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'227 - The Complete First Season'
(Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams, Alaina Reed-Hall, Jackée Harry, Regina King, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / (1985) 2017 / Mill Creek Entertainment)

Overview: It's a hilarious look at family life in a Washington, DC, apartment building. 227, one of the most popular Saturday night sitcoms of the '80s, revolves around housewife Mary Jenkins and her close-knit circle of friends and neighbors, dishing about life, family and each other in this first season collection of twenty-two hysterical episodes.

DVD Verdict: I am so Blessed to have this show now on DVD for when this show originally came on in 1985 it was well after my bedtime! Therefore, I saw the first season episodes only in reruns. No matter though, as it still allowed me to see that Marla Gibbs had that same Florence Johnston personality about her from the off.

But she did not whine as much, that much I can recall! Hal Williams was the husband who was a construction worker. He was not funny. There, I said it. Regina King played Brenda, the spoiled daughter. Then there was Alaina Reed-Hall, the lady from Sesame Street, who had a daughter who disappeared (a la Judy Winslow) and fly Jackée Harry who also lived in the building. Helen Martin played Pearl, who was just a recurring guest star - who would seemingly just look out the window and make wise remarks the entire first season! [The second season she became a regular and finally came out of the window!]

She also had a grandson named Calvin who thought he was cool. I hated the episode when Bobby Brown appeared, but that might just be me over-reacting to a pop star who thought he could act and clearly couldn't, sorry. When Brenda got in trouble, she should have really been punished by not seeing Bobby Brown and yet she was still allowed to dance with him! Moving on and when Countess Vaughn came on the show the show got worse, in my humble opinion.

When Jackée got demoted to guest star and Toukie Smith, Paul Winfield, Barry Sobel, and Stoney Jackson became regulars, the show got even worse, again, in my humble opinion. I was still mad that the 227 characters didn't get to win on Wheel Of Fortune or Family Feud. I was also mad at the episode when Gary Coleman was a criminal on the show and Mary and Lester didn't get to go to Hawaii as planned. It's not their fault that they got robbed!

Yes, I know I'm too planted within the lives of these characters, but that's exactly what great TV shows should do to you. Have you invested and for all intents and purposes, down the years, 227 had most all of us heavily invested in everything they did. Which is the sign of a truly great show. This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.