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Cherry Pop

NEW! Brad Pitt  ('War Machine') NEW! Brad Pitt ('War Machine')

'This Means War!'

'War Machine' is a 2017 American satirical war film directed and written by David Michôd based on the nonfiction book The Operators by Michael Hastings. It is a fictionalized version of the events in the book based on the firing of United States Army General Stanley McChrystal.

The film stars Brad Pitt, Anthony Michael Hall, Anthony Hayes, Topher Grace, Will Poulter, Tilda Swinton and Ben Kingsley and was released on Netflix on May 26th, 2017.

As aforementioned, Michôd's new film is loosely based on a real general, Stanley McChrystal, who commanded allied forces in Afghanistan. In 2010, the late journalist Michael Hastings exposed McChrystal and his doubts about President Obama's war strategy, and the general was fired.

You have to wonder if Brad Pitt, who we were lucky enough to get 5 minutes with on his recent press junket, can relate to McChrystal's journey from being on top to struggling with his public image. The actor has had a rough six months: He and his wife, Angelina Jolie, split, and there was reportedly an altercation on a plane between Pitt and his son. Pitt was cleared of any legal wrongdoing, and he's been very honest about this being a period of introspection for him.

So does the actor connect with McChrystal's story? "I do have great empathy for him," he replies, gently nodding. "You know, there's something that happens when you're No. 1 for too long — I think it's why empires fail. You know, we start liking the smell of our own stink, I think the expression is, and we don't question ourselves. And it's that very lack of introspection ... sometimes we have to hit a wall to really understand."

There's no doubt that this has been one of the most productive and successful periods in Pitt's career. His production company has taken on bold projects, like 2016's 'Moonlight', which won the Oscar for best picture. He became more interested in Afghanistan and 'War Machine' after visiting Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the facility in Bethesda, Md., where wounded veterans fresh off the battlefield are treated.

"It's absolutely heroic what I saw there that day," Pitt says. "But there's no denying that those veterans' lives were forever changed. It really made me question why? Why? For what?"

So, what would be currently the best way to support our troops, perhaps even question the tactics being used? "If this was New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and he'd lost for 16 years, he'd be out of a job ... and we would be up in arms," he smiles, throwing his arms quite literally up!

'War Machine' Official Trailer