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Cherry Pop

'Dangerous Men' [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy]
(Melody Wiggins, Kelay Miller, Bryan Jenkins, Coti Cook, John Clure, et al / Blu ray+DVD+Digital Copy / NR / (2005) 2016 / Drafthouse Films)

Overview: In 1979, Iranian filmmaker John S. Rad moved to the U.S. to shoot his dream project, a rampaging gutter epic of crime, revenge, cop sex and raw power. Just 26 years later, he completed an American action film masterpiece that the world is still barely ready for today: 'DANGEROUS MEN'.

Blu-ray Verdict: Well, if you're a fan of really, really bad movies - whether they be bad on purpose, or simply just turned out that way - you're in luck! For with 'Dangerous Men,' the filmmaker, John S. Rad, clearly set out to make the worst movie of all time! That said, it actually ended up entertaining me more than most films I've seen in a while, even given it's C-movie standard.

Yep, the acting and cinematography are reminiscent of the worst After School Special ever made, sure, but that said, 'Dangerous Men' is still fortunate to contain such great acting talent as Melody Wiggins, Paul Arnold, Honey Goldberg, Hunter Person, Gil Gex, Elle Squadrito, and the prestigious Lawrence McNeal III.

The legacy goes that filming began in 1985 only to be shut down because of lack of funding - or too many actor/actress suicides (we should at least assume so). Then in 1995, it was refinanced and re-shot in a desperate attempt to resolve the "story" with different characters of no logical connection! Anyhoo, here it is now, and so if you are willing to put aside the horrible cuts, dubbing, acting, and film-making technique in general, you might also "enjoy" this surreal and absurd piece of work.

I actually found myself forgetting the finished product and instead wondered how Rad convinced these people (especially the women) to take part in such ludicrous and graphic sex scenes; considering there is no chance that anyone ever dreamed that this movie could make any money! The "plot" is mind bending, and the soundtrack, composed by John Rad himself on an 80's Casio keyboard, is wickedly (wink-wink) brilliant. So, in closing, if you are up for some easy watching material, nothing too taxing, and you can easily accept a film for what it is, then you will most certainly "enjoy" watching 'Dangerous Men'. This is a new High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

- 16-page booklet featuring only documented full-length interview with John S. Rad
- Audio commentary featuring Destroy All Movies authors Zack Carlson and Bryan Connelly
- That's So John Rad - An original documentary about the film and its original 2005 theatrical release
- Rare footage of John S. Rad appearing on local access television
- Interview with director of photography Peter Palian
- Original theatrical trailer
- Trailers