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'Correspondence' [DVD+Digital HD]
(Jeremy Irons, Olga Kurylenko, Simon Johns, et al / DVD+Digital HD / NR / 2017 / 20th Century Fox)

Overview: 'Correspondence' is a film focused on the relationship between an astronomer and his lover, who spend their years apart; but soon discover that both are harboring shameful secrets.

DVD Verdict: OK, let's get this cleared up from the off: 'Correspondence' aka 'La Corrispondenza' is a good movie, just not as good as, say, another movie of the same ilk, the great 'Cinema Paradiso.' But that's really quite ok as they are different pieces of art, just like The Pieta and the David.

That said, the photography for this movie is really beautiful. York, Edinburgh, and Piemonte impregnates the movie with a melancholic atmosphere, perfect for the setting. Maybe Edinburgh was the weakest location, but it may be just me, and even so it has it's own sparks.

While York show us lots of green and earth, and Piemonte lots of blue and water, Edinburgh's shown through harsh greys. But there is more in here for the untrained eyes. There is texture, like the wood on the door on Piemonte or the one induced by the water on the lake (also in Piemonte); contrasts, like the water drops in the ground of a rainy city, the character of Ed and the severity of Ed's doctor; light and darkness and the not so subtle hints of hope and despair.

The performances range from good to just ok, but let's be clear about something: this is a movie about Olga and Irons, the rest of the cast is just there to fill blank spaces. So, and focusing solely on Olga and Irons, Olga Kurylenko is more than just a great pair of breasts and a nice ass, trust me!

She can act too! For me, for two-thirds of this movie she delivers a good, solid performance. There is a scene where she is taking a shower and you can see the emptiness in her face, but then again, there is another scene where she is talking about her father and you wish director Giuseppe Tornatore had pushed her a bit more to get a great performance out of her; and, at that point, not just a decent one.

However, Jeremy Irons takes his acting in a different direction and just like Olga, you can't stop feeling there was something missing. They both feel authentic and plastic at the same time; which is rather a nice trick if you can pull it off. But, no matter what is said here, the final product re: 'Correspondence' is still impressive as an independent piece of visual art; of that you have my word.

Oh, and lastly, the music is very nice also. Certainly not the brightest work of Ennio Morricone, but only because it kinda melts into the general feeling of the movie that you barely notice it at all. Which, agreed, in some cases is nice, but worryingly not here. What it does do though is easily fill the blank spaces with a sweet feeling of sadness, sorrow, loneliness, and loss; all things that are so subtle, that are not overly powerful enough to catch your mind. For the record, no pun intended, this is Ennio Morricone's twelfth collaboration with director Giuseppe Tornatore. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.