddle) and Chris Hunt (drums) with guests Chris Ball (piano), Tony Attwood (organ) and Elizabeth & Francis Tophill (vocal harmonies).

The ensemble was to be known as The Blue Angel Orchestra, a reference to the epic track on Cousins’ first solo album.

Following a few days rehearsal in Teddington, the album was recorded and mixed in just a week at Chris Tsangarides’ studio in Kent, with most tracks recorded live, giving the album a fine spontaneity.

Furthermore, the finished album was widely praised upon its release by both Strawbs fans and critics alike and now, here once again, this time remastered and expanded, well, it lives on again in all its musical splendor.

1. 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger'
2. 'Mellow Moon'
3. 'The Smile You Left Behind'
4. 'Calling Out My Name'
5. 'Mother Luck'
6. 'Wish You Were Here'
7. 'Skip to My Lou'
8. 'Lonely Days, Lonely Nights'
9. 'Bringing in the Harvest'
10. 'Hellfire Blues'
11. 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger' (Live)
12. 'Skip to My Lou' (Live 2009)
13. 'Hellfire Blues' (Live 2009)

Opening with the wonderful pop bounce of 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger,' he backs that up with the laid back, hazy lazy swirling psych ambiance of 'Mellow Moon,' the earnest storytelling of 'The Smile You Left Behind,' and both the mid-tempo guitar rock of 'Calling Out My Name' and then the rockier 'Mother Luck.'

The Celtic-boned 'Wish You Were Here' is followed by Cousins' rendition (if only on the chorus) of 'Skip to My Lou' (which here he turns into a lo-fi Creole folk song), and then comes the magnificent, low-key tales of love from yonder days, 'Lonely Days, Lonely Nights.'

More Celtic-inspired vibes are brought to the fore on the forlorn, tinged with sadness mood of 'Bringing in the Harvest' with the original album closing on the blues-rocker, 'Hellfire Blues.'

Unavailable for some years, The Boy in the Sailor Suit has been newly re-mastered and expanded to include three bonus tracks, featuring live performances of songs from the album, recorded in the USA in 2008 and in the UK in 2009.

The first is 'Never Take Sweets from a Stranger' (recorded at Shank Hall, Milwaukee on March 18th, 2008), with both 'Skip to My Lou' and 'Hellfire Blues' both recorded at the Strawbs' 40th Anniversary Celebration, Twickenham, on the 12th/13th of September, 2009.

This release features the original artwork and booklet liner notes by Dave Cousins.

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Title - 'Transitory' [EP]
Artist - Dr. Chrispy

For those not in the know, Dr. Chrispy is an award-winning aeronautical engineer, and music producer who has spent the last 15 years tragically torn between two loves: Music and Space Exploration.

Having worked at NASA for almost five years inventing new kinds of spacecraft, Chris went on to co-found the company Planet Labs, which launched and monitors over 200 spacecraft that create a daily map of the global environment.

Transitory, his fifth release due out August 7th, 2020, and which follows the release of his 2018 debut album VHS, the 2019 singles 'Drive' and 'Voyager at the Heliopause', and the subsequent VHS Remixed album, the EP is a collection of short stories, each one a first person narrative from a different speaker.

With the stories woven over old school beats and instrumentation, every track features sampled monologues or dialogue with a mixture of live, sampled, and electronic instruments to create a nostalgic feeling that is simultaneously comforting yet unfamiliar.

Indeed, there’s a four-on-the-floor beat and some outside-the-box instrumentation for the dance genre, including saxophone.

With this new release, Dr. Chrispy explores the unconventional, but presents it in a familiar and digestible format with mid-tempo dance beats.

The three different tracks, each with distinct themes, cycle from morning, to afternoon, to evening, mirroring our own self-reflections as we move through our day.

We are different people late at night than we are early in the morning; who we really are is transitory.

1. 'Transitory Morning' (Emotional Dynamics)
2. 'Transitory Afternoon' (Pioneer Material)
3. 'Transitory Evening' (Afro Travel) feat. Haji Mike
4. 'Transitory Evening' feat. Haji Mike (Med Dred Afro Jungle Remix)
5. 'Transitory Evening' feat. Haji Mike (Synthapex Remix)
6. 'Transitory Afternoon' (Psybolord Remix)
7. 'Transitory Morning' (Aeronexus Remix)

Working throughout with contributing artists to bring their own unique perspectives to the EP, The Stunt Man (aka Greg Mindorff) is a music producer, DJ, fellow space enthusiast, and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer from Vancouver who mastered the entire Transitory experience.

The three 'Transitory Evening' tracks feature Haji Mike, an artist who takes whatever he puts his musical mind to and takes it to another level completely.

Indeed, he contributed dub poetry vocals to the track 'Transitory Evening (Afro Travel)' track, and it simply has to be heard to be believed, trust me.

Haji Mike started DJ'ing music in 1979 and as a musician is known for his hybrid of Jamaican dancehall and Cypriot melodies which he calls “Vraggamuffin,” and he is also a dub poet and DJ playing on various radio stations around the world.

The 'Afro Jungle remix is also the creation of producer, composer, and arranger Med Dred, a roots, reggae, and dub melodica soloist and reggae music specialist.

On the third iteration, contributing a remix of that same track, Hadfes Oblivion is the man behind Synthapex. With a background in metal, Hadfes Oblivion has played in a number of bands and now, with Synthapex, is exploring the electronic and synth wave genres.

'Transitory Afternoon' features Psybolord, a Moscow-based producer who has gone from deathcore to electronic music. He seamlessly merges techno with Russian folk motifs, and classical music organically gets along with synth wave and French-electro.

Closing the EP is a remix of the track 'Transitory Morning' from Aeronexus, a solo project by Harry Rowlands, who expertly produces '80s movie soundtrack-inspired tracks mixed in with synth wave.

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Title - 'Kingmaker: Everything Changed 1991-1995' [5CD]
Artist - Kingmaker

For those not in the know, Kingmaker were explosive ‘new cool rock’ and part of the pre-Brit Pop indie rock scene in the early 1990s. Kingmaker released 10 singles / EP's during the period 1991-1995 signed to Chrysalis.

Everything Changed: 1991-1995' (released July 31st, 2020) is the definitive Kingmaker document and is also the most complete collection of Kingmaker's recordings available.

It is a comprehensive 5CD set of almost 90 tracks, combining the band's three studio albums Eat Yourself Whole (1991), Sleepwalking (1993) and In The Best Possible Taste (1995) along with two CDs packed full of bonus material.

Disc One - Eat Yourself Whole (1991):
1. 'Revelation'
2. 'Really Scrape the Sky'
3. 'Two Headed, Yellow Bellied Hole Digger' 5. 'Loveless/Defamed'
6. 'Freewheeling'
7. 'When Lucy's Down'
8. 'Wave'
9. 'Lady Shakespeare's Bomb'
10. 'Everything in Life'
11. 'High As a Kite'
12. 'Where You Stand' [Bonus Track]
13. 'Join the Human Race' [Bonus Track]
14. 'This Time This Town This Sea' [Bonus Track]
15. 'Wonderful Garden' [Bonus Track]
16. 'Pockets of St. Malachi' (Live) [Bonus Track]
17. 'Really Scrape the Sky' (Single Version) [Bonus Track]
18. 'Revelation' (Bombay Mix) [Bonus Track]

A veritable must-have for any fan of the band and indie rock fans everywhere, the first disc features the 10 tracks of the band’s first album, Eat Yourself Whole plus seven related bonus tracks.

I was actually around and living in the UK when Kingmaker first formed and started to impact the charts, in a low level way, and in truth, well, the band were for sure built up with much hype with the press as being the next new thing of a musical era that in the blink of an eye they had already been forgotten about.

That said, Kingmaker's first album (UK #29) is easy to get into, features some very catchy tracks and the singles released won them the most attention during the early '90s, and rightly so.

There were actually two (2) versions released of the album, one for the UK and the other for the US. The UK version had 'Wave' and 'Everything In Life' instead of 'Where You Stand' and 'Eat Yourself Whole' that were on the US version.

Personally, I think the track listing was a let down on the US version as there just wasn't the same consistency as there was on the UK version.

Stand out tracks, in my humble opinion, were 'Really Scrape The Sky,' 'Freewheeling,' 'Loveless/Defamed,' 'When Lucy's Down' and 'High As A Kite.'

Disc Two - Sleepwalking (1993):
1. 'Playground Brutality'
2. 'Armchair Anarchist'
3. 'Queen Jane'
4. 'Sad to See You Go'
5. 'Help Yourself'
6. 'Tomorrow's World'
7. 'Ten Years Asleep'
8. 'Honesty Kills'
9. 'Sequinned Thug'
10. 'Sleepwalking in the Five O'Clock Shadow'
11. 'Stay Free'
12. 'Pyromaniacs Anonymous'
13. 'Eat Yourself Whole' [Bonus Track]
14. 'Pyjama Girl' [Bonus Track]
15. 'Highway's Gate' [Bonus Track]
16. 'Everything's Changed (Since You've Been to London)' [Bonus Track]
17. 'Kissing Under Anaesthetic' [Bonus Track]
18. 'Stained and Sinking Fast' [Bonus Track]

This second disc features the 12 tracks off their second album, Sleepwalking plus six bonus tracks.

With the mix of excellent musicianship, catchy tunes and Loz Hardy's bitter world view lyrics, the combination made Kingmaker stand out from their peers during the early '90s with this, their sophomore album (UK #15).

It's a shame Kingmaker never got any more popular than they were at this juncture of their career, but as aforementioned, the musical tide changed, the press moved onto other bands, and this band just ebbed gently away.

But, as for this great album, to my mind, the best songs on here have to be 'Armchair Anarchist,' 'Sad To See You Go,' 'Ten Years Asleep' and 'Honesty Kills' - but, trust me, all the other songs are equally brilliant.

Disc Three - Bonus Tracks:
1. 'Genuine Liar'
2. 'Lady Madonna'
3. 'When Lucy's Down' (Live)
4. 'Shiver'
5. 'High As a Kite' (Live)
6. 'Hard Times' (Live)
7. 'Broadmoor Hotel'
8. 'Don't Come Over'
9. 'I'm in Love'
10. 'Queen Jane' (E.P. Version)
11. 'Your Place'
12. 'Electric Sue'
13. 'No Way Out'
14. 'Sequinned Thug' ('92 Version)
15. 'Sick and Angry Children'
16. 'Flesh Phobia'
17. 'Saturday's Not What It Used to Be'
18. 'Armchair Anarchist' (Live)
19. 'Highway's Gate' (Live)
20. 'Freewheeling' (Live)

Now we get into the true melodic heart of the band, with this third disc featuring 20 Bonus Tracks sourced from the band’s numerous EP, 12” and CD single releases.

Oh boy, now this is truly the Kingmaker, tune-making goldmine here as tracks that should have been on vinyl 12"s and such, were now being sourced out by newly manufactured CD singles!

They never sounded the same and they sure weren't as collectible as our beloved 7" single and 12" single poster bags and picture discs, but here they were anyway, all brought forth on nice and shiny "indestructible" discs!

Again, this disc is worth the price of the entire box-set alone as it features stand out cuts such as 'Broadmoor Hotel,' 'Electric Sue,' 'Flesh Phobia,' and vibrant, raw live cuts of 'High As a Kite,' 'Hard Times' and two of my own favorites, the always excellent to hear 'Armchair Anarchist' and the brilliant 'Freewheeling.'

Disc Four - In The Best Possible Taste (1995):
1. 'In the Best Possible Taste (Part 2)'
2. 'You and I Will Never See Things Eye to Eye'
3. 'Hey, Birdman'
4. 'Frustrated Gangster'
5. 'Story of My Life'
6. 'Sometimes I Think She Takes Me Along Just for the Ride'
7. 'One False Move'
8. 'Side By Side'
9. 'A Fool Like You'
10. 'End of the Line'
11. 'In the Best Possible Taste (Part 1)'
12. 'Backroom Boys' [Bonus Track]
13. 'Another Bad Dose of Home Truths' [Bonus Track]
14. 'Dissatisfaction Guaranteed' [Bonus Track]
15. 'Amateur's Lullaby' [Bonus Track]

This fourth disc features the band’s third and final studio album, In The Best Possible Taste plus four bonus tracks.

In truth, this final studio offering (UK #79) from the pre-Brit-pop UK darlings was a rather pompous, sprawling expression of bandleader/singer/songwriter Loz Hardy's considerable talent and ego!

A little too serious to be taking seriously, Hardy tries a little too hard to be clever, and his Billy Idol-meets-glam rock delivery comes off a little cartoonish at times.

That said, the near-epic 'Sometimes I Think She Takes Me Along Just for the Ride' is a fine example of Hardy's ability to make interesting, existential pop despite his propensity for excessive and unnecessary verbiage.

So yeah, some of the tracks were vividly sarcastic and some were even fanciful tunes of the highest order, but the world had lost interest in them and so this album was released, as they say, wrong time, wrong place.

Disc Five - Extra Bonus Tracks:
1. 'If You Were Mine'
2. 'Friends in Low Places'
3. 'S*T*A*R*'
4. 'Warm Heart, Cold Feet'
5. 'You and I Will Never See Things Eye to Eye' (Single Edit)
6. 'Bitch of a Son'
7. 'You of All People'
8. 'Everything's Changed Since You've Been to London)' (Live)
9. 'Eat Yourself Whole' (Live)
10. 'Every Teenage Suicide' (Live)
11. 'Really Scrape the Sky' (Thompson / Barbiero Mix)
12. 'Every Teenage Suicide'
13. 'Strip Away'
14. 'Never Too High to Fall'
15. 'Lies Before Kisses'
16. 'Loose Lips Sink Ships'
17. 'Gimme Shelter'

The fifth and final disc features even more bonus tracks, inclusive of some more live tracks, b-sides and extra mixes.

Chock full of Loz Hardy's snarky witticisms peppered throughout, this is yet another wondrous selection of Extra Bonus Tracks that will have you falling back in love with the band at their best.

All the music here, as a whole, gels a lot better as a group, as they did in their singular pockets spread across their musical timeline, that's for sure.

With Hardy having found his thunder completely stolen soon after Sleepwalking by Oasis, whose Jam/Smiths worship was transformed into something truly spectacular, on balance, any song around that time, and subsequent live tracks and b-sides were much more enjoyable to listen to, in my humble opinion.

Thus, the stand out tracks here for me are 'You and I Will Never See Things Eye to Eye' (Single Edit), 'Every Teenage Suicide,' 'Strip Away,' all the live cuts, and especially the US remix of 'Really Scrape The Sky' by Thompson & Barbiero.

Everything Changed has been made with the full cooperation of the band and includes photographs and memorabilia from their personal archives that are featured within the accompanying 28-page booklet.

Each CD comes in a paper wallet featuring original album and single artwork. Alongside a full UK discography there are sleeve notes written by bassist, Myles Howell.

Title - 'Threesome Vol. 1' [EP]
Artist - The Lickerish Quartet

For those not in the know, The Lickerish Quartet (not to be confused with the 1970 Italian erotic film of the same name) is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 2017.

Consisting of keyboardist Roger Manning, guitarist Eric Dover, and bassist Tim Smith, each former members of the band Jellyfish, they released the EP Threesome Vol. 1 in May of 2020 and are scheduled to release two more by September 2021.

Dover joined the band during the 1993 tour supporting their second album Spilt Milk. After their breakup in 1994, Manning and Dover formed Imperial Drag, a band which lasted until 1997.

Meanwhile, Smith formed one-half of the band Umajets and recorded the 1995 album Demolotion with help from Manning and Dover. This marked the last time the three musicians played together until 2017.

By the 2010s, Smith had relocated to Atlanta, while Manning and Dover stayed in Los Angeles. The Lickerish Quartet began forming in early 2017 when Manning reached out to Smith with the intent "to continue in the tradition of a lot of the pop/rock stylings" that he had appreciated.

He then reached out to Dover as well. Without the direct goal of recording, the trio got together for several writing sessions, each lasting around a week long, and ultimately produced 12 songs (Jeremy Stacey was recruited to play drums on the recordings).

As aforementioned, the first release is entitled Threesome Vol. 1, and released through Lickerish Quartet/Label Logic, brings forth four brand new songs.

1. 'Fadoodle'
2. 'Bluebird's Blues'
3. 'There Is A Magic Number'
4. 'Lighthouse Spaceship'

This sprightly EP opens with the foot-tappin' melodies of 'Fadoodle' backing that up with the lo-fi, mid-tempo storytelling of 'Bluebird's Blues,' and then the free wheeling, pliable musical assonance of 'There Is A Magic Number.'

Saving the best for last, in my humble opinion, the near seven-minute epic 'Lighthouse Spaceship' is not only a quite wondrous musical adventure akin to both ELO and Queen, but with its power pop bounce and crisp guitar and keyboard work, it oozes free flowing harmonies that will have you smiling from ear to ear for days!

Official Purchase Links

The Lickerish Quartet @ Facebook

The Lickerish Quartet @ Twitter

The Lickerish Quartet @ Instagram

Title - 5 Doo-Wop Recording CDs from Coed Records
Artist - Various

For those not in the know, five collections by doo-wop groups on the influential Coed Records label will be released this year by Omnivore Recordings.

The titles include: The Rivieras (The Coed Singles), The Duprees (with two separate volumes, The Coed Singles and The Coed Albums: You Belong to Me/Have You Heard), The Crests (The Best of the Crests featuring Johnny Mastro: 16 Fabulous Hits), and Adam Wade (The Coed Albums: And Then Came Adam/Adam and Evening).

All five will be available on CD and Digital and the actual street dates for the Rivieras and the Duprees’ The Coed Singles is July 24th, 2020; street date for the Crests is July 31st; and the Duprees’ The Coed Albums and Adam Wade on August 7th.

Based in New York’s legendary Brill Building — home to pop and Tin Pan Alley songwriters and labels through the 1950s and ’60s — Coed Records was the fledgling venture of ex-big bandleader George Paxton and business partner Marvin Cane.

The two founders were more into Glenn Miller than doo-wop, but they hired a stable of R&B-savvy songwriters. And as the youngsters who dominated the record-buying public stocked up on Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon, and Ricky Nelson platters, Coed nurtured vocal groups who could handle the classic pop standards of a bygone era, yet update those chestnuts enough to appeal to a new generation of listeners.

Among the label’s biggest hits were the Crests’ '16 Candles' and the Duprees’ 'You Belong to Me' and 'Why Don’t You Believe Me,' all included in Omnivore’s reissues.

Coed thrived from its inception in 1958 until 1965 and one of its most famous employees was promotion man Jerry Moss, a future founder of A&M Records with Herb Alpert.

The Rivieras: The Coed Singles
1. 'Count Every Star'
2. 'True Love Is Hard To Find'
3. 'Moonlight Serenade'
4. 'Neither Rain Nor Snow'
5. 'Our Love' (The Rivieras with Orch. under the direction of George Paxton)
6. 'Midnight Flyer' (The Rivieras with Orch. under the direction of George Paxton)
7. 'Since I Made You Cry' (The Rivieras with George Paxton & His Orchestra)
8. '11th Hour Melody' (The Rivieras with George Paxton & His Orchestra)
9. 'Moonlight Cocktails'
10. 'Blessing Of Love'
11. 'My Friend John'
12. 'Great Big Eye'
13. 'Stay In My Heat'
14. 'Easy To Remember'
15. 'El Dorado'
16. 'Refrigerator'
17. 'My Silent Love' [Bonus Track]
18. 'Serenade In Blue' [Bonus Track]

With precise vocal harmonies and meaningful lyrics, The Rivieras grew out of late ’50s, R&B/doo-wop ensembles; they ran through the names Five Bob-O-Links, the Four Arts, and El Rivieras before settling on The Rivieras.

Purveyors of classic New Jersey doo-wop in the ballad style, they made their mark covering tunes that had been made famous by big bandleaders such as Ray Anthony and Glenn Miller.

Omnivore now brings us all of their Coed singles, plus two bonus tracks, amounting to all the released output by the group.

One of the sleeper groups of the doo-wop era, The Rivieras took pure pop songs and turned them into R&B balladry. Which wasn't exactly what Glenn Miller had in mind when he and his first came up with 'Moonlight Serenade' and 'Moonlight Cocktails,' but then Artie Shaw didn't exactly think he was telegraphing R&B when former swing saxophonist Earl Bostic turned his 'Temptation' into an early soul stomper, either!

But The Rivieras were good at locking onto a thematic formula, from the moment their version of 'Moonlight Serenade' got into the top fifty. They were also clever harmony singers, a few cuts beyond the more commercial vocal groups of the time.

They left a legacy as both a group you'd love to hear serenade you and your woman at the local dance - and the guys you want to be part of setting the mood when you hop up to Lover's Lane; if you can find them!

The Rivieras: The Coed Singles CD Official Purchase Link

The Duprees: The Coed Albums: You Belong To Me/Have You Heard

You Belong To Me
1. 'You Belong To Me'
2. 'Ginny'
3. 'Why Don't You Believe Me'
4. 'September In The Rain'
5. 'Take Me As I Am'
6. 'The Things I Love'
7. 'My Own True Love' (Tara’s Theme from Gone With The Wind)
8. 'As Time Goes By'
9. 'Let's Make Love Again'
10. 'These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)'
11. 'My Dearest One'
12. 'I Wish I Could Believe You'

Have You Heard (featuring Joey Vann)
1. '(It's No) Sin'
2. 'I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms'
3. 'Exodus'
4. Yours'
5. 'I Gotta Tell Her Now'
6. 'It Isn't Fair'
7. 'Have You Heard'
8. 'Love Eyes'
9. 'Gone With The Wind'
10. 'So Little Time'
11. 'The Sand And The Sea'
12. 'Where Are You'

Signed to Coed in 1962 from a demo tape, The Duprees — some of them still teenagers upon signing — combined the sounds of big band orchestrations with harmony-heavy vocals.

Their remake of the Jo Stafford hit 'You Belong to Me' was a #7 hit in the summer of 1962 and was also their Coed debut.

They landed their second single, 'My Own True Love' (a song widely known as “Tara’s Theme” from the film Gone With the Wind), at #13.

The chart hits kept coming through the fall of 1964, when lead vocalist Joey Vann departed in an attempt at a solo career (Coed issued his debut single.)

Though the group carried on, signing to Columbia and Heritage, their heyday was at Coed. The Coed Singles features all the Duprees’ A- & B-sides for the label, while their two LPs are collected on The Coed Albums.

These guys had a sound that was similar to other Doo Wop groups but with their own unique harmony and easy to listen to voices. Their harmony is as good as any of the top groups of that era and just a step below Dion and the Belmonts.

Known more for their ballads it was certain that when one of them was played at a sock hop, the floor would be packed with slow dancers.

Every song on this two-album CD is easy to listen too. Those that you'll remember (or if you weren't around in that era, the ones that were their biggest hits) 'You Belong To Me,' 'Have You Heard,' and 'My Own True Love' are here and bring back memories of last dances.

One of my own personal favorites, 'Why Don't You Believe Me,' has the sound of a slow big band era song, but with Doo Wop harmony and performed with excellence.

The Duprees: The Coed Albums: You Belong To Me/Have You Heard CD Official Purchase Link

The Duprees: The Coed Singles

1. 'You Belong To Me' (The Duprees)
2. 'Take Me As I Am' (The Duprees)
3. 'My Own True Love' (Tara's Theme from Gone With The Wind) (The Duprees)
4. 'Ginny' (The Duprees)
5. 'I Wish I Could Believe You' (The Duprees)
6. 'I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms' (The Duprees)
7. 'Gone With The Wind' (The Duprees)
8. 'Let's Make Love Again' (The Duprees)
9. 'I Gotta Tell Her Now' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
10. 'Why Don't You believe Me' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
11. 'The Things I Love' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
12. 'My Dearest One' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
13. 'Have You Hear' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
14. 'Love Eyes' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
15. '(It's No) Sin' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
16. 'The Sand And The Sea' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
17. 'Where Are You' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
18. 'Please Let Her Know' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
19. 'So Many Have Told Me' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
20. 'Unbelievable' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
21. 'So Little Time' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
22. 'It Isn't Fair' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
23. 'I'm Yours' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
24. 'Wishing Ring' (The Duprees featuring Joey Vann)
25. 'Try To Remember' (Joey Vann with Artie Wayne Singers)
26. 'My Love, My Love' (Joey Vann with Artie Wayne Singers)

The Duprees: The Coed Singles CD Official Purchase Link

The Crests: The Best of the Crests featuring Johnny Mastro: 16 Fabulous Hits
1. '16 Candles'
2. 'A Year Ago'
3. 'Six Nights A Week'
4. 'Angels Listened In'
5. 'Gee (But I'd Give The World)'
6. 'Step By Step'
7. 'I Thank The Moon'
8. 'Pretty Little Angel'
9. 'Journey Of Love'
10. 'Trouble In Paradise'
11. 'Earth Angel'
12. 'Flower Of Love'
13. Always You'
14. 'If My Heart Could Write A Letter'
15. 'Molly Mae'
16. 'Isn't It Amazing'

Though there were other integrated ’50s vocal groups, The Crests demonstrated that musical and racial harmony went hand in hand.

From the liner notes by Bill Dahl: “Several integrated 1950s vocal groups preceded them, notably the Meadowlarks and Del-Vikings, but this young quartet from the lower East Side of Manhattan took the concept to the ultimate."

"Powerhouse lead singer John Mastrangelow (shortened to Mastro and then Maestro), born May 7, 1939 and of Italian-American ancestry, was joined by African American first tenor Talmadge “Tommy” Gough and bass singer J.T. Carter and second tenor Harold “Chico” Torres, who was of Puerto Rican descent. They found heavenly unity by crooning sweet doo-wop.”

One of the best groups of their day, this new collection includes their biggest hit, 'Sixteen Candles' as well as other hits like 'Trouble in Paradise,' 'The Angels Listened In' and one of my all-time Crests favorites, the excellent 'Step By Step.'

Simply put, this is just real music in a time when optimism needs to be both felt and heard and anyone listening to these songs can only ever be left with smiles on both their lips and hearts.

The Crests: The Best of the Crests featuring Johnny Mastro: 16 Fabulous Hits CD Official Purchase Link

Adam Wade: The Coed Albums: And Then Came Adam/Adam and Evening

And Then Came Adam
1. 'Tenderly'
2. 'Teller Her For Me'
3. 'Just In Time'
4. 'First Love'
5. 'Witchcraft'
6. 'So In Love'
7. 'Fascinatin'
8. 'Ruby'
9. 'A Moment Of Madness'
10. 'I Had The Craziest Dream'
11. 'I'm Wise'
12. 'Around The World'

Adam And Evening
1. 'Sleepy Time Gal'
2. 'We Kiss In A Shadow'
3. 'Polka Dots and Moonbeams'
4. 'Gloria's Theme' (from Butterfield 8)
5. 'Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry'
6. 'Canadian Sunset'
7. 'My Reverie'
8. 'I Have Dreamed'
9. 'I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night'
10. 'For You'
11. 'Dreamy'
12. 'The Party's Over'

Not many singers went directly from being on the team of the world’s top polio vaccine researchers to making a string of hit records. In fact, there’s only one: Adam Wade.

Blessed with a fine-tuned set of pipes tailor-made for sustained pop success, Wade scored his first hit for Coed in late 1959 and developed into one of the label’s top stars.

From his debut album, And Then Came Adam, Wade sent two songs up the charts. 'Tell Her for Me' made it to #66, and 'Ruby' fared a little better at #58.

His follow up album, Adam and Evening, saw the song 'Gloria’s Theme' check in at #74. Though his single releases fared far better than album cuts, Wade’s albums were lush affairs with ornate arrangements and harmony-laden choruses courtesy of the Bel-Aire Singers.

Unfortunately for Wade, toward the end of 1961, his most successful year, the principals at Coed dissolved their partnership, necessitating a label switch by the singer.

The interruption blunted any momentum that Coed had been building for him. He moved over to Epic, but only hit the charts once more in 1965.

To my mind, Adam Wade is a singer in the Johnny Mathis mold who enjoyed a string of hits during the first years of the 1960's, and was a flagship artist for the Brill Building-based Coed label.

In the years before he went on to become a high-profile TV presenter and actor, Wade's music career showcases him performing across the pop spectrum, underlining that he was an incredibly versatile, and classy vocalist.

For the record, no pun intended, in 1975 he became the first African-American to host a prime-time game show called Musical Chairs which ran from June to October on CBS, followed in 1976 by a regular stint on The Sonny & Cher variety show, and in 1978 appeared for 6 months in a Las Vegas production of Guys And Dolls with an all-black cast.

Adam Wade: The Coed Albums: And Then Came Adam/Adam and Evening CD Official Purchase Link

Title - 'The Complete Collection' [6CD Box-Set]
Artist - Nick Kamen

In truth, Nick Kamen (born Ivor Neville "Nick" Kamen) was, without doubt, one of the most famous faces of the '80s, both as a model, and a pop star.

After scoring his first top 5 hit, 'Each Time You Break My Heart', Nick went on to have major success across Europe with four albums and several #1 singles.

Now, for the first time, Cherry Red has released an expansive collection of his entire recorded output during the '80s and '90s.Nick Kamen: The Complete Collection (in stores and online July 24th, 2020 via Cherry Red Records UK), the 6CD Box-Set features the international smash hits 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (co-written by Madonna), 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever', 'Nobody Else', 'Tell Me', 'Bring Me Your Love', 'I Promised Myself' and 'Oh How Happy.'

It also contains two previously unreleased songs, 'So Sad' a cover of the Everly Brothers classic, and 'Right On Track', originally a million selling '80s hit for The Breakfast Club.

Disc One - Nick Kamen (1987):
1. 'Win Your Love'
2. 'Open the Door to Your Heart'
3. 'Nobody Else'
4. 'Into the Night'
5. 'Come Softly to Me'
6. 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever'
7. 'Each Time You Break My Heart'
8. 'The Man in Me'
9. 'Any Day Now'
10. 'Help Me Baby'
11. 'Baby After Tonight'
12. 'Miss You'
13. 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (Dance Mix)
14. 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever' (Extended Dance Mix)
15. 'Nobody Else' (7" Version)
16. 'Open the Door to Your Heart' (Extended Version)
17. 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (Instrumental)

Also containing detailed liner notes, including new contributions from producers Stephen Bray and Toby Andersen, the box-set opens with Nick Kamen, which was obviously the British singer's eponymous debut album (UK #34), released by the WEA record label in 1987.

Long out of print on as an original CD and vinyl, in truth, and as much as you may still think of Kamen as a manufactured product (thanks, Madonna), this is still a great pop album from start to finish.

Personally, I've been a fan since the release of 'Each Time You Break My Heart' and being a collector of (basically) anything that got releases back in the day, I unashamedly also have all his albums (and 7" and 12" singles too!)

He should have been a superstar in America, but the teenage girls were already heavily into bands such as Duran Duran and Culture Club. I mean, shit, even Spandau Ballet couldn't crack the teen US pop market back then!

But, and playing Devil's Advocate here, sure, the old songs sung by Kamen aren't exactly pushing the boat out, nor are they particularly brilliant, but they sounded great, and that's what counted back then! Oh, and, of course, that Madonna-penned song just put Kamen soaring to the top of the charts and into a mass of teen hearts!

With the debut album featuring the hit singles 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (UK #5), 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever' (UK #16), 'Nobody Else' (UK #47), 'Come Softly to Me' (Italy #19) and 'Win Your Love' (Italy #13), this expanded disc now adds a quite brilliant trio of extended and dance mixes.

Disc Two - Us (1988):
1. 'Bring Me Your Love'
2. 'Turn It Up'
3. 'Guilty'
4. 'This Is Really Love'
5. 'Count on Me'
6. 'Tell Me'
7. 'I Can't Live Without Your Love'
8. 'Wonders of You'
9. 'Steal Love'
10. 'Better Be Good Tonite'
11. 'Bring Me Your Love' (7" Version)
12. 'Tell Me' (Extended Mix)
13. 'Bring Me Your Love' (Extended Mix)
14. 'Turn It Up' (12" Mix)
15. 'Tell Me' (Dub Mix)
16. 'Don't Hold Out'

In 1988, and following quickly on the heels of all his chart successes in both the UK and Italy, Kamen's sophomore album Us was released.

Yet another solid collection that instantly reminds the listener of where they were come the late '80s, and what the state of the record collections looked like, Us is pure, unadulterated nostalgia all the way.

OK, sure, it wasn't an album that lit the charts up in the UK (although it was #2 in Italy), and sure it was notably his least popular, but artistically it is his best album (in my humble opinion).

Catchy dance-pop tunes like the magnificent, Madonna-created chorus of 'Tell Me' (UK #40) make this album gold, along with opener 'Bring Me Your Love' (Italy #13).

'Count on Me' and 'Wonder of You' are well mixed with pure pop, as is 'This is Really Love,' with the beautiful, yearning ballad 'Steal Love' near the end one of the best of the year, for me.

Now inclusive of a quartet of extended and dub mixes, the stand outs here for me are both the brilliant 'Tell Me' (Extended Mix) and the excellent 'Turn It Up' (12" Mix).

Disc Three - Move Until We Fly (1990)
1. 'I Promised Myself'
2. 'Oh How Happy'
3. 'Looking Good Diving'
4. 'Somebody's Arms to Hold Me'
5. 'Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um'
6. 'Take Back My Hand Child'
7. 'We Can Make It'
8. 'Agony & Ecstasy'
9. 'You Are'
10. 'I Want More'
11. 'Move Until We Fly'
12. 'Love Street'
13. 'Sacrifice Your Reputation'
14. 'Oh How Happy' (7" Version)
15. 'Looking Good Diving' (7" Version)
16. 'Agony & Ecstasy' (7" Version)
17. 'I Promised Myself' (Independiente Mix)

Overstepping, for whatever reason, Kamen's 1988 album Loving You, next up is his 1990 entry, Move Until We Fly (Austria #4).

Opening with the low key, mid-tempo 'I Promised Myself' (UK #50, Austria #1), and backing it with the Edwin Starr classic 'Oh How Happy' (Italy #37), it was when we go to the mellow reach of 'Looking Good Diving' that the chart hits in any country seemed to just dry up completely.

The lo-fi soul of 'Somebody's Arms to Hold Me' is backed by Kamen's attempt at the Curtis Mayfield classic 'Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um,' which in turn is followed by the upbeat 'Take Back My Hand Child' and the soulful turn of 'We Can Make It.'

The original album then rounds out with the lush 'Agony and Ecstacy,' and then come three more all also written exclusively by Kamen, the funky 'You Are,' the steamy dancefloor groove 'I Want More,' and then closes on the electronic drum pad beats of the title track.

Now inclusive of six extra tracks, there's nothing extended or remixed about them, which is solely to do with the fact that by now, Kamen was wearing down, his pop stardom star dulling with every 7" single released, and where once each track was a heartfelt dance outreach, the entire Us album were just plain, mid-tempo tracks.

Disc Four - Whatever, Whenever (1992)
1. 'We'll Never Lose What We Have Found'
2. 'Whatever, Whenever'
3. 'You're Not the Only One'
4. 'Nothing Rhymes Now'
5. 'Did I Imagine You'
6. 'This Is Our Time'
7. 'Don't You Know'
8. 'I Need You'
9. 'There Was a Time in America'
10. 'You and I Are Here'
11. 'I'll Find Another Way'
12. 'We'll Never Lose What We Have Found' (7" Version)
13. 'I Know Where You Are'
14. 'We'll Never Lose What We Have Found' (Club Mix)
15. 'You're Not the Only One' (Youth Sa Roush Mix)
16. 'You're Not the Only One' (Extended Mix)

Released in 1992, and flatlining on the album charts in any country, Whatever, Whenever would prove to be the straw that broke the camels back, my friends.

Kicking things off with the guitar rock of 'We'll Never Lose What We Have Found,' Kamen then slides into the piano-led, funky tambourine beats of the title track, and then the lo-fi, mid-tempo pop duo of 'You're Not the Only One' and 'Nothing Rhymes Now.'

The upbeat, acoustic (yet plugged in) guitars of 'Did I Imagine You' make this a stand out track, and is backed by the funky pop-hop 'This Time Is Our Time,' then comes the Eastern-tinged 'Don't You Know' and the ballad 'I Need You.'

The original album then rounds out with the pop-lite 'There Was a Time in America,' the keyboard-infused 'You and I Are Here,' and then closes out on another, albeit this time more heavily-endowed, Eastern-inspired beat track, 'I'll Find Another Way.'

So, as you can clearly see, without Kamen's unique brand of late '80s funk and sexy singing, and without Madonna throwing him a chorus here and there, Whatever, Whenever is an album in search of hooks and melodies, sadly.

Now inclusive of five extra tracks, those include two different versions of the best track on the album, 'You're Not the Only One.'

Disc Five - Remixes & Rarities, Volume 1
1. 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (Shep Pettibone Extended Version)
2. 'Win Your Love' (The Love Mix)
3. 'Nobody Else' (Arthur Baker Dance Mix)
4. 'Come Softly to Me' (12" Version)
5. 'Nobody Else' (Jellybean 12" Version)
6. 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (US Mix)
7. 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever' (Alternative Mix)
8. 'Oh How Happy' (Bubble Mix)
9. 'Tell Me' (Instrumental)
10. 'Bring Me Your Love' (Instrumental)
11. 'Agony & Ecstasy' (Instrumental)
12. 'Looking Good Diving' (Instrumental)
13. 'Oh How Happy' (Instrumental)
14. 'I Promised Myself' (Instrumental)
15. 'Agony & Ecstasy' (Dawn Mix)
16. 'Lonely Boy'

OK, now we're cookin', all you Kamen fans, for here on Disc's Five and Six we get two complete CDs of his remixes, extended and alternative versions, along with, sadly, a slew of instrumentals (which are only ever useful - for any one, at any time - if you wish to use them for karaoke, of course!).

Volume 1 brings us stand out cuts such as, well shit, the opening five tracks re: 'Each Time You Break My Heart' (Shep Pettibone Extended Version), which is easily the best version of the song ever produced, 'Win Your Love' (The Love Mix), yet another corker from the 12" single vaults, the vibrantly excellent 'Nobody Else' (Arthur Baker Dance Mix), and then both 'Come Softly to Me' (12" Version) and 'Nobody Else' (Jellybean 12" Version).

Disc Six - Remixes & Rarities, Volume 2
1. 'US Megamix'
2. 'Nobody Else' (Alternative 12" Mix)
3. 'Oh How Happy' (Wow How Hippy Mix)
4. 'Looking Good Diving' (Extended Mix)
5. 'Count on Me' (7" Version)
6. 'So Sad'
7. 'Right on Track'
8. 'Oh How Happy' (G.U.C.C.I. Mix)
9. 'Take Back My Hand Child' (Alternative Version)
10. 'Win Your Love' (Instrumental)
11. 'Wonders of You' (Backing Track)
12. 'Somebody's Arms to Hold Me' (Instrumental)
13. 'You Are' (Instrumental)
14. 'You're Not the Only One' (Instrumental)
15. 'Come Softly to Me' (Backing Track)
16. 'Oh What a Night'

Continuing the extended love for all-things Kamen, yes, sadly, we still get en masse of instrumentals (which now also features two "Backing Track's" into the mix too), regardless, Volume 2 brings more mixes to the party.

Stand out tracks here are, and without a shadow of a doubt, the pulsating 'US Megamix' (simply cracking, from start to finish), the pumped up 'Nobody Else' (Alternative 12" Mix), and the gospel-tinged beauty 'Oh How Happy' (Wow How Hippy Mix).

Featuring 20 previously-unreleased mixes in this magnificent 6-CD Box-Set from Cherry Red Records UK, a package that also includes two previously unreleased songs in ‘So Sad’ (the Everly Brothers number) and ‘Right On Track’, a cover of the song by American band The Breakfast Club (who Madonna and Stephen Bray both drummed for at different points in time!), Nick Kamen: The Complete Collection is a collector's wet dream!

Title - 'The Barfly Sessions, Vol. 1'
Artist - Heidi Newfield

For those not in the know, a good-timing, honky-tonkin’, band-leading, song-writing, love-song-singing, blues-harp-blowing, tradition-nurturing, genre-busting, crowd-carrying, full-hearted flag bearer for all that’s true about music, that's Heidi Newfield.

At least, that’s her right now – at once the embodiment of an accomplished career and the promise of artistry still to come.

Music fans know Heidi for fronting Trick Pony, which rode songs including 'Pour Me,' 'On A Night Like This' and 'It’s A Heartache' to awards, acclaim and packed houses nationwide.

Armed with a collaborative history of platinum selling albums, Top 20 singles, ACM and AMA Awards to her credit, her distinctive voice and high-octane energy launched forward into a much-anticipated solo career.

Indeed, she is recognized for a remarkable evolution as a solo artist, writing and recording the poignant 'Johnny & June' from a deeply personal place.

More than a radio hit and impetus for a fist full of Academy of Country Music nominations, the song brought Newfield’s multi-faceted creativity into the sharper relief it deserved.

Through clear-eyed experience and musical passion in full flame, she continues to entertain, deepen the relationship with her core fans and win over new audiences.

Now in a deeply creative place in her solo career, singer-songwriter-harpist Heidi Newfield will be releasing her solo album, The Barfly Sessions, Vol. 1 this coming August 28th, 2020.

1. 'I Won't Wait Around'
2. 'Three Things'
3. 'Barfly'
4. 'Wrong Side of the Bottle'
5. 'Wait For It'
6. 'The Blues is My Business' (featuring Delbert McClinton)
7. 'Love Blind'
8. 'When Heaven Falls'
9. 'Whitley's Tombstone' (featuring Randy Houser)
10. 'I Could Fall 4 U' (featuring Jim Lauderdale)
11. 'Whiskeytown'
12. 'Bring This House Down'
13. 'Temporary Fix (For A Permanent Scar)'
14. 'Come Hell or High Water Blues'

On this vibrantly honest, real and heartfelt album, Newfield (who co-produced with Jim “Moose” Brown, who, in addition to being a hit-making songwriter and producer, is known for playing Hammond B3, guitar and as the band leader of Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band) opens with the soaring 'I Won't Wait Around' and backs that up with the thoughtfully earnest ballad 'Three Things,' the countrified Gospel vibe of the title track, and then both the harmonica-driven 'Wrong Side of the Bottle' and the beautiful, lo-fi flow of 'Wait For It.'

Up next is a song driven purely by the incredible harmonica playing of Delbert McClinton, the foot-tappin' duet 'The Blues is My Business' which she backs up seamlessly with the low key 'Love Blind,' the gentle, acoustically yearning guitar work and tender vocals of the ballad 'When Heaven Falls,' and then comes the atmospheric balladry of 'Whitley's Tombstone' (featuring Randy Houser).

The tempo finally gets turned up for the frenetically cultured beauty 'I Could Fall 4 U' (featuring Jim Lauderdale) which is followed by the deep, down South, harmonica-driven blues of 'Whiskeytown,' the mid-tempo, free flowing country ease of 'Bring This House Down,' before the album comes to a close on the raw, earthy ballad 'Temporary Fix (For A Permanent Scar)' and the anthemic 'Come Hell or High Water Blues.'

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Title - 'Energize (Remastered)'
Artist - The Vibrators

For those not in the know, legendary Punk Rock pioneers The Vibrators have just reissued their 2002 release Energize as a crackin' new remastered edition via Deko Entertainment.

Remastered by Alan Douches (High on Fire, Mastodon, The Misfits, et al) and now including the live bonus track 'She's the One You Need', with liner notes by Vive Le Rock’s Eugene Butcher, the 17-track album sounds as freshly vibrant today as I'm sure it did back then.

With a career lasting over forty years, original vocalist/guitarist Ian "Knox" Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis (Peter Gabriel) and drummer Eddie originally formed The Vibrators in February 1976, and their first gig was supporting The Strangers at Hornsey Art College in North London.

Early in 1977 the band supported Iggy Pop (with David Bowie on keyboards) on a UK tour, and released the classic 'Baby Baby' single, followed by their first album Pure Mania on Epic Records which spent five weeks in the UK Top 75, peaking at #49.

A second single from the album - but a live version - 'London Girls', came out in the summer of 1977, followed by 'Automatic Lover' (March 1978), which not only reached #35 in the charts, but also got the band on the UK's infamous chart show, Top Of The Pops (TOTP).

Headed up by founding members Knox (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and John 'Eddie' Edwards (Drums) and joined by Robbie Tart (Bass), the album was produced by original bassist Pat Collier.

1. 'X-Files' (2020 Remaster)
2. 'Your Love Is Fading Away' (2020 Remaster)
3. 'So Far Down' (2020 Remaster)
4. 'New Brain' (2020 Remaster)
5. 'Rock The Kids' (2020 Remaster)
6. '3/4 Angelina' (2020 Remaster)
7. 'Animals' (2020 Remaster)
8. '2night' (2020 Remaster)
9. 'Brand New' (2020 Remaster)
10. 'General Purpose' (2020 Remaster)
11. 'Jukebox Light' (2020 Remaster)
12. 'Tears Are Falling' (2020 Remaster)
13. 'Moonlight' (2020 Remaster)
14. 'I Knew It Must Be Love' (2020 Remaster)
15. 'Shine' (2020 Remaster)
16. 'No More' (2020 Remaster)
17. 'Shake Some Action' (2020 Remaster) [Bonus Track]

OK, in all truth, The Vibrators may well not be as good a band as even they believe themselves to be (or to have once been), but they do still remind me a great deal of the Ramones (when they were themselves starting out).

That very same sense of stupid fun and bludgeoning power prevails throughout each song, especially here on Energize, which was, for my money, the best album by The Vibrators since their minor late '70s heyday.

Songs like 'New Brain' ("Her new brain says I’m no longer cool and it won't let me see her 'cos it's working to rule"), 'Animals,' 'General Purpose' and even '3/4 Angelina' (a song about a psychopath dismembering his victim), are all hardly in-depth tunes, chock full of nuances, but they still remain, one and all, irresistibly silly, in their own sweet ways.

But, more than these, there are three tracks on Energize that perfectly highlight why fans have never left their side: 'Jukebox Light' contains an infectious riff right out of the Marc Bolan play book; 'No More' contains (quite possibly) the greatest guitar refrain Big Country never wrote; and lastly, the hard-hitting 'So Far Down,' which is just simply one of the best songs the band have ever recorded (in my humble opinion, of course).

Knox himself looks back on the album and remarks, “I hadn't listened to any of this album for years, but I was shocked at how good the lyrics were and how on fire my guitar playing is. This album has lot’s of great moments - so give it a spin!”

Energize's greatest virtue isn't the fact that it's glorious business as usual, but the implausibility of that business still being glorious.

But a couple of choruses of the pounding 'New Brain' are all you need to hear before Energize re-energizes all your old enthusiasm, and The Vibrators' vibrations are, once again, as powerful as ever.

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Title - 'John The Revelator'
Artist - John Fusco and the X-Road Riders

For those not in the know, Vermont bluesman John Fusco and his band the X-Road Riders will follow up their acclaimed 2019 self-titled debut with the 20-track double album John the Revelator, due out July 31, 2020 on Checkerboard Lounge Recordings.

More than three decades after, as a teenager, Fusco ran away from his Vermont home to Louisiana and Mississippi, returning with a semi-autobiographical screenplay called Crossroads, the writer-musician returned to the south to film his Netflix hit The Highwaymen, finding time to jam with Cody Dickinson and deliver the aforementioned album.

Here on John The Revelator he comes back with 18 new songs and two covers spread across the two discs.

CD 1:
1. 'John The Revelator'
2. 'Baker Man'
3. 'Bone Deep'
4. 'It Takes A Man'
5. 'Ophelia (Oh, I Feel Ya)'
6. 'Don't Mess Up A Good Thing'
7. 'Applejack Brandy'
8. 'Why You Chose Me'
9. 'Bad Dog'
10. 'Snake Oil Man'

CD 2:
1. 'Song For Peter'
2. 'Jacqueline'
3. 'Hottest Part Of The Flame'
4. 'Language Of Angels'
5. 'Fool's Fire'
6. 'Baby, Let's Not Borrow'
7. 'Moonstone Lady'
8. 'Motel Laws Of Arizona'
9. 'Good Money After Bad'
10. 'The Sun Also Rises'

For this expansive new album, Fusco has assembled a cast of modern blues stars: Dickinson (the North Mississippi Allstars), who produced Fusco’s first, appears behind the board again and also contributes background vocals, drums, bass, guitars, dobro, piano, and electric washboard.

Vocalist Risse Norman, who has toured and recorded with the North Mississippi Allstars and Samantha Fish, also returns. They are joined by new Fusco collaborator Sarah Morrow, former trombonist for Ray Charles and bandleader for Dr. John.

The big-name collaborations also extend to the album’s cover, which features artwork by Bobby Whitlock, best known as a keyboard player for Sam & Dave, Delaney & Bonnie, and Derek & the Dominoes, among others.

Oh, and Fusco also brings back his “northern chapter” of the X-Road Riders from his Vermont home.

Opening with the atmospheric, Gospel-laced, evocatively moody title track, 'John The Revelator' (itself a cover of a blues standard made famous by Son House), Fusco backs that up seamlessly with the gruff slide guitar, stripped-down sound of 'Baker Man,' the Hammond and harmonica-led, bawdy blues rocker 'Bone Deep,' the upbeat and funky horn work of 'It Takes A Man,' and then the piano and organ masterpiece 'Ophelia (Oh, I Feel Ya).'

The Gospel and blues-influenced duet 'Don't Mess Up A Good Thing' is definitely one of the stand out tracks here on the first disc, and that's followed by the lo-fi, tender reminiscing of 'Applejack Brandy,' the lonesome, road weary flow of 'Why You Chose Me,' coming to a close on the soulful Hammond and light guitar work of 'Bad Dog' and the three ring circus appeal of the satirical 'Snake Oil Man.'

The second disc opens with the quietly passive ballad 'Song For Peter' which is followed by the mid-tempo jaunt of 'Jacqueline'
("She comes walking out her front door, big sweet smile like Mary Tyler Moore"), the low down, percussive tale of doomed lovers within 'Hottest Part Of The Flame,' and then some achingly heartfelt recall is found within 'Language Of Angels,' before we get Fusco's excellent guitar work coming to the fore on 'Fool's Fire.'

Another stand out track for me is the piano and guitar masterpiece, combined with Fusco's trademark vocals, 'Baby, Let's Not Borrow,' which is backed by the gilded 'Moonstone Lady,' the gentle blues rocker that encapsulates those down-and-out drifters of 'Motel Laws Of Arizona,' the Hammond and Horn-enriched, Gospel and blues 'Good Money After Bad,' coming to a close on the warmly expansive 'The Sun Also Rises.'

“The first album was a loose, high-octane jam sesh, and Cody hit the record button. This next one digs into some deeper emotional clay as with ‘Language of Angels,’ ‘Applejack Brandy,’ and ‘Ophelia,’” says Fusco of the more subdued, gospel-laced material he cut at Meadowlark on the studio’s grand piano.

“Braiding the more emotional ballads in with the raw blues rockers and traditional blues stuff, it makes the album a little more unexpected and mercurial.”

John Fusco @ Twitter

Title - 'The Dream That Holds This Child'
Artist - The Sweet Water Warblers

For those not in the know, if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then The Sweet Water Warblers are no exception.

Comprised of Michigan songbirds Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou, and May Erlewine, the folk trio’s organic vocal harmonies and seamlessly interwoven instrumentation leaves listeners breathless.

The Sweet Water Warblers came together in 2014, for a single performance at the Hoxeyville Music Festival upon request by the promoter.

From the beginning, there was a unique connection between the three artists, a bond forged by a mutual passion for social change and expansion of the soul through music.

With three-part vocal harmonies that are sublime, the singing sirens and multi-instrumentalists saw the release of their first EP, With You, in 2017.

The repertoire swinging from gospel and bluegrass to soul and even joyful interpretations of pop, The Warblers have just released their first full studio album, The Dream That Holds This Child this past May 15th, 2020.

Produced by Dan Knobler (Lake Street Dive, Caroline Spence), the album serves to empower and uplift spirits, and offer refuge, solidarity and support through its focus on modern femininity.“Our sound is a place of refuge. Its roots are deep, and its arms are stretched open wide,” says Lou. “This is the gospel of creating beauty from pain."

“We recognize an imbalance in the imagery and symbolism of the divine,” adds Davis. “When we sing gospel, we sing from a source deep within us that honors and elevates the feminine as much as the masculine.”

1. 'Turn To Stone'
2. 'Wishing Well'
3. 'Something More'
4. 'Mad At You'
5. 'Hallelujah'
6. 'Summertime'
7. 'Right With Me'
8. 'Righteous Road'
9. 'Do You Know The Chorus'
10. 'Mother's Voice'

Opening with the gently ornate 'Turn To Stone,' they follow that up with the Stevie Nicks-esque, mid-tempo rocker 'Wishing Well,' the lo-fi 'Something More,' and then both the Dixie Chicks-esque, foot-tappin' 'Mad At You' and then the Gospel-infused, handclapping passion of 'Hallelujah' is brought to the fore.

The beautiful, free flowing, driving with the windows down, arm out catching the warm breeze 'Summertime' is up next and is followed by the earnest 'Right With Me,' the spiritual 'Righteous Road,' and then the album comes to a close on the banjo-led 'Do You Know The Chorus' and then the simply breathtaking, collectively ethereal ambiance of 'Mother's Voice.'

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Title - 'The Big Game'
Artist - OGD

For those not in the know, The Big Game is the debut release from OGD featuring Derek Olivero (guitars, lead vocals), Bobby Gavin (drums), and Dave DeRanieri (bass).

The NYC-based power-trio recorded the album with legendary drummer Jerry Marotta as producer in upstate New York at Dreamland Recording Studios.

Hailing from the ashes of Outland, Olivero and DeRanieri joined forces with Gavin to form OGD creating modern day rock with shades of Rush, Kiss, and even Clutch.

The Big Game (out August 24th, 2020) features 10 original compositions co-written by Olivero, Gavin, DeRanieri.

1. 'Young Love'
2. 'Sweet Life'
3. 'The Word'
4. 'Out in the West',br> 5. 'Innocence Ran'
6. 'Setting Sun'
7. 'Dreamland'
8. 'Scary Night'
9. 'Unknown'
10. 'Outland'

Opening with the guitar and drum-led, forceful rocker 'Young Love,' they back that up with some funky guitar work on 'Sweet Life,' then follow that up seamlessly with the constructively free flowing 'The Word,' the atmospheric storytelling of 'Out In The West,' and then the, what seems at first, beautiful acoustic guitar ballad, that soon bleeds into the full on rock of 'Innocence Ran.'

The drum led 'Setting Sun' is then backed by the '90s grunge guitar rock sounds of 'Dreamland,' the powerhaus, gruffly vocalized 'Scary Night,' coming to a close on the frenetically sculptured 'Unknown,' and then the thoughtful, instrument showcasing 'Outland' wraps things up nicely.

“I love the record we made. I love these maniacs. We are now lifelong friends and the record is finally about to hit the airwaves. ‘The Big Game’ watch for the videos. Seek out the music. I mean what I say.” - Jerry Marotta

Famed album cover designer Hugh Syme (Rush, Aerosmith, Dream Theater) was recruited to create a package for the CD and vinyl harking back to the pre-digital days of rock-n-roll including a 20 page booklet of Hugh’s art.

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Title - 'Tessellated Resonance'
Artist - Dave Schoepke

For those not in the know, drummer Dave Schoepke, best known for his work with Jethro Tull legend Martin Barre, as well as The Willy Porter Band, will be releasing his second solo drum album Tessellated Resonance on August 5th, 2020.

The album comes on the heels of his critically acclaimed debut album from last year Drums On Low and features eleven brand new, all-drums compositions with no overdubbing or editing - and everything recorded entirely live.

1. 'Earth Calls'
2. 'Voices Welcome'
3. 'Hartundi'
4. 'Loomfixer'
5. 'Nemophilist'
6. 'Shorn'
7. 'Sounds After Life'
8. 'Air Above'
9. 'Currents'
10. 'Beyond The Slanting Surfaces'
11. 'The Churning Void'

Opening with the resonant 'Earth Calls,' Dave backs that up with the rhythmic 'Voices Welcome,' the heartier 'Hartundi,' the lighter melodies of 'Loomfixer' and then both the nature-inspired, atmospheric 'Nemophilist' and the mid-tempo, foot-tapping flow of 'Shorn.'

Next up is the methodical 'Sounds After Life' which is followed by the tempered 'Air Above,' the snare drum approach of 'Currents,' with this highly inventive album rounding out with the ambiance of 'Beyond The Slanting Surfaces,' and then closing on the stoic, yet all-embracing 'The Churning Void.'

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Title - 'Soca Gold 2020'
Artist - Various

Dance, wine, parade and jump!

It’s time to move to the sounds of SOCA.

Soca music is a celebration of Caribbean rhythms and contemporary global dance beats.

Soca Gold 2020 is a blend of Caribbean, African, Latin and Western Dance Music flavors.

For over 20 years, this annual compilation has presented the best songs from breaking and biggest artists in the genre.

Out July 31st, 2020 this latest 2020 compilation features the annual highlight of summer celebrations throughout the Caribbean diaspora.

Showcasing the best new music from established hit makers (Bunji Garlin, Iwer George, Tony Prescott) and exciting developing artists (Jus D, Hypasounds, Jamesy P), Soca Gold 2020 will make your temperature rise!

CD 1:
1. 'Wet Fete' - Iwer George & Viking Ding Dong
2. 'Dive' - Fay-Ann Lyons
3. 'Freaky Gal' - Menace XL & Rucas HE
4. 'Don't Stop' - Supa Mario
5. 'The Struggle' - Bunji Garlin
6. 'Touch' - Jus D
7. 'I Can't Help Myself' - Edwin Yearwood
8. 'Anna Anna' - GI
9. 'Omalay' - Super Blue & Ravi B
10. 'Wine Low' - Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons
11. 'Some Time' - Leadpipe & Just Jay
12. 'Fair Sa (Feh Sa)' - Hypasounds
13. 'It Ain't Me' - Lil Rick
14. 'Doh Give Ah' - Jamesy P
15. 'Party' - Tony Prescott
16. 'Manita' - Rikki Jai (feat. Neniita)
17. 'Especially' - Ricky T

The 2CD set also includes a DJ mix disc by Frankie P aka #MaddYute.

We begin with the frenetic dancefloor, smart collaboration on 'Wet Fete' featuring Iwer George & Viking Ding Dong and that's backed by the sultry swirl of 'Dive' from Fay-Ann Lyons, the mighty solid 'Freaky Gal' from both Menace XL & Rucas HE, and then Supa Mario's pounding 'Don't Stop,' and then comes one of the baddest Soca artists ever, the brilliant Bunji Garlin with 'The Struggle.'

Jus D's infectious rhymes and rhythm's are brought to the fore on the reggae synth hit 'Touch,' which is backed by The General himself, Edwin Yearwood's fabulously free flowing 'I Can't Help Myself,' the story of a market vender, 'Anna Anna' from GI, and then the old school Calypso/Soca vibe of 'Omalay' from Super Blue & Ravi B.

Next up is the powerful, yet sexy 'Wine Low' from Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons and that's backed by a song you will definitely need to find a dance partner for, the rhythmic 'Some Time' from Leadpipe & Just Jay.

The electronic sound of reggae comes to the for on 'Fair Sa (Feh Sa)' by Hypasounds and that's followed by Lil Rick's rambunctious 'It Ain't Me,' the funky 'Doh Give Ah' from Jamesy P, the big bad Soca sounds of Tony Prescott on 'Party,' before closing out with one of the dancefloor stand outs here, the vibrant 'Manita' (from Rikki Jai, featuring the Venezuelan señorita herself, Neniita), and then we get the tough rhythms of Ricky T's 'Especially.'

As aforementioned, the second disc features a DJ mix disc by Frankie P Spoil Bratzz.

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Title - 'Together We Stand'
Artist - Richie Spice

For those not in the know, celebrated reggae artist Richie Spice has a new album out now entitled Together We Stand (VP Records).

Recorded at various studios in Kingston, Jamaica, including the Marley family’s Tuff Gong, and including productions by seasoned producers Clive Hunt, Stephen Stanley and Element Music Group (formerly 5th Element), the album also features input from Chronixx, Dre Island and Kathryn Aria.

Richie Spice has recorded 9 albums for VP Records, including his critically acclaimed debut recording Spice in Your Life.

Other key releases include Streets To Africa, Gideon Boot which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart, in May 2008 and Book of Job in 2011.

1. 'Blessings (The Album Intro)'
2. 'Together We Stand'
3. 'Di Dub Dance'
4. 'Eyes To See The World'
5. 'Beautiful Life' (feat. Kathryn Aria)
6. 'California'
7. 'Valley of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot)'
8. 'I Use The Herbs'
9. 'Dabbin''
10. 'Unity We Need' (feat. Chronixx)
11. 'Mother Nature'
12. 'Murderer' (feat. Dre Island)
13. 'De Stress'
14. 'There's A Way (Remix)'
15. 'Put This In The Schools'

Together We Stand musically presents to you, from the insight of our own living iconic legend Richie Spice, the love and togetherness of humanity, the protection of nature, the love and respect for women, and advocating for the youths through social welfare and the true teachings of Jah.

Indeed, Richie Spice has never ceased, over the years, to lift the banner for the freeing of the herb (Ganja) and even now that the herb is taking world center stage in medicine, recreation and wealth the singer is still holding the torch.

The album opens with the atmospheric, spoken word envibed 'Blessings (The Album Intro)' and then bleeds seamlessly into the invigorating title track 'Together We Stand,' the islands hipsway of 'Di Dub Dance' and then both the euphoric 'Eyes To See The World' and the magnificently sunny disposition and ambiance of 'Beautiful Life' (feat. Kathryn Aria).

Next up is the reggae groove of 'California' which is followed by the dancehall vibe of 'Valley of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot),' the methodical 'I Use The Herbs,' and then the hip-pop of 'Dabbin'' and one of my own personal favorites, the free flowing 'Unity We Need' (feat. Chronixx).

That's followed by the reggae bounce of 'Mother Nature,' which is backed by the thematic 'Murderer' (feat. Dre Island), the gentle breeze of 'De Stress,' the rhythmic melodies of 'There's A Way (Remix),' coming to a close on the one-two dub step of 'Put This In The Schools.'

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Title - 'Collective Expression'
Artist - Vance Provey, Bob Gorry, Paul Gunsberg

For those not in the know, Collective Expression (out June 19th, 2020 via NHIC Records), the debut album from the improvising trio of Vance Provey (Trumpet), Bob Gorry (Guitar), and Paul Gunsberg (Drums and Saxophone), is a focused musical exploration with three distinct personalities combining into a unified expression of the musical moment.

Indeed, the trio has a cohesive sound contrasting Provey’s luxurious trumpet tone providing sharp attacks, inventive motifs and languid long tones with Gorry’s guitar work that varies from rapid fire lines to melodic counterpoint to ambient encouragement.

Gunsberg’s drums propel everything with an unhurried pulse and layers of compelling rhythms while his abstract soprano saxophone takes things to a whole new level.

1. 'Cyclone' (2:27)
2. 'Extraction' (6:41)
3. 'Miles to Go' (6:43)
4. 'Convolution' (10:27)
5. 'Strap Hanger' (5:27)
6. 'Savage Detectives' (3:37)
7. 'Iron Mike' (8:27)
8. 'Still Time' (4:41)

Opening with the at times spiraling, deftly alert, and yet always fervently, and melodically jarring 'Cyclone,' they then back that up with the laid back 'Extraction,' the thoughtful presence of 'Miles to Go,' and then the aching yearn, strived for and reached, musical arc that only certain instruments can make within 'Convolution.'

Next up is the playful 'Strap Hanger,' the overlapping, dulcet, yet always ornate foundation building of 'Savage Detectives,' which they back with the Outer Limits-esque, quietly sculptured bluster of 'Iron Mike,' before closing this musical work of art with the, at times, elegant, skating and sliding maneuvers of 'Still Time.'

Simply put, Collective Expression is a wonderful testament to interaction and improvisation that expands and contracts, grinds and soars. From the lively introduction that is 'Cyclone' to the ever-evolving 'Miles to Go,' the dialogue between the players — their melodies, timbre, and pace — is continually shifting as they respond to each other's individual and collective voices.

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Title - 'Whoosh!'
Artist - Deep Purple

For those not in the know, in recent years, Deep Purple has progressively moved into new areas, piquing the interest of fans who were not born when the mighty Purple machine ruled the music world.

Their holy grail of In Rock (1970), Machine Head (1972) and Made In Japan (1973) catapulted Deep Purple to the top in concert grosses and album sales around the world, with tracks such as 'Smoke On The Water' ascending them to mega-status.

The band’s 20th studio album inFinite has become one of their most successful albums ever, braking chart records accumulated by the hard rock legends over an impressive 50-year history.

Their brand new album Whoosh! (released August 7, 2020 via Ear Music) sees Deep Purple for the third time joining forces with producer Bob Ezrin, who invited the band to Nashville to write and record new songs.

1. 'Throw My Bones'
2. 'Drop the Weapon'
3. 'We're All the Same in the Dark'
4. 'Nothing at All'
5. 'No Need to Shout'
6. 'Step by Step'
7. 'What the What'
8. 'The Long Way Round'
9. 'The Power of the Moon'
10. 'Remission Possible'
11. 'Man Alive'
12. 'And the Address'
13. 'Dancing in My Sleep'

This quite magnificent album opens with the invigorating boot-tappin' 'Throw My Bones' and then backs that up seamlessly with the Hammond-led rocker 'Drop the Weapon' and follows those up with the mid-tempo AOR of 'We're All the Same in the Dark,' the melodically precise, and highly orchestrated guitar work of 'Nothing at All,' and then both 'No Need to Shout' and the magnificent organ work found within the euphoric one-two punch of 'Step by Step.'

Next comes one of my own personal favorites, the early MeatLoaf-esque rocker of 'What the What,' which is followed by the AOR of 'The Long Way Round,' and then comes another musical delight in the form of the airy, mid-tempo ballad 'The Power of the Moon.'

Then comes another stand out track, the absolutely stunning, fuzzy guitar work and Hammond back bone of 'Remission Possible' which is backed by the atmospheric, spatial rock elegance of 'Man Alive,' with the album coming to a close on the full on blues rocker 'And the Address,' closing on the mid-tempo velocity of bounce found on 'Dancing in My Sleep.'

“We’ve included everything that made the whole band smile, including Bob Ezrin. We’ve always enjoyed making music and having the incredible luxury of a loyal audience.” - Steve Morse.

Whoosh! will be available as Limited CD+DVD Mediabook (incl. the 1h feature “Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin in conversation” and, for the first time, the full live performance at Hellfest 2017 as video), 2LP+DVD Edition, Limited Boxset and Digital on August 7th, 2020.

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Title - 'Flamin' Groovies Now' [Reissue]
Artist - Flamin' Groovies

For those not in the know, the band that played a major role in the evolution of power pop and are considered a forerunner of punk rock, the Flamin' Groovies, are readying to reissue two of their most popular, and now-classic albums: Now (July 10th) and Jumpin' In the Night (August 7th).

While it took a long and torturous five years for the Flamin' Groovies to find their way back to an American record deal (with Shake Some Action), 18 months later the band had a follow-up ready.

And while 1978's Now isn't quite as cohesive as the album that preceded it, in many respects the band sounds at once tighter and more relaxed (with some time on the road firming up the rhythm section) while giving the songs a bit more room to swing.

The band lost guitarist James Ferrell during the post-Shake Some Action tour, but former Charlatans picker Mike Wilhelm proved to be a more than simpatico replacement on these sessions.

And while leader Cyril Jordan didn't come up with another new song as transcendent as 'Shake Some Action,' 'All I Wanted' comes pretty close.

But it's significant that most of the songs on Now are covers, and while all of them are played with love, enthusiasm, and the right period flair, the chance to listen to some newly original material was obviously limited here.

1. 'Feel A Whole Lot Better' (2:26)
2. 'Between the Lines' (4:15)
3. 'Ups and Downs' (3:07)
4. 'Move It' (2:57)
5. 'Take Me Back' (2:50)
6. 'Reminiscing' (2:03)
7. 'Good Laugh Mun' (2:55)
8. 'Yeah My Baby' (3:55)
9. 'House of Blue Lights' (2:18)
10. 'Blue Turns to Grey' (2:29)
11. 'Paint It Black' (3:04)
12. 'All I Wanted' (3:02)
13. 'Don't Put Me On' (4:12)
14. 'There's A Place' (1:50)

Released about two years after their great Shake Some Action album, the Flamin' Groovies had once again changed their sound, beginning with that well regarded previous album to this.

Working with producer Dave Edmunds (one of my all-time favorite musicians) again, they continued to do great covers of pop tunes from the sixties, as well as throwing into the mix some terrific original songs too.

What I like here is their selection, choosing some obscure songs that I myself wasn't actually familiar with, but that they did a fantastic job introducing them to me.

Also, their own original songs are great too, and to my mind, the Groovies never really got enough credit for their intuitive moments of originality.

Anyhoo, moving on and this now reissued album contains great covers of songs from the Byrds, the Beatles' lesser know 'There's a Place,' the Rolling Stones (especially their rarity, 'Blue Turns to Grey'), Paul Revere & the Raiders' 'Ups and Downs,' and even a quite magnificent pre-Beatles Cliff Richard song, 'Move It.'

Oh, and for my money, Now also has one of their best original songs, 'Between the Lines.' This whole album sounds great and the team behind it has done a wondrous job in the remastering department.

• Cyril Jordan: Lead/rhythm guitars, guitars, mellotron, vocals
• Chris Wilson: Vocals, Rhythm guitar, harpsichord
• Mike Wilhelm: Lead/rhythm guitars
• George Alexander: Bass/vocals
• David Wright: Drums
• All percussion: David Chris, George
• Dave Edmunds: Piano, guitar on 'Move It' and Piano, vocals on 'Yeah My Baby'

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Title - 'Jumpin' in the Night' [Reissue]
Artist - Flamin' Groovies

For those not in the know, the band that played a major role in the evolution of power pop and are considered a forerunner of punk rock, the Flamin' Groovies, are readying to reissue two of their most popular, and now-classic albums: Now (July 10th) and Jumpin' In the Night (August 7th).

While it took a long and torturous five years for the Flamin' Groovies to find their way back to an American record deal (with Shake Some Action), 18 months later the band had a follow-up ready, and it was Now.

And while 1978's Now wasn't quite as cohesive as the album that preceded it, this third, and last of the Flamin' Groovies late-'70s albums for Sire, Jumpin' in the Night storms out of the gate with the title song (a top-shelf rocker that brings the muscle of the Flamingo-era lineup of the Groovies to the more style-conscious British Invasion sonics of Cyril Jordan's version).

Though Jumpin' in the Night never rocks that hard or that well again, it does sound decidedly tighter and tougher than 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now, and guitarist Mike Wilhelm, a new addition to the Now lineup, is much better integrated into their wall of guitars, with the Groovies sounding more solid than they did a year before.

1. 'Jumping In the Night' (3:24)
2. 'Next One Crying' (2:36)
3. 'First Plane Home' (3:50)
4. 'In the U.S.A.' (3:20)
5. 'Down, Down, Down' (2:49)
6. 'Yes I Am' (2:35)
7. 'Werewolves of London' (3:37)
8. 'It Won't Be Wrong' (1:57)
9. 'Please, Please Me' (2:00)
10. 'Tell Me Again' (2:00)
11. 'Absolutely, Sweet Marie' (3:15)
12. '5D (Fifth Dimension )' (2:41)
13. 'Lady Friend' (2:31)

Unlike the first two albums, which were produced by Dave Edmunds Jumping in the Night was produced by group member Cyril Jordan in collaboration with Roger Bechirian.

However, there is no apparent difference in the sound, and Edmunds' spirit shines throughout the album.

The first Sire album, Shake Some Action, was characterized by fine original songwriting mixed with some solid cover version and with Edmunds’ fine feeling for pure clear sound, and the album has become a power-pop classic.

The sequel Now suffered a bit from more uneven songwriting, but it was still a fine album in the same vein of its predecessor.

In truth, the same thing can be said about this album. Fine sound and somewhat uneven original songwriting, but otherwise a solid album that easily measures up to Now.

Group members Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson are, like on the previous two albums, behind the original songs. As a songwriting team they are distinguished with catchy tunes that bear clear signs of inspiration from The Beatles and The Byrds.

Six songs the duo contributed to this album, and with fine cuts such as 'Yes I Am,' 'Tell Me Again' and 'First Plane Home,' they present themselves from their strongest side.

The other three are song solid enough, but less significant, in my humble opinion.

Among the cover songs we get two Byrds songs, '5D' and 'Lady Friend,' which are as good as you could even hope them to be. Especially the latter, which here is given an interpretation that actually makes it more immediately catchy than The Byrds themselves!

Also the Stones' '19th Nervous Breakdown' and Dylan's 'Absolutely Sweet Marie' are given right royal treatments here, with the highlight for me, the Groovies' jangly Rickenbacker cover of Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves of London.'

• Cyril Jordan: Lead/rhythm guitars, mellotron, vocals
• Chris Wilson: Vocals, Rhythm guitar, harpsichord
• Mike Wilhelm: Lead/rhythm guitars
• George Alexander: Bass/vocals
• David Wright: Drums

Oh, and for my money, as aforementioned, 'Jumpin' in the Night' also has one of their best original songs, the blistering title track. Indeed, this whole album sounds great and the team behind it has done a wondrous job in the remastering department.

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Title - 'A New Day Now'
Artist - Joe Bonamassa

For those not in the know, twenty years ago, Joe Bonamassa took the music world by storm when he released his debut solo album A New Day Yesterday (which itself was titled after a Jethro Tull song written by Ian Anderson in 1969).

Though he’d already been on the scene for years as a child prodigy and even opened for B.B. King at the age of 12, the album launched a career that, two decades later, has seen Bonamassa rise to the top of his field - with most recently being named Guitar World’s #1 top blues guitarist in the world.

Today, the blues-rock titan announces a revamped version to be released on August 7th, 2020 via J&R Adventures, entitled A New Day Now, that has been completely re-sung by Bonamassa and remixed and remastered by long-time producer Kevin Shirley.

1. 'Cradle Rock'
2. 'Walk In My Shadow'
3. 'A New Day Yesterday'
4. 'I Know Where I Belong'
5. 'Miss You, Hate You'
6. 'Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For A Woman Like You)'
7. 'Colour And Shape'
8. 'Headaches To Heartbreaks'
9. 'Trouble Waiting'
10. 'If Heartaches Were Nickels'
11. 'Current Situation'
12. 'Don't Burn Down That Bridge'
13. 'Hey Mona' [Bonus Track]
14. 'I Want You' [Bonus Track]
15. 'Line Of Denial' [Bonus Track]

This quite magnificent album opens with the lead single, the soaring vocals of Rory Gallagher's 'Cradle Rock' (which also now comes complete with a new guitar outro), and backs that up seamlessly with the Free's 'Walk In My Shadow,' the quintessentially Jethro Tull's 'A New Day Yesterday,' the earnest blues rocker 'I Know Where I Belong,' and then the self-penned, low slung magnificence of 'Miss You, Hate You.'

Next up we get one of my own personal favorites off this still-brilliant album, a funky rendition of the Al Cooper song 'Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For A Woman Like You),' which is backed by another original composition, the mid-tempo, melodic rocker 'Colour And Shape,' the raw blues sound of 'Headaches To Heartbreaks,' and then both the one-two blues punch of the high tempo 'Trouble Waiting' and a stunningly deep, clawingly vocalized take of Warren Haynes' 'If Heartaches Were Nickels.'

The original album then rounds out with another Bonamassa original, 'Current Situation,' and then a searing version of Albert King’s 'Don't Burn Down That Bridge,' with the incredibly rare bonus tracks (all of which were recorded with Stevie Van Zandt producing) being the gently frenetic, early STP-esque 'Hey Mona,' the vibrant 'I Want You,' coming to a close on the drum-led beauty 'Line Of Denial.'

In truth, there are phrases that sound straight from Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. Indeed, not only can Bonamassa play in the same style as all of these distinctive guitar voices, he also has his own unique sound - which he uses to great effect. Furthermore, his technical mastery really is something to behold at every given musical turn here. Simply magnificent.

In custom Bonamassa fashion, Joe has shared a personal message to fans, straight from his “Nerdville” home. “The reason we went back and remixed it, and re-sang it, and pulled from the original masters was because I never felt like I deserved a guy like Tom Dowd to produce my first album,” he confesses.

“I was an infant as far as being an artist. Tom saw a little pebble in a stream, that could travel down and eventually become this nugget of gold, if you want to call it that, and he had a vision for me that I didn’t see. I appreciate that and I wanted to pay tribute to him as a man who mentored me through that time. I hope you guys enjoy it.”

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Title - 'Only A Man'
Artist - Joee Corso

For those not in the know, genuine, forgiving and weathered like your favorite pair of jeans, singer-songwriter Joee Corso’s debut album for Woodward Avenue Records, Only A Man was released digitally and then on CD this past June 12th, 2020.

Written by Corso on his acoustic guitar, the set produced by two-time GRAMMY winner Paul Brown provides an inviting showcase for the earnest storyteller to spin his melodic yarns amidst folksy Americana rhythms.

1. 'Havana Winds'
2. 'Garden of Love'
3. 'Starlight Chandelier'
4. 'Young Lovers and Friends'
5. 'Last Time Around'
6. 'My Love'
7. 'We Gone'
8. 'One More Shot'
9. 'Only A Man'
10. 'Young Lovers and Friends (Reprise)'

The album opens with the gentle, slide guitar harmonies and islands hipsway of 'Havana Winds,' and backs that up with the mid-tempo, slow rockers 'Garden of Love' (which also features Wendy Moten) and 'Starlight Chandelier,' with the acoustic, easy-going reminiscing ballad 'Young Lovers and Friends' and the cheeringly optimistic 'Last Time Around' (which itself features mandolin and guitar from Davey Johnstone, who has been playing in Elton John’s band for 45 years) along next.

Then we get one of my own personal favorites, the beautiful, albeit haunting ballad 'My Love,' which is followed by the countrified, foot-stomper 'We Gone' (a song about regaining your freedom), the storytelling of love gone wrong in 'One More Shot, coming to a close on the lush, introspective title track, 'Only A Man,' and then ends with the cautiously rambunctious 'Young Lovers and Friends (Reprise).'

“The album stands up as something that’s an honest reflection of who I am as an artist and captures my voice in a perfectly imperfect way,” says Corso, who has already begun writing songs for the follow up.

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Title - 'All The Misery Money Can Buy'
Artist - Gasoline Lollipops

For those not in the know, Gasoline Lollipops front man, Clay Rose was raised between an outlaw, truck-driving father in the mountains of Colorado and a country song-writing mama in the sticks outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Clay’s penchant for open roads and trouble making are the backbone of the Gas Pops’ sound. The rest of the band consists of Don Ambory, Scott Coulter, “Bad” Brad Morse, and Kevin Matthews who all come equipped with music degrees from Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville, and Denver, respectively.

They each add flavors of their own background and heritage, further diversifying the band’s signature sound.

Fresh out of the legendary Dockside Studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, Gasoline Lollipops are promoting their new album, All The Misery Money Can Buy (out September 11th, 2020), which pursues happiness and the American Dream to the end of the rainbow and chokes on a pot of gold.

Gas Pops collaborated with Clay’s song-writing Mama, Donna Farar ('Last Thing I Needed' recorded by Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton) to create this politically-charged union of soul music and Southern rock.

1. 'All The Misery Money Can Buy'
2. 'Dying Young'
3. 'Train To Ride'
4. 'Lady Liberty'
5. 'Get Up!'
6. 'Nights Are Short'
7. 'Flesh and Bone'
8. 'Taking Time'
9. 'Bound For Glory'
10. 'Gypsy'
10. 'Sinnerman'

Opening with the blues majesty of 'All The Misery Money Can Buy,' they then back that up with the lo-fi ballad 'Dying Young,' the troubadour invoking Americana of 'Train To Ride,' and then both the upbeat rock of 'Lady Liberty' and the gently frenetic 'Get Up!'

Up next is the gentle ballad 'Nights Are Short' which is followed by the twanging guitars and Hammond key work of 'Flesh and Bone,' the drum-led, slow poke 'Taking Time,' the gruffly-sung 'Bound For Glory,' with the album rounding out on the low brow, sorrowful rendering of 'Gypsy,' and closing on the foot-tappin' growth of both storytelling and vocals of 'Sinnerman.'

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Title - 'NewRootz'
Artist - Chalwa

For those not in the know, for the past 15 years, Chalwa has been sending out Positive Earthly Vibrations from the Mountains of Western North Carolina, and now the WORLD has finally found out what our friends in the “cool mountains” have known all along!

For 'Cool Mountains' is indeed the first single off Chalwa‘s just-released new album, NewRootz, released this past June 21st, 2020.

The album is a compilation of Chalwa’s most popular songs written over the past decade, now recorded with the current line-up at NewRootz Studio with J Ferris at the master command console.

With NewRootz truly now the band’s new foundation, this 8 piece Mountain Reggae band out of Asheville, NC is made up of Dennis Berndt on lead vocals and guitar, Dusty “D-Train” Brown on bass, Tim Marsh on guitar and vocals, Evan Ackerman on guitar, Joshua Lyn on drums, Nethali Percival on percussion and vibes, Bernard Carmen on keys and vocals, and Jason Hazinski on saxophone.

1. 'Cool Mountains'
2. 'Little Darlin'
3. 'Better Weather'
4. 'Slow It Down'
5. 'Searchin'
6. 'Workin'
7.' Nice Day'
8. 'Irie'
9. 'Giving Thanks'

The album opens with the aforementioned reggae, hip-pop breeze of 'Cool Mountains' and backs that up with the the free flowing majesty of 'Little Darlin' (featuring Tim Marsh), and then we get the warmly rounded, mid-tempo duo of 'Better Weather' and then 'Slow It Down.'

The tempo is raised a little for the dancehall reggae of 'Searchin' which is followed by the sing-along hipsway of 'Workin', the calming islands essence of 'Nice Day,' finally coming to a close on the rawly melodic tones of 'Irie,' and then the lowbrow ambiance of 'Giving Thanks.'

Chalwa represents a community giving thanks for life, one love and the continual growth of Music, Mind and Spirit. Sharing a connection with the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Chalwa draws from the ancient roots of the Appalachia to grow a musical mediation and prayer.

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Title - 'Across the Evening'
Artist - Jon Durant & Robert Jürjendal

For those not in the know, Across The Evening - by guitarists Jon Durant and Robert Jürjendal - further extends the ambient/jazz/world crossover music that both musicians have traversed throughout their diverse careers.

Featuring appearances from Colin Edwin (UK) on bass, Aleksei Saks (Estonia) on trumpet, and Andi Pupato (Switzerland) on percussion, this often beautiful and atmospheric album crosses multiple stylistic boundaries.

Furthermore, the final two tracks, 'Return to Russia' and 'Balkan Blue' are live recordings from the ensemble’s live performance in Tallin in 2019.

1. 'Early Evening Colors'
2. 'Distance Groove'
3. 'Reflective Sea'
4. 'Mirage'
5. 'Leading Indicator'
6. 'Beguiling Eyes'
7. 'On the Water'
8. 'Return to Russia'
9. 'Balkan Blue'

Opening with the atmospheric, and melodically fascinating 'Early Evening Colors' they back that up seamlessly with the building, at times moody ambiance of 'Distance Groove,' the all-encompassing kaleidoscope of auras found within 'Reflective Sea,' and then both the foot-tappin' beats of 'Mirage' and some wholly inspiring framework growth within 'Leading Indicator.'

One of my own personal favorites is the quietly melodious wonderment of 'Beguiling Eyes' which is followed by the stirring beguilement of 'On the Water,' with the album closing on those two aforementioned live tracks - the delicate 'Return to Russia' and the ornate, Eastern-inspired 'Balkan Blue' (which, if my ears don't deceive me, at times seemingly borrows a distinctive melodic hook from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind!)

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Title - 'Mariposas Cantan'
Artist - José Rizo's Mongorama

For those not in the know, José Rizo, the popular and influential disc jockey who hosts the long-running Jazz On The Latin Side on KKJZ (KJazz 88.1 FM) in Los Angeles is also notable as a bandleader and songwriter.

Indeed, in 2011 he founded Mongorama, a nonet inspired by conguero Mongo Santamaria’s early 1960s band.

Their third album, Mariposas Cantan (due out September 18th, 2020 via Saungu Records) following Mongorama and Baila Que Baila, features flutist Danilo Lozano (the group’s musical director), tenor-saxophonist Justo Almario, violinist Dayren Santamaria, pianist Joe Rotondi, bassist Ross Schodek, Joey De Leon on congas, Alfredo Ortiz on bongo, guiro and chekere, the late timbale master Ramon Banda (whose place is taken by George Ortiz on half of the set), singer James Zavaleta, conguero Joey De Leon, and a few guests, including: trombonist Francisco Torres who wrote nine of the arrangements and co-wrote five songs with Rizo.

Ramon Banda was one of the greatest timbale players in Latin jazz and, sadly, Mariposas Cantan is his final recording. Banda, who played with Poncho Sanchez for years, recorded with Cal Tjader, and was also a jazz drummer with organist Joey DeFrancesco, recorded six of the selections of Mariposas Cantan before becoming very ill and passing away.

In fact, his last recorded solo is on the track 'Mongorama,' with the entire album also now dedicated to him. This vivrantly alive album also includes Rizo’s 'Descarga Ramon Banda,' an exuberant piece performed by the full group plus Francisco Torres as a final farewell.

1. 'Mambo Mindoro'
2. 'Mariposas Cantan'
3. 'Helen of Jazz'
4. 'Fiesta De Charangueros'
5. 'A Little Dab'll Do Ya'
6. 'Quiero Menudo'
7. 'Mongorama'
8. 'Quindimbia'
9. 'Watermelon Man'
10. 'Descarga Ramon Randa'
11. 'Como Fue'
12. 'East L.A. Meets Napa'

In truth, there are oh-so many highlights to Mariposas Cantan, especially given that it magnificently opens on Cal Tjader’s upbeat and oh-so vibrant 'Mambo Mindoro' (which also features violinist Santamaria) and backs that up seamlessly with the free flowing melodies of the title track love song sung by James Zavaleta, 'Mariposas Cantan,' the piano-led 'Helen of Jazz' (itself a tribute to the late disc jockey Helen Borgers who requested flutist Lozano on this piece) and then brings forth Alfredo Ortiz singing on 'Fiesta De Charangueros.'

Next up is the methodical, slow dance moves of 'A Little Dab'll Do Ya,' the fun swing of 'Quiero Menudo,' with the heat turned up next for 'Mongorama' and then we get two of the stand out tracks for me personally, the Latin hipsway of the playful 'Quindimbia' (where both Zavaleta and flutist Lozano interact to perfection), and the funky strides and beats of the ever-popular 'Watermelon Man.'

This emotively charged album then rounds out with the gently frenetic Latin vibes of 'Descarga Ramon Randa,' the dancefloor, slow shuffle ballad (featuring Yoshigei Rizo) of 'Como Fue,' closing on the melodiously perky 'East L.A. Meets Napa.'

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Title - 'When Lights Are Low'
Artist - Kenny Kotwitz & the LA Jazz Quintet

For those not in the know, a few years ago, producer Peter Maxymych, a big fan of the Art Van Damme Quintet, organized a group to bring back the classic sound for The Montreal Sessions.

That release featured one of Van Damme's few students, accordionist Kenny Kotwitz.

Now, in the centennial of Van Damme's birth, the LA Jazz Quintet has been organized with Kotwitz providing colorful arrangements in addition to his accordion.

Filled with studio and jazz veterans, each of whom have an endless number of credits, the LA Jazz Quintet consists of Kotwitz, guitarist John Chiodini, vibraphonist Nick Mancini, bassist Chuck Berghofer, and drummer Kendall Kay.

Although all of the musicians are superior soloists, the emphasis throughout their brand new recording, When Lights Are Low (which is released on August 1st, 2020 via PM Records) is on the sound of the ensemble, the blend between the instruments and relaxed tempos.

1. 'When Lights Are Low'
2. 'Skylark'
3. 'Cry Me A River'
4. 'Estate'
5. 'When Sunny Gets Blue'
6. 'Crazy She Calls Me'
7. 'Darn That Dream'
8. 'Harlem Nocturne'
9. 'Manhattan'
10. 'Mood Indigo'
11. 'Polka Dots and Moonbeams'
12. 'Stairway To The Stars'
13. 'When Lights Are Low (Reprise)'

Opening with the ornately beautiful, flowing ambiance of the title track, 'When Lights Are Low,' that's congenially followed by the delicate 'Skylark,' the mischievous 'Cry Me A River,' the slow dance magnificence of 'Estate,' and then both the melodious shuffle of 'When Sunny Gets Blue' and then the cautiously breezy 'Crazy She Calls Me.'

Then we get treated to the free flowing 'Darn That Dream' which itself is backed by the inquisitive notes of 'Harlem Nocturne,' the early evening perkiness of 'Manhattan,' and then one of my own personal favorites, the late night in Paris-inspired 'Mood Indigo.'

This musically transcendent new album then rounds out with the lush 'Polka Dots and Moonbeams,' the delicate orchestrations of 'Stairway To The Stars,' and comes to a close on 'When Lights Are Low (Reprise).'

Musicians: Kenny Kotwitz - Accordion and Celeste; John Chiodini - Guitar(s); Nick Mancini - Vibraphone; Chuck Berghofer - Upright bass; and Kendall Kay - Drums and Percussion.

Kenny Kotwitz @ Facebook

Title - Official Bootleg Box Set, Volume Three: 1995-2010
Artist - Glenn Hughes

For those not in the know, Glenn Hughes has been quite rightly hailed as “The Voice Of Rock”, as this 6CD live box set Official Bootleg Box Set, Volume Three: 1995-2010 ably testifies.

With vocals soaked in blues and soul, Hughes has fronted many legendary rock acts, including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Hughes-Thrall, Trapeze and Black Country Communion. Disc One - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK 17th November 1995: Part 1:
1. 'Intro'
2. 'Big Time'
3. 'The Liar'
4. 'Muscle And Blood'
5. 'You Are The Music'
6. 'Your Love Is Alright'
7. 'Push'
8. 'This Time Around'
9. 'Coast To Coast'

Disc Two - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK 17th November 1995: Part 2:
1. 'Way Back To The Bone'
2. 'First Step Of Love''
3. 'You Fool No One'
4. 'You Keep On Moving'
5. 'Gettin' Tighter'
6. 'Stormbringer'
7. 'Burn'

Spread across two discs, the set (at a venue named for the 10th Century English noblewoman who founded the city) kicks off with songs from what were Glenn’s more recent solo offerings, with the young Gary Moore-esque rocker ‘Big Time’, his pure, unadulterated vocal power on ‘The Liar’ and the funky rockin' blues of ‘Push’, before Trapeze classics such as the near nine minute slow burnin' blues of ‘Coast To Coast’ and AOR beauty ‘Way Back To The Bone’.

It wouldn’t be a Glenn show without featuring Deep Purple Mk3 and Mk4 hits, with his own personal takes on the excellent ‘This Time Around’ and ‘You Keep On Moving,’ his AOR cut of ‘Gettin’ Tighter’ (from 1975’s Come Taste The Band), a quiet blistering ‘You Fool No One’ and then two of DP's early hits, title tracks from both their 1974 albums, 'Burn' and massively-engaging 'Stormbringer.'

The following day Glenn made a live appearance at the more intimate LA2 in London, on 18th November 1995 (CD3). Disc Three - Astoria 2, London, 18th November 1995:
1. 'Big Time'
2. 'Muscle And Blood'
3. 'You Are The Music'
4. 'Your Love Is Alright'
5. 'Push'
6. 'Coast To Coast' 7. 'Way Back To The Bone'
8. 'First Step Of Love'
9. 'You Fool No One'
10. 'Gettin' Tighter'
11. 'Stormbringer'
12. 'Burn'

Unsurprisingly, much of the set replicates that from Wolverhampton, and no bad thing as Glenn revisits songs from across his long and varied musical journey, from Trapeze to Purple to his solo renaissance in the 1990s.

Stand out cuts here, not mentioned for the live discs above, include the near 8 minute, slow and smoky blues of 'Coast To Coast,' the full on guitar blues of 'Your Love Is Alright,' and the frenetic, and at times funky guitar onslaught of 'Gettin' Tighter.'

13 years later saw Glenn performing an exclusive acoustic show at Esquires in Bedford on 3rd May 2008 (CD4), celebrating the 40th anniversary of Deep Purple.

Disc Four - Esquires, Bedford, UK 3rd May 2008:
1. 'Coast To Coast'
2. 'I Found A Woman'
3. 'Mistreated'
4. 'It's About Time'
5. 'Seafull'
6. 'This Time Around / Owed To "G"'
7. 'Will Our Love End'
8. 'Nights In White Satin'
9. 'Don't Let Me Bleed'
10. 'Holy Man'
11. 'You Keep On Moving'
12. 'Stormbringer'

As well as the expected Purple classics, such as the near 10 minute, Hammond-led rock blues of ‘Mistreated’, ‘This Time Around’ / ‘Owed to “G”', the gorgeous mid-tempo, gentle rock ambiance of ‘Holy Man’, ‘You Keep On Moving’ and ‘Stormbringer’, Glenn also includes a rare airing of his debut solo single, a quite stunning, reaching at times, horn-influenced rock ballad ‘I Found A Woman’ (from his debut solo LP, Play Me Out).

Also including a cover of The Moody Blues’ ‘Nights In White Satin,’ this live set comes complete with his near 8 minute 'Seafull,' a cut that almost begs to be an instrumental, yet still features moments of lyrics.

The final two discs feature a show recorded at the Spring & Airbrake, Belfast on 9th October 2010 (CD5 & 6).

Disc Five - Spring & Airbrake, Belfast, NI 9th October 2010: Part 1:
1. 'Muscle And Blood'
2. 'Touch My Life'
3. 'Orion'
4. 'Sail Away'
5. 'Medusa'
6. 'You Kill Me'
7. 'Can't Stop The Flood'
8. 'Crave'
9. 'Don't Let Me Bleed'

Disc Six - Spring & Airbrake, Belfast, NI 9th October 2010: Part 2:
1. 'Keepin' Time'
2. 'Steppin' On'
3. 'Soul Mover'
4. 'Addiction'
5. 'Burn'

Kicking off with Hughes–Thrall’s killer rocker ‘Muscle And Blood’ (which comes from their self-titled album of 1982, and which, quite possible, showcases Hughes vocal reach at its absolute finest), the solo songs such as the foot-tappin' rocker ‘Orion’ (from Soul Mover), the guitar wizardry of ‘You Kill Me’ (from The Way It Is), and the SRV approach to ‘Can’t Stop The Flood’ (from Building The Machine) are included in a show that climaxes with the title track to the Addiction album, and finally, of course, Deep Purple’s 'Burn'.

Whilst every effort has been made to produce the best possible audio, limitations in the material drawn from various, non-standard, and unofficial sources means that the quality may not be up to the standard usually expected.

All tracks have been included for their historical importance, and to present an alternative anthology of Glenn Hughes live on stage from 1995-2010.

Purple Records have also reissued expanded collections of Glenn’s solo catalogue, including Play Me Out, Feel, Addiction, The Way It Is, Return Of Crystal Karma and Building The Machine.

Glenn Hughes also appears on the reissued 3CD set of 1974’s The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast by Roger Glover And Friends, also on Purple Records.

Title - 'Sun Via'
Artist - Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves

For those not in the know, Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves, a Philadelphia-based rock band led by artist/songwriter/producer Nick Perri, are about to unleash their highly anticipated debut album, Sun Via.

Recorded and produced by Perri, Sun Via (out August 15th, 2020) is comprised of 10 original songs and is noted as being (and of which now, having listened to it twice, I can concur) a cohesive mix of rock, alternative, Americana, and psychedelia-infused tracks.

The band also announced plans to live-stream an album release show at the Ardmore Music Hall. The full band, full production concert will take place the day the group’s highly anticipated debut is released, the aforementioned August 14th, 2020.

In addition, Nick and The Thieves will open two Drive-In shows supporting British rock band The Struts later this month.

“It’s a whirlwind time, launching an album, gearing up for live shows, especially under these extremely different conditions," Nick admits. "We’re taking it one day at a time, but excited to potentially lift some spirits as get back to doing what we do; entertain.”

1. 'Feeling Good'
2. 'I Want You'
3. 'Fall'
4. 'Excess'
5. 'You'
6. 'Everybody Wants One'
7. 'Daughters & Sons'
8. 'Let You Know'
9. '5.0.1'
10. 'White Noise'

Opening with the funky blues of the lead single, 'Feeling Good,' they back that up with the melodic, laid back AOR of 'I Want You,' the translucent psychedelia of 'Fall,' and then comes the serious Uni-vibe orientations and constructions of 'Excess' which are followed by the beautiful palate cleanser, 'You.'

Next up is one of my own personal favorites, the rock hipsway of 'Everybody Wants One' which is followed by the lush mid-tempo harmonies of 'Daughters & Sons,' the mellow psych rocker 'Let You Know,' and then this sonically terrific, heartfelt passion project rounds out with the free flowing instrumental '5.0.1,' closing on the barnstorming guitar fest within 'White Noise.'

"Sun Via is a labor of love and I gave it everything I had to give,” says Perri. “It was a long process, and I believe the songs and sounds reflect that effort."

"I’m very proud of the album top-to-bottom, and I’m excited to finally share it.”

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Title - 'Message from Groove and GW'
Artist - The Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band

For those not in the know, Hammond B3 Organist and Jazz pianist, Radam Schwartz has built his reputation over the last 35 years playing with such great musicians as Arthur and Red Prysock, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Al Hibler, David Fathead Newman, Russell Malone, Cecil Brooks III and Jimmy Ford.

Indeed, he continues to make music history today playing with renowned artists, Bill Saxton, Iron City, The Spirit of Life Ensemble and many others.

Radam also has been a jazz educator for many years, with several generations of young musicians being mentored by him.

He served as music director at the Jazz Institute of New Jersey for close to 20 years, also served as an artist-in-residence at Middlesex County Arts High School, taught at the Jazz Academy in Red Bank, NJ, Jazz Connections in Montclair NJ. Jazz House Kids, and is the director of the Rutgers Newark Mosaic Jazz Ensemble.

And so, one of the pacesetters of the jazz organ, Schwartz teams up with drummer David F. Gibson and the Abel Mireles Jazz Exchange Big Band for a brand new album, entitled Message from Groove and GW (August 15th, 2020 via Arabesque Records).

1. 'Trouble Just Won't Go Away' (Radam Schwartz)
2. 'Blues Minor' (John Coltrane)
3. 'Ain't No Way' (Carolyn Franklin)
4. 'Dig You Like Crazy' (Radam Schwartz)
5. 'What to Do' (Abel Mireles)
6. 'Between the Sheets' (Rudolph Isley, O'Kelly Isley, Jr, Ronald Isley, E. Isley, M. Isley)
7. 'Message from Groove and GW' (Radam Schwartz)
8. 'A Path To Understanding' (Peter Lin)
9. 'Work Song' (Charles Mingus)
10. 'Von Gott' (J.S. Bach)

Quite easily one of the most swingingly sublime, groovingly funky, and musical BIG big band albums of the year, tracks such as the toe-tappin' magnificence of one of Radam's original tunes, 'Dig You Like Crazy,' let alone the funky rhythms and wondrous blues instrumental aggregation on the title track, 'Message From Groove and GW,' immediately showcase the fact that with four trumpets, five saxophonists, two trombone players, a guitarist and drummer making up Radam's outfit, sweet musical harmony is the the only, and most natural end product.

Add to that some stellar collective work on their covers of The Isley Brothers’ 'Between the Sheets,' mesmerizing turns on both John Coltrane’s 'Blues Minor' and Charles Mingus' 'Work Song' (not to be confused with the Nat Adderley composition), and even getting somewhat meditative on the J.S. Bach ballad, and album closer 'Von Gott,' for all intents and purposes, this all-encompassing collection might well be the must have, feel good album of the year!

Radam Schwartz @ Facebook

Title - 'Last Will & Testament'
Artist - Bonnie Whitmore

For those not in the know, Bonnie Whitmore is not new to the music business.

Indeed, for the last two decades, she’s played bass and sung with some of the biggest artists in the Americana genre: Hayes Carll, John Moreland, Eliza Gilkyson, Sunny Sweeney, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock, to name a few.

She’s also maintained a weekly residency at the legendary Continental Club Gallery in Austin, where she lives.

Her 2016 release F*** With Sad Girls turned heads, but with her brand new album, Last Will & Testament (due out October 2nd, 2020), Whitmore has turned a corner in her own artistry that may just catapult her to the top of the Americana heap.

As someone who’s never shied away from the issues, she’s not afraid to be direct. Her record is full of topical songs, tackling suicide, rape culture, loss, and the great American divide.

It’s not easy to talk about heavy subjects without weighing the music down, but Whitmore pulls it off without difficulty. It’s like she’s used to talking about serious matters in casual conversation — which she is.

1. 'Last Will & Testament'
2. 'None Of My Business'
3. 'Right Wrong'
4. 'Fine'
5. 'Asked For It'
6. 'Time To Shoot'
7. 'Love Worth Remembering'
8. 'Imaginary'
9. 'Flashes And Cables'
10. 'George's Lullaby'

Opening with an angelic chorus that soon bursts into a thumping, foot-stompin' blues grinder of a title track, that's backed by the magnificent, low slung ballad 'None Of My Business,' the melodic, finger-snappin' mid-tempo late '60s ambiance of 'Right Wrong,' and then both the guitar-led rhythms of 'Fine' and the frenetic guitar and tambourine fest of my own personal favorite, 'Asked For It.'

The atmospheric mood of the mid-tempo ballad 'Time To Shoot' takes us into Americana territory and that's followed by the yearning, storytelling ballad 'Love Worth Remembering,' the interestingly orchestrated 'Imaginary,' and then rounds out with the, at times, breathily vocalized, others laden with head held high rock reminiscences of 'Flashes And Cables,' closing on the lush, mid'50s soft vocals and instrumentation of the beautiful 'George's Lullaby.'

“I’ve definitely been told to shut up and sing,” Bonnie freely admits, referencing the phrase that became commonplace after it was directed at The Chicks.

In such divided times, many artists have become hesitant to share their opinions for fear of being ostracized or losing fans. But Bonnie took “shut up and sing” literally. “I thought, fine, I’m just going to sing what I want to talk about.”

“My goal for this record is to inspire people to have hard conversations,” she further explains. “But I definitely subscribe to writing pop music, with catchy lyrics and repeating phrases.”

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Title - 'American Nocturnes: Final Days of July'
Artist - John Finbury

For those not in the know, American Nocturnes: Final Days of July, is a new album of original instrumental compositions by Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury.

Finbury's earliest music education and influence came from his father Herb, a musician (violin) and one of the first jazz composition students at the Schillinger School in Boston, which would later become Berklee College Of Music.

In his teenage years, John played rock & roll drums, most notably at the “The Bitter End” in New York City. In college, John studied classical piano and music theory and composition at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge and Boston University.

Produced and arranged by Finbury (an American composer based in Andover, MA), Bob Patton, and co-produced by Emilio D. Miler, American Nocturnes (out now via Green Flash Music) is a collection of eleven evocative pieces that spotlights the composer’s mastery in an intimate setting.

Featuring some rather unorthodox instrumentation, not least a harmonica and an accordion, together with guitar, cello and piano, the album also embraces moments of improvisation amongst the melodic works.

1. 'Lay Me Down'
2. 'Final Days of July'
3. 'Black Tea'
4. 'Winter Waltz'
5. 'Fantasma'
6. 'Halfway There'
7. 'Waltz for Patty' (Ensemble)
8. 'Storybook Ending'
9. 'I'll Pray For You'
10. 'My Hometown'
11. 'Waltz For Patty' (Piano)

Opening with the hauntingly melodic 'Lay Me Down,' that's backed by the languid cello gossamer (courtesy of Eugene Friesen) of the title track, which in turn is followed by the gently engaging 'Black Tea' and then the upbeat, although still mid-tempo, orchestrated sway of 'Winter Waltz' (just close your eyes and instantly you see people joined together, artistically twirling in time to the music).

Next up is the deeply reaching, at times purposely dissonant musical artwork of 'Fantasma' which is backed by the politely perky 'Halfway There,' the ornately affluent ensemble piece 'Waltz for Patty,' and then comes one of my own personal favorites, the delicate 'Storybook Ending.'

This quite alluring appealing album rounds out with the soulful, harmonica-led 'I'll Pray For You' (featuring Roni Eytan), the stunning accordion work of Vitor Gonçalves on 'My Hometown,' and then closes on a solo piano rendition of 'Waltz for Patty.'

In his own words: “This project is a collection of songs I have composed over the past fifteen years. It is music inspired by my historical listening and piano playing experiences including the Chopin Nocturnes, desert island piano music of unsurpassed beauty."

"That is what I am after, and why I feature the piano in all the tracks and call the songs Nocturnes. The emotions in this music are strong.”

Tim Ray, John Finbury – piano
Eugene Friesen – cello
Roni Eytan – harmonica
Claudio Ragazzi – guitar
Roberto Cassan, Vitor Gonçalves – accordion
Peter Eldridge – vocalese

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Title - 'Half Life' (EP)
Artist - IZZ

On the heels of their celebrated 2019 studio album, Don’t Panic, this past July 28th, 2020, IZZ released a simply stunning 20-minute EP entitled Half Life.

Featuring four tracks, including three new studio songs as well as a previously unreleased live version of 'The Wait of It All,' a track originally featured on their 2004 EP, Ampersand Volume 1, a limited vinyl pressing of Half Life which contains a 20-minute bonus track on Side B from guitarist Paul Bremner's solo album (featuring all of the members of IZZ) was also made available.

1. 'The Soul of Music' (4:49)
2. 'Into the Sun' (4:02)
3. 'Half Life' (4:27)
4. 'The Wait of It All' (4:27) (Live)

The, at first hauntingly spectral, and then almost as quickly, a rambunctious, free flowing work of music art, 'Soul of Music' leads the way here and is backed by the acoustic magnificence, and delightfully vocalized 'Into the Sun.'

Next up is the passively orchestrated meanderings and wanderings of a person seemingly not attune to all the wonderment that happens around him within the title track, 'Half Life,' with this truly breathtaking EP coming to a close on the live ethereal prog guitar cut, 'The Wait of It All' (from CalProg).

“The title track of this EP was actually written several years ago, but when we listened to it again recently, it took on new meaning given the uncertainty in the world today and it became obvious to us that we needed to finish mixing it and get it out into the world,” says bassist John Galgano.

“This EP comes at an interesting time for the band and for the world, because we have been using our time at home these past few months to take a deep dive into writing our next proper studio album, which we plan on releasing in 2021 - and this EP kind of snuck its way into our consciousness, so we decided to go with it and follow the muse,” adds drummer Brian Coralian.

Paul Bremner: Guitars
Anmarie Byrnes: Vocals
Brian Coralian: Drums & Percussion
Greg DiMiceli: Drums & Percussion
John Galgano: Bass & Vocals
Tom Galgano: Keyboards & Vocals
Laura Meade: Vocals

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Title - 'Headcat 13'
Artist - Headcat 13

Proving the old adage about cats having nine lives, rockabilly guitarist and icon Danny B. Harvey has returned with a new descendent of the rockabilly project he started back with Lemmy of Motörhead and Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats.

The Head Cat, as they dubbed themselves, released a studio album Fool’s Paradise in 2006 as well as a live album, Rock N’ Roll Riot On The Sunset Strip.

Years later, after the passing of Lemmy (who lived more lives than all these other cats combined), Harvey recruited 69 Eyes crooner Jyrki 69 for (what else) The 69 Cats.

And now, the man who filled Lemmy’s motorcycle boots in the legendary space rock band Hawkwind, Alan Davey, has teamed up with Harvey along with Frantic Flattops drummer Paul Vezelis for the newest litter, Headcat 13!

1. 'Let’s Go Crazy'
2. 'Wigglin’ And A Jigglin’'
3. 'Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite'
4. 'That’s It That’s All'
5. 'Route 66'
6. 'Psycho Daisies'
7. 'Reckless, Wild And Crazy'
8. 'Don’t Look Back'
9. 'Have Love Will Travel'
10. 'Susie Q'
11. 'Come Out And Play'
12. 'Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On'

Following in the paw prints of the previous groups, this self-titled outing (released this past July 24th, 2020 via Cleopatra Records) offers some more fantastic covers of early rock classics such as 'Route 66' and 'Susie Q,' but the thing that confuses me is that if you look at the album cover, the last thing you would think this album was going to provide would be rockabilly!

I mean, there's a salivating, one-eyed, old lion/tiger on the front cover, hovering up above us in the clouds for pete's sake! Knowing nothing about this album going into its review (which I kinda like doing), I was blown away to discover it wasn't music akin to Tygers of Pan Tang!

Regardless, and amongst the slew of covers we also get some right royal gems in the form of some original songs, penned separately by Harvey and Davey, including the lead-off track 'Let’s Go Crazy.'

Oh, and for the record, the standout cut here for me is their totally on fire rendition of 'Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On,' which also features a special guest performance by Annie Marie Lewis, niece of The Killer himself Jerry Lee Lewis.

And if you love that track, and why wouldn't you, check out other work she's done with them, such as another of my now personal favorites (although it's not included here on this new album), The Killer's very own 1958-penned beauty, 'High School Confidential.'

Headcat 13 will be available on digital as well as CD in a special digipak and on a very limited edition vinyl!

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Title - 'Anti-Pasti: 1980-83' (3CD Box-Set)
Artist - Anti-Pasti

For those not in the know, Anti-Pasti are a British punk rock band, founded by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell in 1978, featuring Kev Nixon on drums and Will Hoon on bass guitar.

Later they were joined by a second guitarist, Ollie Hoon and their first album, The Last Call, spent seven weeks in the UK Albums Chart, peaking at #31.

Roper left the band in 1982, and Anti-Pasti effectively ended until reformations in both 1995 and 2012.

This brand new 3CD Box-Set, Anti-Pasti: 1980-83' (releasing August 14th, 2020 via Captain Oi! / Cherry Red Records UK) features all of the seminal Punk bands early '80s recordings.

Disc One is their debut album The Last Call which hit #31 in the UK National Chart and also topped the Independent Chart.

Disc One - The Last Call (1981):
1. 'No Government'
2. 'Brew Your Own'
3. 'Another Dead Soldier'
4. 'Call The Army (I'm Alive)'
5. 'City Below'
6. '24 Hours'
7. 'Night of the Warcry'
8. 'Freedom Row'
9. 'St. George (Gets His Gun)'
10. 'The Last Call'
11. 'Ain't Got Me'
12. 'Truth And Justice'
13. 'Hell'
14. 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'

Now, in truth, bands like this were fine to see live, or even listened to by way of some dodgy live bootleg, but they just didn't translate to the studio very well (in my humble opinion).

I got this album when it came out, and even though at that time I was involved in the same musical movement, I still thought it was lacking their known passion and energy that you would get from their live shows.

Nearly 40 years on from this album's release and that feeling still lingers for as much as it is wonderful from a purely nostalgic perspective, that studio-numbness still smothers the bands undoubted live aura.

That all said, The Last Call is still a broodingly explosive and highly dynamic, albeit mid-tempo punk rock record, and is as good, or perhaps even better, than earlier work from other seminal bands such as Discharge, Exploited, GBH or even the great UK Subs.

The second disc is 1982's Caution In The Wind album which hit #7 in the Independent Chart.

Disc Two - Caution In The Wind (1982):
1. 'Caution In The Wind'
2. 'One Friday Night'
3. 'X Affair'
4. 'Get Out Now'
5. 'Mr Mystery'
6. 'East To The West'
7. 'See How They Run'
8. 'Hate Circulation'
9. 'Agent ABC'
10. 'The Best of Us'
11. 'Guinea Pigs'
12. 'Beyond Belief'

Well, this sophomore album is a lot different than their debut, simply because it sounds more like '80s rock and roll mixed with punk, rather than just undiluted punk rock.

Still a pretty decent album, you see a band pushing the boundaries with a more melodic rock approach to their music, still chock full of attitude and distain for the government, of course.

The more adventurous production generally makes them sound almost exactly like The Clash circa 1978, and incorporates occasional subtleties such as keyboards and (on 'East To The West') echoed lead guitar and Latin-style bongos suggestive of Combat Rock-era Clash.

Even stranger is 'Agent ABC', a Motown-esque semi-instrumental filled out with mock-orchestral keyboards. But, they were doing what they thought was required of them, just as punk was dying out, and hence we get this melodic punk rock-esque 12-tracker.

The final disc contains 18 non-LP tracks including all of the Indie Chart #11 hit EP Four Sore Points, the #9 charting 'Let Them Free' and the #1 'Six Guns'.

Disc Three - Rarities:
1. 'No Government' (Single Version)
2. '1980'
3. 'Two Years Too Late'
4. 'Something New'
5. 'Ain't Got Me' (The Wragby Studio Session Tapes, 1980)
6. 'Another Dead Soldier' (The Wragby Studio Session Tapes, 1980)
7. 'Two Years Too Late' (Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
8. 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' ((Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
9. 'Another Dead Soldier' ((Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
10. 'Let Them Free'
11. 'Another Dead Soldier' (Single Version)
12. 'Hell' (Single Version)
13. 'Six Guns'
14. 'Now's The Time'
15. 'Call The Army (I'm Alive)' (Single Version)"
16. 'Burn In Your Own Flames'
17. 'Last Train To Nowhere'
18. 'Blind Faith'

Now this third and final disc, containing a plethora of Rarities and live recordings, truly comes into its own, and showcases the band at their finest, on the aforementioned live tracks.

The energy and the power in their guitars and vocals are magnificent and breathe genuine life into all the lyrics and songs that come forth.

A few repeats in the mix - live and single versions - but for the most part, and inclusive of the brilliant 'Six Guns,' this is the way to listen to Anti-Pasti, trust me!

The booklet contains detailed liner notes, pictures of all relevant record sleeves and lots of clippings from the era.

Title - 'An American Classic'
Artist - Jeannie Seely

For those not in the know, Country music royalty and soon to be fifty-three year member of the Grand Ole Opry®, Jeannie Seely, is celebrating her 80th birthday with the announcement of her highly-anticipated album, An American Classic, on Curb Records (August 14th, 2020).

Inclusive of her duet with longtime friend, Willie Nelson, who plays guitar and sings on 'Not A Dry Eye In The House,' the classic country ballad was written by Dallas Wayne, an established singer / songwriter and an on-air personality on SiriusXM Ch. 59 on Willie's Roadhouse (where Seely is also a weekly host every Sunday afternoon on her show, Sunday’s With Seely).

Seely has achieved chart topping songs as a solo artist, as a duet partner, and as a songwriter. Early in her career, Jeannie’s deeply moving vocals earned her the nickname of “Miss Country Soul,” a title that’s still used today.

Jeannie’s biggest dream came true when she was inducted as a member of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry, becoming the first Pennsylvania native to do so. Jeannie takes much pride in her involvement and support of musicians’ rights.

1. 'So Far, So Good'
2. 'If You Could Call It That'
3. 'To Make a Dream Come True'
4. 'Teach Me Tonight'
5. 'Can I Sleep in Your Arms Tonight, Mister'
6. 'All Through Crying Over You'
7. 'When Two Worlds Collide'
8. 'Not a Dry Eye in the House' (feat. Willie Nelson)
9. 'Peaceful Waters'
10. 'Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)'
11. 'That's How I Roll'
12. 'Don't Touch Me'
13. 'Dance Tonight'

Opening with the perky and upbeat, Charleston-esque vibe of 'So Far, So Good' (recorded with The Whites, Sharon and Cheryl), that's followed by the lonesome call of 'If You Could Call It That' (a song co-written by Dottie West, a friend of Seely's and recorded here with Steve Wariner), the melodic mid-tempo 'To Make a Dream Come True,' and then the slow and sultry ballad 'Teach Me Tonight' (originally a hit for Jo Stafford in 1954).

Next up are the strong-willed melodies of 'Can I Sleep in Your Arms Tonight, Mister' (originally a top ten hit for Seely herself in 1974), which is backed by the rambunctious country shuffle of 'All Through Crying Over You,' (anther Seeley original, here recorded with Rhonda Vincent), and then the laid back, lazy river approach to 'When Two Worlds Collide' (originally a hit for Roger Miller in 1961).

We then get one of the stand out highlights of this wonderful album, 'Not a Dry Eye in the House,' a magnificent duet with Willie Nelson (a personal friend of Seely's and who himself plays his famous guitar, “Trigger"), the aptly-titled, bagpipe enhanced, Celtic-flavored, woodwind-led 'Peaceful Waters, and then the powerful vocals and chords of 'Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle to You)' (recorded here with Waylon Payne, it was originally a hit for Joe Sun in 1978 and also a #1 single for Dolly Parton in 1980).

The album then rounds out with the free flowing, super slick piano, and just all-round pure rockin' country of 'That's How I Roll' (recorded here with Lorrie Morgan on vocals, and Vince Gill on guitar), the soulful ballad 'Don't Touch Me' (which was also Seely's very first hit in 1967), and comes to a close on the fiddle-tastic 'Dance Tonight' (written by Sir Paul McCartney, and recorded here with Ray Stevens, who sings the duet too).

“I don’t know what I envisioned my 80th birthday would look like, but I never imagined I’d start the day with Coffee, Cody and Country, on WSM 650 and Circle TV!,” exclaims Jeannie Seely.

“To have a duet with Willie Nelson be the first song released from my upcoming album is icing on the cake - the cake being this album called An American Classic."

"You don’t get more classic than Willie Nelson, and 'There’s Not A Dry Eye In The House' is the perfect example of a classic country song."

"This is the best 80th birthday gift I could ever imagine. Thank you Don Cusic, B! Noticed PR and Curb Records!”

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Jeannie Seely @ Facebook

Jeannie Seely @ Twitter

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Title - 'Mixed Emotions'
Artist - Nohokai

For those unaware, Hawaiian-born Emcee/Producer Nohokai has just released his new album Mixed Emotions across digital and online music platforms today via Perfect Time Music Group.

Nohokai has created an underground hip-hop debut for the ages enlisting an all-star cast of guests for the album that reads like a lineup worthy of a festival.

The album is a nod to the true school of hip-hop sound with Nohokai providing boom-bap production style beats for an A-list to unleash some hard-hitting bars courtesy of R.A. The Rugged Man, Locksmith, Chino XL, ILL BILL, Gift of Gab, and more!

1. 'Introkai'
2. 'A Level' (feat. True Justice & Casual)
3. 'Catch the Wave' (Feat. Gift Of Gab)
4. 'Asphalt' (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man, Big Earth)
5. 'Careless' (feat. DJ Gi Joe & Diabolic)
6. 'Burden of Proof' (Feat. Pep Love)
7. 'Limitless' (feat. Tone Spliff & Apathy)
8. 'Final Destination' (feat. DJ Gi Joe & Nems)
9. 'Was' (Feat. Chino XL)
10. 'Golden Goose' (Feat. Slaine & Rite Hook)
11. 'Nothing More I Can Say' (Feat. Locksmith)
12. 'Life is But A Dream' (Feat. Eligh)
13. 'Where the Party At' (feat. DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill, Matt Maddox)

Opening with the short, but ever-so-sweet 'Introkai,' we move seamlessly into the gentle rap of 'A Level' (feat. True Justice & Casual), the heavier-toned rap of 'Catch the Wave' (Feat. Gift Of Gab), the melodic run-on of 'Asphalt' (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man, Big Earth), and then both the Eminem-esque 'Careless' (feat. DJ Gi Joe & Diabolic) and the best track on here (in my humble opinion), the boot-tappin' 'Burden of Proof' (Feat. Pep Love).

Next up is the free-flowing rap of 'Limitless' (feat. Tone Spliff & Apathy) which is followed by the lighter fare of 'Final Destination' (feat. DJ Gi Joe & Nems), the rhymical hipsway, complete with speedster-spitting, hard center rap of 'Was' (Feat. Chino XL), the lyrically intriguing 'Golden Goose' (Feat. Slaine & Rite Hook), and then rounds out with the easy going flow of 'Nothing More I Can Say' (Feat. Locksmith), the melodic 'Life is But A Dream' (Feat. Eligh), closing on the hard-hitting 'Where the Party At' (feat. DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill, Matt Maddox).

As he matured, Nohokai quickly realized that performing as an MC wasn’t his true calling and instead turned to the studio as his rightful place in the hip-hop ecosystem.

Now as a grown man with a growing list of responsibilities, Nohokai has put everything he’s got into this full-length debut as a producer.

The result is a polished, mature, aggressive sound that rings of the same urgency Nohokai feels for his musical abilities.

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Title - 'Yours, Millie McGuire'
Artist - Millie McGuire

For those not in the know, which is admittedly most of us, Millie McGuire, a 20-year-old singer from Chapel Hill, N.C., is not famous, not yet, but is about to release a debut album that is going to change that status completely!

You see, behind the scenes, musicians are talking. Such as Mike Mills (R.E.M., Baseball Project), with whom she appeared in Big Star’s Third concerts, who says Millie is his “favorite new voice of the last five years."

Indeed, Millie's debut album, Yours, Millie McGuire, gradually evolved over the last several years, as Millie found herself as a writer.

Producer Chris Stamey recalls: “I first met Millie during someone else’s session, where she seemed genuinely interested in learning about the studio."

"She was still in high school then. With no expectations I suggested she drop by and try to sing a demo for me and in return I’d show her how to stand at a mic and how headphones worked."

"Ha! To my surprise, she was a natural: She glanced at the sheet music, nailed the tune (‘I Fall in Love’) in about 15 minutes — and that’s the vocal that’s on the record today.”

It was what he calls a “Sam Phillips surprise” — the dream of every producer, that one day a remarkable singer will simply walk in off the street unexpectedly.

1. 'I Am Yours'
2. 'There's A Place'
3. 'One More Moment'
4. 'Two' (feat. Dan Wilson)
5. 'Tomorrow's Too Soon'
6. 'I Fall In Love (So Easily)'
7. 'Here's How We Start Again'
8. 'Your Last Forever After'
9. 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'
10. 'Dear Friend'

This quite breathtakingly raw, honest, and lushly orchestrated album opens on the, at first ornate piano composition, and then free flowingly symphonious of 'I Am Yours,' and backs that up with the gentle guitar and horn work of 'There's A Place,' the melodic hipsway of 'One More Moment,' the tenderly rhythmic 'Two' (a duet with co-producer Dan Wilson), and then the forgivingly euphoric 'Tomorrow's Too Soon.'

Next up is the beautifully breezy 'I Fall in Love so Easily,' which is followed by the country twang of 'Here's How We Start Again,' the at-times ethereal love song 'Your Last Forever After,' a deliciously unpretentious, studio one-take cover of the 1931 Ozzie Nelson and his Orchestra hit 'Dream a Little Dream of Me,' and then closes on the tender ballad 'Dear Friend.'

Official 'Two' Music Video

Official 'There's A Place' Music Video

Official 'I Am Yours' Music Video

Official 'I Fall In Love (So Easily)' Music Video

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Millie McGuire @ Facebook

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